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So the very next combat encounter (after Tarkus died to the revenant) had us TPKed by a house full of cannibal barbarians

Nix: 1/2 elf escapologist rogue (Tarkus' replacement)
Galatea: elf wizard
Apone: human magus/monk
Trevin: dwarf cleric
Stephaneen: human lion shaman druid
Elf bolt ace gunslinger (can't remember his name ATM)

All level 5

Name: Tarkus
Race: Human
Class: 4th level fighter (mutation warrior/martial master)

Chalk another one up to Klyn Murik the revenant. Sigh.

The first adventure is Serpent Skull, Souls For Smugglers Shiv, would work quite well. The PC's are shipwrecked on an island and have to figure out how to survive and get back to civilization. It pushes them to get to know one another and work together and they can't wander off on a tangent because, y'know, island.

It's worth noting that Harald Caller can use channeling to heal his summoned creatures regardless of range. Personally, I would skip Combat Casting and stay out of combat. You will have plenty of pets to fight for you, but YMMV.

I like to find ways to control the battlefield. Walls, pits and the like. Also, I've been playing an Arcane Trickster with Arcane Blast. AB itself is mediocre damage, but it's supernatural and therefore no save, no SR, no OA for casting and with sneak dice on it the damage becomes pretty respectable.

I would like to point out a significant factor in spellcaster effectiveness that has not been mentioned: Spell Resistance does not exist in PF2 (it seems to have been replaced with a static +1 bonus to saves).

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Cyouni wrote:
Tangent101 wrote:
Third, it's a shame the Devs fled so quickly. I hope they take note at what folk are saying here but it's not been nearly as hostile as some threads and yet the Devs went bye bye most quickly.
Well, I'm not surprised given every time Mark said something, people were twisting his words to suit what they wanted it to say within two posts. It was at the level where it's not worth it for devs to comment on the subject.

Keep in mind that this blog came out on Friday afternoon and Paizo devs deserve to get days off just like everyone else. They have a fun job, but its still a job.

Please cancel my Starfinder subscription. Thank you!

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
Except the wizard, besides stepping on everyone toes because he can do stealth (invisibility), discern lies (detect thought), and pick locks (knock), they can also do Wizard-only stuff, like teleport the whole group across the map, dispel magic, or buff the party with haste, which are things the rogue and the fighter can't do.

In our home group we have a simple agreement: don't step on another guy's gig. This sort of thing hasn't been an issue since 2E D&D. Also kown as the golden rule (you know, do unto others and so on). I see it as a player issue, not a rules issue.

Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:
As a Rogue, I am almost afraid of the influx of power I'll be getting. Almost. With a Proficiency/Attack Bonus rivaling a Martial, a crap ton of mobility, and a lot of ways to just make things horrible for opponents, Rogues can finally start being the terrors we always knew they were supposed to be.

Really? Cuz I awlways thought rougues were supposed to be scouts and skill monkeys rather than killing machines, but I guess my grognard is showing.

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Seems to me you could just delete the 4th tenet of the code and allow any good alignment. Done.

I prefer landscape as well

Thank you very much, there's some good stuff there!

Theconiel wrote:
I use Masterwork Tools: Pathfinder Open Reference for the rule books on my Kindle Fire.

Seconded. Pretty much my whole gaming group uses Masterwork Tools. I also use Pathbuilder and Spell Tracker.

I've been running a steampunk-esque campaign and I'm gearing up for the big finale. What could be more steampunk than a fight aboard an airship! Problem is, I can't find a map or floor plan that I feel like fits the bill and don't have the creativity required to build one whole cloth.

What i have in mind is basically a floating palace/command center, massive and gaudy. Any ideas?

Hurtful/corugon smash intimidate build. Requires 6 ranks of intimidate. Lots of fun, at least until everything becomes immune to fear or mind effecting.

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I have to say, compared to many other game companies (I'm lookin at you, Fanpro) Paizo's editing is actually really good. The reality is, with the possible exception of WOTC, game companies are small and can't afford to spend tons of time making sure every word and puctuation mark is exactly perfect. They gotta get books out the door to keep the lights on.

