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Ok, here goes again. Come on big whammy!

hp: 1d8 ⇒ 5

Nalia HP roll: 1d8 ⇒ 8

I posted mine as well. Thanks for explaining how to do it. Worked pretty well :)

I think I'll just stick with your d8 role of 8, can't beat that!

Thanks for running it David! That was a harder adventure to do I think in pbp as harder to keep track of the details. Had to look back at previous posts a lot. Still fun and yes, bummer about the div as talked a lot about it but didn't get to meet it. Probably good for us!

1. MattS
2. Ollinesmus
3. Ranger Level 4
4. 96620-4
5. Liberty's Edge
6. Herbalist and 20

Are earthquakes that common that you sleep thru them? Was it far from you or do you actually feel them sometimes? Apparently a 4.5 in Tennessee today.

John, Saw earthquake in Alaska. Near you? Could you feel it? So big up there hard to know what affects you guys. Hope all is well.

Thanks for leading us! I made level 2, woo hoo!!

Great playing with you guys. Love the characters you all made. :)

Can you let me know the rest of the deities alignment and favored weapon?

Ben, need to know Malphas alignment and preferred weapon. Going to do a war priest I think. Female.

Ok. I’m in. Thinking about my player character.

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How do you make drool noises on play by post? Glad you had a good trip.

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So jealous Eric, live in France, travel to both Slovenia and Finland in one week! How do I get your job!! Have a great trip!

I look forward to trying the future play tests. I’ve found myself getting quickly confused on how many moves, etc. that I have so mixing rules will likely be problematic for me. We’ll see I guess. I’ve said for a long time that I do what the crowd does as I enjoy the people I’m with more than what I’m doing!

Cool save!

What's charcon?

Grayson? More time over the summer?

Ranger - 4
Liberty's Edge
Day Job: Herbalist +5

Updated my stats after buying new armor. Then updated my character again.

Hey Mrs. B, glad you're able to join!

1. Matt Stonecypher/ MattS
2. Lem the slip
3. Unchained Rogue - 3
4. 96620-5
5. Liberty's Edge
6. No Day Job

Will play Lem again but need to update my character first. Hope to do tonight. Sorry for the delay. Yard work all day!

1. Matt Stonecypher/MattS
2. Lem
3. Rogue (unchained) Level 2
4. PFS# 96620-5
5. Liberty's Edge
6. Day job Roll (if any)--none

I also enjoy the pbp format. Glad to continue if everyone else is in whatever fashion everyone wants to do. Of course pending the mighty gm's time.

Thanks everyone for a great time!

Again, happy birthday my friend! Thanks for putting up with me!

@Karen-- Back to Florida?!?! You're missing out on all the fun snow we're having? Just had a celebration dinner for your older sons second retirement! I must be doing something wrong....

@Craig--Hoping you have a great day today old man! Happy B-day! I would try for some old man jokes but your mom will see. Don't want her mad at me :)

Glad you are better! Need any help?

That's @Matt to you.

And @Craig needs to be doing @Mom


Usually in society play the pace is pretty fast. Often no time to sleep or rest unfortunately. Sort of depends on the story and the sense of urgency but as a general rule we don't get many rests.

As David said I have a wand of cure light wounds that I purchased after my first adventure and can be used by anyone in the party that is able to use it.

Personally, I've made more mistakes than I care to know about, and my fine friends are polite to not point them out too often to me! Great job everyone!

@chaosorbit--you're the best!

Hi Karen! Wonderful to see you joining a bunch of nerds. Hopefully we won't embarrass you! I have a habit of reading the gameplay and not noticing the discussion thread. Was wondering who this Barboo was....a new person joined or maybe that was Craigs character and he had Crudgeon as a pet. Didn't know until I read the discussion thread. This will be fun, sorry to be the last to post.

And yes, I have a wand of cure light wounds. Barboo can keep us alive!

Think we're talking the same thing. Post as at bottom, you change to ukcraig for discussions but want it to default otherwise to character name. If you edit a post it lets you change who you post as and a little check next to that says change default. Maybe what you're talking about? Maybe not.

craig, if you pop back and edit your last post their is a button next to post that lets you change the default. try that. Other way is really cumbersome to find.

Not sure if david can do it easier as gm but I'll try and explain. Under your name tab you should be able to see aliases where you made denizabyss. if you edit you cut and paste this string of info into your class/level field and adjust to your stats.

