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Torbyne wrote:
Theliah Strongarm wrote:
Torbyne wrote:

I would think if the Numerians built the station they wouldnt have named it after Absalom.

My theory is that the station is a "gift" from the gods, when they pulled Golarion out they replaced it with the station and puts all displaced peoples there. Originally everything was laid out in an efficient and manageable way but when these displaced peoples and monsters were unable to form a unifying government or control their own growth slap-dash add-ons and environmental decay began to set in. After a period of violent conflict and intrigue things have mostly stabilized in the upper echelons of the station with a ruling coalition of factions. There still exist both designated wild zones for more dangerous creatures to live in as well as regions of self government that are either small scale rivals to the ruling council or decaying messes the council eyes to reclaim.

There are other, far smaller space stations and colonies but by positioning and divinely gifted resources Absalom is the shining jewel of the system.

EDIT: Oh, and uh, Absalom Station is our last, best, hope for peace.

Wait, how big IS Absalom Station?
Small Moon/Big Pluto.

That's no moon. It's a space station!

I always liked the Necromancers of Hollowfaust in the Scarred Lands Campaign. A (mostly) non-evil group of animaters-of-the-dead, who have more of a waste-not want-not kind of attitude towards the dead. The people of their City-State are protected by an army of both Undead and Golems, as well as one of the most powerful and organised Guilds of Spellcasters on the planet! And they DO look after their people. After all, where is the army of the future going to come from.....?

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Bagpipes! The only instrument to ever have been classed as a weapon of war!

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Rarednaw. I've played two Blockbuster Wizards since this Guide came out. They were both Gnomes, and I had a literal blast with them both. It's both powerful and fun to play. The sheer "blastiness" of the class fits in well with the sheer manic nature that I associate with Gnomes.

Although I have been persuaded to play something else by my group (particularly the GM!) as encounters typically went like this:

GM: Ok, intents....
Me: Fireball!
GM: (sighs) Of course.
-A lot of *insert elemental damage* later-
GM: Ok the minions are all fried, and the BBEG is in a very bad way.
Other Players: Ok, Full Attack!
GM: He goes down on your first hit.
-Everybody glares at me!-

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Would a Gnome with the Pyromaniac alternate trait gain an increase to their effective level with fire based blasts and Wild Talents? If so, that would dovetail quite nicely with their bonus to Constitution too.

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<TG>Thranx wrote:
Black Silver of The Veiled, T7V wrote:

Yeah. I would prefer spearmint tea. It will at least smell good.
That's not tea. :)

As an Englishman, I concur. That is NOT tea!

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Lam wrote:
It is interesting to see such a large group in Europe with such an evil focus. Good luck on that. yes, I know I am a target. Have been ever since ….

There IS a reason why so many bad guys have English accents.

FYI I have an English accent!

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You and me both HoC!

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And the true Faithfull of the Goddess of Gluttony would never be that thin!

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Aet Rafkin wrote:
Welcome! Hopefully I can raise sheep so I can spam you with "wood for sheep?"

You need to erect some buildings. You definitely need wood for your erections.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Personally, I like that we're using the NPC classes. :)

I like that we're making the NPC classes relevant.

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<Flask> Ulf Stonepate wrote:
Creating undead should be treated as specialized crafting (other than the simpler ones such as skeletons and zombies that are raised temporarily). I would reverse the tier nomenclature you're using so that mummies etc. are called tier 3 in keeping with higher level equipment. Permanent undead (including skeletons and zombies) would need a recipe and the appropriate materials.

Yup. Onyx Gems.

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At last we shall reveal ourselves to the Paladins. At last we shall have revenge!

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@<KABAL> Yeah! That scene made out like it was setting up a recurring villain and then......nope!

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Undead Lord-style Cleric of Urgathoa focused on minionmancy in order to swell the military ranks of my Golgothan Overlords.

My Destiny's Twin is likely to be a Commoner Gatherer/Drayman, simply because it seems like few people are doing this, and I anticipate there will be a need.

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Lord Regent: Deacon Wulf wrote:
No enemy of the Empire will stand against the marching of Golgothan Soldiers.

Even the enemy will be the marching Golgothan soldiers eventually.....

