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Anyone working on form-fillable versions yet?

Ed Reppert wrote:

The email says you can download the pdfs, with a link to your download page. This is "boilerplate" included in every monthly subscription shipping email. As has been side, when you go to the download page, you look for those downloads, and down at the bottom of the page you find the information that they won't be available until August First.

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find any of this confusing, especially after reading the several threads on the subject.

It wasn't confusing to me. I missed the previously mentioned announcement but it only took a quick moment to figure it out.

I received the same notice. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the shipment to arrive.


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Paizo's events popped up in the catalog. Woot!


Agreed, CigarPete.


Bob, not sure if that question was directed at Skae or me?

To answer for myself, I'm not blaming anyone at Paizo. This sounds like a problem on the Gen Con side and Paizo is getting the short end of the stick.

Which sucks... Friends are already filling up their wishlists and now I need to work extra hard to get them to join me in Society games. :)

I have read Baldman Games (the DDAL organizers) are in the same boat.


Gotcha, thank you.

Definitely makes planning a wishlist a tad onerous waiting for those to be posted.

My highest level character gets to play 1 more module before he is level 12. I have been waiting a long time for the right module to come along and I think I finally have. :D


Has anyone seen any news about when Paizo's events will be added to the Gen Con 2019 event catalog?


Two thumbs up for this approach to Pathfinder Society. This sounds like fun. :)


As a GM, I would not allow it without repercussions.

As an avid player of paladins, I would not consider it unless there was a compelling story reason which drove my characters to face those repercussions for the greater good. Key point being I know there would be repercussions, and that could make for some interesting game play.

These are quite nice. I especially like the Cutpurse.


Congrats Sean!


Only two events planned so far Mark?


Binder + Dividers + Sheet Protectors. It's a common solution, but it works.

I also generate a Boon Sheet for each of my characters so I can easily keep track of them.


I would love to see Androids and Dhampir as options for the next season. I think would scratch a particular itch I have at the moment.


EDIT: Heh, The Fox posted faster than I did. I concur with that perspective.


Maybe I have been lucky, but I have rarely played in a game without a solid healer during conventions. Rare being maybe 2 or 3 tables total over the years. Even then, those tables had at least one person who could utilize a wand.


Two thumbs up, many thanks!


Oh! I completely misunderstood that. No, it is not a hardcover.

I was going to submit but then I realized my author credit at AAW DQs me. No worries! I look forward to seeing all the great stuff everyone has created for us and voting for the awesome ones. :)


Two thumbs up!

@Nefreet - His reasoning is because the text says "see detect evil." He assumed it was because his aura worked like detect [Insert], while I assumed it was a reference to see how entities react to his aura. When he explained why he thought he had the ability I actually thought it was a reasonable reading of the ability, even if it wasn't how I read it per se.

@Dispari Scuro - That is my understanding as well.

Quick question on the warpriest's aura.

"Aura (Ex): A warpriest of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura (as a cleric) corresponding to the deity’s alignment (see detect evil on page 266 of the Core Rulebook for details)."

The warpriest has the aura on at all times, but one of my players thought this also meant he had "detect evil" available at all times along with the aura.

I believe this is just saying entities using a Detect [Insert] spell or ability would detect the warpriest.

I don't want to take an ability away from a player he should rightfully have, so I am hoping someone here might have additional guidance for me.


The Aasimar and Tieling will be missed (and I will work hard to keep mine alive), but I welcome the introduction of the kitsune, nagaji, and wayang.


Yep, I am 2 tables away from my second star, and it reports me as having 0 tables. I hope they fix this soon.

Very interesting! I look forward to seeing him in action.


Adding my voice to the mix. Thank you for organizing this con. You did a great job, and I had a lot of fun.

Oh, this sounds like fun. :)

By that I mean I am sure things are going to get out of control.


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D&D Next has Encounters, but no "living campaign" organized play in sight yet as far as I know. That alone will keep me engaged with Pathfinder, and that is not even the only reason to stick around.


I run a game every Sunday at my FLGS on the west side of Vegas. Tallying my reported sessions:

Grand Lodge 14, Sczarni 8, Andoran 5, Osirion 4, Silver Crusade 2

I haven't had any Cheliax, Qadiran, or Taldor at the table. Not that these numbers mean much, the sampling size is so small when compared to worldwide PFS play this representation is anecdotal at best.

The Osirion faction is my favorite, so obviously I would hate to see them go away. However, their fate depends on the collective, and it is what it is.

