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Name: Tag
Race: Changeling
Level 5

The Thrushmoor Terror
The revenant finally tracked down its murderer. Also nearly wiped the rest of the party.

Catalyst in consecutive sessions the PCs split the party in this case 1 group was observing the fort, while the wizard PC was scribing scrolls.

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Name: Scorcher
Race/Class/Level: Ifrit Sorcerer 5

The Thrushmoor Terror
Risi Nairgon infilcted a bleeding sneak attack on Scorcher in the surprise round, who then promptly bled out on the first regular round.

Catalyst : The amnesiacs took two days to finish their assault on the fort, performing some resting and shopping in between, after having dispatched a squad of cultists on the day prior. Risi, looking for the missing cultist assault squad, found traces of the group around the market and in the fort, and then waited for an opportune moment. This moment turned out to be when the group emerged from the fort, carrying a body to be reburied in consecrated ground by Winter at the Pharasman chapel.

Risi was shortly thereafter killed while trying to carry out the magical suggestion of going to a nearby fruit cart and eat some of the fruit there.

Name: Indra
Class/Level: 17 Bard.

Black Stars Beckon

During the final battle Indra failed her save against The Yellow Sign and was dominated, so she started buffing the enemy. Her own group took her down, and then Xhamen-Lowls finished her off, infecting her with his seeded corruption. She then stood up six rounds later, just after the fight ended, as a seeded creature. She then used her insane bluff to convince the party that it wasn't a big deal. So in the campaign epilogue, she is the Xhamen-Dor now.

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Character: Zo'lash (Dwarf, Barbarian) L9

Adventure: Dreams of the Yellow King, In the Lunar Prison

Cause of Dream Death: Standing toe to toe with a Nightmare Dragon. After being on the receiving end of a breath from the dragon, the Barbarian got his rage on and traded blow, blow for blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow with the Nightmare Dragon.

MK724, Lab Rat Investigator (Ratfolk)

Trushmoor Terror

The Revenant... I made him start a double move away, only used his haste ability after tasting the blood of MK724 after the first hit.
Got the rat down while surrounded by the party, performed a coup de grace, the entire party got a AoO in and still failed to kill it.

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Name: Flowing River
Race/Class/Level: Halforc Warpriest 6

The Thrushmoor Terror
A pair of Hastur cultists, in flanking positions, both managed to successfully crit on the same round.

Catalyst : After deciding to explore Iris Hill during the day, and clearing out the outbuildings with no troubles, the amnesiacs moved from the kitchens into the main house, and then up to the second floor, successfully avoiding the Hound of Tindalos. Finding very little on the second floor, the gorup decided to take an eight hour rest in the main bedroom (yes, in the cult stronghold...)

Strangely enough, the group was attacked about 5 hours into their rest by Melisenn, leading a group of cultists, a Byakhee, the Hound of Tindalos, and Rumatri.

The last standing pair of cultists claimed their victim, and Rumatri made her escape unharmed. The amnesiacs retreated, and travelled to Caliphas to procure clerical services.

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Name: Vera
Race: Chelaxian
Level Abjurer 7th
Dreams of the Yellow King

They all failed to notice the Shopkeeper was leading them on, Surprise round Phantasmal Killer. very unfortunate for the party as this PC had been suffering from a greater madness for awhile that hammered his will saves.
Madness his nearly gone split personality returns in full force

Name: Alkon
Race: Dwarf
Level: Monk 7

Later in the same combat after the healer has run to look for help elsewhere in the carvanserai (and manages to not die), the Dwarf stubbornly stands his ground in a hopeless 1-on-1 fight against the dream. Realizing it is hopeless he try and fails to escape the dream

Madness Fugue

Scarab Sages

Name: Chaplain Setrakian (npc)
Race: Ghoul (formerly human)
Level: Ghoul (formerly Asylum Chaplain)
In Search of Sanity: A tumbled down courtyard

Catalyst: Ilaesi Scaen

The Gritty details.....


my group of self styled heroes rescued Chaplain Setrakian, the ghoul. They did not immediately realise he was a ghoul. When they led him into the Chapel and had Winter Klaczka (who's surname is really hard to pronounce, by the way, Klashjka is as close as I can get) channel energy to heal them they observed that Chaplain Setrakian was not healed by the power of his own goddess. More importantly, he noticed this. Poor Chaplain Setrakian fell into despair, believing that his goddess has turned her sight from him, casting him aside and bestowing her favours upon Winter Klaczka in his stead. He became morose, found little sustenance in the food that was offered him and eventually followed the heroes into the boiler room where he carnivorously devoured two giant rats they had just slain.

