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It seems weird not to include the weapon when they included extra skill feats.

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I surprised no one has thought of a Barrister Bard. Inspire Competence on your expert witness. Inspire Defense on your client while they undergo cross-ex. Loremaster's Etude wile deposing a witness.

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It does appear from some of the material in the free Age of Ashes Players Guide that, at least story-wise, the two could dovetail. I had a similar thought myself. Maybe someone going to Gen Con could kindly ask the devs for some advice about doing that...

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Uchuujin wrote:

Alright! Done with 5 pages. The last two are just for spell casting (the last one is just more spaces for spells in fact). This is will be my last version of it before GenCon, so after I've had a chance to give it a try myself I'll see about any edits.

Enjoy, and thanks for using it!

Very nice!

I have a request when you come hence from Gen Con with visions of a revision in your skull - a color version, in the deep red & gold of the PF2 logo.

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Uchuujin wrote:

WIP of a landscape sheet I am working on. Will finish it over the next couple of days.


I like it. Similar in ways to the playtest sheet whilst being it's own thing. If you could implement layers, you might be able to build something similar to MorePurpleMoreBetter's 5e sheets. Something like that would rock for PF2.

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Those printer-friendly sheets are sweet.

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Addendum: Is anyone else experiencing a glitch with the site when you try to come to the second edition forum or refresh the second edition forum and get rerouted to the Paizo main page?

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I know the folks who have this monstrous tomes would probably prefer to not damage their books trying to print sheets and we are only 10 days out from the release of the book.

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I think he got sidetracked.

I keep wondering why no one has asked Mark about weapon-focused monk feats as the character he was building looked to be more dependent on weapons than fists and he discussed focusing more on them later, perhaps with a fighter mc archetype, but didn't elaborate on how he could more of that with monk later, which is why I figure he made him a Monk with fighter mc instead of figher with monk mc...

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I'm going to chime in for the Kineticist as my first choice as 1) of all of the other classes we saw in 1st edition, it was one of the most unique and 2) is almost as diverse as a Wizard. My next choice would be Witch and/or Oracle as they have very unique aspects, but are otherwise Occult/Primal/Arcane (for Witch) or Sorcerer style (for Oracle) casters.

One thing I would like o see is to make each of the additional classes (hybrid classes from 1E, especially) more unique creatures; the Gunslinger feels like it would work more closely to the Cavalier from the playtest, simply an archetype that could be applied to any class, as I could see arguments made for it being available for the Alchemist (alchemical ammo, anyone?) a Bard (the singing gunslinger and trick shooter, Barbarian (gunzerker), Cleric/Champion (holy gun crusader), Fighter is a no-brainer, Ranger (Texas Ranger), Rogue (sniper) and Wizard (gunmage). I I can think or similar arguments for Summoner (though I love it so) being applied to pretty much any casting class, and so on.

Prestige class wise, I need me some Shadowdancer for my very favorite character, but I should be able to approximate with a Kineticist.

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I think PF2 is going to make it impossible for me to go back to 5E. Especially since Paizo understands gamers want campaign guides and releases. PF2 is going to have almost as many rulebook out the gate and in the first 6 months as 5E has had since it released.

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sadie wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Franz Lunzer wrote:

Erik Mona already confirmed a printer-friendly character sheet.

[edit] Link added

Thank you, particularly for taking the time to include a link ^^

Part of me hopes that we get it early enough for some of the really talented folks in our community to create their own sheets, and give players options.

I'm working on it :)

Your sheets are the only ones I will use for 1E PF. These are looking fantastic.

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RiverMesa wrote:

As someone who intends to run a campaign in her own setting as opposed to Lost Omens, and also wants to convert Eberron to PF2 at some ponit, I had a similar concern (in my case itwas with goblins - for how much I adore them, I don't want them to be Like That in every campaign, but a number of their ancestry feats and heritage options are rather idiosyncratic to LO goblins).

Luckily it seems that PF2's modular design will allow for this fairly easily.

The Game Mastery Guide looks to let us do some really cool stuff with mechanics for homebrews. Specific to Eberron, it looks like Archetypes would be a great place to set up things like Dragon Marks and recreating prestige classes, especially ones that enhanced racial abilities. Ancestries will let us redesign and get more into expanded options for Warforged and Shifters, especially. I also want to rebuild Dragonborn.

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I'm uncertain how I will recreate my favorite character, especially since he was high level. Obviously, I need to give up on doing everything at level 1. My favorite character ever was a Human multiclassed 2 levels in Fighter, 3 levels in Ranger, 5 levels in Rogue, and 10 levels in Shadowdancer. If I had recreated him in late 1E, I would have built him mainly with Rogue and Void Kineticist levels until I could pour 10 levels into Shadowdancer.

Based on the playtest materials, it looks like the two best options for recreating him in 2E will either be as a Monk later hitting Rogue MCA or a Fey-blooded Sorcer, reskinned as shadow-blooded, along with Rogue MCA.