It's a divine fighting technique from Divine Anthology. The initial benefit gives Charisma to attack and damage with a starknife instead of str or dex

Belabras wrote:
Stewart Perkins wrote:
Im heavily considering using the shadowrun setting (from the game shadowrun) using starfinder for the rules. Much of it works as is (minus races) but need a good orc and troll race (the pathfinder orcs might work fine but the trolls will not, they'd be more akin to ogres statistically). So that's something. Need to look over the hacking rules for that as well as some of the magic stuff to see if there's anything I feel needs imported or tacked on. Most likely I won't though. Might need some new themes or some new flavoring of classes but otherwise I think it'll be an interesting thing to try.
Sub the Vesk stats in for your Trolls. Give your Half-Orcs full Ferocity and +2 Str and -2 Int for the stat adjust, so they are Orcs.

I too have been thinking of running a Shadowrun-inspired campaign. Probably nothing so overt as reskinning races, but definitely street level mission based stuff.

Either that, or something 40kish with Hellknight space marines and high tech Osirians. I dunno, one extreme or the other!

Channeler Of The Unknown, cleric
Vindictive Bastard, paladin
Deep Warden, magus
Spell Sage, wizard (will be playing a spell sage soon, can't wait to see what kind of mischief I can get up to)

I had an idea that a Magus with lingering pain and disruptive recall could be a brutal anti-caster.

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I don't know how legal this is but you could go Daring Champion cavalier and take the Bladed Brush and Slashing Grace feats and eventually the Devoted Muse prestige class. Far as I know though, weather or not those two feats work together is still hotly debated.

Take a look at the Ancient Gravedigger in the PRD (Monster Codex), I don't recall the particulars but it may shed some light. It's a ghoul stone oracle.

Could one use Startoss Style with Eldritch Archer? I don't have books in front of me and I know it's a lot of feats but it seems legit

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The Gold Sovereign wrote:
I'm really anxious to know if we are getting any new npc books next year (be it for pathfinder or for starfinder).

Agreed, that's something that needs to carry over into Starfinder. I use the crap out of Monster Codex/Villian Codex!

It is my fervent belief that at GenCon (or maybe PaizoCon) next year, Paizo will announce the Pathfinder Core Book 10th Anniversary Edition Revised for 2019. You will never hear developers use the E-word, as Pathfinder was a direct response to the hate over 4E.

I think this revision will be informed by what people like and use from Starfnder, just as Starfinder was influenced heavily by Unchained. This revision will be at least as compatible to original PF as PF was to 3.5.

One of the design mandates behind Starfinder was that the PF Bestiaries be usable with minimal tweaking. Any revision will be the same, because if you can use the Bestiaries, then you can use the Adventure Paths. The very last thing Paizo wants is to render everyone's PF books useless because that will literally kill the company faster than a fiendish dire terrasque.

Conspiracy theory time: one of the last 1st edition books was Wlderness Handbok

One of the last 3rd edition books was Exemplars Of Evil

Some of the last 4th edition books were the pocket editions

Pathfinder pocket editions are already out, Ultimate Wilderness and Book Of The Damned are coming this fall :)

I have Game Mastered Runelords, Serpents Skull and Shattered Star and I've played Carrion Crown, Iron Gods and Skull and Shackles.

We are nearly done with Reign Of Winter, with Crimson Throne and Mummy's Mask in the queue.

Seems to take around 9 months for our Sunday crew (5 hour sessions) and around a year for Tuesday (3 hour sessions).

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Well, I've said I wasn't interested in running Pathfinder AP's for my Sunday game group anymore but since I've run them through Rise and Shattered Star I may have to back off that statement.

Keep in mind that the target number to demoralize is 10+WIS+hit dice, so ranks and Stern Gaze alone are probably not going to get it done. My 13th level inquisitor is +27, which is in the ballpark but not so high my GM is tempted to shank me.

You say you want to be party face but you have a 10 Cha? Also, with a 10 Str you won't be able to carry much gear or wear medium armor.

If you take the Black Powder Inquisition you would get Gunsmithing and EWP for free, which would then allow for Point Blank and Precise shot.

Finally, your archetypes trade away some pretty decent caster tools: Judgement (Piercing) and Solo Tactics (Allied Spellcaster, Shielded Caster) Also, there are some decent teamwork feats for ranged combat.

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Seems legit...

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If he believes he is the hand of fate his name HAS to be Manos.

parrot familiar wrote:
I second Scrollmaster. I love mine but the rules are super ambiguous which means I have to do a lot of dithering and explaining. Takes a lot of the fun out.

I would love to play a Mindblade Magus but am reluctant for similar reasons.