A few days later he wandered off looking for something to eat and was ambushed and slain by "Doctor" Ilaesi Scaen. The doppelganger who'd managed to escape the party earlier in our very first session. She throttled him then took his form and snuck into the sanctuary feeling very smug for herself.

A day or so later our heroes returned to the chapel and Baisily Harbour quietly mentioned to one of the heroes that Chaplain Setrakian was looking a bit better. More like his old self again. Perhaps he was starting to recover from whatever nasty event had occurred to him.

Shortly afterwards "Chaplain Setrakian" approached the heroes proclaiming that, as his goddess had abandoned him, he needed to seek a new path in life. He desired to assist them in exploring the ruins. Perhaps there were other survivors in need of rescue.

None of the players who had realised he was undead and realised he was a ghoul realised that .... undead don't heal over time. He shouldn't be looking healthier. He should not be benefiting from the healing abilities they used on him so far.

They still haven't realised. It's a new session tonight. Let's see if I get to make another entry here soon (I'm planning on yhaving Ilaesi Scaen/Setrakian kill off and replace a former pc who's player left the game with no intention of returning soon. Just not quite yet. Got to get the doppelganger to know them first so it can impersonate a former comrade more effectively).

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Name: Flowing River
Race/Class/Level: Halforc Warpriest 7

Name: Taber
Race/Class/Level: Human Unchained Monk 5/Aerokineticist 1/Psychic 1

Name: Cailyn
Race/Class/Level: Changeling Ranger 5/Hunter 2

Dreams of the Yellow King
All eaten by a Formless Spawn in the Forsaken Caravanserai. The two full spellcasters in the group managed to wake themselves from the dream before being eaten...

Really not much else to say...

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Character: Connor (Human, Oracle (Lore)) L11

Adventure: The Whisper Out of Time , The Soul of the Mysterium

Cause of Death: The Broken Soul Exscinder Archon took a five foot step and cleaved down Connor with a power attack from his Flaming Longsword. Connor was later resurrected along with the Elder Lythiin after the group left the Mysterium.

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Did no one else have deaths vs the Keeper in the Mysterium? That thing was ridiculously lethal.

Name: Anummu
Race/Class/Level: Human Martial Master Fighter 8

Dreams of the Yellow King
A deadly slash from Captain Vadrack's wicked scimitar.

Catalyst: As the Bloodwind pulled up next to the Sellen Starling, Anummu decided to rush across onto the other ship instead of waiting for the mercenaries to come to him. Vadrack (re-skinned to be more of a Dread Pirate Rogers type, with the current Vadrack having beef with something the PCs did before they lost their memories) was waiting on the main deck to see if the mercenaries would succeed, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. She sent her first mate after the healer and stepped into the melee herself, flanking and slaying the isolated fighter.

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I'm not quite at the Mysterium yet, clgarret - there is yet hope there will be blood claimed :)

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Name: 4 members of the 5-man party
Level: 9

Dreams of the Yellow King
Catalyst - Bokrug

The last member of the amnesiac group (who is a Psychic) managed to make the concentration check to wake up, holding onto the Green Stone idol, about 20 feet away from Bokrug, narrowly avoiding a TPK.

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Name: Zolash, Dwarf Barbarian 13 & Kallista, Tiefling Investigator 13

What Grows Within - in Neruzavin fighting the remnants of Lowls mercenaries.

A searing light from the seeded cleric followed by a trip attack from the seeded fighter, brought Zolash to prone. Two full rounds of 5 attacks finished him off.

Then it was Kallista’s turn. Thala again, unleashed a full attack on her dropping her into a room filled with black tentacles, which then proceeded to crush her to death.

Three deaths so far in the AP seems quite low...

1. Crazy Tomas, Witch, the fort in the Thrushmoor
Cause of death - discovered that psychic oozes are immune to mind effecting hexes, panicked and ran in the wrong direction.

2. Wren Elbourne, bard (party NPC sidekick) The Library of Nethys in Qadira
Cause of death - constitution drained down to almost nothing, then caught in a fireball cast by a construct.

3. Alastor, Mystic Theurge. The Library of Nethys in Qadira
Cause of death - killed by an invisible stalker in almost the same spot as Wren, about half an hour later.

