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most cliched

Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard.

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So when will we see the CR 19 regular rabbit of doom?

The one that breaks rules and does 4d8+10d6 on a charge, grapples the heroes for free (by the neck), causes them to suffocate, and looks just like an ordinary rabbit?

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Please no. Not all of us are expert typists.

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Let's just hope some GMs don't decide to be mean and scale it up without everyone's permission.

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Sounds like grounds for falling.

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I blame Cosmo for this thread.

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This may not help, but I seriously just HAD to post it.

The Jumplomancer

Still a good read through all the pages. Yes, it is Wizards, but it's still pretty hilarious.

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Doug Miles wrote:
Patrick Renie wrote:
Oh, and P.S.: No promises about this book actually putting an end to all those paladin threads.
Maybe Paizo could develop a Player Companion about netiquette and the futility of academic arguments with total strangers? Oh, nevermind. No one would have any interest in reading that.

Darnit, but I was really hoping for that Reformed Netizen feat. It was going to send my Cyber-Diplomacy through to roof.

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front wrote:
Who ya gonna call?

The insane asylum. I SHOULDN'T BE SEEING GHOSTS, WHY AM I SEEING GHOSTS!?!?!? AM I CRAZY??!? I'm not crazy!

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I've had this happen twice, the second time being much more hilarious. So how it goes is: I was playing my witch, who casted Stinking Cloud on a group of bad guys. That nauseated a good bunch of them... Then someone glitter dusted them, and finally another character casted Silence on them. Essentially, we battery and assaulted ALL of their senses (Couldn't see, couldn't hear, smelled really bad, tasted really bad, and there was stinky glimmering dust on them.) The second time there was at least 10+ mooks in there, which frightened us, but then it turned into we are just waiting for them to come out into the open.

We had to go into a house to get something, but we had a cat burglar and other ninja-y character with us. Considering the building was three stories tall, we went to the third floor (flying, grappling hooks, climbing) and cleaned the house of enemies from top to bottom. We split one big combat into three separate ones.

We were in a dark cave, and my witch stayed behind the party so she wouldn't get face-stomped. No where close to 30 feet of bad guys, much less seeing them, but most everyone else had darkvision or their light spells countered by Darkness. So to cast a medium ranged spell, she tossed her wayfinder to try and see something... It didn't work out, I still couldn't see anything (I just saw an orb of darkness)

No Response from Deepmar:
We ran into a modified black tentacles trap (instead had hands). I was freaking out because my witch and faerie dragon familiar had poor CMD. Instead, the trap threw us over the edge into a 100 foot hole with spikes at the bottom... Which suddenly wasn't so bad as my Faerie Dragon just started flying after being tossed, and I used my Flight Hex to featherfall down.

Later, someone in the party shoved her into another pit, but same result (I went with it.) It was to make sure it was safe, which it was. I got back at him by putting squirrels in his bed.

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Most of a witch's stuff is mind affecting, so anything immune to those essentially shuts down a witch. The only hex she can get off is misfortune and cackle, and the first requires a successful save. Then she becomes a buffer.

Of course, if every encounter has things immune to mind affecting, a witch isn't going to be too happy with the gm.

Also, has no one thought of going after the squishy witch? The only thing I'd bad witch-wise is the accursed "scarred witch doctor" archetype that uses CON for casting.

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as long as they make the dc, they would identify. Even if they aren't a caster at all, they can still identify (I've seen fighters pick up spell craft)

On the other hand, I would think if it was on your spell list (moreso prepared), you'd probably have a better chance at identifying it (there's no bonus afaik).

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None. Cheese is a word used by GMs that don't like stuff.

On the other hand, I don't consider it cheese, but I really hate the Scarred Witch Doctor archetype due to using CON for casting.

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Magic is OP.

Also, Witch is the best. I get looks from the GMs and even a death threat on my witch for her debuffs... AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN DO ANY DAMAGE!!

I'm serious, except for vomiting swarms and summons, my witch intentionally tries not to do damage, and I believe I am hated more than anyone else at the table.

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I'm really thinking we need Goblinwork's as well as James Jacob's input on this.

Also, it's not like she's letting everyone live. I'm pretty sure every hero in the Tabletop is still going to die and never come back unless divine intervention (IE resurrection)

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I suspect the everyone decked out in 300QL equipment will be a none issue. It will take a lot more threads to bind to a player, so you probably will not be able to bind everything. So sure, you can go out and be decked in 300QL equipment, but you are going to have to be careful. Those shiny equips on you will no doubt get you attention, both wanted and unwanted.

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It honestly depends.

I power game/minmax/etc so I'm not dead weight, can contribute to combat, and whatever... If I knew how to role play better, I would (I do some, I'm no pro.)

