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Great first adventure!


I ran this twice for two different groups, both at low tier. It was the first 2E experience for everyone involved (not counting the playtest). Each time I used different items from the various tables (see spoilers below) and each time great fun was had by all. The encounters felt very heroic and especially compared to first edition's very swingy level 1 play, everything felt much more "stable" and the players felt like they were up against dangerous foes, but could pull through if they played their cards right (which they did). We loved it!

Only if you are a GM!:
The first time we used the pit trap and the animated statue. It was fun, but compared with the second playthrough, when we used the mummies and the spear trap, it felt a little underwhelming. If you are picking the parts instead of rolling randomly definitely go with the mummies! They are tough as nails but my players made it by the skin of their teeth!

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Epic conclusion to the Shattered Star AP


I had a longer review typed out but the website ate it...

The gist of it was that this is a great adventure with a fantastic opening scene where high-level PCs really get to show off their abilities. The main dungeon is a fun crawl and the way the history of the place is revealed was very-well received by my group. Through that neat trick, the final villain, which would otherwise be a little lifeless (pun intended), became much more interesting to the players.

However, there is only a section in the adventure that is a series of literally teleporting into a room with a monster, killing it, and teleporting to the next. While I get the flavor idea behind this series of rooms, in play, they are a bit of a drag. Make sure to adjust this to your players' preferences.

All in all, we enjoyed the Shattered Star immensely and felt like this epic conclusion was well worth the long journey.

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Great research and infiltration, lackluster finale


I ran this last night for a group of two 5th level PCs and 2 4th level pre-gens in a non-organized play game.

The setting is fun and original and I'm sure many people will be stoked to get to meet some drow and their home world.

The first part, the negotiation, was tough but fun and I especially liked the variety of skills that could be used.

The second part, the research, was also fun and again a nice surprise, that even the Hacking Team could use skills other than Computers to contribute.

I especially appreciate, how streamlined the first two parts were and how the 24 h time limit helped to give some meaningful choices to the players: should we push onward to get more info or should we not waste any more time?

The third part was fantastic. The infiltration was fun and very well balanced (for our party) and the ghost operative had a chance to shine. This section felt like a stealth tactical game and we loved it!

The last bit in the warehouse was a little underwhelming. Basically you find three waves of half-orcs and more of the same drow you already fought upstairs. The final boss is also just a standard operative with no "special something" beyond higher damage output to make that final boss really feel like a finale.

In summary, we enjoyed this scenario and I think it can go a lot of very different ways depending on the party composition, which I think is a good thing. Play it for yourself and find out!

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Flavorful space-western with lacking mechanics


I ran this for a group of 4 players with level 4 PCs in a (non-Organized Play) home game.

The scenario does a good job of invoking themes and tropes from classic Old West movies: a desolate, one-horse mining town, a traveling snakeoil salesman, a saloon fight, the slick business man from the city and so on. If you play this up a little bit (by for example using the excellent western-style audio ambience from, your players will have a great, Firefly-style kind of time.

Unfortunately, the scenario lacks in other ways. There are no complicated subsystems to learn and there is no twisty-turny plotline to keep track of but there are a lot of blank spaces that you as the GM will have to fill in on the spot if you don't spot them before hand (which I did not). Some examples:

Why is Philt just sitting around in the bar instead of going straight to the mine to grab Talbot?
How does the shobhad lady find out so quickly about the PCs' goals?
Why should the PCs not just sneak out the back door with the rest of the saloon guests?
In the final fight, what if the PCs decide to try and shoot the mine cart control unit?

All of these are not terribly hard to answer, but it would have been nice if those answers had been provided in the scenario, especially since there would have been plenty of page space.

But don't let all of these criticisms deter you from running this, the Old West flavor is just too good. However, there is nothing else to really make it stand out so it ends up being average. Would run it again!

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Fun, but disconnected set-pieces


I ran this for a group of four PCs with standard rules all-around.

For me, this was the weakest offering so far in the otherwise excellent Shattered Star adventure path. And I am not saying this because it is the fifth dungeon crawl in a row (because, come on, you want to complain that the dedicated dungeon AP has too many dungeons?!) but because it is the least cohesive one so far. Pretty much everything, from the reason the Guiltspur was built in the first place to the denizens of the different levels feels a bit jumbled.

