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Marczack looked at Snig, then Thurden, then Reijo, and then Shaedeen as she slowly drew her sword.
He gave a sudden grin.
"Jig's up I guess.
"Before we get started, I just gotta say thanks for helping with battening down the hatches. The loyalists ain't getting out anytime soon."

The other sailors on deck stopped and drew their cutlasses.
"And I'm sorry as hell that I can't ask you to join us. This was just supposed to be a hit that got blamed on Captain Veane. But..." He shrugged. "Politicians. This guys killin's just gonna bring more heat than we bargained."
"So. We're just gonna disappear. A little paint, a new rigging scheme. A new captain. You know the drill. But also..."
He drew his cutlass and slashed through the air.
"No witnesses."
The mutineers lunged to the attack.

Seeing the chest, Bonden gave a sudden grin.
"Hey, good thinkin' cap'n!"
Then he gave a sharp glance towards the beach encampment.
"But let's keep 'er outta sight an' wait until dark sir. Then we can take her up the beach a bit and bury 'er in the tree line." He said quietly. "Showin' the chest... well it gives the wrong people idears."

Marzack called out to you.
"First one to the middle gets the wishbone! CHAAAARRRGGGEEE!!"
He shouted, a cutlass in both hands; then rushed the nearest assassin.


"Aye, me too Capt'n! I want ta see if she c'n be raised offa that rock." He said, gazing out at the wreck gloomily.

Using the capstan to heave the heavy nets aboard, Bonden looked at Sunny with embarrassment as the sailors spilled everything out of the nets as well as Sunny's Bag of Holding and Efficient Quiver.
"Sorry Miss Sunny, I didn't really have a lot of time, so I just threw everything in I could get my hands on."


Bonden staggered up to the top of the Maw.
Putting his hands to his mouth he shouted; Cap'n! Cap'n! The Thunderer is start'n ta break up sir! We gotta abandon ship!"


Bonden looked over at Marius as he scooped stuff into the packs.
"Ya better go sir, sounds like they need ya. I'll handle the rest of this stuff."


Grabbing the bag thrust at him, Bonden looked aghast.
"But miss Sunny, don't you want us ta fight with ya?" He said, looking forlorn.

Bonden stopped behind Avner, looking on with suspicion.

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Barrett Bonden stood up before Ghirrak.
"I know ye gotta go Cap'n, but me an the rest of the crew stand ready ta go with ya as well!" He said, patting his cutlass.

While everyone collapsed on deck to rest, exhausted after the fight, Bonden curtly reported to Captain Ironfist that both Cody McCool and Lirith Veldirose were missing; probably taken by the vine creatures.

Towards dusk Barrett Bonden approached Ghirrak discretely.
"Ah, sir, the crew's been wonderin' if ye could pass the word about what the defenses we're settin' up are for.
"They're gettin' kinda nervous like."

Under Ereviss' and Skiia's cajoling, the Beast quietly muttered "Ellsa".
You see his face tighten, the stitching pulling back its jaw into a grimace, making it look almost like the Beast is laughing.

Sense Motive DC14:
You realize he's trying to cry, but has no way to form tears.

He relents his resentful silence.
"I was living by a lake then. Inna old Hermits Tangle. There were fish there. It was good. This girl name Ellsa found me, she from Hergstag. She not afraid of what I look like. We made friends each other. She keep me secret from village, 'cause I know what they do if they find me."
He is silent for a while.
"Then, one time, she not come. I look for her outta the village. I found her; she dead then."
It squeezed its hands until the chains gave an ominous creaking sound and the guards tensed up.
"She were killed by a ghost! It steal their souls and walks at night. I try to grab it, but I can't get hold of it." It said, demonstrating. The power he put into the grip would have turned any ordinary creature into mush.
"Then, I take Ellsa back to the village. Try to tell about ghost. But... they just attack me. Like always. I ran away into swamp." He finished.
You go back and forth, but this is pretty much everything he remembers.

Skiia Anamabon wrote:

Skiia silently takes a long look while Ereviss introduces them, taking the "Beast's" measure.