There's actually quite a bit of us that do that here, and it's not because of any "wow factor," it's because there's some joy in having a shocking grasp do crazy amounts of damage, making enemies trip up on themselves, or just crazy builds that make everyone go "what?" but work. In fact, from my knowledge, WoW is just rush to max level and grind for ultimate equipment... That isn't easily done in a RPG... AT ALL with a good GM.

If anything, optimizing lets us break through combat to get to RP time. Also, the only person I know that actually has side comments made about him "power gaming" is one guy who thinks it's ok to have his animal companion eat a zombie and die because "I'll get one tomorrow." A lot of the "power gamers" I know don't even do that.
Of course, on the 7 charisma dump stuff, I really don't like the diplomacy/intimidate/bluff as it is anyways. It's not the "why do I need charisma? It does nothing for combat," it's the perfectly good requests get ruined by a bad roll from someone that would know how to communicate. In real life, you generally don't have reasonable normal chat, and then have someone be upset/mad even though you did nothing to make them upset, and their only reason to be upset is because you just did something wrong.

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Doors. They keep busting them down.. Then they show up later. Even worse, they show up in OTHER comics.


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Neadenil Edam wrote:
oh ... and please please please avoid steam

I'd like to ask why you say so?

While I don't advocate making the game requiring steam to run or anything, I'd like to hear why not have it on steam? I like having my games in one manageable area.

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darnit, I thought there was a new one. Please change the title, it's misleading.

Please and thank you.

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far as I know:

Bounty hunting
Consensual PvP("Hey buddy, wanna fight?" "Sure, why not.")

Come on, I will be pretty disappointed if there is no arenas for players to beat each other up.

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because many feel like it was a terrible way to do the next edition, and that it is pretty much an MMO.

My best shot, other's have other reasons. I never really played 4th edition.

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I probably should have mentioned, I think you should still be able to do these things and possibly get away with it as long as no one saw you. However, ultimately you should still have the alignment hit, regardless if anyone saw you. Sure they might not know you did it, but the cosmos will.

On that note, I believe I read somewhere it will be hard to figure out someone's alignment without abilities such as a Paladin's Detect Evil or Clerics' Detect [Whatever] spells.

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Actually, it's this guy

The next poster wonders if that was the response Skylark expected.

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My plan of action:
Ask the bank for money and show them my plan (and fail)
Go attempt to steal a shrink ray (and intentionally fail)
Attempt to steal the shrink ray (and fail again)
Adopt 3 little girls with fake credentials
Successfully steal the shrink ray
Ask again for money from the bank (and fail)
Sell stuff to make rocket to get to sun
Lose adopted girls on a conflicted schedule
Have time for the girl's planned event
rescue said girls
Although everyone says I'm a copycat, and that it would never work.

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ChazBazz wrote:

Agree.. it sucks.. and It is the last straw and has pushed me over the edge for NOT supporting or even playing Pathfinder Online.

The way the Whole pathfinder Online thing has gone about has really tuned me off from everything in the pathfinder, from the mmorpg to the ttrpg.

Paizo should never have let the Table Top game become a MMO in the first place, I see it doing more harm then good..

The whole pathfinder world is going the way of D&D, it will only be for the Rich kids soon... time to more on before that happens...

Argh, not this again. Why?!? Goblinworks is separate from Paizo, we are still going to get the RPG goodness we've had for awhile. From the sounds of it, the MMO won't change the TT one bit.

Also, it kind of already is a rich kid's hobby. The books are expensive, the play mat, miniatures, and heaven knows what other accessories you might have. Of course, you get what you paid for (I enjoy Pathfinder WAY more than video games now.) We are pretty lucky to have Paizo have their stuff available for free, be it on the PRD or d20pfsrd. I just wish I had more money to do so.

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Some people enjoy it.

Me: With what they did to spyro, I want to avoid it like the plague.

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Until you realize: It's adamantine cardboard, and your day is ruined.

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I'm kind of iffy on player churches off established lore.

It would be really fun to roleplay.
At the same time, it could paint the diety really bad if they are corrupt.
At the same time, it would also be very interesting to stand up and take down said corrupt institutions.

Not really sure. I'm on the wall of if Paizo is ok with having players associate as such with their dieties of Golarion. I'm also wondering how bad it'd be if players made up their own dieties.

Just don't let Fox News know!

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Sorry if it comes of as angry, but...

Why does it feel like no one knows you need a permit to actually carry a concealed weapon?

Also I seriously laugh at the notion it is a impractical self-defense weapon. A lot of people think a gun for self defense means kill/fatally wound the other guy. For a sane person, it will be a last resort. In many cases, someone knowing you have a concealed weapon will scare off a threat.