That is not to say that a lot of encounters by themselves are not loads of fun. Some examples:

The initial approach and the fight with the giants was a blast. I mean, stampeding mastodons-on-fire levels of fun!
The encounter with the body-switched astral deva and nalfeshnee was also a fun situation.
Finally, the battle with the shoggoth-brewing moon beasts was terrifying, even though my players did not realize that they could use the shoggoth for their own purposes.

The problem with all of these examples is that you could cut them out of this adventure and drop them into any other with little to no work. While this is great for people who buy AP books to mine them for material they can use in their own campaign, I was disappointed of the randomness, especially when compared to the other excellent books of this AP.

Lastly, the final fight was a bit underwhelming. When you tell a level 15 party what kind of creature they are up against, they will arm and prepare themselves accordingly. So the inevitable happened: the party stomped the final villain in 3 rounds with hardly any major injuries. That was not as much of a problem for us because my players enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that their preparations paid off but it might irk other groups who are looking for more of a challenge in a boss fight.

In summary, I enjoyed running this book but it never really reached the greatness of any of the previous four books.

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A fun series of disconnected fetch quests


I GMed this for 3 players with 1st level characters and the pregen Altronus.

My players enjoyed some parts of it

The junkrace and the Dataphiles quests were very popular.

even though they did not like the disconnected character of each of the faction head's quests. Their verdict was 3.5 stars.

I am rounding it down to 3 because there are a few things I did not like behind the screen: some descriptions just were very lacking in detail and had to be beefed up by the GM to keep things interesting.

All in all, a solid, if not spectacular scenario.

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Atmospheric string of dungeons with one of the most epic boss battles I've seen


I ran this adventure for my party of 4 and did not make any major changes to the adventure as written.

We had a great time playing through it and enjoyed pretty much every encounter. I strongly recommend to bring in Jasper from the web enhancement of Curse of the Lady's Light (book 2 of Shattered Star) for added role-playing gold.

In our game, Jasper went through some mechanical adjustments and is a PC. The encounter with Kandamereus was therefore extremely fun!

The dungeons in this book are mechanically solid and very atmospheric with some cool and creative ideas.

What stuck out as particularly good was that the PCs learn early on who their enemy is and what is up to, something a lot of adventures seem to forget and just surprise you with the BBEG at the very end. Here, the PCs learn gradually more of their enemy that might even change their attitude towards him entirely.

The final encounter of this book is epic in every sense of the word. The stakes are extremely high, the enemies powerful, and the final few moments have the drama of a cut-scene while still giving the players agency. Brilliantly done!

I strongly recommend this adventure to anyone who enjoys dungeon crawls. It is also ridiculously easy to use this adventure in your own campaign since the Shard can easily be removed or replaced by your own McGuffin.

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VERY tough dungeon crawl and a great introduction to science fantasy


I ran a group of 4 experienced, but non-optimizing players through this adventure and did all encounters as written.

After we finished this adventure, I asked my players to give me some feedback on the adventure itself and they all agreed that it was extremely hard, especially in the beginning. And I have to agree: Creatures with 4 attacks at level 1? Hardness 10 creatures vs. a level 2 party? Skill check DCs of up to 30 at level 3?

Sure, there are ways to make the tasks easier and I actually applaud this method: set the DC very high but be generous with circumstance bonuses (up to +10 from a single source) that can reduce it to almost trivial levels. It forces players to think in in-game terms and draws them away from their character sheet and pure mechanics. But not every group is going to like this.

The creature with hardness, however, is a very serious threat and almost impossible to overcome for low-level PCs. Make sure you work with your players and give some friendly tactical advice when they appear to get stuck.

Even though I tried to help them as best as I could without too much handholding, we had a TPK at level 1 and several near-TPKs in the rest of the adventure. If your group is not into that sort of threat level, make sure to tone down the encounters somewhat.

I even have to go as far and subtract a star for the difficulty level because one of my players got so frustrated after his character died that he returned with the strongest character build he could find online. That should not happen! It may be on me as the GM to let it get that far, but the adventure as written should not be so frustrating that you feel you have to choose the powerful over the flavorful options to survive.

