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Become like Faris of Final Fantasy V (crossdress as a lady)

Or not, it's too late if they know.

Or you could make a scene of it.

not be a goblin.

Thank you for everything, and I wish you the best of luck.

Because it will probably get buried: Rogues do not suck.
They have the potential to do lots of damage if you are crafty and/or have a flanking buddy. They have a boatload of skill points to do whatever needs to be done. I've seen some rogues practically break the game on craftiness.

Ultimately, play what you feel is fun. I'm a "power gamer" but even I like to shoot for playing fun and unique characters that do their job well (trying to figure out how to make a throwing build.)

Tian Xia is mostly Asia-related.
I believe Mwangi is also Africa.

Will Save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

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most cliched

Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard.

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I've been pretty excited since I heard about it when I started playing Pathfinder (the tabletop game.) in 2011

Started doing other things around July-August 2013 than reading up on PFO. I'm still eager for it, but there's other things to do as well.

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I think we might have to wait until the combat system is out for controls.

I enjoy most of my games with WASD controls, but for some: mouse movement is better. Hopefully whatever the combat system turns out to be, it will allow for multiple control types.

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So when will we see the CR 19 regular rabbit of doom?

The one that breaks rules and does 4d8+10d6 on a charge, grapples the heroes for free (by the neck), causes them to suffocate, and looks just like an ordinary rabbit?

Scavion wrote:
Well the Magus kinda gets an extra attack from 3rd level taking Close Range and using ray of frost to always have a touch spell to cast as part of spellstrike. I don't see why this was ever an issue when it specifically states that haste uses a FAA while Spell Combat is a FRA.

You don't even need Close Range. At the expense of "cheese," you can simply prepare Arcane Mark, and use that instead. You don't get 1d3 more damage, but you get to use an Arcana on something else.

This link covers a good portion of it.
1) Archetypes can be picked up as they gain the first level of a class or later as long as when they take the archetype, it doesn't replace a class ability they already have (so if you are lv 6, you can't take one that replaces a lv 4 ability.)
2) yes. You cannot have two archetypes that replace the same ability (some GMs and PFS rule it even if you will never reach the level the ability is replaced at, you still couldn't take them.)

Don't have those archetypes easily accessed right now.

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Please no. Not all of us are expert typists.

if you hex someone as a standard, you can cackle as a move, but you can't move.

One thing I do often is hex them and then cackle. Then next round either cackle and move, or use my turn to double cackle, so I have more options for next round.

8th level is your best friend when hexes start lasting two rounds minimum (assuming they failed their save.)

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Let's just hope some GMs don't decide to be mean and scale it up without everyone's permission.

Silent Saturn wrote:

I think the real cheese comes from the fact that Arcane Mark is a spell designed to place a mark on an item, and the Magi casting it have no actual interest in leaving marks on the thing they're marking, they're just casting Arcane Mark for the sake of casting a cantrip. I've seen it in action, and it's really just Two-Weapon with a concentration check instead of a feat requirement, so it's not overpowered at all-- it just goes against the RAI.

Magus: Taste my sword! And then taste my spell THROUGH my sword!
Orc: What?! You're casting a spell at me too?
Magus: That's right, you bastard! How do you like that?
Orc: Wait, what's this? Runes? Is this a curse?
Magus: Nope! It's my arcane mark!
Orc: What does that do? You find a way to cast spells at your enemies and all you use it to do is write on them? Where's the firestorm? Where's the cursing and stuff?
Magus: That's how I roll! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Well if the Orc doesn't know it's true meaning, then why are you saying it's just a mark? Play on his fears (I don't think anyone likes being cursed), tell him it IS a curse. He'll worry about nothing, and it might make combat easier (subject to a GM by GM basis.)

Although to be honest, it's hardly worth losing sleep over, and after what everyone has said in the thread, it does allow for plot hooks and really doesn't sound as cheesy as it seems. My magus would probably keep the mark active on them, and if she no longer needs them, just wills it away.

I do it randomly, and when I have money to back something.

Trying to sell my Bones Miniatures because sadly I don't play Pathfinder as much as I used to, and I want a WiiU or 3DS.

Capricornus wrote:
I don't think anybody needs that much makeup, unless you're going for the Teen Beauty Queen prestige class or want to take levels in Clown.
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Somebody has yet to see Toddlers and Tiaras.

I had a very different experience from those. The only 9-tailed creatures I know of are

*the kitsune/humanoid ones that seduce people and steal their life force.
*Ninetails from Pokemon.
*Some terrible creature from The World Ends With You that if it grows all nine tails, will nuke (and probably kill) your party.
Edit: Add another one for fighters, rogues, rangers, paladins, sorcerers and ninjas. In addition, I think a cavalier may be able to get away with it as well(good luck fluffing that up). A summoner might also work since his main stat is charisma, and he could just focus on his eidolon.

Probably. This doesn't stop you from buying a bow and using it in the mean time. Sure it's against normal AC, but you probably will have a good dex and Gunslingers have Full BAB.
^My advice anyways.