In addition, if you do in fact have a legal concealed weapon (and a permit) you most likely are proficient with it (they often require you to show proficiency with a firearm in live-fire courses). That alone highly reduces the chance there's a misfire and someone else get's hurt.
Also banning guns is a bunch of crap. It can't really be done at this point without extreme backlash. This would extremely punish the law-abiding people and sane gun owners that actually use them for self-defense or hobbies. If drugs in america taught me anything, people are still going to illegally obtain guns/drugs. In 1927, the biggest mass murder in a school happened not by guns, but by dynamite. Even banning both: People are still going to kill people.

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This looks like a job for Create Demiplane and Summon Babysitter!

I was serious about the first. I thought of creating a demiplane for your little tyke to live in, free from external bad stuff (villain kidnaps your baby, cleric of Lamashtu gives goblin ideas.) And then someone of like-mindedness to watch over him. Hey, maybe there's a goblin paladin SOMEWHERE (heaven forbid how many times I hear people want to make a goblin paladin, there must be some.)

Just saying. I'm no parent, much less one of a goblin. I'm also not an adventurer doing saving the world or whatever shenanigans you do.

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I for one welcome our scaly lizard... things I run away from.

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From the reading of it, it does sound like it would work.

Alternatively, it wouldn't sound too hard to rather than struggle away, to instead just move closer.

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"Ok, who here speaks common?"

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Blakmane wrote:
Noone has metioned Caustic Slur yet? It is actively worse than Monkey Lunge and Elephant Trample because not only are you losing a standard action, you are using it to make your opponents stronger. Now that prone shooting is out of the equation I think it takes the cake.

I can see the use. It's not the best way to cause a penalty, but hey: Penalty.

Also if your one of those builds, that extra damage might not matter if they can't even hit you.

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Uh oh. I've wandered into the wrong part of the River Kingdom again...


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per the title.

a mook isn't something that has shown considerable proficiency in x4 critting snobby adventurers, thus killing them.

Also not trolls, goblins, orcs, or goshdarn clerics.

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1) str 40 is a +15 modifier, so possibly a typo

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So does this now make "Popeye" a gaming term now?

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Thank you for the reply.

I do know the exact scenario that gives the boon to let you use it.

Now if only I could get some people to GM it for (Already done it, and it wasn't on that character.)

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Plot twist: I critically glitched on my composure test

I posted twice in a row. The shame.

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Kefka Palazzo wrote:

Peace... Love... Life... dreams... hope...

Where'd they come from?
And where are they headed...?

These things...

I'm going to destroy! UWHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!

Go away before I dualcast Ultima, smack you several times with Excalibur/Ragnarok, and other things I totally annihilated the final boss with.

PS: I am not a fan of "other alignment" paladins. Anti-paladins I'm ok with because they are just supposed to be evil scumbags, but any other alignment is a no go for me (Makes me think of a neutral "paladin." Smite Neutral: MAKE UP YOUR MIND!)

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I think you hit the nail.

From my point of view, Paladins are supposed to be the good guys and role models. The lawful stupid comes from people not really getting that paladins aren't really supposed to be the be all end all to laws.

Also, there's the crap about GMs trying to make paladins fall. I think people have it too ingrained in their head that paladins MUST stop evil, even if they are incapable of it.

On a side note, I really despise this one character in our area that is a paladin who thinks "Killing = Honor" so must kill everyone and coup de grace unconscious threats with no regard to anything.

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is it something to say I powergame just so I have more time to roleplay? :P

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Familiars have a steadily increasing Int score. Eventually, they'll be "smarter" than the average fighter.

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you can choose to not allow more books. Some of us do like having options.

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Blog wrote:
Each weapon has certain traits associated with it, such as Sharp, Blunt, Rogue, or even Vorpal. Some abilities players can learn are only useable with weapons that have specific traits, such as Sneak Attack working only with weapons that have the Rogue Weapon trait.

Awe, man! I wanted to sneak attack with a Great Axe :( At least it sounds like a Great Axe wouldn't have the Rogue trait. Then again, it's pretty redunculous.

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Coming from here, I figured: We need a thread for this crazyness (if there already isn't one.) Consider it sister to the Comically Misspelled spells thread.

For starters from mentioned thread:
+1 Shovel of Zombie Bane
+2 mug of dwarf bane (it said dwarven slayer, I found this a bit better)

And from me:
+1 Shovel of Dirt Bane
Bag of Molding
Bag of Folding
Battleaxe as an Instrument

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I dislike the rules that aren't specific enough.

Then again, I probably don't want 15 books just for core rules.

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Liz Courts wrote:
What can I say, I've been listening to a lot of Metallica lately...

still better than a lot of music coming out these days. (in my opinion.)

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