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Name Negishi Hisako
Race/Class/Level Human Psychic 11

Name Pick
Race/Class/Level Human Rogue[unchained] 11

Name Konrad Von Brunsen
Race/Class/Level Dwarf Fighter[Mutation Warrior] 11

The Whisper Out of Time
The bloody fists of a comrade.

The Whole Sad Story

Gathering outside Mun's Infirmary, the PC's (those above plus Cristen, Monk [Master of Many Styles] 1/ Brawler 10) deciding to dimension door into the attic space. The Dark Young was despatched quickly, but not before Cristen failed his Sanity Check (we are using all the rules in Horror Adventures) and developed an immediate case of Schizophrenia. Whilst this was noticed, several PCs had developed numerous insanities in the Dreamlands and it was felt Cristen could carry on, if in a reduced capacity.

The party continued down through the Infirmary, encountering significant difficulties with the Hellwasps, as only Hisako had any anti-swarm ability and she was one Fort save away from death before she defeated them.

Entering Mun's Study, the party began to study the paintings, summoning the Dorvae. The stress of this caused Cristen to slip into a confused state. The dice determined that he perceived Hisako as an enemy, and using his pummelling style he charged her. Despite rolling 5, 1, 5 and 1 on his to hits, she was caught flat footed and without defences up she succumbed to the flurry of blows.

On seeing this Pick decided that vengeance was due, and enacted a deeper darkness to give herself an advantage. Konrad, who was devoted to Hisako, also decided to end Cristen, but engaged the Dorvae in the mean time. Pick moved next to Cristen and unleashed a rain of sneak attacks, but failed to drop him. Having been attacked, Cristen activated blind flight and punched on with a full attack against Pick, killing her.

Cristen again rolled attack nearest creature, this time targeting the Dorvae, dropping it after it had taken heavy damage from Konrad's use of warrior spirit. Konrad retreated, hoping to outlast the darkness which was crippling his chances to hit, but the dice again directed Cristen to charge him, inflicting heavy damage. Realising the fates (dice) were cursed, Konrad retaliated with his own full attack, but the concealment granted by darkness meant that only one hit. Cristen remained standing on 3hp, and his reply meant the end of Konrad. Cristen's confusion faded to have him find his arms soaked with the blood of his comrades up to the elbows. He let rip a cry of anguish...

Discussions are continuing as to where the game goes from here...

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Name: Guldan “Goldie” Drak
Race/Class/Level: Half Orc Mesmerist 7
Dreams of the Yellow King
Catalyst: Klaatu, Barrata,…. NECKTIE! and Being a dick to children

The Gory Details:
The party was preparing to venture into the dreamlands in search of Captain Vradack’s tricorne, when the party’s mage, Decius, mispronounced an entire string of eldritch incantations. The animate dream that appeared and assaulted them manifested as a dark memory of Goldie’s past: Five young children she had tricked and sold into slavery in Okeno at Weirelei’s behest. The apparition vengefully laid into Goldie, draining away a portion of her life force. As Goldie’s team mates attempted to intervene, it unleashed a horrid wail of frustration and anger that sent Septimus (the Rogue) and Corvus (the Monk) fleeing off the stern end of the Sellen Starling. The remaining party members Stu (the oracle) and Decius did their best to stop the childlike apparitions. However, its vengeance would not be denied and the childlike forms of the apparition assaulted Goldie, their wicked talons flaying her skin off before gouging her eyes out and slitting her throat. (From her point of view. Two nat 1’s on saves vs Phantasmal Killer never goes well).
The remainder of the party was able to finally put down the animate dream, and spent the rest of the session convincing Captain Freeling to detour and find a place to resurrect their fallen comrade (amidst discussions of what they had learned of her past).

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Name: Tag
Adventure: Whisper out of Time
Class: Oracle
Location: Outside the Soul of the Mysterium

The PCs have just triggered the activation of the Soul Bound Shells. One other party member wins initiative and casts a buff. The Shell sensing a conflicted soul 5ft steps to line-up a shot and hits Tag with a disintegrate. Her low constitution already weakened by earlier events fails the save and is irrevocably turned to dust on the spot. The party surivives bolstered by a friendly local cleric of Saerenrae who had joinedthe group to find out what happened to his uncle (Lyythian).

