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I have seen several clarifying posts about flanking, but I'm unable to find this one specifically addressed.

Are the PCs flanking the ksarik?

The rules mention "opposite border". I always interpreted it to mean borders of squares, meaning that Large creatures have two "borders" per side, 8 in total. In my interpretation, they are not flanking. One would have to move down 5' to flank.

My player interpreted "border" to mean the entire side, so to him they are flanking.

This isn't about GM vs player - I just want to know which is the intended correct rule when flanking large creatures.

Thank you in advance for your input!

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Border refers to entire side, so in your example the two PCs have flanking on the ksarik.

I agree, a large creature has four borders, and therefore can be flanked in your example.

Your PCs have not flunked flank

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Ah, the wide world of non-Medium creatures and flanking interpretations. Just wait until one of your PCs gets a reach weapon and growth glands :D

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Alright, thanks for your input everyone. I'm going with the consensus here. I did, in fact, flunk flank. :)

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