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I remember my first March.

Yqatuba wrote:
Dumb question but how do you put something in spoilers?

Look below underneath the submission box form for "How to format your text" and click the little "Show" button next to it. It'll display all the allowed formatting options, including spoilers.

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lisamarlene wrote:
I just wrote a TacticsLion-length rant about missing being able to shop easily for good cheese. and then I deleted it.

If you (or anyone) is so inclined, there's a thread for that.

Two new Decepticons were announced in Entertainment Weekly. They both transform into late 60s/early 70s muscle cars. And like Bumblebee, they look much closer to the Transformers of the cartoons and not the (ugly) Bayformers.

Dropkick (voiced by Justin Theroux) transforms into a blue AMC Javelin... which isn't really all that exciting (to me).

BUT! The other 'Con, Shatter, is female, transforms into a cherry-red Plymouth Satellite, and is HOLY CRAP! voiced by Angela freaking Bassett!!!


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Just a Mort wrote:
I think what this thread manages to prove is that the bots only maintain sanity for a short while on forum threads before they descend into madness.

{listens intently to crossbows} Madness? That seems highly improbable.

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That's fortuitous indeed. The current GoatHead™ microcontroller firmware that ships in HPs is incompatible with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

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Ooo, this is timely.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Yes, years of forgotten realms/ planescape nonsense have only hardened me on this.

Ooo, that's a paddlin' Maze-ing.

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My head canon ending for Pacific Rim

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I've popped off an email to John Reyst alerting him of the false red-flag from Avast.

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Slim Jim wrote:
Bask in all the wondrous glory of the "Swine Soul Siphon".

Flagged for mods to move to correct forum.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
127. Your cyberfinger occasionally emits a small voice that, apparently, only you can hear. It says very smart things and has lots of good least you think they are.

{listens intently} My crossbows also think your cyberfinger is very smart.

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Marc Radle wrote:

His name is Tormund, not Torment.

Just saying ...

Hmmm? {listens intently to crossbows} Why yes, Planescape: Tormund does sound like it'd be a heck of a lot of fun.

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I wonder what the DC is for a Craft check(s) to build a moon-sized Babbage Engine?

The Sideromancer wrote:
Argendauss wrote:
Who's the artist for that lashunta mechanic up there? (She is a lashunta right?)
Either that or they put antennae on the goggles to read some weird spectrum.

Or all she had to illuminate her repairwork was a pair of old booklights that she clipped into her hair.

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quibblemuch wrote:
Set wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:
Agreed. And remember in Neuromancer where Armitage replaces Case's pancreas and modifies his liver so he can't get high any more? I'm picturing the same scenario, but with installing MacAfee or Symantec Antivirus...
Ha, that's cool. "Y'all go to the virus bar without me. My anti-virus protection is too advanced, because of my government job. I can't get wasted anymore."
And you could get really snooty android sommeliers: "I recommend the Windows 97... it has a bouquet like winter berries and oak, with an insouciant hint of mint and a bright, fulsome finish. Would you care to sniff the CD case?"

Or shuffling up to the Stuf-U-Self kiosk and buying a memstick for a cheap hit of M!crosoft Bob just to quell the delirium tremens.

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All I know is I haven't gotten any Marching orders recently.

Go into My Account, and scroll down until you see the Messageboard Aliases section. Click the Create New Alias button. At the next screen, type in a name and click the button to choose an avatar...

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I like Milton.

Kilarra Norgorkin wrote:
Again, not intending to argue here but either they need to fix the navigation or Everyman gaming is not technically 3PP anymore.

If you want to avoid using 3PP products, stick to only using Paizo's official PRD instead of the site. The site is not a Paizo-owned site, and thus includes Pathfinder- and OGL-compatible materials from numerous 3PPs. And as Mr Augunas--the actual founder of Everyman Gaming--has already stated, all Everyman Gaming materials are 3PP.