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It sounds similar to what I proposed a while back. Link

Cool. Although wouldn't be surprised at my lack of reading forums if someone else did too.

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Sounds like grounds for falling.

here's the baseline: Monster Creation Guidelines

Generally, however: As long as you are getting more and more bonuses over time (such as increasing STR, Weapon Focus, Weapon Enhancements, etc.) you should be fine. My Magus has about the same hit chance as my TWF ranger.

418. Because I rolled on a "Invisible" table in some forum for my reason for joining the party... And I got:

1d4 ⇒ 41d100 ⇒ 16 The lich can mind control me.

EDIT: I did it wrong.
1d5 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 41d100 ⇒ 95 Uh...
1d5 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 41d100 ⇒ 43 Well...
1d5 - 1 ⇒ (4) - 1 = 31d100 ⇒ 30 I gave up conquering Lordran and headed south where it is warmer.

572. Because I am tired of typing this reason to--

Here's a start: Monster Creation Guidelines
It shows about the average for a certain CR. EDIT: Ninja'd on this part.

Although it isn't set in stone. I've seen AC 30ish be a good hard to hit number around level 8, and AC 35 is pretty difficult to hit. However, you are going to want to get a good CMD as well as Touch AC for other options, and be able to pose a threat to enemies, or they will turn their attention away.

But yeah, +1 AC/level isn't enough (although it is a start.) Also note some GMs may not be happy with it.
Or alternatively, echoing asthyril's comment: Make sure they don't get a chance to make AC become a problem.

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I blame Cosmo for this thread.

bbangerter wrote:
My GM raised my anti-paladin because I didn't attend the annual orphanage barbecue and marshmallow roast. Was it fair of him to do so?

Is this one of those Rise or Rise scenarios?! Then no.

I don't see why we can't have Anti-Paladins falling in love with feminine demons or other anti-paladins.

Nothing beats making everyone's day miserable like doing it with your evil-as-you lady. "Hey, after we are done messing up Townsville, wanna do unspeakable things on the peasant's corpses?" I mean, they could be acting in the self-interest of BOTH of them ("You and me vs the world, baby!"

I'd be more afraid of them than the single Anti-Paladin, and I'm pretty sure that's a win for Evil...

Nightmare fuel... Fuuu, I'll get the brain bleach and do Lawful Good things to make up for it.

Why do people take the time to be jerkfaces in the first place?

I see no reason to call people a noob when a game goes bad: It only serves to make you lose worse.

Stereotypes suck. Really really bad. (Not all Christians are dumb, not all Aethiests are scumbags, not all gays act wierd, and most importantly: NOT ALL BLONDES ARE DUMB.)

Also, why do people have to go out of their way (and waste their time) to say someone's beliefs suck and are wrong. Personally, I don't even care what you believe in (or don't). I don't spend my time trying to prove that someone's beliefs suck.

And finally: Sarcasm doesn't translate across the internet.

They don't heal by natural means (sleeping, resting)

However, I can't find anywhere that says that Eidolons are not valid targets for Cure Anything Wounds(, mass).

possibly. Skill Focus gives a +3 to any skill (+6 with ten ranks) and is just a feat.

34. Just wing it.
35. Use the "Things I'll do if I ever became an Evil Overlord" as a guide to rule the world. I'll just start in a setting where I already rule the world.

Just let people play the way they want.

Again, we all have our playstyles. I would not want to play at a table if I am not only expected, but forced to play a certain way. For me, I enjoy the talk of strategy. Ultimately, it's still a game, you're playing to have fun. And I've seen several instances where both Role-players and "roll-players" get along fine and have fun.

On that note, I would have to say PFS is kind of limited in role-playing. It's hard to run a scenario and also do good role-playing. A home game is much better for that. Not to say PFS shouldn't have roleplaying, but it's kind of hard to fit in 4 hours.

(Then again, it really seems like our region doesn't fall under a lot of the common problems I see on the forums. Everyone gets along fine outside of personality conflicts, NOT game style conflicts. We also don't force people to play up or down, although that could be because we all have varying leveled characters, and we generally discuss what tier we are doing, who's playing what, etc.)

Ask your GM. The scenario may talk about the spellbook.

(I know one module that it talks about where you find the wizard's spellbook.)

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This may not help, but I seriously just HAD to post it.

The Jumplomancer

Still a good read through all the pages. Yes, it is Wizards, but it's still pretty hilarious.

honestly I would think it depends.

I'd rule it may take multiple wishes depending on the feat.

And again, depends on the source. I may be wrong, but I don't think a Deck of Many Things is going to care, and may not mess it up. If it's in a person's interest (IE LG wish granter), they may not mess it up. If it was a devil against the party (because this totally happens...) he may screw it up.

@Coarthios sounds like a bad gm if every wish must fail.

Or be Tarquin from Order of the Stick.

Or Belkar.

Why must a majority of suggestions be "I'll get rid of them as conveniently as possible."

Who's to say he bluffs about being good (being evil the whole time), finishing the adventure, then retiring a super b****s evil overlord? I'm betting by level 15 or so (typical retirement level?) you can already take on a lot of stuff.

