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Calain wrote:

Impressive forge you have here sir, would you perchance have an armoured Kilt? It would add some protection to my legs until I can afford Full plate.

"Come over here." He guides you into a side room that has an assortment of gear in it. "We can't seem to make it quick enough." the halfling starts to sort through a few miscellaneous items. "We could use six more quality and knowledgeable smiths to get through the backlog. Varl and I just completed this expansion and we already are discussing doubling our space again." He finds a kilt. "Here you go, this should fit you nicely." He eyeballs you. "You look like you've swung a hammer before. If you ever want to set down roots and swing hammer let me know...I'm Nib and I'm always looking for dedicated talent."

Bron Rilon wrote:

Would anyone be able to craft a symbol of the inheritor out of iron? If so how much for the service?

Won't be able to make any post after 10 mins from now.also if I use appriase to search for info do i need to make a roll?

'Sure we can do that for you, I'll give you a good deal. Iron you say? four gold pieces."

Bron Rilon wrote:

Let's go to the market, See if there may be someone who can put Iemodae's symbol on my armour and shield, maybe I'll even get new armour. While we're out let's see what some of the merchants may know.

Bron and Calain find yourselves at Varl's Edges.

Calain this place as grown since you've been in town. There are half-dozen smithies proudly working. It's a symphony of hammers on steel. Walking among the apprentices is a master dwarf who carefully supervises. The dwarves do not stop working when you enter. However, after a few moments a halfling appears, "Hello can I help you."

Felicitas Sweetfingers wrote:

"A well, I think the axe has to go to Melissaa Loreman!"

Nodding to herself she adds, "Yes indeed!"

" should do just that....yes."

Nym Omriwin wrote:
except the ax

She sold the ax...unless you try to interrupt the sale.

With the dark elf's gargled common Nib shruggs, "W..w...wh...what?" he shakes his head clearly confused by the broken language. "No idea what you're saying, but after I conclude our business, I'll be happy to direct you to a nice book with pretty pictures."

Nib counts out Felicitas funds. "Well done...beautiful gear." He puts the items away cleaning and wrapping each item.

appraise +2 breast plate: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (14) + 22 = 36

appraise +2 dagger: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (5) + 22 = 27

appraise circ of persuasion: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (4) + 22 = 26

appraise +2 vicious frost dwarven waraxe: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (10) + 22 = 32

"oh young lady you do have a good eye and and know how to drive a hard bargain." The gnome shakes his head. "These items will come in handy with all the soldiers in our defense. He gives the dwarven waraxe a double take. He then weighs out enough diamonds and emeralds to cover the asking price. "You are going to send me into the poorhouse." he mumbles.

Felic I need you to make 2 Will saves please.

Is anyone else with the bard when she is showing the weapons. Are you doing anything when she pulls out the Dwarven Waraxe? Oh and I need 2 Will saves if you are in the shop with her.

Felicitas Sweetfingers wrote:

Pointing to one of the shops Felicitas smiles.

"Time to sell, um redistribute the loot!"
Moving purposfully to the best, most well stocked shop Felicitas quickly starts haggeling with the owner.

" come right in...welcome. I'm happy to deal with you. new items are always needed...especially, in times of crisis. What do you have?"

He'll pay the standard 50% for items unless you want to haggle things out or have an ability to get a premuim.

"Oh....yes, yes, learning common is task. But one worthy of doing." He tugs at the drow. "I get all types here, sometimes we trade for interesting items when folks don't have enough coin. I have a simple book that will be able to help you leatn the sounds and shapes...and it has pictures." He pulls Nym over to a side cupboard. "Varl was furious when I made this trade." He says it loud enough for Barl to hear and snarl back.

"We traded a small sharpened blade for this book." He fishes a large book out from under some cloth. He smiles, "Here it is." He shows you the tome with a picture of dragon on it.

He runs his finger over the the picture and says the word: "Dra...gon." slowly.

He opens the cover and there a big letter "A" and a small letter "a" along with a picture of an ant. "A" is for ant." He says slowly.

The halfling steps up to inspect the weapons, "Oye, you've got yourselves real whoppers here." His eyes shift to Karnog, "It's like a beacon calling forth a great power. need to see Talbard the Grey. Perhaps, he has something one of his books." He is careful not to touch the items.

Meanwhile, Nib inspects and appraises any of weapons and armor you care to sell.

If you pull out the two evil weapons we'll have to role play that out.

Of course, as a purveyor of maps I speak many languages. Including the eloquent surface elf." he bows, "This meeting is my pleasure."

As you make your way towards Varl's Edge Nib finds you. "LOOK at what the dungeon spit out! Oh my, it's great seeing that you're alive and well, still in one piece." he grins widely, "Quite a few more scars I can see...quite a few." Then he gasps but rather than retreating he steps up closer to Nym. He pokes the drow's arm, ""

He immediately speaks in undercommon,

"hello...I'm Nib, I was one of the original founders of this group - Me and Varl."

After concluding business with Walter the group spots Nib, who is organizing an ox pulled wagon that is loaded with supplies and animal cages. He looks up, "Good , good there you are. Karnog and Kalim I've deducted the cost of these from your register. I saw you forgot the animal cages and transport...I mean chickens, goats and pigs won't live long in bag of holding."

He waves to the string of animals. "The cart and ox are gifts from Varl and me, you've been good for business and well, excellent brothers in arms. We want the [i]'Great Orc Experiment' to succeed.' figured they could use an ox for farming or food."