Story-wise, it is a very fun exploration of a technological ruin/dungeon. The tech level slowly increases over the course of the adventure, making this a great introduction to Science Fantasy. The descriptions of the rooms are also written from a tech-ignorant perspective. In the beginning, this was a lot of fun as players and characters alike were trying to figure out what exactly the things in front of them did. But by the end of the adventure, when several people have picked up the Technologist feat, some ranks in Knowledge (engineering) and maybe even speak Androffan, the point-of-view of a technological ignoramus becomes a bit annoying because at that point everyone knows that it is a computer screen and it becomes tiring to have descriptions of "glowing glass panels with strange writing"). I know, I can of course paraphrase the boxed text, but I felt like the adventure could have handled this a bit more gracefully on its own.

All in all, we still had a great time with this one but there were a few frustrating moments due to the high difficulty levels. If you have a group of experienced players who have a certain level of system mastery, go ahead and add a star. For us, it was a 4 star experience.

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Lawful characters, look elsewhere! Everybody else: have a good time


I ran this for a group of 6 in high tier with the 4 player adjustment.

We had a fun time but the scenario, as did its prequel, lacked anything memorable that would make it stand out. It also did not feel particularly tied into the Plane of Fire or the City of Brass. The intrigue that the PCs get involved in could just as well take place anywhere else on Golarion (or, in fact, the multiverse).

The final fight was a little unsatisfying: the Tactics of the BBEG did not make good use of his strongest abilities, favoring melee (!) over spells. The 4 player adjustment also removed his minion, which made the encounter feel even more trivial.

Also, the final piece of information that the PCs spent two scenarios chasing after in the end feels tacked on and is in no way connected to what goes in the scenarios.

In summary, this two part series is really nothing to write home about, but it also is not a total train wreck. So if it is offered and you have no other options, go ahead. If there are other tables, you might want to put a pin in this.

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Not as bad as described, but just not anything special


Ran this for a group of 4 in high tier.

We enjoyed the scenario and had a fun time but it just lacked anything that would have made it memorable. There are some nice flavory details in the beginning to remind you that you are on the Plane of Fire, but all in all I dare say that the whole scenario could be easily transplanted anywhere on the Material Plane by simply changing the creature type of the main patron and her main rival. For such an exotic locale, I found that somewhat disappointing.

The encounters were fun and I appreciated the options to resolve them peacefully.

Note: If you plan to bring a paladin or other Lawful character to this, be prepared to be a little flexible.

The whole scenario took just about 4 hours to complete.

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Short scenario with some epic encounters


I played this last night with a group of 5 PCs in low tier.

We all had a great time! The group was fairly mixed between combat-optimized and good Knowledge and Diplomacy proficiency. There are many different ways that this scenario can go and apparently we made all the important checks and managed to bypass all combats except the last one, which is hard in low tier, but sound ridiculously hard to impossible in high tier.

In summary, I recommend this to players who like to roleplay and have characters with a decent amount of ranks in Knowledge skills and Diplomacy, but make sure that you end up in low tier. It will save your PC's life!

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Better than its reviews


I ran this chapter as written for a group of 4 PCs as part of my ongoing Shattered Star campaign.

At last, Kaer Maga! The Asylum Stone! The City of Strangers!

And strange things you shall encounter, indeed... This adventure is a ride from one weird and strange set-piece to another.

If you want something that sticks more to a single theme or moves more gently from one site to another, look elsewhere.

If you are interested in a sample platter of what Kaer Maga has to offer, this is exactly your thing!

We fell into the second category and greatly enjoyed playing through this chapter.

The only downside is that the main villain is not introduced early enough in the adventure to make him and his lair feel truly legendary. It may work as written for some groups, as long as the GM stresses his importance in Varisian folklore, but for other groups you might want to seed rumors and superstition regarding him from day 1 of your campaign.

Like I said, this adventure is definitely not for everybody so think about your and your players' taste before picking this up.

We definitely had a blast, even though it was missing that little something extra that would have made it a 5 star experience.

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Great flavor on paper, tedious dungeon crawl at the table


I ran this for a group of 5 players.

