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Apparently, a similar discussion has occurred before. Here!!!!

Arazyr's suggestion of Vorpal Peeps is genius!

Matt Stich wrote:
My mom is awesome: The guardians of Twizzlor's tower: Mike and Ike, jelly bean golems.

Props to your Mom.

Thinking about this a little makes me realize... [opinion] I'd rather have Mike & Ike around as bumbling NPCs. Basically like Hack & Slash the two henchmen employed by Megabyte in Reboot. [/opinion]

BUT I also brought Jelly Belly, the Jelly Bean Dragon who hoards jelly beans and has a different breath weapon depending upon the jelly bean Jelly Belly has eaten.

Tootsie... she rolls with "it."

Matt Stich wrote:
Well the Evil Overlord is Twizzlor, the wizard who created Candeelande. He went mad after [insert event here] and created a demiplane filled with his twisted candy creations. He gave power to seldom few to create new horrible creatures that roam the candy mountains and fudge swamps while he is not in Candeelande.

Give him Prehensile Hair (from UM)!!! Describe it as his licorice self unraveling to grapple nearby opponents.

Matt Stich wrote:
Madness Follows wrote:
So... does the spell Fireball automatically gain the "Atomic" template?
Nope, Atomic Fireball is a 6th level spell that actually catches you on fire, dealing the spell damage every round for 1 rd/2 caster levels unless you put it out

It should start you on fire from the inside out though.

mdt wrote:


Can't believe nobody has said this.

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

Mdt -- Actually CunningMongoose beat you to the punch line!

So... does the spell Fireball automatically gain the "Atomic" template?

Here are a couple of sites that sell those candies from our youth. Might give us some inspirations.

I like the idea of a marshmallow quicksand/tar like pit.

Matt Stich wrote:
Madness Follows wrote:
How about Rock Candy Golems?
...I can't even begin to say how awesome that image is in my head.


How about Rock Candy Golems?

And the mysterious entity known only as "the Candy Man." He mixes it with love and makes the world taste good...

I want a bad guy who smokes those chalkie candy cigarettes... and Bubble Gum fairies!!!

Matt Stich wrote:
Madness Follows wrote:
Too bad Wayfinder comes out only twice a year. If they ever decide to do the Planes something like this would be a really fun thing to include.
What's Wayfinder?

A free fan-made magazine that comes out every 6 months or so. Issue #5 will release at PaizoCon. Check it out: HERE!!!!!!!

Too bad Wayfinder comes out only twice a year. If they ever decide to do the Planes something like this would be a really fun thing to include.

CunningMongoose wrote:

Stay Puft Man.

Marsmallow Construct, FTW!

"I'm terrified beyond the capacity of rational thought"

From the Main Page, I went to Paizo Products and selected Pathfinder. Then I selected Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Products. So I started looking through the 3PP's and out of curiosity, I checked to see which companies had the most products. I see most of the companies I expect to see... But I can't seem to find Super Genius Games.

So I take a second look. This time I notice OtherWorld Creations... and it's got all the Super Genius Games stuff. I assume there was a name change somewhere down the line. Any chance of seeing this fixed?


Just ordered a shirt and a mug. Soon I shall have...


Devil Dog? I wanna devil dog! They're tasty and bad for me. :D

And now it looks like I'll be using the Companion sheet from Ultimate Magic instead. Wish I could get something along the lines of a cross between the two, though.

Dan, I'm currently using the Animal Companion Sheet from Kobold Quarterly #11 PDF. I stumbled across it a couple of days ago and is working great so far.

Wicked K, I suggest using the page from KQ #11 that I mentioned above as the template for your Monster Sheet.

Gilfalas wrote:
Doesn't Golarion already have a god of Adventure and Taverns?

His name is... Knorm! Everybody knows his name. :D

I'm looking through RPG books over on when I can across the book "Traps, Gags, Pitfalls and Death Traps" by Erik Torkelson? The description says it had 167 pages. But I don't want to blind buy it if I can help it. Has anyone purchased it?

Reading this thread and the product description leaves me with following question: How versatile is this outside of the River Kingdoms? Will it work just as well if I use it to create a desert kingdom? How about a tent city for a nomadic tribe?

LazarX wrote:

Making such a switch does have it's price. Among the things you sacrifice:

3. Your enhanced chance of a date on Saturday night.

LOL... awesome comment, LazarX!

Is this image the one that should be used for Applejack? lol.

Well... according to this thread started by the creator of Ponyfinder, you'll just have to wait. He apparently wants to convert more parts of the PF Core Rulebook.

FightingFire wrote:

So anyway, here are my standing right now:
Dragon: 95% (final edits)
Buffalo: 65%
Griffin: 50%
Zebra: 25%
Feats: 20% (just began the sheet, looking good so far. How does advanced Unicorn Magic sound?)
Weapons: 10% (concepts being completed and preliminary playtesting)
Other stuff: 5% (concepts)

Okay... so my brother-in-law is trying to figure out where one of his favorite quotes originated... or at least where he may have come across it first. He believes he first saw it in an issue of Dragon magazine. Thanks for the help!

