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Received my PDF copy of the above PDF last night, eagerly downloaded it. And concerned that there's issues with it. A large number of characters are missing from text. Without spoilers:

On the ship detail inside the front cover.

Under expansion bays, it's missing the "P" from Pact World under the reference document. Missing the "er" from the Science Officer of the Crew compliment.

On the Contents page, in the content warning, last line, is it missing the "A" of Adventure Path.

It's making a little difficult for the reading, but further concerned that this will be the case when it comes to the printed book (which won't arrive for a few days now).

It could be corrupted download, but I've tired 3 downloads, with clicking the problem with download, click here, each time and on 3 different browers with 3 different internet connections (I'm through if nothing else). So starting to doubt it is that.

Please advise.

Paul Haworth

P.S. I'm willing to go though and catalogue the missing characters if you want, but it'll be a while and probably spoilerific, so don't really want to post it in the open. Like this.

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Hello Paul,

This has been pointed out to us by another customer as well, and we have begun looking into it. The physical copy we are looking at in office does not contain the errors you are describing, so we are looking into what is going on with the PDF.

This should be fixed for everyone soon!

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I can confirm these missing characters. This occurs with both PDF Expert on Mac and Okular on Linux.

I can also confirm seeing the issue with missing characters in this PDF. It seems to be non-standard characters due to kerning - no issue with a standard F, but the "rf" or "ff" leads to a missing F. Hope this helps track it down.

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