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From the Main Page, I went to Paizo Products and selected Pathfinder. Then I selected Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Products. So I started looking through the 3PP's and out of curiosity, I checked to see which companies had the most products. I see most of the companies I expect to see... But I can't seem to find Super Genius Games.

So I take a second look. This time I notice OtherWorld Creations... and it's got all the Super Genius Games stuff. I assume there was a name change somewhere down the line. Any chance of seeing this fixed?

I'm looking through RPG books over on when I can across the book "Traps, Gags, Pitfalls and Death Traps" by Erik Torkelson? The description says it had 167 pages. But I don't want to blind buy it if I can help it. Has anyone purchased it?

Okay... so my brother-in-law is trying to figure out where one of his favorite quotes originated... or at least where he may have come across it first. He believes he first saw it in an issue of Dragon magazine. Thanks for the help!

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 aka KissMeDarkly

Such a stupid mistake!!! And with 40+ keepers, I just screwed myself out of making the top 32.

Cosmo, I'd like to know if anything can be done regarding part of an order that shipped later than the rest, yet after a month still hasn't arrived on my door step. The ICONS rpg book shipped on Sept. 9th and what concerns me is that I might not recieve it. I've already recieved my next monthly order which arrived the monday after it shipped.

I'd appreciate a response before 5pm PST as I plan on ordering a second copy of the ICONS rpg book from Paizo and having it shipped Priority USPS, possibly UPS.

Well, I've got a new player in the group who is also new to role-playing. I've been trying to help her figure out what type of character she'd like to play before the Character Creation Session I have planned so I could give her more help than the other players, who've all RP'ed before.

Now I've already lent her the PF Core Rulebook. While chatting with her to see if I could get an idea of what she'd be playing, she told me she didn't really get the "character types." I take this to mean she didn't understand how the Classes function. So, I'm looking for some help.

I need to describe the basic ideas / concepts of the core classes for someone who has never role played before. Examples of well-known characters for each class would be very helpful, too.

Paizonians, I have just received my latest order. I got everything I ordered EXCEPT Kobold Guide to Game Design III. In it's place I was sent Kobold Guide to Game Design II which I already own. Let's get this mix-up fixed up!

Order # 1490145

So I just got my hard copy of Realm of the Fellnight Queen. Reading through it's Discussion thread, I got the mistaken understanding that it was REALLY close to Falcon's Hollow and Darkmoon Vale. When they are actually 3 weeks (about 480 miles) apart.

BUT... it did make me decide to start fleshing out a campaign set in and around Darkmoon Vale. My idea is to have a campaign of 13 adventures. I'm using many of the modules already set in Darkmoon Vale. Adding in one or two that make sense / I feel can it would fit in OR are the level equivalent I want. And as you can see I'm looking for a couple of adventures still. [Note to self: Check out the other 40+ PF Society Adventures.]

Here's the basics of what I'm planning so far.

[1] Hollow's Last Hope
[2] Crown of the Kobold King
[3] Masks of the Living God [??]
[4] The Pallid Plague; PF SOCIETY #43
[4] Flight of the Red Raven
[5] Revenge of the Kobold King
[5] Carnival of Tears
[6] Hungry Are the Dead
[7] Realm of the Fellnight Queen

I plan on leveling the PCs immediately after the first adventure, then switching to having them level after every two adventures. I'm still making notes & trying to figure out what changes I'll need to make to have everything work. One such change is to make the Rangers in Cry Wolf and in Realm of the Fellnight Queen the same guy. Another is to change the halfling village in The Buzz on the Bridge into a gnome village.

With the exception of Half-Elves & assuming that Orcs of Golarion covers Half-Orcs, at the end of the year all the core races will be covered once Halflings of Golarion is released

So... what racy companions do we want to see next?

My Top 10 Most Wanted
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Goblins of Golarion
Kobolds of Golarion
Tieflings of Golarion
Boggards of Golarion
Gillmen / Merfolk of Golarion
Gnolls of Golarion
Lizardfolk of Golarion
Centaurs of Golarion
Tengu of Golarion
Medusa of Golarion

So I was just checking out my downloads over at to see if I had already purchased Tome of Horrors Rev., when I realized that in only 4 months, FREE RPG DAY will be upon us again.