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Neil Spicer wrote:
The same can often be said about the word "that" in most written text, as well.

I can concur on "That." It is the word I most often find myself removing from my own writing.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Jarreth wrote:

Here is my item open for critique =)


Pommelstone of Power
Aura Moderate transmutation, Aura of special ability; CL +2 of special ability
Slot -; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 0 lbs.
Pommelstone of power are attachable pommelstones that contains a magical power which are transferered to any weapon which the pommelstone has been attached to. Attaching a pommelstone of power requires a successfully Craft: Weapons check of DC 10. The weapon only gains the pommelstone´s power as long as the stone is attached to the weapon. The pommelstone can be removed and attached to another weapon using the same Craft DC as before.

The power of a Pommelstone of power can be any of the +1 special ability for a weapon, such as Bane, Defending, Flaming, Frost, etc. One such pommelstone of power might be of Frost, which may be attached to a melee weapon thereby granting the weapon the Frost ability without futher increasing the weapon bonus. Only the +1 special abilities may be stored in a pommelstone of power, and only one such ability.

These pommelstones looks like fine gems cut to perfection and clearly brimming with magical power. Designed to be attached to any melee weapon, replacing the previous pommelstone.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, in addition any feat and spell requirement of the special ability; Cost 4,000 gp

Yay! A submission I like the idea of! +1
(Note: I have not read every submission thus far.)

Now onto the critique. I really think it should be Pommel Stone of Power. I also think the "Power" could've been replaced with a different word. Not exactly sure what I would've use. Maybe "Improvement."

Personally, I don't care for the Weapon Check. I think a command word would've been stronger and made the item more accessible to any PC who comes across it. Also this chapter is in the wrong place. Tell me what this does before telling me how to attach it to my sword.

Any weapon? So... I could attach this to a Net? No, I don't think so. If I attach one to either end of a quarterstaff, do I get the bonus of both? This weapon should be limited to swords, knifes, and similar weapons (like a sai) of a certain weight and above.

Jarreth wrote:
The power of a Pommelstone of power can be any of the +1 special ability for a weapon, such as Bane, Defending, Flaming, Frost, etc. One such pommelstone of power might be of Frost, which may be attached to a melee weapon thereby granting the weapon the Frost ability without futher increasing the weapon bonus.

Ugh. This needed to be rephrased. That first "power" should've been "bonus." Then how about "can be any magical +1 weapon specialty?" I feel there was little to no need to include suggestions of the specialties you might encounter. But that's more my opinion. Now that last line should read: "A pommelstone of power grants a single bonus ability without granting the +1 weapon bonus."

Jarreth wrote:
Only the +1 special abilities may be stored in a pommelstone of power...

Now, here you start repeating yourself needlessly. You've already said this! Remove it!

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

So... here's my submission with my stupid mistakes included, although it is not the exact submission as I did some tinkering on the website before finally submitting. Yes, it should be a Cerberus Collar. Yes, it should be formatted properly. Yes, I am kicking myself. Also, I suspect it might have fell into the boring category.

AURA strong transmutation, minor divination; CL 7th
SLOT -- ; PRICE 168,000 GP; WEIGHT 1 lb.

The cerebus collar may be worn by any small, medium, or large animal or magical beast. The creature increases by one size category while sporting the cerebus collar. When worn the cerebus collar grants an animal or magical beast the ability to grow an additional head. This head does not immediately appear. It will take twenty-four hours to grow.

It will duplicate the head attached to the neck around which the cerebus collar has been placed. So a chimera wearing it could have either an additional lion, goat, or dragon head. But it would depend upon which neck the collar is being worn.

The duplicate head grants any additional attacks that the first may have had such as a bite or gaze attack. Breathe weapons are not duplicated, but may be produced from either head. The collar allows these two heads to communicate via telepathic bond. This bond grants a +4 Perception bonus.

No creature may gain the bonuses of more than one cerebus collar at a time. The collar will resize itself to fit the neck around which it is to be worn.

REQUIREMENTS Craft Wondrous Item, animal growth, polymorph, telepathic bond, the heads of an ettin; COST 84,000 GP

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Krome wrote:

just to name a few (about 20)

THAT was an easy challenge! lol

BUT... your search excludes: The Hole Behind Midnight by Clinton Boomer. Which I just might have to purchase being a fan of that mad man Clinton Boomer. What else might be out there?

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Rusty Ironpants wrote:
I think he meant winnow. Definition #4.

Personnally, I think a combination of both definitions #4 and #5 suit the current situation the best. Here's hoping I made it far enough that I'm in danger of being winnowed from the Keep pile. :)

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Mikael Sebag wrote:
Okay, now I'm REALLY glad I passed on submitting this one, since, as I anticipated the language is confusing and altogether nebulous...!

Also, it doesn't include anything about what happens if the wizard happens to have more than one of these in his spell book. Does only one count? Or does he gain this benefit from each bookmark he's using?