MAYBE. Evil =/= stab my party members in the back... Of course, if being general is a better job, then sure... Unless he still has loyalty to his party, then he might still help. He's might be a meanie to people in town if they don't give him what he wants.

it also says aasimar on there as well.

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Doug Miles wrote:
Patrick Renie wrote:
Oh, and P.S.: No promises about this book actually putting an end to all those paladin threads.
Maybe Paizo could develop a Player Companion about netiquette and the futility of academic arguments with total strangers? Oh, nevermind. No one would have any interest in reading that.

Darnit, but I was really hoping for that Reformed Netizen feat. It was going to send my Cyber-Diplomacy through to roof.

Ensirio the Longstrider wrote:

But it's not canon yet. We have to wait three more sourcebooks and two erratas.

Would you like the fan fiction phazer lazer?

Don Walker wrote:
Besides, aren't prophecies on Golarion, not supposed to work now?

I thought it was they aren't as trusted. Of course, I'm not entirely sure if anyone bothered to "divine" if Aroden would indeed come back, or if they did, and they knew he wouldn't, if people just called them crazy.

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front wrote:
Who ya gonna call?

The insane asylum. I SHOULDN'T BE SEEING GHOSTS, WHY AM I SEEING GHOSTS!?!?!? AM I CRAZY??!? I'm not crazy!

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I've had this happen twice, the second time being much more hilarious. So how it goes is: I was playing my witch, who casted Stinking Cloud on a group of bad guys. That nauseated a good bunch of them... Then someone glitter dusted them, and finally another character casted Silence on them. Essentially, we battery and assaulted ALL of their senses (Couldn't see, couldn't hear, smelled really bad, tasted really bad, and there was stinky glimmering dust on them.) The second time there was at least 10+ mooks in there, which frightened us, but then it turned into we are just waiting for them to come out into the open.

We had to go into a house to get something, but we had a cat burglar and other ninja-y character with us. Considering the building was three stories tall, we went to the third floor (flying, grappling hooks, climbing) and cleaned the house of enemies from top to bottom. We split one big combat into three separate ones.

We were in a dark cave, and my witch stayed behind the party so she wouldn't get face-stomped. No where close to 30 feet of bad guys, much less seeing them, but most everyone else had darkvision or their light spells countered by Darkness. So to cast a medium ranged spell, she tossed her wayfinder to try and see something... It didn't work out, I still couldn't see anything (I just saw an orb of darkness)

No Response from Deepmar:
We ran into a modified black tentacles trap (instead had hands). I was freaking out because my witch and faerie dragon familiar had poor CMD. Instead, the trap threw us over the edge into a 100 foot hole with spikes at the bottom... Which suddenly wasn't so bad as my Faerie Dragon just started flying after being tossed, and I used my Flight Hex to featherfall down.

Later, someone in the party shoved her into another pit, but same result (I went with it.) It was to make sure it was safe, which it was. I got back at him by putting squirrels in his bed.

not really. Unless you are planning on multiclassing, it won't be as good later on without buffing yourself. The best thing would be weapon focus (nails or hair) since PCs can't take Multi-Attack.

You might also want to look at the Hexcrafter magus archetype. They get hexes as well, and are better at melee and survivability.

Galnörag wrote:
I imagine that there is no moral quandary if you find a crib full of goblin babies, as it means they have escaped their cages and likely have eaten the baby that was meant to be in that crib.

I could apply this equally to human babies.

I've seen them all played. It's probably either the summoner, alchemist, gunslinger, bard, monk, or oracle.

As for least liked, I think it goes to my witch for ruining encounters (and I don't even use Slumber.)

soupturtle wrote:

That mystic theurge build really seems spectacularly bad. Low bab, low caster level on a limited spell list and no scaling class abilities. What is it I'm missing?

I think for a magus, all you really want is more magus. Master of many styles adds a lot of value, and maybe a brief fighter dip is worth it as well. Eldritch knight doesn't seem worth it - you're basically just waiting for spell critical for 9 levels while all your class abilities fall behind.

As far as I know, it's 3 less bab from the magus's 15, which can be boosted by some cleric spells probably. It hardly has a low caster level as it's spell casting is essentially Magus 17/Cleric 13 (so sixth level magus spells and seventh level cleric spells, which is a LOT of spells) If it's a straight magus, I don't see any loss in good scaling class abilities. The heavy lifter is the Broad Study Arcana:

Broad Study (Ex): The magus selects another one of his spellcasting classes. The magus can use his spellstrike and spell combat abilities while casting or using spells from the spell list of that class. This does not allow him to cast arcane spells from that class's spell list without suffering the normal chances of arcane spell failure, unless the spell lacks somatic components. The magus must be at least 6th level and must possess levels in at least one other spellcasting class before selecting this arcana.

There are some nice cleric spells that could be used with this, and I won't forget to mention a big one: being able to use Cure spells as part of spell combat. Or heck, using them period.

Granted, you need a good INT and WIS to pull it off (if you have options to make it scale off INT or WIS only, all the better), and it does take awhile to shine, but it can be pretty amazing.

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