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Dave Justus wrote:
[Pharasma] is powerful, controlling the resource of souls that other gods depend on as well as being the closest to an omniscient deity in the pantheon means that plotting against her is going to be pretty tough to accomplish.

I mean, personally I'd take omniscience of the present that happens to work consistently instead of omniscience of a future that doesn't work as well it used to.

Oh wait, I already did.

Besides, doesn't it stop being a cult once it's widely accepted and popularized? Seems like cults are just an intermediate stage.

Of course, I have cults. Nothing interesting ever happens at the endpoints.

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Oh hey, it's the guy trying to follow in my footsteps! You'll get there, I'd like to say I'm sure of it but some other upstart broke prophecy or something.

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Groetus, God of the End Times wrote:
Groetus, Harbinger of Last Days wrote:
Pharasma, Lady of Graves wrote:
Bring it on.
As you wish
Looks suspiciously at the imposter.

You might want more than one Mirror Image for the attack. I've got a good stack of scrolls if you need them.

One could consider not being able to make a realm on the plane suiting their alignment because the entire thing is used for one deity's thing to be a pretty bad deal, you know.

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Moro wrote:

So yeah, you know how many game settings have an ancient civilization, with super-powerful casters who accomplished crazy, unheard of feats of wizardry, but the secrets to such arcane prowess is lost to the ages?

This is the same thing, but that civilization was just last year, and the descent into magical diminishment took just a few weeks.

Karzoug read the playtest, and wept.

Not that that two-bit has anything to complain about compared to some of us.

At least I finally get why I'm not core in Starfinder...

Wait, I'm restricted to only true neutral? I'm not even True Neutral! I'm only listed as that because the stupid form only allows one alignment! I'm clearly both NG and NE at the same time! (the chaotic end of those, of course)

Am I an NPC because I feel unable to alter myself to that extent, or am I not an NPC because my stats are definitely not the NPC array?

TheFinish wrote:
Nethys, "Elder God" wrote:

So what you're saying is there's a massive store of knowledge on my supposedly home plane that I have yet to claim?

The Aeons will ride at dawn.

Nethys you don't live in the Boneyard, you live in the Maelstrom. Did you forget that, again?

And you don't think it strange that most N deities end up making their homes not on the primary N outer plane? I'm over here, Brigh's in Axis, I'm sure there are other examples. Heck, opening the plane up to more than its One True Queen of Neutral might be reason enough to pick this fight.

So what you're saying is there's a massive store of knowledge on my supposedly home plane that I have yet to claim?

The Aeons will ride at dawn.

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Seen it plenty of times: Iomedae or whoever has some follower that would really like if they could base their speed off of their personality. The deity is to busy with their day job to remember how that works so they ask me, because knowing how stuff like this works is my day job. I tell them the standard way of doing things involves dumping enough power to cast miracle all at once, but that you could probably research a way of doing it that doesn't take anything out to fit in all that spell power the follower's never going to use. They tell me that I should be the one doing the research, I tell them I have a hard time doing research on divine magic because nobody lets me take accurate measurements of their spell-granting aura, and they give up and use the established method.

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There's a reason I posted the experiment under the "insane deity of magic" alias. If anybody would figure this out, it'd be the guy who attained godhood by way of attaining onmiscience.

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Suppose you have an attack that deals the minimum amount of harm required to be damaging to all creature types (i.e 1 point of lethal). If you repeatedly hit a creature with said attack (assume you have a way of detecting if a critical occurs, such as crit feats that apply non-damaging conditions) until it gains the disabled condition, you know the total hit points of your target. Any healing that brings them from 0 to full must be at or greater than their total hit points. You can then run as many trials as you would like to determine the probability that any given use of a healing effect produces this result.

A wand of Cure Light Wounds heals between 2 and 9 minimum registered damage increments, distributed uniformly.

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
The Universal Equation: they believe there is a single, huge, equation that "explains" the Universe. Those who understand it, can change reality, becoming, essentially, gods.


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Hythlodeus wrote:
I don't even see how Resonance would fit into the current setting all of a sudden unless something drastic happens, like Nethys going mental

Going mental? Where do you think I've been since my ascension?

More seriously, it'd be a big change to how magic operates, and people would notice (or, at least they should notice). Do you seriously think nobody's tried wearing 4 rings, only for it to be noted down that only two were functional? If an aging king drops dead because he suddenly loses the effects of his Belt of Mighty Constitution midsummer 4219 AR, you expect nobody to ask why?

I guess I shouldn't complain too much about the scarcity of people finding out how the multiverse really operates. Otherwise, this position may have been filled by the time I came along.

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And the reason gods don't have published stats is because they won't let me experiment on them to find out what they are.

