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Back in my day there was only one direction it could go...

Oh, um, yay progress and all that jazz! (>.>)

"Thousands of years will catch up in an instant. I won't feel anything. My soul might feel a twinge going back to when it left time, but I'll be fine."

"As cliche and.. pun-like.. as it may seem, my time has run out. My brother is going to do what he can to send my spirit back to the point I would've died of old age. You could help with that, if you wish."

Krays wrote:
He nods, and gives Ephebe a quick "I'm glad you're ok" hug n kiss, and walks toward where Anwar and Lysander disappeared to.

The brothers were stopped and talking in their birth language until Krays joins them.

"Yes, Krays? I hope you aren't going to get teary-eyed too. It really won't suit you.""

Ephebe wrote:
She stepped back. "You were a lousy teacher, Lysander. But thank you for trying. And for saving my children. For that alone, I forgive you everything else. If you end up in my corner of the afterlife, I'll leave standing orders with the aschen to not torment your soul or trade it to anyone else."

"The chances of you seeing me in the afterlife are very slim. My time in this life is pretty unbalanced. There's a good chance... Well, no mourning, got it? It's bad for the training." He says rather bluntly. "Just.. break the news to the little ones gently. Getting them worked up over nothing is bad."

"Also, you were a terrible student. Keep working on that or I'll fail you from beyond the grave."

"We'll talk after this."

"Ephebe, sometimes things just go badly even when you're making them better. I hate knowing that, but immortality is terrible. I don't know how angels and the like handle it."

"I can't really hide anything can I?"

So I've been planning this for a while now. >.>

"Let the Sandwalkers rest. All of them." He adds. "I've brought my brother back with your help I can go home now."

Anwars stands back and listens quietly. He understood what was going to have to happen.

"I'd appreciate it if you all could be quieter and deal with the bad Ephebes!" Anwar growls from his spot on the sand, already sweating through his shirt and ignoring the slight bleeding from his nose.

"You never were good on concentrating."Lysander quips as he keeps an eye on Dave during the battle, just in case.

Anwar flinched as he got closer to finishing the ritual, the sudden influx of power from time speeding up causing his nose to bleed copiously as he worked to contain it.

Lysander funneled more power from his amulet to counteract the way time slowed down for him, trying to stay just as fast and get between De'Foul and his brother. "I'm not letting you near my brother!"

I said it on purpose to get his attention anyway.

I speak Sirrocan, which is actually just Al-Behd. For those who don't want to look it up, the alphabet is in Headmaster Rio's profile.

With the dragon dead/dying, Lysander has time(of course) to look at the others and glare. De'Foul. Someone definitely wasn't playing nicely anymore. Time to stop pretending to do the same.

"You ymmryd! Are you so sure the catfolk is your friend? Or is he your friend like Raelle was your girlfriend?!"

Just gonna say tunnel vision is bad. Get my focus off the wretched blue and things will get all 'kill the dragon blooded thing trying to hurt my brother' quick.

Lysander's eyes turn black as the Dark Tapestry and he launches himself at the blue dragon with ferocity equal or even grater than the draconic champion could muster. Even as he fought, ignoring his injuries, Anwar began pulling energy from the other Patrons, using their Champions at the conduit. His body began to pulse with power and the scales in his hands began to tilt back and forth as they got closer and closer to the revival.

The apparent one-sidedness of the fight, due to sheer numbers on the attacking side, seemed to overwhelm Lysander for a moment. The something changed and the fighting he was doing became even as he protected his brother. The fury and speed he exhibited was more than enough to keep up with multiple Times, and one by one he began to whittle away at the numbers.

Meanwhile, further evening the odds, Anwar picked up the token from Ephebe and began to pull at the energy he sought to take back from Time. It was time to return balance to reality both real and fake.

"From what I know, that's a pretty tame reaction. Last time he did stuff like this I felt like I was dying and being reborn at the same time. Not fun." Lysander watches each of the other Times carefully, seeing possible options flit before his eyes like ethereal shards.

"That would be where we come in, isn't it?" Lysander replies as he lets his white flame wires manifest and hiss on the sand. "Can't say I'm not looking forward to some hunting, old school style..."

"Prepare for any attack, I suppose." Anwar says as he opens the safe and pulls out a few things. Measuring scales, a collapsible staff, an amulet. "man I missed these..."

"You make it sound like fighting an army of Time Champions -Aurix included!- is going to be easy."

"Well, yeah. It is."

"It's what they told themselves. Don't you remember the legend of the Watcher?" Lysander asks. "if Balance had remained, everything would eventually be in its control."