Went over to the website, to check things out to see if I might want to take the day (Saturday, JUNE 19th) off from work. Low and behold they've already got a list of SOME of the things, included in the boxes like another, BONUS BESTIARY. So... what might we see in this?

PCs & NPCs get character sheets. What do monsters get?

Monsters get nothing. :(

Character sheets allow me to SEE what I'm figuring out / working on. Monster Creation needs something counterpart to the Character Sheet. Something that allows me to work out monster creation easier and hopefully better than what I'm using now. I'd love to see a Creation Sheet (or a Stat Block Sheet) just for Monsters make it's way into the PF Bestiary II. Heck, I'd even go for a free PDF, like the Character Sheet is.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

For the uninitiated, the Isz are a creatures from the comic book The Maxx, which was later made into a cartoon on MTV. The isz come from the Outback, a quasi-dream realm created by Julie, the main heroine's subconscious. Originally white, the isz becomes black upon entering our world. So I'm writing them up (the black isz anyway) as a monster in 3.5 to be converted to PFRPG as soon as I get my PF Bestiary.

I'm just trying to get my head around what Type of monster the isz happens to be. Is it a aberration? A monstrous humanoid? Or an outsider? All three of them make sense to me. I figure that it all hinges on the isz's ability to disguise itself and flawlessly appear as whatever it has been disguised as.

I'm leaning towards Outsider. Comments & Suggestions are sought.

If this thread has to be moved, I request the d20/OGL forum.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

I've decided on trying to make my first game with the official Pathfinder RPG a dungeon crawl without using monsters. I plan on creating an adventure of just Traps. I'll be using both traps of my own design and traps crafted by others like those found in Grimtooth's Traps. I plan on using "interesting" traps, no matter how the dice (or PCs) fall. But careful selection of Traps will be key as I plan on starting PCs at 1st Level.

I'm hoping this'll make for some good RP. If the game goes well, I plan on progressing the game into more "traditional" things (i.e. monsters, villians, rescue the prince, etc.)

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I've recently purchased a game called Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies. I've been wanting to do an AIRSHIP campaign for a while and I decided to check out this setting & it's system, Prose Descriptive Qualities (PDQ). I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far. I've got a decent start up idea, but I'm still trying to decide on the BIG BANG plot event for the overall game.

START UP: The Maitriarch of your House has made a Call of House, summoning all of those who can make a legitimate Blood claim. When all of the Blood have gathered, she relates an ominous Dream she has had of a dark event fast approaching. She claims that only those of our House Blood stand a chance in keeping this event from coming to pass.

Then she tells all before her that as of this moment she is going to dedicate as much of the House resources as can be afforded towards this goal and she expects each of Blood to work towards keeping this premonition from coming true. She even goes so far as to pronounce all vendettas onhold. When she ends this Call of House, she dismisses most of the Bloods, but requests certain family members to remain for private discussions and possibly for assignments, including the PCs.

BIG BANG [uncertain]: So far... the idea is that a new Cloud-Island has risen from the Blue, think a more bog-like Dark Water (Pirates of Dark Water) that covers the entirety of what is below the Seven Skires. Upon it is a more advanced Kingdom. They have managed to escape upwards from beneath the Blue and are seeking to conquer/ exploit the cloud-islands of the Seven Skies. Their airships use engines, propellers, and rotors. They have platoons of jetpacked warriors. They use unmanned attack drones. I definately want to give this Force more of a steampunk feel. I'm on the verge of making them non-humans. Possibly Dwarves, but a new Race is entirely possible.

Comments are sought. I'd like a good discussion of what I've got planned so far. I'd like to keep the Swashbuckler feel of both the system and the setting and I'm concerned my BIG BANG will take away from that. I'm also worried I won't be able to keep the Intrigue going as I'm not really used to GMing that aspect of the game.

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As is summon swarm only gives us Bats,Rats, & Spiders. Lame. Especially since the Monster Manual(p. 237) has six swarms (Bats, Centipedes, Hellwasps, Locusts, Rats, & Spiders.) Then PAIZO goes and gives us, at least, three more: The Carrionswarm (ROTRL #2), Sikari Macaque Swarm (CotCT #9), and the Bonestorm (CotCT #10.)

Undead crows? Wild Monkeys? A cloud of jagged undead bones? I want to SUMMON these.

