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Dalvyn wrote:


The final scene at Rimecrag Pass mentions frost giants in the mountain, and Iversa commanding them to "pick up the scraps and make sure the Tusk runts die after [...] the avalanche", but there's no other mentions of them.

Did I miss something?

Yes. M5's flavor text:

In the far distance, standing on a the peak of a different mountain, giant humanoid figures are silhouetted against the gray sky.

Then a paragraph later:

The Burning Mammoths aren't alone. The silhouettes on the mountain peak above, more than a quarter mile away, are frost giants to wait on the ridgeline until the avalanche consumed the Broken Tusks. Afterward, the giants would trek down down the mountain to finish off whatever Broken Tusks remained and pilfer their broken bodies from the snow.

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Alright, thanks for your input everyone. I'm going with the consensus here. I did, in fact, flunk flank. :)

I have seen several clarifying posts about flanking, but I'm unable to find this one specifically addressed.

Are the PCs flanking the ksarik?

The rules mention "opposite border". I always interpreted it to mean borders of squares, meaning that Large creatures have two "borders" per side, 8 in total. In my interpretation, they are not flanking. One would have to move down 5' to flank.

My player interpreted "border" to mean the entire side, so to him they are flanking.

This isn't about GM vs player - I just want to know which is the intended correct rule when flanking large creatures.

Thank you in advance for your input!

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Zaister wrote:

It has, I just got my downloads.

But I have to wonder, why is the single file PDF for Starfinder's Waking the Worldseed so huge, with 350 MB?

Ohh, I'm excited. That sounds like very large maps are embedded in there!

Senko wrote:

Can anyone explain why Panelliar fights to the death to me? He's under the effects of command undead not control undead and that spell specifically states an intelligent undead will never obey suicidal or obviously harmful orders. Getting into a fight with the party is a gray area given some players to attack anything that might move or contain loot. However he's stated as (a) if freed from the spell as aiding the party and (b) stopping combat at half hp's to talk if he hasn't already.

While dying in combat is a possability I don't see why he would fight to the death just to please Tahomen when he has no other reason to keep the PC's out?

Panelliar spent an eternity guarding the Temple of the Twelve from intruders. He would have killed Tahomen if not for the spell. Tahomen then tells him to defend him and the temple at all costs, essentially the same orders. I would say if the PCs remove the influence of the spell and perform sufficient actions to calm him, he could stand down.

However, if it were me, I would have Tahomen's arrival be punctuated with killing him outright in a display of power.

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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
It is very sad that Paizo was unable to meet the demands of its customers.

How can you see people trying the best they can to meet increased demand during a global pandemic and shipping issues heaped on top, and try to add guilt to the mix? Shipping is typically a little bonkers around GenCon, and this is the Year of Extenuating Circumstances.

I'm constantly refreshing the page to look for more info about The Devastation Ark AP because I'm excited. I'm hoping a trailer drops soon. But there is no call to spread negativity. Don't pout, live in the hype.

I know this post is old, but I came to this forum to ask this very question. My players are entering the black site and I decided I'm going to replace the 4th floor because it just doesn't fit as written. I really like the image on page 37, so I'm going to use theater of the mind for the other rooms, then show them that image while I awkwardly move them to a different map on our VTT. It's the same issue we had in the AotS AP - we just couldn't visualize how the provided art fits the text descriptions of the room.

Actually, I just saw the now-stickied post stating that the Lost Omens World Guide should cement my Tier 2 status. Nevermind!

Bump for visibility

Hello! I'm up to 7 subscriptions so I believe I should have the complimentary Pathfinder Society subscription and the first two scenarios out now. I don't see the sub listed in my account page. Can you verify and resolve today so I can use the PFS stuff tomorrow night?

Hello all-

Can you modify my Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription to start with the Lost Omens World Guide? Also, I believe this puts me at 6 subscriptions, so can you make sure I'll be getting the Pathfinder Society scenarios on top of the Starfinder Society scenarios I already get?

Thank you!

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Starfinder has sections of their AP books dedicated to lore that -could- be valuable to lore nerds like myself. If I were a player, I would be very tempted to purchase the Starfinder AP books and thumb through the backmatter.

Is this the case for the Pathfinder AP books as well? If it's just flavor to help a GM, I'm skipping it as a player. But if it's interesting lore and helps set the tone or provide tangential details... then I will probably buy them to use backmatter to add color for successful bardic knowledge rolls, for example.

Please cancel my preorder of the adventure card game core set, originally from order 7824393. It is currently in my sidecart.

Thank you.


I placed this order on April 5. I made an error by putting the Card Game Skull and Shackles base set into my sidecart. This was a birthday gift and so I'd really like to get it sooner than May's subscription shipment.

Also, I got an email that just hours after I ordered it, the entire set went on sale for 50% off! Is there any chance we can refund this item? Not the entire order, the subscription and dice are fine.

If possible, once the refund is cleared I will reorder the base set and more of the adventure path items to make up the difference, and set them to deliver sooner via a separate order.

Thank you in advance!

Birmy wrote:
Aristophanes wrote:

Oh, and props to Biagio d'Alessandro for the awesome illo!!