As a witness to the Convocation of Sages (the Game Master), I enjoyed a spirited debate between Amenopheous, Tahonikepsu, and the five brave Pathfinders who tracked down Kafar and Nefti before finishing their journey at the feet of the Diamond Sage. The Sages carried on, back and forth, for a bit before Quick Like Rock made them realize they would not agree on any course of action, and the decision should fall to the Pathfinders. After some debate over the finer points, and a brilliant moment when the magnificent Tahonikepsu revealed her true nature, a majority of the group decided to side with the time dragon, a new path for the Jeweled Sages. That said, there were some objections from Aritian Mubarak, a scion of the Osirion Faction and an Oracle of Life of particular skill. Despite her well crafted arguments, she was overruled and forced to console herself with a nomination to prove herself as a proper host for the Topaz Gem.

Perhaps I have witnessed the rebirth of the Topaz Sage as well?

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My compliments Pedro, this is an excellent scenario. I ran it this morning at my FLGS and the players had a great time with it.


Okay, well with that in mind, I will talk to my VC about opportunities to help organize something.


I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before. If so, could someone provide me a link to the answer?

I know "Specials" are written to be run as multiple table events (usually at conventions), but is there any reason I cannot run a special for my normal PFS group? Most of the players in my regular PFS group have not experienced the SPEC scenarios, and I am hoping there is a way I can run those scenarios for them.


Yes, you can retrain an opposition school in that way.

"You can retrain your arcane school (including changing to or from a universalist). Doing so replaces your school’s bonus spell slots and school powers. This training takes 5 days for every school power you lose from changing schools."

Gold Cost = 10 x Level x 5(X); X = # of Arcane School Powers you lose from changing schools.

Prestige Cost = 1 PP per day of training, so... 5(X); X = # of Arcane School Powers you lose from changing schools.

All of the non-Universalist schools start with 2 school powers in the core, so at a minimum that is 10 days of retraining (a.k.a. 10 PP). If your character is high enough level to have the third school power, it is 15 days of retraining (or 15 PP).


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Rapanuii, I think you are wasting time and energy at this point. My suggestion would be to stop spinning wheels here and take your GM out to lunch. Have a friendly conversation using what little you have gleaned here, and politely ask him to reconsider his ruling.

If he does, great, because only he can give you what you are trying to drag out of this community (it is painfully obvious no one here can give you what you are asking for). If he doesn't, elevate it to the VC, or bite the bullet and move on. Those really are your choices, even if you don't like them.


I have so many great memories playing games in the old store. I am glad to see PFS firing up in the new location. I wish I could be there!



Pirate Rob wrote:

Sounds right to me.

Note that you could spend 1 prestige and receive any single item up to 150gp in value, even if you don't have enough fame etc.

Ah yes, you are correct. Thank you, that had slipped my mind.


As the title says, I want to make sure I am using Table 5-3 in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Play properly.

I have a new character I have played once earning 1 prestige point (a.k.a. Fame 1). If I am reading Table 5-3 right, I need to wait until I have 5 Fame (500 gp max) to purchase anything not on the always available list, or on one of my chronicle sheets.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Congrats Victoria! :)

Check it out, be a backer, save reality.


Nice! I love that mini.


We had a similar problem with LFR at a FLGS in Indianapolis. We explored a few options, but before we completely solved the problem LFR started to die off in the area.

We encouraged gamers to buy product. This always helps when store owners see the benefit from a business perspective.

Our organizer charged $5 per game per person. This money paid for table space (this offset income lost because we took up the whole store), paid for products for the GMs to encourage them to keep running, as well as a raffle. There was also a deal with the store owner that is you showed your game ticket when you purchased game products you got a discount (that day only). The game slots paid for themselves if you did your buying on the same day.

We tried setting up smaller alternate locations to varying degrees of success. In the end, most of these alternate locations turned into home games. Not our purpose, but the end result was not a bad one per se.

We communicated with other LFR events in the area, and encouraged players to alternate locations. At the time, there were five stores running weekly events in the area. Some folks were territorial about where they played, but for the most part it was good for the community.

In the end, the problem fixed itself as LFR died off, and organized play in the area shifted focus to PFS. The VL/VC system went a long way towards organizing games across the region without sucking up all the space in one store.

Here in Vegas, they run a monthly event at an arts center near downtown. It is a great opportunity for gamers from all over the city to game together, and takes some pressure off the local FLGS. Finding locations for larger, regular events is actually pretty easy if you check your local listings. Although this event is not devoted 100% to PFS, there is often a lot of Pathfinder played there. Good group of players too.


On a side note, thank you for posting that link Dominick. I will be moving to Florida in a few months (the Ft Walton area), and I will be looking for some PFS down there.

Usually, having your event tickets in advance is the best way to go. At least, that has been my experience.


I have missed the last couple years, but this is disappointing to hear.

Congrats to all of you, and everyone who participated.

I love Osirion. I love the undead. I am looking forward to this one very much.

Oops, I should have posted with this alias.