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Name: Indira Shan
Race/Class: Vudrani Psychic 6
Adventure: The Thrushmoor Terror
Details: The party is investigating Fort Hailcourse and make their way through with little trouble until reaching the basement. As the party searches the room, Clymes Prett pops through the wall, wins initiative and immediately gives Indira the corrupting touch. Natural 20 on the roll. Natural 20 on the confirmation. 14d6 corrupting touch (+1d6 Sneak Attack) and Indira immediately drops to -17hp dying of a ghostly heart attack.

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Name: Vera
Adventure: Black Stars Beckon
Class: Abjurer/Diabolist
Details: Upon summoning the coach to try and find Lord Avaric's estate things quickly go sideways. In the first round the Death coach hits the party occultist who promptly fails his saving throw, but remains alive because Shield other is splitting the damage to another party member. Vera jumps in and confidently casts a Prismatic wall to give the party to adjust to a tougher then expected fight. Next round Vera goes oops, as the incorporeal death coach easily slides under the prismatic wall and hits with the corrupting touch followed by a failed saving throw on the Finger of Death. 225 damage in a single round absorbs her soul.

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Name of PC: Helden
Race/Class/Sex: Male Human Rogue 8
Location: Dreams of the Yellow King, the Enchanted Wood
Catalyst: An invisible pounce by a tikbalang

The Gory Details:
There isn't much to tell here: The tikbalang followed the as-written tactics, creating a Major Image of an injured zoog to lure out the party, then flying over invisibly to set itself up for a pounce, then pouncing on the party member who was the most isolated. That was Helden, and the creature chose to Power Attack during its pounce. With a hit-hit-crit from its pounce, Helden lost over 90 hit points, which was more than an 8th-level rogue has by quite a bit.

The saddest part was the rest of the fight: Helden spent 2 Hero Points to stabilize, the shaman hit the tikbalang with a Slumber Hex on his round, and the tikbalang's natural 2 on its save dropped it unconscious on the branch, where it got to face its own unsurvivable coup de grace from a raging, power attacking bloodrager.

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Name: Cailyn
Race/Class/Level: Changeling Ranger 7/Hunter 4
Location: The entrance hall of the Mysterium
Catalyst: Being slow and cautious

The Details


As the group entered the Mysterium, a pack of Hounds of Tindalos rushed in to attack them. After fighting off the Hounds, the group slowly healed up, and moved up the corridor...and were attacked again by a pack of Hounds, who used slightly different tactics this time. After fighting off this second pack, the group spent several rounds healing, before carefully moving a little further up the corridor...and the third pack of Hounds decided to start killing the guys they knocked down, since they had observed that the group did not heal unconscious party members.

Name: Brüllwiesel
Race/Class/Level: Battlerager 8/ Cleric 3
Location: Mysterium Third level
Catalyst: Smashed by a tentacle

The Details

Always beeing full of himself and to this event always able to kill an enemy before the enemy was able to kill him. Brüllwiesel underestimated the damage and the HP of the proto-Shoggoth-Synclitium. After taking damage from all tentacles for two rounds, he went down like a sack. Luckily the other half elf cleric throw a "breath of life" at him.

He still got a near death experience out of this, including a firm vision of the palid mast, ripping out his soul before he was jenked back in his body as the spell took effekt. He got the shadowbound coruption as a parting gift.

Theodore(Human Sorcerer)

Book: Search for Sanity

Cause of Death: Having been left behind after fainting, he ended up with the cultists and was taken to their camp. While happy with him at first, when he tried to leave and failed his bluffs, they realized they were hungry. Cue him fleeing and getting brained by a broken bottle that took him out. When he woke up, it was to being slow roasted over a fire as the doctor he had flirted with gave him a quick death by slitting his throat.

Thankfully, his twin brother with the exact same everything was around!

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Character: Khalaban (Human Sorcerer 15 (Aberrant Bloodline))

Adventure: Black Stars Beckon, Lord Avaric's Manor

Cause of Death: The group made it to the top floor with Khalaban nailing every bluff check to pass himself off as Lord Eldarius with a Veil spell, even on meeting Eldarius Daughter! Unfortunately this gave him the confidence to think that he could fake being Lord Avaric, to possibly ask the lady out to the balcony for a talk - and teleport away. Going back in the room, the bluff failed spectacularly (natty 1), and Delmaria saw right through the disguise.