Now I know that certain Swarms are stronger than others, BUT there should be some way around this problem. Perhaps a summon swarm II with more swarm choices to pick from. At the very least, summon swarm should be change to Summon a Swarm of CR 2 or less.

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Name: Zelicia, First Servant of the Sacred Scorpion
Female Human, Druid 9
Description: Zelicia lounges comfortably amongst simple rugs and pillows. Draped in an elegant red robe, she plays affectionately with the scorpion in her hands. Raven shoulder-length hair falls to frame her brilliant green eyes. The light brown of her skin adds an interesting effect that gives her slender body an exotic touch. Often using it to enhance her wiles, Zelicia's body belies its strength.

Hers is a hard beauty, weathered by both the desert sands and her experiences. Her gaze holds a lethal satisfaction, whispering loudly of her willingness to act as needed. Scars covering her hands show how often she has felt a scorpion's sting. Her only extravagance is a robe of red silk with the image of a black scorpion spun into its back she wears as the Scorpion Shaman.

Zelicia likes to keep mostly to the Temple of the Sacred Scorpion, the remnants of a shrine she began using for herself and her followers, the Servants of the Sacred Scorpion, to worship in. With the assistance the Servants, she seeks out opportunities to increase their number at every turn.

Whiptail, her pet large monstrous scorpion, is handled only by Zelicia.

Motivations/Goals: She desires to create a cult dedicated to Scorpion worship and to enlighten those around her of the lethal beauty of scorpions. She is contemplating trying to take the Test of the Starstone.

Schemes/Plots/Adventure Hooks: As both an extra source of revenue, Servants of the Sacred Scorpion milk scorpion venom to sell it to those interested. One of those interested has assassinated the king, now the prince has condemned the Servants placing bounty on Zelicia's head.

The PCs have been hired to work as guards for an archeological dig to the recently discovered temple. As the Dig gets underway accidents begin to happen. Injuries occur. Things and people begin to go missing. Who or what is behind it? That's what the PCs have to figure out before they become the next victims.

Caravans that travel through the Black Sands have begun to go missing. Several merchants who are on the verge of losing everything have pooled together to send one final caravan into the Black Sands. They offer the PCs a reward to get the caravan through.

Rumors abound of a town being overrun by giant scorpions. The PCs are approached by a modestly dressed woman who'd like to hire them to clear out the scorpions. When the PCs reach the town they find that the populace are now worshipping scorpions and making offerings to an altar dedicated to them. What is going on?

The Scorpion Cult is making a bid on godhood. Over the last year, its members have been traveling to Absalom where they plan to stage an assault on the Starstone Cathedral. Willing to sacrifice their own lives at any cost they hope to give Zelicia the chance to be granted divinity.

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I'm working on an item for an Animal Companion to use. If the Animal Compnaion wears it (such as a collar, as a helm, as footwear, ect.) does this count as being in the proper slot? Or should I be pricing it as though the item does not take up one of the spaces on a body (No Space Limitation) which costs double.

Last night I started working on a new item. I began by using someone else's basic idea which he "tossed" out there and working it into an actual item. Maybe even the item for next year's RPG Superstar contest.

So I was rooting around for spells/powers/special abilities to give it when I came across one such a power from one of the Cleric Domains. I'm currently using the base price costs for a Bonus spell. Should I be using something else?

What are the costs of adding a Domain power to an item?

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Aura strong abjuration; CL 13th
slot hands; weight 2 lbs; Price: 140,000 GP (one gauntlet)

Made of finest mithral, a spell-catch gauntlet is usually a left-handed gauntlet bearing a large, amber gemstone on the back. Electrum runes spiral from the amber down to the fingertips.

This gauntlet gives the wearer a chance to catch any spell that targets him. Succeeding on a Will Save (DC 15 + Caster Level) means you've "caught" the spell. It becomes a ball of magic in your hand and enables you to re-cast it. The spell keeps its original strength and may not be altered.

You may throw this spell at any target within the spell's range. This is considered casting the spell. By closing your hand into a fist (a free action) you get rid of the spell in your hand. You must do this before another spell is "caught." A spell-catch gauntlet has 10 charges per day. Each attempted catch uses 1 charge. Spell-catch gauntlets can be used in pairs. Using a spell-catch gauntlet with a weapon incurs all the penalties associated with Two-Weapon Fighting.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Turning, +1 masterwork mithral gauntlet, amber 500+ GP; COST: 70,000 GP

It seems rather obvious Paizo will eventually get around to doing a Companion for each Class. Unless they do entire books. I realize the core four (cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard) will probably be the first Class-based Companions. It's just good business sense.