Eindridi wrote:
FuelDrop wrote:

The stars are right.

R’lyeh rises from the deep, the herald returns, Cthulhu stirs from his eternal slumber. Flee from the madness to come.

Ia! Ia! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

What have I told you about eating with your mouth full?

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35, and a member of Her Majesties Royal Air Force, United Kingdom.

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Ooh! Evil Animated Strawmen! Great idea KC!

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I'm all about specific havoc!

And letting slip undead dogs of war!

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Hey! Nobody said anything about RANDOM mayhem! Personally I was just going to let my spare undead loose in the lands of people who were trying to oppress our pro-unlife recruitment drives.

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CBDunkerson wrote:
The Big L wrote:
TEO Malvius012 wrote:
Great job GW team!
Careful with throwing around the letter "G" and the letter "W" together, we don't want anyone at Paizo or Goblinworks getting slapped with a lawsuit now!

Yep... George Washington university is infamously litigious. :]

For the record, you can't trademark letters by themselves. Add images or display the letters in a distinctive style and it is possible, but suing over the use of 'GW' on a messageboard... no, never going to happen.

Tell that to the former owner of McMunchies Sandwich Bar in Buckinghamshire, UK. Who was sued by a fast food conglomerate (who shall remain nameless!) over the name of her establishment!

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"The Goodfellow" wrote:
Keovar wrote:
Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
But isn't loosing the extra's upon the world all part of the fun? *Grins, rubs hands together, and chuckles madly*
How is a Chaotic individual going to retain citizenship in a Lawful settlement?

The UNC has a few Necromancers within our ranks. If you favor the Chaotic side of the dark arts, perhaps the Exalted Bastards are for you?

Vote for Aragon here.
Join UNC here.

I'm more NE than CE. Loosing the Undead may seem like an act of Chaos, but it does create some distractions for the Crusader types, who might otherwise decide to practice their "ganking" skills on our fine citizens.

Plus, random encounters.....

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But isn't loosing the extra's upon the world all part of the fun? *Grins, rubs hands together, and chuckles madly*

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How EXACTLY can I join Golgotha? I followed the links and joined Pax Gaming, but where do I go from there?

Also, I have joined you in the land rush on Goblinworks, under the name of CyrusCrow.

stormraven wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:
or even fart and chew gum at the same time.

I know a guy who can fart and text at the same time... does that count? Both at the game table at the same time!

Still, he often has to ask what is happening in the game when he's done.

And they say the Renaissance Man is dead... :)

Would you mind not farting while I'm trying to save the world?

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Gol Malik. wrote:
Urgathoa, as long as she is of use to me.

Funny. That's how she see's her worshippers!

And our cult grows!

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Nolondil Leafrunner wrote:
Now I'm not completely familiar with Golarion's Lore, but I am surprized that Raising Undead is not an evil act, what's the source on that ?
Raising undead on Golarion generally is an evil act... but there are some niche cases. For example, juju zombies are corpses given locomotion by a plant... they aren't really 'undead' in the usual sense. Certainly 'icky', but not necessarily evil.

Are you sure you're not thinking of Yellow Musk Zombies? Juju Zombies are created by the powers of Spirits (whose actual alignment is deliberately left vague) or so I believe.

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Ravenlute wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
My character will be wielding a scythe as soon as possible. :)
Yes! Me too! Scythe for the win!

Myself and everyone else trying to build a dedicated clergy to the Pallid Princess would just look wrong without scythes! So yes me too!

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Nightdrifter wrote:
Lone_Wolf wrote:
This brought an interesting idea to my mind. Is the feeding of these plague victims an inherently "good" act?
What if it's feeding plague victims so that they can keep up their strength so that they can further spread the plague? A plague victim with no energy just isn't an effective spreader.

I may be slightly biased here, but that sounds like a perfect plan for the clergy of Urgathoa. Plague? Feeding/Gluttony? Find a way to put Undead in that plan and you all of the Pallid Lady's Prime Tenets.

I am in a small party (numerically and height wise) in the Carrion Crown AP. Three Gnome Brothers make up our entire party. So far we've custom crafted our own gear with crafting feats and sold off most of the gear we find because it's rubbish for us. Overall, it works for us.