Kilarra Norgorkin wrote:

On the left hand navigation bar, none of the Unchained classes are listed in the 3rd party section. Furthermore when you look at the page for the Unchained Ninja the navigation bar reads:

Classes‎ > ‎Unchained Classes‎ > ‎Unchained Rogue‎ > ‎Alternate Classes‎ > ‎

Not 3rd party classes like:

Classes‎ > ‎3rd Party Classes‎ > ‎4 Winds Fantasy Gaming‎ > ‎

In point of fact, 'Everyman Gaming, LLC' is not listed at any time in the 3PP section of the site. This led to my understanding that Paizo has adopted or bought the rights to Everyman Gaming and integrating their material into paizo in such a way as to change them from what they were before (3PP) to now official cannon.

If you have a problem with the navigation, please click the Report a Problem link in the left navigation menu to report it via the site form.

Edit: The unchained ninja, like the original ninja, makes substantial changes to the base unchained rogue class, making it more an alternate class than just an archetype. Since it included modifications and new abilities found in Paizo's unchained rogue and not the original Paizo ninja class, it is currently located in the d20pfsrd with the other class archetypes for the unchained rogue.

Kilarra Norgorkin wrote:

um...I thought Piazo adopted it as offical but kept Everyman gaming on it for the purpose of assigning credit. When you are looking at it, at the top it lists:

Classes‎ > ‎Unchained Classes‎ > ‎Unchained Rogue‎ > ‎Alternate Classes‎ >

Which indicates offical in paizo and not 3PP right? If not I apologize for my confusion.

Nope, both the Unchained Ninja and Star Master archetype are definitely 3PP. It's stated as so in the navigation links at the top of the page:

...Everyman Gaming, LLC - Unchained Ninja‎ > ‎Archetypes‎ > Everyman Gaming, LLC - Unchained Ninja Archetypes‎ > ‎Star Master

So far, Paizo hasn't released their own Unchained version of Ninja.

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{listens intently to crossbows} Does anyone want to build me?

Maybe if we all think politely at Tim & Paris, we can psychically nudge them to do a dragon-themed Wayfinder issue down the road, filled with fan-created stuff that expands on the options in LoD and also adds new stuff (fiction, lore, feats, magic, archetypes/PrC, new critters...)

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Freehold DM wrote:
Cap'n Yesterday's Summer Dreams wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Ah, misery! Nothing like a solid 80-degree sunny day with a strong wind to kick up and distribute every allergen within a 100-mile radius.

My sinuses Do Not Approve.

And since I'm lab testing and require focus, the stronger anti-allergy medications that are actually effective for me (i.e. diphenhydramine) are disallowed 'til after work and the kids' homework is done.


worry not.

Every day that passes is another day closer to winter.

It is true. Endure every moment of warmth.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Drejk wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Pea Bear (giving the inside dirt on middle school): nobody uses Facebook anymore, it's all Instagram.

Ha! F@++ you Zuckerburg!... oh, I should totally Instagram that... as soon as I find out what Instagram is. Other than something half the narrators of Drunk History claim to do when they're filming that is.

Well... Instagram was bought out by Facebook in 2012.

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{pushes J-Bot off roof}

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Scythia wrote:
Maybe a poorly worded wish?

A tengu could have easily been the resolution to the Melicamp the Chicken mini-plot in the original Baldur's Gate CRPG.

With sufficient humanoid-AI interaction and regular infusions of natural oil, it becomes a tachikoma.

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Unit WFIN-D2 wrote:
man whatever happened to just bleepin and bloopin like the good ol days

None of us can afford to hire Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz for voiceover work. Heck, I can't even afford to hire Dan Castellaneta anymore to do my voice.

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GM_Beernorg wrote:

I am now inspired to build a life sized Nordom model out of cardboard boxes and what have you, and put it by my front door with a sign that reads:

Nordom 52% welcomes you to casa de Harris.

Yay! {crossbows click approvingly}

Snorter wrote:
You sunk my battleship!

{listens to crossbows} Ugh, I agree. It's gonna take forever to get all the water out of the Wave Motion Gun systems.