She shrieked and called the guards in, whereupon Khalaban conjured up a wall of force, blocking the stairwell. One of the guards stepped in and unleashed a full attack on him, doing massive damage. The party stepped in to fight the guards, but the guard ended up getting a second round of full attack on Khalaban in the confined space on the third floor and Khalaban went down (later to be resurrected by the Cauldron of resurrection the group had acquired earlier).

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Name: Flowing River, Scorcher, Chordata
Race/Class/Level: Halforc Warpriest 11, Ifrit Sorceror 11, Rhino Animal Companion
Location: Cipher Study Hall
Catalyst: Tentacles...

The Details


The Proto-Shoggoth Synctium killed the two PCs, and the animal companion, AND had knocked two other PCs unconscious (handing out 4 Crits along the way, powerattacking the entire time). Scorcher distracted the Synctium long enough for the only other mobile PC (the Psychic) to feed a potion to one of the unconscious PCs, who was then able to revive the unconscious Monk, just in time for the Monk to finish off the Synctium, narrowly avoiding a TPK.

Name: Malon Thrice-borne
Race: Tiefling
Level 3 Occultist

In Search of Sanity

The PCs made it past Zandalus with little difficulty, but it took them several rounds to figure out they could use the silversheen to bypass the Tatterman's DR. By that time, they were pretty beat up. The Occultist and bloodrager flanked the Tatterman with their war hammers and tried to bring him down. The Occultist was dropped by a war razor slash. In most games, I might have the villain turn and confront a standing opponent, but this is the Tatterman. His whispered promise of "soon" became "Now" as he leaned in with a coup-de-grace to slit the tiefling's throat.

Winter cast gentle repose on the corpse in the hopes that they might bring him back, but for now, he is dead.

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Name: Scorcher
Race/Class/Level: Ifrit Sorcerer 11
Location: Chamber of Calling and Binding
Catalyst: Step Up and Strike plus Constrict

The Details


...on the invisible flying creature with Sneak Attack...

One of the pair of the Aerial Servants flew, undetected, over the group, and landed next to the pair of casters. One of the casters tried to cast, and was surprised when the invisible creature took an AoO, and grabbed and strangled him, interrupting the spell. On the next round, the caster stepped away from the creature to cast...and discovered how annoying Step Up and Strike can be, especially when combined with the Naturally Invisible, Sneak Attacking, Grabbing, Constricting creature. And fell to the ground dead.

Character: Briscone, 4th level Witch of Winter

Cause of Death: Murdered by Klades, the Ghast.

Player: Joe

Character: Kova, 4th level Skald

Cause of Death: Murdered by Revenant

Player: Joe

Characters: Calibar, 7th level Fighter/Barbarian and Hawke, 7th level Mutagen Fighter/Barbarian

Cause of Death: A Keeper of the Yellow Sign that once was Briscone. Failed the Entropic Drain save and negative levels became permanent. A delirious fight broke out between them both. Calibar won before dying.

Players: Joe (Calibar), Kate (Hawke)

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Character: Zolash Keshan’Uvel (Dwarf Barbarian 16)

Adventure: Black Stars Beckon, Cabaret du Oubli

Cause of Death: A fight broke out between the group and Armel and his goons. The sorcerer, Khalaban, shunted Armel twice into a Maze spell, which Armel returned from the very next round both times. The second time he returned he unleashed a full attack on Zolash with his +1 Vorpal Greataxe, and got a crit with the first (+29) attack. Crit confirmed and Zolash’s head joined the rest of the decorative skulls in a pile on the floor.... only to have Armel’s join him a round later as Sir Toph got some revenge for poor Zolash.

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Characters: Zolash Keshan’Uvel (Dwarf Barbarian 16)
Sir Toph (Aasimar Cavalier 16 (Castellan))

Adventure: Black Stars Beckon, Thrushmoor Nexus

Cause of Death: Zolash and SIr Toph stood valiantly; weathering a barrage of slams from Count Lowls as the Oracle and Sorcerer in the party pounded Lowls with spells. Eventually though Zolash went down, despite Sir Toph using an ability to step in and take attacks that were meant for him.

Ultimately after being healed from near zero three times, Sir Toph fell to a Cloudkill spell from Ariadnah, though not before cleaving down Lowls with a final vital strike with his Frost Longsword.

