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Andius the Afflicted wrote:
I know he knows what his players are complaining about so the fact he's using the "there is no leash" argument rather than talking about why they aren't willing to adjust the factors of their aggro-leash to make it harder to break really pisses me off.

Maybe you should just stop taking things so personal and get with the social contract that Ryan has extended and actually learn to use the correct terms. ;)

Nihimon wrote:
Is the aggro decay so much that spamming Hellflume isn't enough to keep the Hurler's attention?

Going to take a stab and say you are not generating enough threat to keep it interested, while it too is not damaging you enough to make a case to stick around.

That's my best guess though.

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Fult wrote:
Utreth overheard Nyess and Yhora-Gwar secret on "beaver juice".

Geez, that was totally a joke! Why so serious?

Fult wrote:

Like the water that is frozen on our fingers, so is the Days of Our Phaeros...

*cues terrible, porn-like, 70's drama music*