The reviewers of the 4 and 5 star reviews of this module apparently never tried to run it. As much as I would love to love this module, it just does not come together at the table:

The three linked dungeons are filled with fairly random creatures. If you let those creatures sit in their rooms and wait for the PCs (as is implied by default in the adventure), it becomes a kick-in-the-door, kill the monster adventure. And don't get me wrong, that is totally fine if that's what you are looking for, but I prefer more realistic behavior of the inhabitants of a dungeon.

Also, the linked nature of the dungeon makes it very difficult to be properly prepared because the players have a lot of options where to explore next. Some groups and GMs will love that aspect, I find it more helpful to have a little bit of rails to guide my preparation, especially with CR 8-13 critters.

Another problem is that if you let dungeon's inhabitants behave realistically (i.e., fall back and regroup in other rooms), the entire dungeon becomes an impregnable fortress and the PCs hardly stand a chance at all.

Speaking of not a chance: the retrieval of the final McGuffin is also extremely difficult, which feels forced and just is not a lot of fun after just coming out of a climactic battle.

I really liked this book when I read through it the first time, the setting is nice and the atmosphere very on-theme, but when I started to actually chart out the sessions and when we played it, it just was not as much fun as it seemed at first.

I just hope that the second half of the Adventure Path is going to be more fun.

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Way better than the reviews suggest


I played this with a group of 4 in high tier and enjoyed it a lot.

Our GM did a great job to make the setting stand out and (even though he mockingly pointed out a bunch of Star Wars parallels) I thought it was very flavorful, exotic and creative. Yes, the names are a bit weird sometimes, but if you encounter someone with a particularly strange name, how about asking them about it? You might be surprised.

In terms of mechanics, it was very challenging: we played with the 4 player adjustment, which apparently nerfed the encounters very little. The final encounter was epic and we were cutting it very close. My character actually died when too much of a good idea literally blew up in his face but the team still managed to save the day by the skin of their teeth.

In summary: a decent module with some fun flavor bits and very challenging encounters. Think about where you are going and prepare accordingly!

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Good story and dynamic structure


I ran this for four players in low tier.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable adventure that was easy to prepare and easy to run. There is a tiny subsystem to keep track of how the PCs succeed at staying undercover in an Aspis Consortium controlled city.

There are a few ways in which the players can feel like they really made the scenario "their own" with one encounter area that offers plenty of ways for the PCs to accomplish their goal and a final encounter whose timing and place depends largely on the players' actions.

I did not find any glaring plot holes or clunky mechanics (I don't consider it too much to ask that at least one person in the party owns a wayfinder...) and recommend the adventure to anyone interested in a rather open scenario that is not unnecessarily complex.

In case anyone is interested how it turned out for my group:

GMs only:
My group kept failing their checks to stay undercover and by the end of the encounter at the Free Trade Square had blown the roof out of the Awareness scale and had to high-tail it out of the city. At least they managed to get the stash, though!

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Brilliant dungeon crawl


I ran a group of 4 players through this module as part of the Shattered Star adventure path using roll20 and the excellent maps from bigrin42. It was an awesome experience!

Trying to keep in tune with the generally old-school feel of Shattered Star, our group is essentially the classic four, but each member has a unique twist:

Daario Vanderale, happy-go-lucky male human rogue, an outcast of the aristocratic Magnimarian family, currently residing in the body of Sorshen.

Carmelizzia, female human fighter (cad) / shadowdancer, a Varisian dancer skilled in using her bladed scarf.

Iozif, male human bard / cleric of Shelyn, Carmelizzia's husband and bodyguard, brilliant fiddle player.

Jasmin, female human transmuter, adaptation of the insane cleric of Groetus Jasper from the web enhancement.

The group had a great time with this module, which does an excellent job of bringing its backstory to life. Almost the entire adventure takes place in a single dungeon but never gets boring. The place itself drips ancient history and all the creatures that can be encountered have a motivation to be where they are and can interact with other rooms without giving the GM a headache trying to keep everything together.

The difficulty is fair and challenging, and the final encounter can range from deadly to cakewalk depending on how well the players try to use the history of the place to their advantage. Very rewarding!

I fully recommend this adventure to everyone interested in a brilliant dungeon crawl, even outside of the Shattered Star adventure path. The entire adventure can be fit into any other campaign with only a few seconds of work.