This got me wondering what order I want to get them in. So I made a list of the Base Classes (plus Psion) and started going down them, giving each a reasons for why I placed them there. Remember: My List. My Rules.

MONK: For some reason, this one shouted "POSSIBILITIES!" Pretty amazing for just words on the screen. Fill this with numerous orders and philosophies. Add in dozens of unarmed combat styles. And viola! The potential for Zen Awesomeness.
ROGUE: Just so I can remake my only Elven PC, Joesh Ravendark. The only member of his adventuring party to escape unscathed from the Dungeon of Deformities.
BARD: 'Cause Bards get no love. Of all the 3.5 games I've been in NO ONE has ever chosen to play Bard.
CLERIC: Cause someone usually doesn't want to play Cleric. And just to slight players who refuse to play Clerics. :)
FIGHTER: It's probably the most played class in D&D.
WIZARD: I want more familiars. Or rules for making non-atypical familiars because of an idea for a necormancer I've had.
PALADIN: Decided to play a cleric turned paladin or a paladin turned cleric for the PF Society. Maybe I'll play a straight Paladin. Decisions, decisions...
SORCERER: I like what Paizo has done for this class & I'd like to see more.
DRUID: Just wanted to branch out. (ha ha it is to laugh)
PSION: I hear they're on other worlds. I like other worlds.
RANGER: Just to spite someone I know. It's petty. BUT as I like to say "It's all about the spite."

If you haven't already: Feel free to disagree.

Obviously, the kingdom Companions for each of the factions from the PF Societies are going to be out before or shortly after GenCon. There are the player guides for each of the Adventure Paths which'll be released at the start of each new AP. So when will we get another new RACE Specific PF Companion, Paizo?

I'd just like to know which race we'll see next in PF Companion and when. I realize that it'll probably be Dwarves of Golarion. Dwarves are too much of a fantasy Basic not to be next. Though I personally want to see Gnomes of Golarion more.

So when will we get another new RACE Specific PF Companion, Paizo?

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The Subject says it all. I've been unsuccessful in finding the answer, so I decided to ask.

As a Player, I chose the Osirion faction. BUT I don't want every PC I play to be Osirion OR dedicated to helping the Osirion Faction. In fact, the first PC I registered I want to be Andoran or Taldan and help the faction I choice for her. Can I do this without losing my faction-related Prestige Awards or MUST all my PC serve the goals of the Osirion Faction because as a Player I chose to support that faction?

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Still looking for some feedback on this. Preferably the kind that takes it apart bit by bit.

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I just got the order in today and I failed to receive part of it. The 2 copies of the Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide (OGL) were not in the package I recieved.

Also I where are the PDF downloads for the following products:
Pathfinder Chronicles: Gazetteer (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Monsters Revisited (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale (OGL) Print Edition

Now that I've bought them shouldn't they have be added to My Downloads page?

The reason I'm asking is because I should (if all goes according to my plans) be taking ownership of a Yahoo! Group sometime in the next 7 days. I'll then find myself with a redundant Group with a similar theme and poorer Group activity. So, I figure I'd run a PBP game based on Wilde's School for Wayward Catgirls.

The thing is, I've never run a play-by-post game before. Heck, I've never even played in one. So, I'm looking for all the advice and suggestions I can get about running a PBP game. All help is appreciated.

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I'd like to request a 100% Black & White Character Sheet. I wish this option had been given to us when the ZIP file had been released. I'd like to waste as little color ink out of the family printer as possible. I also feel gray scale looks horrendous.

Any else agree with me?

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I really liked the picture of the gnome girl in Pathfinder #4. But the sidebar tells us practically NOTHING about Gnomes. When will we be getting the background info to actually build a Gnome Character with a History? I'd like to build a Gnome NPC for a Magnimar encounter that my PCs will soon have.

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Last night, I finished off the session with my Players (the Oh! Cursed) arriving on the outskirts of Foxglove Manor. So I'll be spending the next week getting ready for them entering into Foxglove Manor.