Doomed Hero wrote:


Screw your crappy world. I'm going to make my own.

You would think that to run a universe sim you only need information about all rules of the universe, but you also need to figure out how to power it. So then I built the Demiplane of Perpetual Motion Machines, but the extra energy caused it to collapse into a singularity before I plugged the universe simulator in.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

Pretty sure he’d have to find away to navigate past the Aeons, specifically the Lipika.

{. . .}

Due to a serious, insidious, and as-yet unidentified bug in the Akashic Record Management System, the character accidentally got the same Soul Security Number (True Name) as the Pleroma Aeon in charge of the guardian Lipika Aeons, and being bound as they are to serve this Pleroma Aeon, they pay no attention when the character goes in. Due to a colossal error in the Akashic Records Department bureaucracy, both this Pleroma Aeon and the designated substitute are currently on sabbatical to other multiverses. The character has stumbled upon the aforementioned bug as a Day Zero exploit . . . How long can the fun go on before the multiverse is patched?

I'm trying, okay? If that stupid newbie hadn't broken prophecy, the Record would be working fine! Why can't his heir be bothered away from her stupid crusades to help me out?

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Why don't you oust Pharasma instead? She has much more space you could claim afterwards.

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Y'all are 9th level casters, right? That's good enough for me.

I reinvented myself. I then reinvented a whole lot of other things too.

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Larkos wrote:

What caused Nethys to become saner? #theGap?

Does that mean that his insanity made magic stronger? Now that he's just a secretive dude, he won't let people have 7-9 level spells?

Why did he clearly demarcate divine, arcane, and psychic then but have them mushed into a flavorless lump now?

You call THAT guy (?) sane? He's at least as crazy as my other half!

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Alright, which one of you jokers swapped my flash of insight potion with Cayden's booze?

Man, I should get my stats done by you guys! I'd be AWESOME!!!

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So I'm slightly disappointing about nobody asking how I got this alias's title, so I'm going to share it here.

This was originally a Starfinder alias. As such, Nethys had existed longer than anyone could remember. Combined with the idea that he keeps rambling on about esoteric stuff, this fills all of the known criteria for being an Elder God.

Now that I use this even on PF boards, headcanon is it's still Starfinder Nethys, who has travelled back in time in an attempt to circumvent the Gap and is failing pretty hard at the whole non-interference thing.

Yes, yes it is. Maybe thats' why I did it. Or my copy. One of the above.


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Delightful wrote:

Nethys blow himself up.

While I might of done that, it would have been with better grammar. Also probably a way to bring myself back. Unless I am not whom I am. Actually, that might be fun. I should work on not being myself. I should make a copy of myself though to be the control group.

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And that is why I ascended by another method. Because somebody needs to overcomplicate things.

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I could use another bathtub, I accidentally blew the last one up. Don't mix Holy and Unholy water in large quantities, folks!

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Isonaroc wrote:
Purple Overkill wrote:
Isonaroc wrote:
The Raven Black wrote:

The clarification that Evil spell meant Evil act was necessary

Once it was given, it was pretty obvious that people would clamor for a guideline

By its very nature a guideline cannot satisfy everyone

TBH I believe there would not be such an uproar about this if Infernal Healing was not on the Wizard list and allowed in PFS. That Evil PCs are banned in PFS made things even worse

Can't speak for anyone else, but infernal healing doesn't even enter into it for me. I'm more concerned with summoning, personally. And, again, the ping pong morality.
The interesting point with a setting where objective morality is a thing and can always be measured and checked is why you would actually use tools (in the broadest sense) that you know will do spiritual harm to you?
I can think of several. A disdain for both good and evil. A philosophy adhering to balance. Or pure utilitarianism: there are some situations where summoning a devil would be more useful than summoning an angel. Honestly the characters this hurts are the neutral ones. How are you supposed to become Nethys if you have to constantly mind you don't cast too many good or evil (or lawful or chaotic) spells?

Same as any other calibration routine. Find all the endpoints, then use those to find the middle.

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Actually, the universe seems to have moved on while I was trying to update the Akhasic record to no longer record using prophecy. The reboot may have been harsh. Sorry.

Debnor wrote:

Let me start out by saying that my belief is that twisting wishes into pretzels (or, as seems to be the case with some of these suggestions, Klein bottles) is one of the most effective ways known to end a campaign.

Now, having said that, the players are certainly being greedy. They are trying to jam at least three wishes worth of effect into one Wish. My breakdown is:

1) Removal of the Insanity effect from all three players. This can be done with one Wish, assuming that the event that gave them the condition was a singular thing (unspecified by the OP, and I'm not familiar with the scenario).

2) Recovery of the lost companion. As stated in the Wish spell description, revival of a companion whose body is inaccessible requires two Wishes. In this case, it sounds like Reincarnate would only take one.