This creature, it seems, physically anyway to be some kind of Flesh Golem. But that can’t be possible, because Flesh golems can barely do what they’re told; and they certainly cannot talk!
Some kind of experimental variant? Some kind of undead recreation? Some manner of cosmetic surgery gone awry? But no, whatever it... he is, he certainly isn't human. Well, not now anyway. Speculation abounds, but all in all you just don’t know.

"We're going to start looking into the earlier charges trumped up against you. I know it's a long time ago, but if you can think of why people might think you're responsible for what happened at Morast and Hergstag, too, that would help us in our investigations,"


The creature just shook his head roughly.
”They done shouted at me that I killt kids! I not do thing like that! I didn’t do it!!
It screamed and lunged forward against all six of the chains, which creaked ominously. Its face was beet red and the tendons stood out all over its massively muscled bulk.

Ereviss Ladyhunter wrote:

Ereviss looks at the Beast, and tries to be friendly.
"I am sure much that has happened to you is frightening. We are here to help. I am Ereviss and we would like to be your friends. What do you remember of the last few days?"


The creature shrugged as best he could.
”Don’t know! I woke up inna warehouse in da school. Den dese guards, they came and shouted at me an’ piled on me an’ tied me up. Den dey hauled me to dis place an’ put me in dese chains an’ shouted at me ‘bout stuff I didn’t do!” He whined. He seemed like he was eager to please Ereviss.

Ereviss wrote:

"Can you tell us if you have any family or friends we can contact?"


”No.” It whimpered sadly.


”Oh. Hello.” It said cautiously, in an oddly child-like tenor pitched voice.

Vin seems astonished at Korbin's request.
"LET them ask questions? But they're the ones... Shayliss TOLD me what THEY did!" He pointed at the rest of the party. "The rumors they spread about her ruined her life here!"

"YOU! YOU MERCENARIES RUINED MY SHAYLISS' REPUTATION!!" He shouted, pointing at Alkaid and Brin in particular. (I don't remember who else was there in the first module.)

He flinched at Korbin's facial hair moving around like that.
(Will save, rolls a 1)
The Charm washes over him, making Korbin his best friend, and he gestures at Korbin.
"You. You my friend must understand, don't you? First Shayliss is reduced to... I can't even say it! And now Katrine is DEAD! And THEY are there! THEY had something to do with it! I KNOW IT!" He shouted, overwrought.

Alkaid wrote:
"Mr. Vinder, please calm down."


Brin wrote:
"I'll go in there."

Vin grinned and backed up.

"Sure, sure! Come on in big fella!" He crooned, crooking a finger.
He doesn't bother concealing the fact he intends to beat the hell out of you.

Kaskus gives a bone crushing hug to Brysons knees.
"I knew ya weren't dead laddie..." He rasped. Then he drags Bryson up to the village where the crew of the Nixie was helping put a waterproof roof over an open area where a firepit was being prepared.

Belor Hemlock burst through the door.
"There's a pirate attack down at the docks! Everybody able to bear arms turn out!" He shouted in a bellowing voice before rushing out again.
Faintly off in the distance you can hear screaming.

Sheriff Hemlock helps Midori down from her horse.
"My pleasure ma'am." He replied, tipping his hat.
"Yes, Ameiko actually runs the Rusty Dragon now. There's also a stable out back for people staying at the Inn."

The spokesman is starting to look suspicious.
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
"Yesss. Of course. For your sake, I hope that's true." He said slowly. He still doesn't seem entirely convinced, and his eyes linger on you as you descend the stairway.

QUENGE ASPER: (Lord Meravachi's manservant)

Quenge slaps Bryson's hands as he tries to reach for his clothing.
"Domph movph shir." He said through a mouthful of pins. Expertly he moved his measuring tape here and there as Bryson stood on a stool, his arms outstretched. Bryson was wearing nothing but a large shirt with what might be considered far too much in the way of ruffles at throat and wrist. Quenge carefully measured, folded and pinned material with practiced ease.


Spitting into his palms and taking up his greataxe, Agrimar stands in front of the armored door and swings with all the power he has.
By steadily plugging away and with frequent rest breaks, he is able to open a hole in the door a slender man can wiggle through.
He steps back, gasping for breath.