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I don't know a whole lot about the Empyreal Lords but Benorus, Dammerich and Vildeis seem interesting. But my favorite is Kelinahat .I love the idea of a LG deity of stealth and espionage. She's the Epyreal Lord of the !@#$% Batman.

We have a paladin in our group who wears a Bladed Belt.

"Don't make me take my belt off!"

He also wears suspenders, just in case.

One of my first thoughts when Starfinder was announced was basically kit bashing it with 40k. Hellknights as the Space Marine chapters and maybe Asmodeus subbing for the emperor.

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I recently watched Kubo And The Two Strings with my daughter and had some similar thoughts about paper magic and origami. Some great ideas here.

As a side note, Eldritch Archer isn't restricted to bows.

avr wrote:
crashcanuck wrote:
I'm pretty sure you can make the Phantom Weapon be a bow, since it says you choose any weapon the character is proficient in. But you are correct that since it calls out the magus abilities you cannot use Spellstrike through a bow.
Nor could you use spell combat with it. I guess you could use a phantom blade as a thrown weapon as part of spell combat, or even a one-handed firearm if you got proficiency.

What if you multiclass with Eldritch Archer? I wonder...

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I guess I would have to say Bladebound Magus because it reminds me so much of one of my favorite fantasy characters, Elric of Melnibone'. Also I modeled a character for the DC Heroes game that I played back in the late 80s and through the year 2000 based on Elric. So it just reminds me of some of my favorite books and another character I dearly loved playing.

I've been thinking of building an Elric type with the Battle Host occultist.

As far as favorite classes go, I'm currently playing an inquisitor of Asmodeus that's a ton of fun. And I like the oracle a lot (so customizable!). I'm really looking forward to playing the occultist though, seems very versatile and different.

Even though I just listed three casters, historically I've preferred fighters and rogues.

You should also look at the Haunt Collector Occultist archetype.

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Just want to throw in my 2cp. 3.0 had the greatspear: 2d6x3 two handed reach piercing exotic weapon. Might be a little much, but if you're spending a feat you might as well get a great weapon out of it (see what I did there?).

How strict are Core Campaign events? Is there any leeway on deities, domains, archetypes or is it absolutely nothing that's not in the Core Book?

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I haven't had a chance to play an occultist yet, but I very much want to. My feeling is that they might be the most versatile class in the game, being able to cover multiple roles fairly well. But if you try to shoehorn it into one thing or expect to be a DPR monster you will be very disappointed.

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I like the Golarion pantheon for the most part but I've been thinking of house ruling two things.

First, all favored weapons should be martial. It really sucks to play an Inquisitor or a cleric of say Asmoedeus or Pharasma and get stuck with a simple weapon while other deities get everything from longswords to spiked chains.

Second, I would add a god of thieves. While Calistria and Norgorber cover some of that, there is no true god of thievery. I've been thinking of stealing (pun intended) the Crooked Warden from Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards series. That way there IS a thief deity, but few know about it.

I completely agree with Darksol's points (except VMC, which I haven't even read so I can't comment) but I also think skills need an overhaul. Skill checks are often either trivial or impossible and not a lot of middle ground.

Cyrad wrote:

The core rulebook to be rewritten.

No actual rule changes. Just revised to have clear, unambiguous text that doesn't borrow copy from a 13 year old rule book. And maybe written with a tone that doesn't assume new players read the 3.5e player's handbook.

Agreed. It would be very hard to resist the urge to make a few tweaks though.

Well, Giantslayer seemed like a good fit at a glance. And we are currently playing Reign Of Winter and already played Iron Gods. We've also done ROTRL, Serpents Skull, Shattered Star, Carrion Crown And Skull & Shackles.

I've been thinking maybe Geas isn't the way to go. It's duration is day/level and seems like if you can cast Geas you could find a better way to deal with the issue than using criminals. Need to think of something else.

What i'm thinking is starting with the second module. I build the characters to level 4 and let them choose which ones to play. They get sprung from jail and told they have been subjected to a Geas and they have to travel upriver to the fort and defeat the giants. I'm thinking the Rick Flagg character is the sole survivor of the party that stopped the siege of Trunau.

I don't have the AP, so do you think this would work?

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Galnorag wrote:
The amnesia thing seems to lend itself to a Jason Bourne style vigilante, a spy with skills they can't explain.

Like a Red Mantis Assassin perhaps. Also, I've been thinking of using the vigilante to simulate dual personalities (such as Two-face, or Logen Ninefingers)

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