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I have seen several clarifying posts about flanking, but I'm unable to find this one specifically addressed.

Are the PCs flanking the ksarik?

The rules mention "opposite border". I always interpreted it to mean borders of squares, meaning that Large creatures have two "borders" per side, 8 in total. In my interpretation, they are not flanking. One would have to move down 5' to flank.

My player interpreted "border" to mean the entire side, so to him they are flanking.

This isn't about GM vs player - I just want to know which is the intended correct rule when flanking large creatures.

Thank you in advance for your input!

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Hello! I'm up to 7 subscriptions so I believe I should have the complimentary Pathfinder Society subscription and the first two scenarios out now. I don't see the sub listed in my account page. Can you verify and resolve today so I can use the PFS stuff tomorrow night?

Hello all-

Can you modify my Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription to start with the Lost Omens World Guide? Also, I believe this puts me at 6 subscriptions, so can you make sure I'll be getting the Pathfinder Society scenarios on top of the Starfinder Society scenarios I already get?

Thank you!

Please cancel my preorder of the adventure card game core set, originally from order 7824393. It is currently in my sidecart.

Thank you.


I placed this order on April 5. I made an error by putting the Card Game Skull and Shackles base set into my sidecart. This was a birthday gift and so I'd really like to get it sooner than May's subscription shipment.

Also, I got an email that just hours after I ordered it, the entire set went on sale for 50% off! Is there any chance we can refund this item? Not the entire order, the subscription and dice are fine.

If possible, once the refund is cleared I will reorder the base set and more of the adventure path items to make up the difference, and set them to deliver sooner via a separate order.

Thank you in advance!

Hello, order 7697725 shipped on 3/12 via USPS with an estimated 2 to 5 day travel time. Today is business day #7 and I haven't seen it. There is no tracking information available so I can't figure out what happened. I'm not sure how long to wait it out, is there any shipping information available on your side?

Thanks in advance!

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I have the Paizo Advantage and I haven't seen the digital versions of the SFS scenarios in my downloads. I understand that Gen Con is underway, but I'm curious if I will be able to pour over these scenarios this weekend, or if I will need to wait until next week. Thanks!