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Joe Wells wrote:
Mikael Sebag wrote:
It's actually intended for the traveling wizard, since you have to sleep for 8 hours to recover spells anyway, you just bookmark the spell you want before you go to bed. Next morning, voila, it's ready for you.
I'd never leave my traveling book laying out and open for 8 hours, unattended. That's probably just me being paranoid after being under the influence of an Evil GM for many years. For other playstyles, this may be a reasonable thing to do.

Ummm... where does it say you have to leave this book open to gain the benefits of the item? All it says is that the bookmark must be placed on the first page of the spell you want the bookmark to effect. After that? I'd close the book and put it away.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Such a stupid mistake!!! And with 40+ keepers, I just screwed myself out of making the top 32.

It means...

...Someone's after your lucky charms!

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly


DO NOT REFERENCE SOMEONE ELSE'S WONDROUS ITEM. EVER. Paizo wants originality. Reminding others of a similar item will just make them ask: Was this original?

You may want to check out the thread for Matt Goodall's SPELLSTRIKE VAMBRACES. My Spell-Catch Guantlets (2009) & Matt's Spellstrike Vambraces (2010) are two examples of a similar theme. Each item got us into the Top 32. You'll notice the thread for Matt's has multiple posts that refer to mine. In other words: Other people will point out how much alike the items are. You don't have to. Don't waste the word count.

Cosmo, two copies of ICONS just arrived in my mail today. So it took a month, but I finally have the both of the copies I ordered. You can remove it from my side cart.

Mark Moreland wrote:
So far three have been correctly named.

So... how many were correctly named last week?

Cosmo, I'd like to know if anything can be done regarding part of an order that shipped later than the rest, yet after a month still hasn't arrived on my door step. The ICONS rpg book shipped on Sept. 9th and what concerns me is that I might not recieve it. I've already recieved my next monthly order which arrived the monday after it shipped.

I'd appreciate a response before 5pm PST as I plan on ordering a second copy of the ICONS rpg book from Paizo and having it shipped Priority USPS, possibly UPS.

Cosmo, in my last shipment I recieved my Kobold Guide to Game Design III and am happy with it and very happy with Paizo's customer service. However (you knew it was coming), I'm still missing part of this order. The ICONS rpg book is shown on my account as having shipped to me on Sept. 9th, but my greedy hands have yet to flip through it because it hasn't appeared on my doorstep. How can this be resolved as it will soon be a month since it was sent to me?

Note: I plan on ordering a second copy of ICONS either Tues. or Wed., because I must have a copy of this book by Oct. 13th when I start my game.

Hmmm... really? For some reason I thought the psuedo-dragon was the one in the Bonus Bestiary. Oh well.

Perspective (sp?) is an important thing... and for some reason until just a few minutes ago I had no guesses as to what #4 is supposed to be. But then looking at the wings, I suddenly got the impression of butterflies.

Could pic #4 be of a Faerie Dragon?

#1 is in one of the non-Legacy of Fire AP issues... I believe it's called the Sand Stalker. It's original picture shows it with two tails.

Actually, monster #1 is Krang's first attempt at a body suit.

Seriously though... what I like the most is that monster #1 has a round "circle" in the middle of his chest... just large enough for the "brain" to enter and exit the "body".

Well, I've got a new player in the group who is also new to role-playing. I've been trying to help her figure out what type of character she'd like to play before the Character Creation Session I have planned so I could give her more help than the other players, who've all RP'ed before.

Now I've already lent her the PF Core Rulebook. While chatting with her to see if I could get an idea of what she'd be playing, she told me she didn't really get the "character types." I take this to mean she didn't understand how the Classes function. So, I'm looking for some help.

I need to describe the basic ideas / concepts of the core classes for someone who has never role played before. Examples of well-known characters for each class would be very helpful, too.

GeraintElberion wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
As a result, there are quite a few monsters in both "Monster Manual 2" and "Monsters of Faerun" that live in a weird and annoying ghetto where no one really can use them, since they're closed content for 3.0.
The crawling claw is a horror trope, might need a new name but you can still have it.

Actually, this ISN'T one of them. The Crawling Claw was released through the d20 Modern SDR. Here's a link to the RTF FILE you want: Menace Creatures A-I.

Don't know about catoblepas... BUT Jimmy J. did mention that Charybdis and Scylla will both be in BESTIARY II. Here are some direct quote's from last week's PF Chat.

07/09/2010 21:08:21 ‹James Jacobs› Lilith: The monster I was working on when I left work was Scylla. ALAS: the art doesn't quite match the design, so I need to do a bit of rebuilding of the stats.
07/09/2010 21:08:57 ‹Hill Giant› James Jacobs: As in Scylla and Charibdys?
07/09/2010 21:09:17 ‹James Jacobs› Hill Giant: Yup. Whcih means there's a charibdys in Bestiary 2 as well, of course.

Or... something about the pyramid grants animals & vermin the Ethereal Jaunt (Su) ability.

Phase Spiders... could come and go as they please due to their Ethereal Jaunt ability.

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