FallenDabus wrote:
Brian Minhinnick wrote:
I submitted something for issue 15. At what point will I know whether it got accepted or not? Sorry if this has been answered before, I didn't see anything on a skim through the thread. Thanks ahead of time for an answer :)
Joining the Wayfinder Facebook group is helpful. Paris or Tim link to any major updates, and the announcement of who's in the next issues qulifies for that link. You'll get a notification when that happens.


Roland Darkwinter wrote:


any hint on the topic for next issue?


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Rysky wrote:
GM_Beernorg wrote:

With respect to our robot and centaur colleagues, we don't talk about the stairs issue, big taboo.

When the roobits attempt to take over M. C. Escher will give us hope in our darkest hour.

Roobit Chris is a Tachikoma, so stairs will not save us from her adorable wraith.

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lemeres wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

I still can't find Relic Master, even under Other Races -- which sub-page of this is it under?

Did you get to 'other races' through the side bar? That takes you to a different page than the one listed on the front page. Here is the page, should be on the right side of screen:

I'm not sure why it was under Other Races, but Relic Hunter has been moved under Fighters where it is supposed to be.

(If you spot anything else needing tweaking/fixing, you can use the Reporting form or email link on the d20pfsrd Trouble page.)

ZanThrax wrote:
Link for anyone who wants to read the archetype

It's also up at

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VLC (free, scroll down a little for the 64-bit installer)

Alexander Augunas wrote:
The feels when CS is nerdier than the forums is wonderful.

Ah jiss

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

There already is a 3PP archetype for the Str-focused unchained rogue: the bruiser in Unchained Cunning. In place of the finesse training tree, a bruiser gets a bonus to Fort saves at 1st level and picks from a list of bonus combat feats at 3rd, 11th, and 19th levels.

The writer, Alexander Augunas, is already a Paizo freelancer, so maybe we'll see an official Paizo-approved Str-focused archetype in a future product?

FYI, the bruiser archetype is now live on

Zwordsman wrote:

Not sure if its been mentioned yet but.

Toxicant from something.. one of the compaion guides. makes poisons not a throw away thing I think..

Sadly it disappeared from d20 for some reason...

It (and some of the other Dirty Tactics Toolbox stuff) accidentally went live too early. It'll return two weeks after the official street date for the DTT is past.

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Celestial Healer wrote:
Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
My life has been perpetually exploding for years. It's like a supernova.
Life is all about the explosions and how you respond to them.

{orders "The Tao of Michael Bay: A Pop-Up Book" from B&N}

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Freehold DM wrote:
Lamontius wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
I was thinking plane shift, actually. ^_^

straight to the friendzone

trapped there forever
hey man. At least you have your levels...cold comfort but still....

That's still a much better outcome than the time Morte flirt-nibbled the Lady of Pain's bottom...

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Nordom Whistleklik wrote:
Tell him you're trying to conserve power by using fewer electrons in your emails.
Fixed that of you.

I was afraid that if I used "fewer" instead of "lesser", I'd also have to set Morte on fire in sacrifice to R'hllor. Hmmm...

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Tell him you're trying to conserve power by using less electrons in your emails.

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A thundarr of Numerians

A ______ of carbuncles

Lukas Stariha wrote:
Green Smashomancer wrote:

How about the Stygian Slayer? It sounds cool and I'd love to use it were it not for the fact that Paizo seems to have accidentally'd proficiency with all weapons away from the archetype. And the errata still hasn't fixed that as far as I can tell (The linked website still has what I have to assume was a really noticeable error).

ACG wrote:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A stygian slayer is

proficient with light armor, but not with medium armor,
heavy armor, or any kind of shield (including tower shields).
This replaces the slayer’s weapon and armor proficiency.
ACG errata wrote:

"In the Stygian Slayer archetype’s

Weapon and Armor Proficiency section, in the final
sentence, remove “weapon and”
It was changed in the errata, but d20pfsrd appears to have incorrectly edited it.