While reading up on Haunts, I decided it would be interesting to give hand out index cards to the Players when they become caught up in a Haunt. I really see this as a way to limit the details of a Haunt to the Player that it deals without stepping away from the game table. I'm working this out for myself, but I'd like to suggest a web supplement where the Haunts are described in detail. Each Haunt shoul come with an index card detailing a successful Notice check.

Preferably in a cut & paste on an index card way. HINT!! And by this Saturday. HINT!!

Comments? Suggestions?

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I've got a player whose character is a Lupin Druid and I'd like to add a troupe of Druid/Ranger werewolves into the Adventure Path for his character's sake. Now ehre would be the best place for them?

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I'm just looking for a list of what kind of things I [B]might[B] be handing out the Sin Points for.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Other than the Prices, what's the difference in these two products? The Gazetteer just looks to be a weaker Campaign Setting. So why should I bother with it?

I've changed this message's POST AS to my alias BUT the first post always says that it is posted by my main Avatar. Can this be fixed so I can actually post as my ALIAS & ONLY my ALIAS?

Although first mentioned in The Manual of Planes 3.5, the first time I came across the concept of a Fey Plane is with 4E's Races & Classes preview. This one thing sealed the deal. I will be buying the Player's Handbook4E and probably The Manual of Planes 3.5, too.

I instantly liked the idea and am continually liking it even more. I just hope they give us more fey creatures to populate it with. So what does everyone else think of the Feywild?

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I was looking for this message board about a week ago. I clicked GAME MASTERY in the BLUE TITLE BAR on my screen & I got no link to message boards. So I then clicked on PATHFINDER figuring it got placed lower on the message boards linked from there. Nope not there either. Upon glancing at those boards I thought maybe it had been renamed into the Pathfinder Chronicles Products. Now I know that this is not the case.

Could you give the Game Mastery message boards the same treatment you gave the Pathfinder boards?

Ok, so I'm re-reading Races & Classes when I come to the Drow. On page 50, in the chapter directly below the sidebar "Fixing Level Adjustment", the first sentence is "Another significant change is that the drow are fey, but in type only."

So does this mean that all elves are now fey?


Now as I liked the Feywild the instant I read about it. (I'm actually working out some details for a BESM campaign at the moment.) I was already considering giving all elvish races the fey type any way to better represent the ability to step into the Feywild seemingly with ease. I'm wondering if this will be something that will be seen in DD4E.

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When will I be able to obtain / download the Player's Guide for Curse of the Crimson Throne? We are only a couple of months away from the next Adventure Path and I'd like to see the Player's Guide as soon as possible.

It would be true coolness to get a free one when RotRL #6 ships.

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This question is specifically geared towards the 3 Goblin Commandos who are with Ripnugget in Area C19. What are their Tactics? Using the Tactics on page 13 aren't viable because these commandos don't have goblin dogs. What Gear do they have? Since they don't have goblin dogs I'm also assuming that what they have to fight with will be different.

I'm trying to figure out how to add the Cauldron-Born Template (Dragon #340 pg. 76-79) to a dead character. I'm posting his original stats first & what I believe they've changed to afterwards. Comments? Corrections? Please correct me if I'm wrong.


STR: 16
DEX: 18
CON: 18
INT: 13
WIS: 15
CHR: 13

HP: 23 (2d10+8) +3 (Toughness)

AC: 18 (DEX +4; Studded Leather +3; Shield +1)

MELEE: +6 (Base +2; DEX +4 -- Weapon Finesse)
RANGE: +6 (Base +2; DEX +4)

INIT: +8 (DEX +4; Imporved Initiative)


STR: 16
DEX: 22 (Augmented +4)
CON: 18
INT: 13
WIS: 15
CHR: 15 (Augmented +2)

HP: 31 (2d12+8) +3 (Toughness) (Augmented Hit Dice d12)

Now I 'm not sure if I should have rolled HP all over again cause I'm uncertain as to what happens when a creature's current hit dice become d12's. So I rerolled HP.