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Great interactions, smooth mechanics, disappointing low tier combat


I ran this for a group of 6 players in low tier.

My experience was overall very enjoyable and I absolutely recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to play or run something that supports and encourages roleplay and character interaction.

Even the success conditions can only really be met if players put themselves into their characters' shoes and think about what they do and say.

There is an easy and rewarding subsystem that encourages roleplay mechanically. If you have very mechanics-focused players, you might even want to tell them about the system to encourage them to get into character.

On the other hand, the combat felt a little lacking. It was generally too easy and especially the final battle was underwhelming. I very much appreciated the various ways to avoid combat in most encounters, though.

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A monotonous string of combat encounters in a very cool setting


(I have played this as with a level 3 character in Tier 4-5)


The scenario starts off with a premise that may be hard to swallow for Lawful characters, be warned. It then quite nicely sets a gothic horror scene but fails to deliver buy just turning into a string of combat encounters that vary greatly in difficulty.

If this is the only scenario offered, go ahead, there is some fun to be had if you keep your expectations low. If you have other options, take them, you won't miss out on anything here.


First of all: I really, really like the concept of the Blackros Museum and definitely wanted to like this scenario. The Shadow Plane convergence is an awesome idea and I love the idea of the twisted mirror image of the museum. However, 3 out of 5 combats are against fetchlings. That is enough to make it feel repetitive, even though all enemies have different class levels.
The battle with the main villain also was a joke for our group of 6 vs 1. Make sure you play the alchemist well, though, that battle was the most fun of the whole scenario.

All in all, I did have some fun with the battles and mechanically it seems fine, so it wasn't a total train wreck. But it is definitely below par for the Society, at least in my experience, and I would not recommend this to anyone.

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Good adventure, even better for grognards


I ran a group of 4 players through this adventure on roll20 and we had a blast. The excellent maps by bigrin42 over on DeviantArt in combination with roll20 dynamic lighting made this dungeon romp an awesome experience. Without the tedious slowdown of the GM having to sketch down the room you have just entered. The overall flow was excellent and we really got to delve into the scraps of story and lore scattered across the interesting dungeon described in the adventure.

Unfortunately, that's just what they are: scraps of story. There is not much of story going on, but our group had fun regardless. There are a few critters in this book that people probably haven't seen in a long time and the general look-and-feel of the module is very old school.

So if you want a fun time-travel to the good old days of gaming or just itch for a well-made dungeon that is easy on the GM, snatch this one up.

As an introduction to the Shattered Star adventure path, I think it does a good enough job. The major allies are established and the quest becomes clear. It does not go beyond that, but that is all we really needed.

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Print version is glorious, PDF version not so much


I own both the print version of the folio and recently got the PDF version in the Humble Bundle.

The printed version is fantastic, but be sure that you have the right expectations! This is not your super-efficient condensed sheet to have ready in a fast-paced action-packed game.

This booklet, in time, will become the chronicle of your PC. It will record their successes and failures and accompany them throughout their entire adventuring career until it is time to retire. Years later, you will pull the Folio from your gaming shelf, browse through the pages and smile at the memories of an amazing campaign its contents conjure.

So yes, some of the mechanical information is a bit all over the place. But the Folio more than makes up for it with all the little details that are usually cut for space.

If you like details, keeping statistics, and being thorough, this Folio is the best you can get for your character in print. Five stars!

The PDF version, however, is a different beast. Maybe I am using the wrong (Acrobat) reader or it's some sort of security thing but for whatever reason you cannot fill out any boxes of the PDF. So all the PDF is really good for is printing copies of it. If you do that, however, you miss out on the production values of the print edition and if you take those away, I think there are better options out there. This brings the rating of the PDF down to three stars.

So because we have to give both versions a single rating, I give it the average of both: 4 stars.

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A heavy-handed introduction to a most promising campaign


I just finished taking a group of 4 PCs through the module. While we had a lot of fun, I still had some gripes with a few things.

The trek through the Border Wood is a string of seemingly disconnected encounters. Yes, I get that most of them are there to illustrate the transformation of the woods but it felt like a theme park ride from one "Here is a strange monster, kill it!" to the next.

I definitely recommend to significantly condense this part down to the major encounters.