Rogue (unchained) - 2 / HP 15 / AC 19 T 15 FF 15 / Fort +2, Reflex +8, Will +1 / CMD 14 / Perception +6 / Speed 20 / Init +8

Then if you want you can cut and paste the stat bloc info from hero lab into the large block at bottom saying about xyz.

Glad you're able to jump in Tom! Takes a bit to learn and with each new adventure on here I usually have to relearn where something is.

Also, for me I bookmark the page with adventure up, like this page and then just go to the bookmark on my browser. Used to keep you logged in for weeks but now seems to log you out a lot. Hopefully that will improve.

Ok, my character

Matt Stonecypher - MattS
Rogue (unchained) - 2
Liberty's Edge

Cleric or Warpriest? I always wanted to play a warpriest, sounds cool!

Really cool how you have loaded and pre-filled like that. So well organized! It's like your an accountant or something....! Thanks!

Me too Grayson. My characters are usually slight variations of me. Wu-Tang would have probably never met a sylph before. Well, maybe as a druid. Don't know how common they are. Anyway, fun having crazy personalities like Archibald, Starke and Lucky around. For once Ben isn't the craziest character! Ha!

Thanks Kaden! Will do.

Wow Grayson! That's quite an entrance!!

How do you get all the info to show up below your name like this:

Male Sylph Wizard/2 HP: 12/12/ AC: 13/ T13/ FF10/ Saves Fort +2, Reflex +4, Will +4/ CMD 14/ Perception +2 / Speed 30/ Init +7

mine just shows this:

male human druid nature fang level 1 (or something like that)

Can't remember the best way to upload characters so I copied the stat block into it. Let me know if I should do something different.

I've never done a druid, hunter or slayer so I'm leaning towards those now. Any comments?

Didn't think about the stranger in a strange land idea. Fun! Like David caradine in Kung fu, a shaolin monk in the west, or sir jorah mormont in GOT, a knight over in the eastern lands. Lots of fun options.

Your link on my phone worked well. Cool!

Ok, found and just ordered the dragon empires gazetteer, the jade regent poster map folio and the dragon empires primer. From paizo so will take a long time to get here.

Are there particular books we should look at that cover Tian Xi? Things we should add to hero lab? Also, how would we make the character. PFS or like we did with Craig?

I might try my hand at some sort of magic user, or combo of warrior and magic user. I'll start looking.

The woman Heff notes walks over with her horse, approaching the statue and body on the ground.

“I was here, praying at my own family’s tomb. I believe I heard something unpleasant just
as you showed up.”

"My name is Rhianon Sarvio, and I'm afraid that is Northis Tulivor, a foppish youngster from town. I assume some sort of ruffian or cutpurse got too rough with him while shaking him down. Why are you and yours in the cemetery?"

She has stopped about 15-20 feet from Kojod.

Heff, you spot a woman standing near a horse at the corner of the temple to the west of you. You also see a hawk perched in the top of the building she stands next to. She seems well dressed and you guess she is some sort of noble, and she is watching what Slaine and Kojod are doing with the body and statue.

It's an alabaster tomb evoking the past age of Galtan architcture, including a ten foot spire atop the broad domed roof. The building has sculpted white raptors worked into the roof line.

Kojod, you see that the dead nobleman with the bound hands has some scratches on his face and what looks like a stab wound on his chest and interestingly his belt buckle has what looks like a badger on it.

Your clouded eyes seem to take in everything, the lichen growing at the base of the statue, the small purple violets growing in the sparse grass, the ants battling over some crumbs....but you don't seem to notice the raised step the statue is set on. As you stumble over the step trying to observe the body you fall into it, causing it to slide down and fall on the ground, face up, eyes fixed.

Your surprised expression goes back and forth between the corpse and the statue. As you continue to gawk the statue begins to speak:

"When the last sun falls upon this spot, receive my thanks."

Heff, the tomb you walk by looks like this:

This baroque marble tomb clamors for attention like a gaudy flag waving for a once noble house. Its most audacious feature is a sculpted badger that looms, gargoyle-like, above the door. The iron door is decorated not only with the Tullivor name and crest, but also with an elaborate arcane rune.

You think the body is that of a noble, based on the clothes, and you note his hands are bound. You would need to pull him off the marble bust to get a better look or see more.

Ulric, looking pretty sneaky!

Heff, as you move closer to the building and statue with said body slumped over it, you note that blood is still dripping and appears to be pooling below the body.

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