Two Choices for this augmented former PC:

AC: 25 (DEX +6; Studded Leather +3; Natural Armor +6; Shield +1)
AC: 23 (DEX +6; Natural Armor +6; Shield +1)

MELEE: +6 (Base +2; DEX +4 -- Weapon Finesse)
RANGE: +6 (Base +2; DEX +4)

INIT: +10 (DEX +6; Imporved Initiative)

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Lost most of my post when went screwy on me. Had to restart the computer just to get onto the site though I had no problems with other sites. So here the jist of my last post attempt:

Last session, my players lost two party members (of six) when they failed to slay the monsters in Area D12. Now they've returned to Sandpoint to recruit some fresh blood (i.e. the new PCs of the two players who had PCs die last time.) I'm also planning on having Shalelu go with them this time around mainly because I plan on using her to keep the PCs alive as they go further into RotRL, to assist them in finishing without them making another trip back to Sandpoint for supplies or new recruits and to cut down on the EXP after the changes I'm planning on.

BUT what will Thistletop be like when they return?

I figure that the rope bridge has been has been triggered. Plus, Ripnugget has 2 goblins stationed in the each of the towers (C13 & C15) again. Ripnugget is also waiting nearby with the Goblin War Chanter in area D19. He has stationed 4 Goblins and 3 Goblin Commandos in area D11.

Q: What are the tactics of the Thistletop Commandos (3)?

The tentamont will stay where it is.

I will open the doors in between areas D1-5 and D9-D12 to give the Yeth Hounds some breathing room to cause mayhem and to keep the PCs guessing. I'll also add another Yeth Hound, which may or may not be the one that is supposed to be with Nualia. Probably will be that one though.

I figure that those henchmen of Nualia's who are still amongst the living will (Orik Vancaskerkin, Lyrie Akenja, and Tsuto) have banded together in area D15. With Orik & Tsuto fighting back to back and Lyrie offering magical assistance.

I've decided to use the Transformation Room as a variant Black Cauldron (Dragon #340, pg. 76-79) where Nualia had the 2 recently deceased party members, who are posted in the RtoRL Obituaries, augmented with the Cauldron-Born Template and unleashed in Area E2. I'm a little concerned about the fighter, who'll end up w/a 22 DEX and has a Feat that makes him impossible to Flank (Eyes in the Back of the Head, Wheel of Time RPG.) I really need to figure out more on adding templates to PCs. I figure I'll have time though because of Thanksgiving we'll miss one of our sessions.

I'm also thinking about adding a creeping glyph from J1: Entombed with the Pharaohs to Area E1.

All suggestions and comments are sought & welcomed.

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After a quick debate with myself about posting this in the "Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?" thread I decided that the intent of what I am suggesting is different enough from that formerly mentioned thread to merit a new thread. What it all boils down to is that I wanted some place where I could suggest an idea for a Pathfinder-related blog post on the Paizo Blog and I felt that the "Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?" (sticky) thread intention was geared more towards making requests & suggestions for Pathfinder as a whole.

I'd like to see small blurbs for all of the known deities in Golarion. Something similar to the six found in the Rise of the Runelord Player's Guide. I am particulary interested in more detail of Iomedae as I have a Player in my game about to run a Paladin of Iomedae.

Aroden is also of a high interest to me just becuase I find the concept intriguing on various levels.

Something more on the relationship between Aroden amd Iomedae would be nice. From what I've come to understand, from reading various thread posts, Iomedae is another mortal, who has attained godhood and now resides within the Realms of the Divine. Also that Aroden had something to do with helping her in this. Am I right?

Thanks. Now I sleep.

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I chose to get store credit with my left over subscription and I was wondering WHEN will I be able to get to use it? I've currently got over $100 in my cart and want to get those things I've selected as soon as possible.

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Well, I've only just begun reading Burnt Offerings, but already I've found something I want to flesh out: the Swallowtail Festival Welcoming Speeches. I read that bit about the mayor's speech and I instantly KNEW what she had said to upset Larz. Now I'd like to flesh out all four of the speeches.

THE MAYOR'S JOKE @ LARZ ROVANKY'S EXPENSE: I see that Larz Rovanky has even managed to attend. Although what he does when he's not getting his hide tanned, I won't begin to speculate.

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I can't seem to find the Dueling Cloak (15 gp) that I want to purchase for the 1st level fighter I'm building. Does anyone know what article/book it was in?

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

With today being the US holiday, Memorial Day, it got me to wondering about the festivals and holy days of Varisia. Will this article be in one of the first six Pathfinder volumes?

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I cannot wait to play with these! Kobolds on giant toads!! Oh Yes... oh yes.

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