He hops off the wagon and shows Kalim a rather large burlap sack. When he opens it it reveals quite a few toys, mostly wooden but several dolls. 'A kid needs a toy." He pats the sorcerer on the back.

"Be safe!"

"Aye, yes...yes, there was a caravan two days heading to Lastwall. I do believe they traded with Quint."

Adamatine armor is not available. But enchanted armor up to +2 is. An adamantine light shield +1 will available.

"Yes the lawful one does watch over the group and I see he favors you with great wealth." The gnome I erred Nib's a gnome not a halfling has his magnifying spectacle in his eye as he studies the aquamarine gem from retrieved from the orcs. He edifies you about the true value of the those items the group could not appraise.

"Kalim I was thinking about you when the last caravan came through. I placed a small deposit for you at Quint's a nice pendant to help with your armor."

Amulet of natural armor +1 or +2 which ever you want. It can be ring, brooch, what ever body slot you want. Doesn't matter for me.

he studies the small orc chest. "Nice quality and nasty glyph of warding," His eyebrow raises. "Lucky you didn't set that off... where'd you get? gonna have to dispel that to get to the hardware."

The group heads to see Varl and Nib Grung - they were original players that I NPC now - Varl is blacksmith dawarf and nib is halfling bard.

"Howdy! My my, everyone still gnomish luck must be with you." The verbose halfling looks at Grung. "More Dwarfs! Did they empty a mine Varl, look here another dwarf." A broad smile crosses his face as he pours a few tankards at the smith's shop, "I know you must be thirsty, and I'm curious about what LOOT you have." His eyes sparkle.

"Sure you want a keen edge to this fine blade....right? It'll be ready tomorrow...lunchtime. Stop on by Varl's Edge t pick her up, she'll have a nice bite."

Malcolm Cavendish wrote:
Well, now, Nib, I am looking to place a keen edge on my bastard Sword before heading to Quint's for some new armor. Can you, or should I say varl, aid with the sword?

"Good sir but of course I can be of assistance." He has a broad smile on his angelic face, "Did I not just advise there is a new enchanter in town, through MY encouragement, persuasion and ability to befriend even a stone giant, the good wizard has graciously agreed to perform magical mysteries for Varl's Edge, which of course, you know I am part owner of."

In typical bard fashion why limit yourself to a short s3ntence when a flowery one will do.

"Town's safe...Varl and my experience can only benefit those around, it doesn't hurt that an enchanter set up shop recently. Helps to add a bit of flare and protection to the weapons Varl makes." Boostful talk from the gnome bard but several of you have seen him help from the back firsthand.

The gnome smiles, Easy money Right!. "Well if I can help you at all let me know, lots of news ...good and bad...passes through the town. Old Turrand there..."he points to the dwarf at the bar, "he has story to two."

"So did you find the Mrs Greenfield's husband and handyman? We safely settled her, and her lovely children, in town. Of course, she had little remaining from the burned out farm but a few Short Sword's meaning Varl, Argrim, Rammellorn and himself put some of our recent treasure together and were helping her out."

'Well met Malcolm Cavendish, Warrior of the Holy Light of Abadar. I am Nib Grumepgarth, purveyor of archeological knowledge, one of the founding members of the Short Sword's, part owner and marketer of VBarl's Edge the finest blade and weaponshop in all of Fentonville." He bows in an extravagant manner. When he rises he points his index finger to his lips then continues as recollects the face, "You good sir look better clothed, I was part of rescue in the dreaded goblin caves but there ws another of your team...a um....Sheyan and his two wolves, where are they?"

With a flamboyant bow Nib acknowledges Vatilda's words, "Of course it's my pleasure to have the group back in town." he looks over at Grimm, Desmond and Malcolm, "Although there are new faces, I trust the original Short Sword's are holding their own." He motions to the bartender to bring the group another round of drinks. "Rammellorn and Argrim took work with a northbound caravan, while Varl and myself have set up a blacksmith shop...Varl's Edge. Of course, my linguist skills have drum up business and well, Varl is handy with the hammer and anvil."

"We sold off the loot from the goblin cave and well, Walter Featherton, has your accounts at his place. He was quite fair and gnome of his word."

Desmond Aeros wrote:
"Quint's it is than, thanks Nib! So, a bit of an adventurer yourself?"

"Surely you've heard of the Short Sword's? Let's get honey spiced mead or honey wine and share story." He points towards the Sly Wink. 'Best in all of Nimathas and Lastwall."

You certainly get the sense that Nib is talker and a natural salesman.

Desmond you would know that that's the name of the adventuring party you've joined..

"Quint's is great place for armor, he has spellcaster he employs, but for weapons you can't beat Varl's Edge...he knows his stuff recently retired himself." he proudly puffs his chest, "We fought our way through dozens of vicious goblins as we freed a local family." The little gnome quickens his space to keep up with Desmond's longer stride.

Sheyan met Nib but Desmond doesn't know him yet.

"Good day sir, I couldn't help but notice your impeccable taste for fine quality. If your interested in new blade, I could escort you to Varl's Edge, a fine dwarf blacksmith. It's common knowledge that a master dwarf blacksmith can create perfectly balanced weapons and tools."

Desmond when you veer towards The Owl's Place to look for some gear you hear voice behind you, "'cuse me."