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All out. Enjoy Alpha, folks! :D

Got one left.

Ok party people. I've got two more invites.

PM an email address, first come, first served.

Mmmhmm, two blog posts in one week.

Xeen wrote:
Leashing is what mobs appear to be doing. No matter the actual mechanic. They will absolutely get to a point, and turn around to run back to home. Even if you are absolutely murdering them.

Except, if you were actually murdering them, they wouldn't return home, they would either be dead or still chasing you, depending on your definition of murdering I guess.

That's the point, and the major difference of the mechanic that some are trying to point out.

I've played quite a bit of MMOs and other games, and this is the first time I have seen it done this way. A good example is DDO, in dungeons the mobs chase you down no matter what, as long as they can detect you. Outside in the wilderness they actually leash at some point, due to distance, and it doesn't matter how much damage you have been doing to them whatsoever.

That's why it is totally incorrect to continue calling it a Leash mechanic, especially when the Devs continue to correct people.

Terminology is important, I promise.

Hardin Steele wrote:

If I am backpedaling and attacking while "running away backwards" they will maintain agro over a greater distance? (This is a question. I am soloing, but only attacking singles, and an occasional double. Can't do much with a focus and sweat suit.)

Yes, as long as you remain a threat to them. But, if you are not doing sufficient damage to them to keep them interested (i.e out damaging the aggro decay), then they will just return to their spawn point.

Here's further explanation on why not calling it "Leashing" is important. (Since the Devs apparently keep correcting us but also want to talk about the issue)

Stephen Cheney - There is No Leashing, Etc.

Nihimon wrote:

I'm sorry, but "leash" is a perfectly descriptive term for the observed behavior of the mobs. It doesn't matter if it's based on distance or time or threat or a random number generator; the mob is turning around and running back to its spawn point.

Maybe we can quit focusing so much on the terminology, and - as Ryan suggested - have a conversation about the mechanics.

Ryan Dancey wrote:

There's a meaningful conversation to be had about the mechanics.

If one side of that conversation is talking about mechanics that don't exist and a way of working that isn't what is happening then the conversation can't be very useful.

We need to try to be precise with our language and our definitions so that everyone who is taking part can stay in synch.

There is no leashing in the game. So discussions about leash distance or whatever are useless. A bunch of comments about leashing based on how that mechanic works in other games isn't helpful. And people who read those comments, and don't know that the underlying premise is simply wrong, can be deadended before they have a chance to be constructively critical.

If people want to talk about the aggro mechanic, let's talk about the aggro mechanic. But let's not call it leashing when it's not a leash.

Andius the Afflicted wrote:

Then get off you high horse and realize it's in appropriate to dismiss people's feedback just because they haven't heard how the aggro-leash works and choose to describe it with an industry standard term.

An industry standard term that is not correct in the slightest since it is always based on "distance", while this mechanic is based off of "threat" and behaves in conjunction with said threat.

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Andius the Afflicted wrote:
I know he knows what his players are complaining about so the fact he's using the "there is no leash" argument rather than talking about why they aren't willing to adjust the factors of their aggro-leash to make it harder to break really pisses me off.

Maybe you should just stop taking things so personal and get with the social contract that Ryan has extended and actually learn to use the correct terms. ;)

Nihimon wrote:
Is the aggro decay so much that spamming Hellflume isn't enough to keep the Hurler's attention?

Going to take a stab and say you are not generating enough threat to keep it interested, while it too is not damaging you enough to make a case to stick around.

That's my best guess though.

Still having website, and "Connecting to Server" issues.

Multiple attempts usually to get back in after a crash.

Yeah, back in now. Goblinworks still very intermittent.

Yup, same here, Goblinworks seems intermittent at best for me.

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Nihimon wrote:

I'm a man, and I can change...

... if I have to...
... I guess.
Wow, someone knows the Red Green Show!?!

Canada gets all the good stuff.

sspitfire1 wrote:

Yes it is but we are doing it anyways. What other nonsensical things shall we do today? :)

Continue to talk about how good kids these days have it?

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
I've had two LOTRO clients living on my machine for years now, so that

Yeah, I always thought this was the norm since DDO is the same way, but maybe only Turbine does it this way, regardless I will be use to having two separate clients if it goes that route.

Are we there yet?

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:

We had to sleep on a bit of dust, while ogres threw rocks at us all day, and skeletons all night.

You had dust!? Hell, the skeletons and ogres carried us around and mocked us while they did. Dammit man, we had no legs!

KoTC Edam Neadenil wrote:
Urman wrote:
One of the guys in my gaming group climbed down from the tree and went looking for a cave. We never saw him again.
hmmph trolls

Yeah, he really should have tried harder at distracting them until the sunrise.

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Fult wrote:
Utreth overheard Nyess and Yhora-Gwar secret on "beaver juice".

Geez, that was totally a joke! Why so serious?

Fult wrote:

Like the water that is frozen on our fingers, so is the Days of Our Phaeros...

*cues terrible, porn-like, 70's drama music*

Sometimes I hate Forbes, and sometimes I like them..."To sum the game up in just a few words: This is Halo with RPG elements and co-op, minus the great story and narrative trajectory of the best Halo games." -

Removing the thing I loved most about the Halo series seems backwards to me. I guess I was in the minority.

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
...And now, to give you a little insight what it's like to be inside a writer's brain, I will be obsessed for a few weeks, or months, with needing to write a zombie short story called "Necromancing the Stone."

If you write a follow up called "Jewel of the Necromancer"...well, there will be some words.

The end of console games is nigh! (Not really, but I wanted to bump)

Ok, I am out of invites for this week guys, enjoy!

Ok, I am out of invites for this week guys, enjoy!

Ok, I am out of invites for this week guys, enjoy!

Also (wish we could edit posts), I will need an email sent to me via PM in order to send the invite. :)

I'll post here as well. I have two invites. Please PM me an email address in order for me to send them to you. :)

I'll post here as well. I have two invites. Please PM me an email address in order for me to send them to you. :)

Yes, spectacular interview, looking forward to the future.

Ryan Dancey wrote:
Update: We probably will not be starting Alpha 8 until Friday. We'll have big dev blog on Wednesday that has lots of good news about the plans for the next couple of weeks.

Looking forward to this!

I've got 2 invites as well if anyone wants to play Alpha. (PM me, first come, first served)

I'll be there!

Last night was fun, and yes, GPunk and Xeen both made it a lot more interesting.

I think Bunibuni should get an award for this.

Having it be totally text based and not worrying about it going over voice would certainly ease me into it more.

I too am only speaking for myself when I say I support the Emerald Lodge's endeavor of remaining neutral.

The potential for this sort of thing is what initially brought me to this game, and I would love to see it survive and flourish and working with others to make that a reality.

I have a hard time RPing within MMOs, but I am going to try it with an alt idea or two that I had planned for Blackwood.

Yes! Great upgrade on how armor looks.

Big tease.


*cleans his !waffle iron*

You know you really wanted to say "they set us up the !waffle".

I'll go to Facebook, and all your prizes are belong to me!

..how about six orcs in a corn maze?

Is that the story for the next Children of the corn movie?

Congratulations again to the Fox family.

Yup, I'm old too, definitely will have to take a nap to watch this, but I plan to be there.

As an emissary of the Dagedai Alliance, I welcome The First File to the River Kingdoms and hope that we can sign you up as one of our chartered companies to help protect and expand our interests outward.

Regardless of that, it seems we may have mutual interests and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Giorgo and Shane, thank you both. Stumbled on that one but wasn't sure if that was the permanent home or not. :)

Speaking of which, and been trying to find it, but does anyone have a link to said wiki?


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