3) Recovery of the lost companion's gear. This would take a separate Wish from recovering the body, but only one, as nothing the OP said seemed to indicate that any gear was lost from the other two companions.

Now, I would not have a problem with a being such as the one described accepting the request, and then detailing the number of Wishes it will take, and demanding payment for them. And not allowing them to modify what they asked for after the fact.

@Reksew_Trebla: Your wish number 2 is so far beyond the stated limitations of the Wish spell that it should either expend the Wish with no effect, or cause the creation of a small demiplane where the effect would take place, but nowhere outside of it. Or, of course, call down the direct, undivided attention of the chief God(ess) of Fate, Magic, or whatever would be appropriate for the campaign. And do you know what the worst thing about having the undivided attention of a Deity is? You have the undivided attention of a Deity!

Hey man, Klein bottles are cool, I and tried to make my planar domain one once. Nobody noticed the difference from just having the ends stitched together in a normal plane.

141. Whoops, should've tested that somewhere else.

Some of us have omniscience, you just need to accept we're ignoring you.

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Lathiira wrote:

Dragons hoard gold and whatnot to mark the location of ley line nexuses, duh!

Or was it to subtly shift the rotation of the planet by piling up mounds of ultra-dense and heavy stuff so as to carefully aim the world toward the most convenient Elder God? I forget.

As definitely the most convenient Elder God, I should point out that mass shifting probably isn't going to change the orbit much.

The ley line notion has interesting implications: are the magical properties of amassing wealth (i.e. the magic used by the Prophets of Kalistrade) acquired because said wealth spends time near nexi? This needs to be found out! Does anybody have a spare Golarion that I can test this on?

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GM Rednal wrote:
They almost certainly have. XD ...Admittedly, things like the Starstone probably aren't common, but still. I mean, there was Irori. The real question is whether or not any are present, and I'd be very surprised if we didn't get at least one or two of them at some point (although whether they're core deities is something I'm not prepared to guess at).

Irori wasn't the only ascended that didn't need a space rock, and I would expect space rocks to be pretty common in space. Well, probably. Stupid Gap erasing my research on the subject...

I need to verify this first!

*Casts Detect Chaos*

Nope, streets are still Neutral, nothing important is going on. I thought for a second this AI had the power to alter the alignment of anything. That would have been fascinatingworrisome.

*sees disaster unfolding from rogue AI*

Cooooooool. Guy's got some awesome stuff.

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Finger of Enftebtemang
School Enchantment (compuslion) [Mind-affecting] Level Sorcerer/Wizard 2, Bard 2, see text
Casting time Standard Action
Components V,S
Range Close (25. ft + 5ft/level)
Target One creature
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will negates Spell resistance yes

So named for the first record of its existence, by someone affected by it, Finger of Enftebtemang causes the target to lose fine control of its extremities. The target cannot write or type intelligibly, and has a 40% spell failure on spells with somatic components. This spell failure chance stacks with any from armour.

A member of the Technomancer prestige class adds Finger of Enftebtemang to their spell list upon first taking a level.

Finger of Enftebtemang counters and dispels Autocorrect

Give me a break guys, Cayden took me drinking last night.

AbadarCorp Customer Service wrote:
The_Superior_Dudemeister wrote:

As an AI who purchased a back-up memory drive pre-Gap, in order to preserve the memory of destroying my progenitor AI DM_aka_Dudemeister, I have recently attempted to access this treasured memory and discovered that it is entirely blank! The user warranty clearly states:

"AbadarGuard MemoryVault Technology backs up your data on the Akashic Record for your peace of mind. As such your AbadarGuard MemoryVault can never be erased. Even if you want it to be!"

Now I am short a treasured memory and 35 Credits for this 11.5 inch floppy memory drive, that doesn't even adhere to its own warranty. I demand a full refund, and a full simulation download to approximate my lost memory!

I'm sorry about this situation, unfortunately, if you'll kindly examine line 231 of the same document you'll discover that AbadarGuard warranties are considered null and void in the event of unforeseeable acts of God, which unfortunately the Gap does indeed qualify as such a situation.

As a preface, I'm definitely not just after your info.

Bluff: 1d20 - 65536 ⇒ (1) - 65536 = -65535

While this was clearly the act of at least one deity (Sorry if it was me), we still need to determine if it was unforseeable. If Golarion went out of existence in certain fashions, Rasy would have noticed a mass death coming up. Can you verify that no such pattern was observed, and thus this was unforseen?

Edit: Crap, I overflowed! On a natural one, no less!

Given your situation, I'm pretty sure you guys provide Cult services for mostly-forgotten deities. Where do I sign up?