I also did not like the way the Black Rider just forces the PCs to take up his mantle. Sure, good-aligned characters might have some issues with trying to help a supposedly evil witch, but this solution seems too imposing.

Lastly, as written, the book fails to adequately introduce its final villain. The entire time the PCs think they are going to face a certain character but then end up fighting their out-of-office replacement who has not even come up in any way in the adventure. There is a line late in the book about how he scries on the party and how that should introduce him to the players but I don't really see how that would work.

But it is absolutely not all bad.

Plot-wise, this is the most epic exposition to an Adventure Path I have run so far. The PCs are sent off by the herald of an almost divine being to find out what happened to his mistress when they have just barely hit 2nd level!

Also, Neil Spicer added some really nice touches to the encounters. Even the ice elementals have first names! Everything has a reason and a motivation for being where it is, they are just not very likely for the PCs to find out about, so in the end it just seems random to them (see above).

I also liked the general atmosphere: The sense of dark fairy-tale and haunted forest comes across very well, right down to the wintery village oppressed by an evil overlord (or overlady, as it were).

All in all, I rate this 3 stars because the plot and atmosphere are nice, but the trek through the forest was just too much of a drag to rate this any higher in my opinion.

However, if you are willing to invest some time as a GM, I am sure you can easily add at 1 star.

All the ingredients for a great adventure are there, you just need to throw them into a cauldron, stir, and cackle.

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You gotta love that paper!


I said it before and I'll say it again: The Paper Minis line is amazing! I really love having exactly the right miniature to represent all the friends and foes of an adventure without having to spend tons of money on them. This set is of the same fine quality than all other sets I have bought so far and I can only encourage everyone who runs this module to get these minis to go along with it!

Just two minor gripes, one specific to this set and one to the line:

The Molthuni raiders faces came out very dark and it is impossible to recognize any facial features. Might be my printer, but a bit more contrast on these would have been nice.

The second thing I noticed is that some elements stretch to the very border of the page, which some printers cannot print and might cause people to scale the document, messing up the dimensions of the minis. Also, it would be nice to have a DIN-A4 (21 cm x 29,7 cm) sized option of the PDF! But that is really just icing on the cake.

Get these, people! Get them now!!

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Great introduction to the mechanics of Pathfinder with a decent story to boot


So I just finished running this for a group of 3 total novices and one veteran player. Here's how I feel about it:

+ As a GM you have very little prep time. An experienced GM can pick it up and run it right then and there and it is a perfect introduction for fledgling GMs who might feel intimidated by more complex adventures.

+ This is a great introduction to the different mechanics of Pathfinder without feeling like a "training arena". It very organically introduces concepts like damage reduction, combat maneuvers, swarms, afflictions etc.

+ The story is okay and has some opportunity for role-playing. Especially the fact that every PC can choose to have a mentor in the starting town will help with tying the characters to the locale.

- The entire module is very straight-forward with little crossroads for the players to choose a path from (which I would consider a plus for new GMs and players).

- There is little variety among the opponents and especially skeletons are used a lot. But this can also be seen as a good thing because players get to apply their newly learned knowledge about DR several times.

This is a great introductory adventure and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to run their first module or who wants to get new players into the game. Veteran players might feel a little underwhelmed by the complexity of this module but as an entry-level adventure it serves its purpose exceptionally well.

A nice touch is that you can easily expand it to a mini-campaign by following up with Masks of the Living God and City of Golden Death, which my group intends to do.

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The Paper Minis line keeps getting better


I already bought and used the Paper Minis for Racing to Ruin but these even top the quality. The module itself gives you very little visual material in terms of maps and so on for your players to behold but the Paper Minis perfectly make up for it. The huge and even gargantuan creatures are impressively fierce and make an addition to your gaming table I can only recommend to anyone running City of the Seven Spears!

By the way, to save money (which I'll inevetibly spend on the next Paper Minis) I printed the minis on simple office paper and they are still very durable.

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Perfect Supplement


This set is the ultimate supplement if you're running the adventure. My group is almost through with it but still I couldn't resist and bought and printed these. The quality of the art is excellent and the miniatures turn out great (if you are using cardstock of course).

So looking forward to the release of City of Seven Spears Paper Minis!