Is Sutter writing prompted by the art in these pieces? The art can't be commissioned for these stories, right?

An iconic encounter is probably something recurring, so I'm guessing the art is commissioned and will be used often. And based on this one and the Amiri art, I'm completely okay with that.

Hello Customer Service Team, my order arrived today! Please remove my replacement items from my sidecart so I don't get charged S&H twice, and thank you so much for working with me on this! I've moved my shipping address to my home address going forward so this won't happen again.

Thank you very much. I do have access to the PDF, which is great! I can't wait to get my hands on the Starfinder fumble deck, but there's something funny about that not showing up where it was supposed to be.

I will let you know if it happens to turn up. I'm going to change my preferred shipping address for subsequent orders, so hopefully that won't cause a hiccup in your processes at all.

Thanks again!

Hello, order 7697725 shipped on 3/12 via USPS with an estimated 2 to 5 day travel time. Today is business day #7 and I haven't seen it. There is no tracking information available so I can't figure out what happened. I'm not sure how long to wait it out, is there any shipping information available on your side?

Thanks in advance!

I can also confirm seeing the issue with missing characters in this PDF. It seems to be non-standard characters due to kerning - no issue with a standard F, but the "rf" or "ff" leads to a missing F. Hope this helps track it down.

When will these be available?

I understand shipping issues happen, and I have zero problems waiting for my physical copies. But now that we have passed street date for the PDF, I am bummed that I cannot read my Dead Suns book 5 to prep for my group and will likely need to delay our session another week. You all can take a month to ship my physical copy if I can somehow be locked in past the point of getting a refund in order to get access to my PDF! I'm sure this has been asked so many times in the past, but is something like this possible?

I'm sort of tempted to just purchase the PDF version of Dead Suns book 5, but that seems silly when I'm hoping to get access to it any minute now, you know?

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worldhopper wrote:

So... what's the point of the "high-priority" quotation from Nyara's prophecy?

My assumption is that that's the "obscure reference" that led the cultists to Nejeor, but it's never explained even for the GM (and the next book doesn't even mention Nyara once).

Naturally, my players latched on to the cryptic prophecy instead of the necrograft, and immediately returned to Castrovel to try to do research about it. I ultimately decided to allow them (via a series of high-DC knowledge checks) to draw the same conclusions as the cultists, but that means they essentially ended up skipping 2/3s of the book and jumping straight to The Ruined Clouds a level early.

The whole Nyara thing is a cool concept, but it feels half-finished. Was the "Sacred Lore" file a red herring, or did something get left on the cutting room floor?

Between this and the issues Paris and KunYul pointed out, the whole adventure is starting to feel painfully disjointed.

The Adventure Background section of the AP book clears this up nicely. The prophecy's meaning is difficult for the cult, but after they receive the information from Tahomen:

Book 3 wrote:
...the Devourer cult now believes that Nyara’s prophecy refers to the Stellar Degenerator and suspects that the Gate of Twelve Suns is the key to finding the demiplane that houses the alien weapon. The cult still does not know the exact location of the Gate of Twelve Suns, but Nyara’s oracular writings provided one more clue: an obscure reference to a distant star system called Nejeor. Convinced that the means to finding the Gate of Twelve Suns lies in the Nejeor system...

As far as the literal meaning behind the wording, I suspect we will need book 5 to really know more.

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All of the talk about how to make the trek outside Orphys "work" is interesting to me. Eox went through a cataclysm that changed the very geography of the surface. For Wheel of Time fans, I see this as a Breaking of the World-level event. Villages and geographical features that used to be there are completely different now.

Maybe I just got lucky, but my group accepted the explanation that the Eoxian wilderness is such a mess that a land vehicle cannot navigate it. Flying is out because there is nowhere to land. There's an irregular path that is slow going due to hazards, and this is where I described the walls of bone, acid pit, and rock steppes that comprise the final fight of the book as an example. Everything off the path is stalagmites and steep cliffs that are essentially impassible.

Half of the party especially didn't mind a 6 mile walk - they wanted to get immediate use out of the Black Heart necrograft.

Hopefully this explanation of Eox's surface is useful for your games.

Brother Willi wrote:

Question about the Acreon:

** spoiler omitted **

Suggestions appreciated.

There are really no wrong answers here, but personally when I'm uncertain how something would react, I leave it up to the dice. Roll a d20 and 1-2 = phase through a wall or door and attack, 3-5 = scratching on the walls, 6-20 = nothing. Maybe modify the numbers if they don't set a watch to incentivize watches in the future. The fun part about setting a watch is that the rest would take longer for everyone to get 8 hours, which allows for more rolls for void death.

As for Clara-247, think about her position. There's likely no way for her to know when they will come out of the Acreon, so crawling up the tow cable seems risky. She would be a sitting duck if they opened the airlock while she's halfway up. I should think she would hunker down on the Drift Rock out of sight, waiting in ambush. Maybe even approach the tow cable and take a few shots while the party navigates the cable, hoping to get them to let go and drift into space if they don't pass a (low) reflex save. If the party takes the Hippocampus to the Drift Rock instead of traversing the cable, then she could slink away to avoid detection and ambush the party in the regular location.