What is legal for a charity boon character?

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I received a charity race boon for a drow from my spouse, but the Additional Resources says nothing from the drow section of the Advanced Race Guide is legal. Same for Monster Codex.

The boon lists a bunch of books and says I have to have one of them to play the character, but it doesnt say it gives me access to anything in those books. Like alternate racial traits or favored class bonuses or anything else.

The books listed are Monster Codex 30, Advanced Race Guide 102, Inner Sea Races 241, Blood of Shadows, and Wilderness Origins 8

Could someone assist, or update these books on the additional resources?

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Could anyone help with who to contact about this?

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I would have expected the boon to state which options are legal for you and which are not - for example:
Kobolds boon says

"Treat all kobold specific character options in the ARG, ISR, and Kobolds of Golarion as legal except icy mementos, lair snake, lightning blessed, ooze defense, and the spell blightburn weapon and the item blightburn paste."

(but as mentioned in the thread I linked to, another boon about kobolds doesn't say that list).

One of the Campaign Leadership people would probably need to weight in on this, although I don't think Mike Kimmel is supposed to be on that list any more. You can reach Alex Speidel through pfsreportingerrors@paizo.com

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