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Character: Aggra Loomis, the Bag Lady

Cause of death: After being much hyped by inmates and guards alike, the PCs encounter Aggra after the onierogens. She adds some nasty combat feats to herself, charges the Sarenite paladin, and... misses.
The paladin then smites evil, power attacks, crits, and rolls max damage- exactly her hp value, in fact. She goes down in one hit because I don't track NPCs with negative health unless they've got Diehard or ferocity.
RIP hype train.

Characters: Dexter (Human Inquisitor 6)
Uzak (Ork Paladin 6

Adventure: Dreams of the yellow king, Mystical Forest

After fumbling his attack, Dexter lost his balance and nearly could catch a branch which prevented him from falling down. The lurker in light whis constantly jabbed him with its sneak attack finaly got him below zero HP. Dexter crashed onto the floor and lost his life.

Uzak bravely hold his ground, not willing to accept that he was over his head. After springing the leaf trap, he barely passed his safe, sending poor Nestor Bindlay to a nasty death, before beeing obliterated by 4 sneak attacking lurkers

RIP Klyn Murik the local roustabout.
Killed by Lucan, an antipaladin of Zon-Kuthon.
Beaten to death during an overzealous punishment.

RIP Klyn Murik the revenant.
Killed by M.C. the cleric of Sivanah.
Shot in the back while trying to kill Lucan, a paladin of Sarenrae.

Lucan was coverted to Sarenrae by his future self. He's got the driven by guilt campaign trait, so having the revenant target him was a no-brainer. Klyn got him down to 1 hp (in a single round) before being slain by the cleric. It was a very tense battle!

Name: Tarkus
Race: Human
Class: 4th level fighter (mutation warrior/martial master)

Chalk another one up to Klyn Murik the revenant. Sigh.

RIP, Ilo Attergott, halfling oracle of the Dark Tapestry. Throttled to death by a revenant. The party heard that a mysterious figure was wandering the moors, calling out Ilo's name. So, they went out to meet him and ask him questions.

It didn't go great.

So the very next combat encounter (after Tarkus died to the revenant) had us TPKed by a house full of cannibal barbarians

Nix: 1/2 elf escapologist rogue (Tarkus' replacement)
Galatea: elf wizard
Apone: human magus/monk
Trevin: dwarf cleric
Stephaneen: human lion shaman druid
Elf bolt ace gunslinger (can't remember his name ATM)

All level 5

Name: Luther Horton
Race/Class/Level: Human Mutagen Warrior 4

The Thrushmoor Terror

Got killed by the Revenant. The group went to investigate the Old Chapel at midnight their first day in town.
Luther was the one I picked as the killer of Klyn. They could have done a better job but at some point, they just tried to ran away even if I told them that he moved waaay too fast for their taste. The witch and the investigator just ran. The warrior couldn't move fast enough and their shaman couldn't do anything to save him, and almost died trying as well.

Name: Qim
Race: Changeling
Class: Eyebiter Mesmerist

While Technically Spared death via DM fiat, the Revenant in the alleyway, took her down in two turns. She was spared death because NOONE was rolling above a 3 that night.

However having introduced the Harrow Deck of Many things, The Suli Brawler is now constantly covered in poison, the Mordant Spire Elf Occultist is now a Werebear with 2 Charisma, and the Human Bolt Ace/Sniper is now permanently Mute.

And they all hate Boat sections which is what's coming up.

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Name: Flowing River
Race/Class/Level: Halforc Warpriest 13
Location: The Haunted Tower
Catalyst: A Ghost

The Details


Upianshee surprised the group, and went first. She touched the warpriest for about 40 damage. The group spent the round maneuvering to or away from the ghost. Upianshee went before River in the first regular round, and manifested her sword, then decided to spell combat a Lightning Bolt. Rolling her attack against River first, she crit, and dealt 117 damage, killing River outright.

The monk in the group then proceeded to grapple poor Upianshee with his Ghost Touch Amulet of Mighty Fists, while the psychic Ego Whipped her into submission.

clgarret wrote:
Did no one else have deaths vs the Keeper in the Mysterium? That thing was ridiculously lethal.

Almost. Their Aasimar Gunslinger/Rogue got off a lucky crit round one with a musket and landed 75 damage. But that was really the only attack they weren't nickel and dimeing that thing down.

The rest of the party is a unique 0HD Construct Brawler, a Human Cabalist Vigilante, a Vishkanya Zen Archer Monk, and a Yathiddian Arcanist, plus Winter.