I also have a Half-elven Bard I made in D&D 5E I want to rock in PF2E named Aede Van'Aillynn. He was styled as a rockstar: played guitar like Eddy Van Halen, sang like & looked like David Bowie in Labrinth. Inspire Courage had a playlist. The rest of the troupe ended up being a Gnome Ranger manager, a Dwarven Fighter roadie, and my Lizardfolk Monk bodyguard. Due to a ridiculous group intimidation/deception/diplomacy check trying to avoid killing a huge number of goblins and gnolls, we ended up with an entire touring crew. It would be awesome to get that band back together.

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TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
...a goblin cleric of Sarenrae who worships the goddess of the great ball of fire in the sky

I apologize, but this idea has now been yoinked. I'm sure other people have thought it, but this (occasionally) honorable thief will tell you to your digital face.

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Ediwir wrote:
Thundarr the Barbarian wrote:
Some Kind of Chymist wrote:

As we know most of the classes have some manner of sub-class (a big choice you make at level one) with the exception of fighters and I think monks...

  • Alchemist - Research Field (Bomber or Mutagenist or Chirugeon)
  • Barbarian - Instinct (Animal or Dragon or Fury or Giant or Spirit)
  • Monk - N/A (Stances)

Does anyone know much more?

Well, this sucks. I was hoping I could make a Chaotic Drunken Martial Artist as a subclass of something somewhere, but the three most likely candidate classes don't appear to have that option...

Could very well be a single feat or feat chain, like Arcane Trickster has been turned into the Magical Trickster feat. A drunken stance isn’t too far fetched, and you can grab mutagens from multiclass if you so desire.

I played a Dwarven Alchemist that concocted mutagens and elixers into varieties of beer. Just saying.

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A little more sparse than I would have liked. However, I'm glad they have started and know the ball will get rolling.

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I thought we were supposed to get a preview from one of the blogs today.

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Elfteiroh wrote:
Aiden2018 wrote:

Oh. Wait, so was Brawler one of those composite classes? I remember they made a few of those, where Ninja was basically a Monk/Rogue and Samurai was a Cavalier/Fighter(?). Did they combine two classes to get Brawler as well?

Also, have dual hook-swords been confirmed? I vaguely remember them being in the first edition.

Brawler was Fighter/Monk, yeah, but Ninja and Samurai were more like "Mega-Archetype" (for Rogue and Cavalier, respectively) that changed too much a class to still be an archetype.

Also, we don't really have any confirmation for non standard weapons in core. But if it was used in PF1, you can be sure it'll come back some times, proabably within the first year in a "Ultimate Equipment" 2.0+

Yeah, based off of the Playtest Barbarian, an Animal Instinct Barbarian would make a decent 'brawler' substitute. I would go with either a bull or an Ape for the concept.

I've been theory-crafting a concept of a Lizardfolk Dragon Instinct Barbarian Multiclassed with Monk to grab some things like Flurry of Blows who will focus and using his breath weapon to tenderize his foes, then wade in and tear them up with a flurry of claw strikes.

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Looks like I didn't pay close enough attention to the Occult spell list. Though in my defense, I was looking for phrases like "heal x" and "cure x wounds."

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I would love an option for mixed heritage characters.

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nightpanda2810 wrote:
They're releasing an errata PDF sometime today, per the Friday twitch stream. Probably not quite what you're referring to, but thought I'd mention.

I'm wondering when it's supposed to go up. I can't seem to find it.

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Shisui wrote:

Okay, right now my biggest problem with the Playtest is the Character Sheet, so much that I spent the last 2 days working on a new one for my players.

The character sheet should try to be clearer with its intent and info, but when I look at the one we got, it split important information all over the place, in my opinion, being counter-intuitive (Spell Points on page3, Resonance on page2). I think the most important information should all be on the front page

  • There's no place to mark down the special senses the player has, no place to mark what lore skills he has, no where to mark the dying status, conditions, etc

  • The skill list is way too loaded. Not the quantity of skills, but how they're ordered. It's counter-intuitive for me and quite easy to check the wrong one, and as I said before, there's no way for you to write down your lore specialization...

  • I find the Actions/Reactions part interesting, but, in my opinion, it's too small for you to write things in a way that really helps. In my opinion, this kind of information could be all organized together with the spells, in a way that the player can at least write down a bit of important informations about what he is doing (even if it's only the page of the power)

  • The inventory is too small in my opinion, and as the sheet is already 3 pages, why not make it 4? So you can have 2 front and back sheets.

    Anyway, as I said, I started trying to create a sheet that would be better for my players (even more so that some of them don't speak English, so...) This is what I got For me at least, the information is clearer, it's easier to check and be sure you're seeing the right info.

Do you have a link to an English version? I dig the layout.

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The Half-Elven Rogue in my game balked at the restricted options, then got inventive. He selected Goblin Renegade and explained to me he had acted as the goblin's fence and provisioner (someone had to do their buying and selling), but Drakus was a no good so and so, and he quit working with Drakus but kept in touch with some of the goblins.

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No, no, no! Morgan Freeman's voice is too comforting and smooth! They need their player base to be scared and energized, not falling into a gentle slumber!

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I really wish Mutagen use was relegated to a feat and I could something else as a class feature. Same with bombs. I don't always want to focus on bombs; when I do, I want that to be my primary thing. I don't always want to use mutagens; when I do, I want it to be my primary thing. More general alchemical enhancements, especially in the support area, would make me happier.

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Agreed. No small feat, and highlights Amazon's fulfillment issues.