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Some kind of Decapitation Keyword, perhaps as part of a Coup de Grace action. As an Urgathoan Cleric, this is necessary for the ritual of Reaping. Though I suspect that it would be quite some time before a Vorpal Scythe is seen/created.

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Andius wrote:

Plague escalation cycles would be AWESOME. Those would be fun to see spread over the top of other escalation cycles too though. You could have people running around curing victims, providing needed supplies, or on the evil side just killing the infected and burning the bodies.

One thing though, as awesome as it would be to let's the paladins/clerics/druids magic away all the disease some plagues should require physical medicine. Just imagine the fun when people start trying to rob incoming medical supplies.

Perhaps that would not be necessary. The Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, had a plague running rampant through a city with access to Clerical healing. This is because healing magic only has a set amount of uses per day, which can easily be outpaced by an aggressive contagious disease.

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Ah yes, the guy who had an army of Inferi (Zombies with slashing resistance WTF!) in an underground lake!

There are unconfirmed rumours that there might be Duncan7291.

As a PC, I would advise you to NEVER Command an Undead that spawns. Every day it gets a save to break free, which eventually it will (even if it has to roll a natural 20 to do so!) If it has spawned an army, that's a potential TPK on your hands.

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The word itself has supernatural connotations.

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Nevy wrote:
Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
Which one is Golgotha?
I didn't think followers of the Pallid Princess would deem themselves marvelous. :-)

Why would we not?

Is a blockbuster Arcanist (from the ACG playtest) viable? All you would need is to take the Arcanist Exploit: School Understanding - Admixture at 1st level and you're golden. You wouldn't even need to waste points from your Arcane Reservoir to boost it, as the Versatile Evocation ability isn't dependent on level.

The intense spells ability can be augmented however, and so could the Bloodline Development: Draconic (Fire) if you chose to go down that route.

Goblin Squad Member

Which one is Golgotha?

Just get a set of Amazing Tools of Manufacture, from the ARG, Gnomes section of magic items. Job done.

Shouldn't it have access to Perform: Sing/Dance? And one of the Favoured Terrains should be Urban(Bars), though only when wearing clothing belonging to the opposite gender?

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My lady Urgathoa's Portfolio includes both Undead and War. If that doesn't scream out for her Clerics to start raising Undead armies, I don't know what does!

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As I have stated before. I intend on playing a Cleric of Urgathoa, even if I'm the only one to do so. And even if the developers never include Urgathoa as a Deity.

My loyalty to the Pallid Princess is unshakeable!

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Being wrote:
Ah! But the Bard's are wont to sing the Ballad of Sir Robin... and they get all the girls!

Those particular minstrels were eaten when food was scarce! Remember that.

Also, there was much rejoicing.

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Does the Dog Ranger have a Human Companion?

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So you are saying that the "best" minion-based necromancer are likely to be this Leader/Aristocrat Path, rather than Cleric or Wizard Paths?

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Prophecy has been vague and inaccurate since the death of Aroden. Play on this.

It's more effective if all your minions are psionic in nature, either from taking levels in a class, or from taking the Wild Talent Feat. If they don't already have one of these then use Psychic Reformation to make it so.

Now the minions can be used in the Metaconcert (this is what I missed out in my text wall earlier) to increase the Manifester level by 5(+2 for every two Power Points Augmented above 9). Manifest it on the other with a different set of minions using the now higher manifester level to give an even HIGHER ML. That is where you rinse and repeat.

I did say "If you really need one of them by your side for any reason". Which could mean anything from needing a random skill or ability that nobody else in the party has (albeit at a much lower level), to trap/arrow fodder duty.

Yes it can be a little bit like having Leadership with Telepathy, which also has the benefit that you don't have to traipse an army of NPC's through every dungeon you encounter to take advantage of them. Which should also prevent your GM from killing them off like a bunch of "redshirts", "Nodwicks", or "Kennys"

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What about Deities that are not out at the beginning. Say somebody REALLY wanted to play a Cleric of an unreleased God(dess) would they have to worship one of the released ones then convert (if that's even possible) if or when their chosen deity comes out. I know that in PFS you HAVE to chose a Deity to be a Divine caster, but is this another option that's being considered?

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