It's gaze attack plus spell-like abilities were hammering them until the Arcanist and the Cabalist Vigilante teamed up to cast an Acid Pit/Black Tentacles combo and the Brawler grappled the Archon down into the pit after climbing up the chains in the room and falling onto it from the ceiling. Which almost killed him.

They were all pretty banged up after that fight.

Name: Yuolmai
Race/Class/Level: Kitsune Mesmerist 9
Location: The Lower Sellen River, Andoran/Taldor border
Book: Dreams of the Yellow King
Catalyst: Going mad too many times...

The Details: During the mad-dash escape from Bokrug in the Dreamlands, the rest of the party were desperately attempting to wake up by lowering the Concentration DC by means of inflecting damage on themselves by leaping off of the stairs of the palace. Yulomai got the bright idea of drinking an alchemist's fire to wake up and ended up burning to death, which led to a phobia of fire.

Next the Leng pirate captain got a lucky crit on Yulomai upon which she fell into the water and promptly drown, inflicting another lesser madness of paranoia onto her.

The final straw was going toe to toe with the Nightmare Dragon in the moon prison where Yulomai faced the full brunt of its breath weapon and subsequent attacks the next round.

This time upon waking, she got the the greater madness of psychosis and her alignment changed to Chaotic Evil. She began plotting against the party unbeknownst to them.

This culminated when during a random encounter vs river pirates on the Sellen, she took control of the Brawler's character via Dominate Person and began trying to systematically pick off the party.

She did not count on the Gunslinger/Rogue's penchant for crits with her musket, and she got her head blown off on round 3.

Everyone was very amused. Including Yulomai's player, who promptly rolled up a Yathiddian Arcanist refugee from the Dreamlands.

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Name: Taber
Race/Class/Level: Human Elemental Asthete Kineticist 1/Psychic Perfectionist 1/Unchained Monk 12

What Grows Within

Catalyst : Greataxe crit

Kakishari, a Graveknight Inquisitor of Rovagug, did her thing and landed a crit while power attacking with her greataxe on the second attack of her full attack, while greater bane(humans) was active, and handed out approximately 175 damage. To add more injury to injury, the Gravekight's desecrate effect fouled up the healer's attempt to cast Breath of Life.

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Everyone in Briarstone.

Except Winter Klaczka and four amnesiac former employees of Count Hasterton Lowls IV.

The Tatterman dropped half the party, stable but dreaming fevered dreams and surely dying soon. The remaining PCs couldn't beat his regeneration. Aided by Winter, they rolled their unconscious companions from the open second-story wall, whence late the oneirogens had spewed their yellow fog. The fall was rough, but not enough to kill the unconscious characters.

The bhole stirred again, its nightmares flaring as Hastur's dream-creature stepped into the waking world. As the Tatterman ripped the flesh from what remained of the Apostles in Orpiment, the earth heaved. The fragile remaining walls of Briarstone toppled. Unseen by the handful of survivors, the ceiling of the chapel dropped, smashing the shrine of Desna.

The Dimension of Dreams forced its way into Golarion. Screams and gibbers and mad visions filled the sky. Briarstone Asylum collapsed on itself. The force of the blast hurled the amnesiacs and Winter to the ground. When their eyes cleared of dust and fog, the century-old complex was gone.

In its place, an arid waste of yellow sand. Fragments of alien architecture thrust up through the drifting dunes. The perpetual rain and chill of Ustalav refused to touch the eldritch blight at the island's heart.

Five survivors made their way to a rowboat, to carry the mad tale to Thrushmoor...

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Name: Scorcher
Race/Class/Level: Ifrit Sorcerer 14
Location: The Nightmare Roost
Catalyst: Incautious Movement

The Details

The group used various forms of magic to fly over the rocky bridges, making their way to the far side, under Kaklatath's direction. Suddenly, an area dispel targets the group, removing several of the flying effects. Then, out of the darkness, the incredible bulk of the Hunting Horror launched itself up, and crushed three of the group under it's weight.

Scorcher, his wings granted by dragon blood and unaffected by the dispel, decided to fly closer to the unknown creature (for reasons I still don't quite understand...). He was quickly shown the error of provoking such a large creature, when it wrapped it's tail around him, knocking him unconscious. On the next round, the creature then swallowed him whole, and Scorcher never regained consciousness.

On the up side, Kaklatath go to use her lightning gun, and even managed a crit against the creature :)

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