"Which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Shi doesn't want to be in control, no matter how much of a control freak shi is." Anwar laughs loudly. "I'm not really allowed to say more than that. Everything is out of balance at the moment and it's just royally f$&/€#% things up."

I lost mine that way.

"I wonder if this is why I only ever got to work in my own time line."

"They don't, but do you really want to be making enemies by stealing right now?" Anwar asks, smirking.. "I gotta say though, if you're an engine I'll take up engineering."

Lysander studiously ignores his little brother. "Andromeda, you haven't seen more of me, have you? That wouldn't make sense."

"Ephebe wrote:
"What is it you need? And what are you planning to do with it?" she asked, skeptically.

"Something that belongs to each Champy. Anything would work, but their Champion item would be downright phenomenal. Unless you think three Timers can drag a Patron into the future, that is."

Andromeda Sunwake wrote:

Meanwhile, Andromeda is sketching something in the dirt. She seems to have gotten distracted by something and is trying to sort it.

"Lysander, how did you find out about your Time powers being back?" she asked, absently. "Only I think it might be important. I don't quite have enough information yet to work it all out."

"I don't have them back. I've been using the amulet the other you gave me."

"A second one? That means there's a third!" Anwar says excitedly as he dodges the purple worm vomit. The sand where it lands smokes harshly. "Good girl. I'm sorry we had to do that." He tells the worm, rubbing it's side. "Go find some nice bandits to eat, okay?"

"Little brother, you're crazy sometimes."

"But I'm a crazy brother with a new plan!"

Ephebe wrote:
*lots o' questions*

"I don't know, but I think Anwar might be able to shed some light on that if he doesn't melt himself with purple worm stomach acid." He says that last part loud enough that it's clearly a warning for his younger brother. "the point is to stall. I think. Kronos is probably trying to find which of the Champions of Time is the strongest so he can bring in a legion of them to beat all the other Patrons. He's pretty blatantly cheating. I don't know what the hole in the universe is about though, unless he's trying to fix the timelines."

"As for why you don't remember.. Well, I think the 'fix the timelines' idea holds merit in that regard."

Ephebe wrote:
Ephebe landed. "Lysander? I have some questions...."

"About time." Anwar mutters as he coaxes a purple worm to drink from several vials.

"Ignore him. I'll answer as best I can."

"You'd think she'd ask straight questions." Anwar mutters

"Shut up. We've got at the time in the world right now, so let her fly. You still remember the vault, right?"

"I'm not gonna forget that, Sandy. We raised it together after all."

Ephebe wrote:
Lysander Sandwalker wrote:

"She gets that Aurix killed me so my Patron couldn't enforce the checks and balances every Patron agreed on, right?"

"She's angry because I didn't tell her I've spent several thousands years waiting to use a Champion to get revenge."

"Anwar, I don't think I believe any information that comes from a Patron at to point."

"And I'm angry because you won't tell me the truth. So once again it's time to walk blindly into battle and...oh, wait, that's how we got into this mess. You can't criticize me for not questioning Kronos and then complain when I do and question you too."

"Okay, Ephebe, you want the truth? I'm surprised you haven't figured this out after you figured out I was the Watcher from the Sandwalker legend. You know, the one who was supposed to kill another Champion? Who in the Nine Hells do you think we just brought back?"Anwar waves a bit when he's pointed to. "I didn't need my Champion abilities to see open warfare would erupt among the Patrons someday, and I put together something to help out when it did."

"I've been the Watcher for nearly as long as Agartha has existed, and waiting while so high strung is just exhausting. I want to be able to relax and enjoy life, just like you."

"She gets that Aurix killed me so my Patron couldn't enforce the checks and balances every Patron agreed on, right?"

"She's angry because I didn't tell her I've spent several thousands years waiting to use a Champion to get revenge."

"Because who I was and who I am now are completely different people, Ephebe, something you should understand! Or do I have to remind you what you've done for Kronos? I killed what I believed wrongly were monsters. It's what I was raised to do! I was wrong to kill your ancestors and you were wrong to blindly kill off your brother in who knows how many universes! Now get over yourself and realize just what it means that we just brought my little brother back to life to help us win this!"

He catches it easily and helps Anwar out of the pit, placing him against the grave marker.

"Calm down, hatchling. I didn't plan this as thoroughly as you think. I was always going to bring Anwar back to life, I just wasn't sure how.until an opportunity presented itself. Thank you, by the way, thus means a lot."

"Now," he continues, "Anwar is still going to be a great help fighting Aurix and-"

"You mean I get a second chance at that overgrown gila monster?!" Anwar says suddenly, cutting Lysander off. "Amazing! I thought he'd be dead before you brought me back, Sandy!"

"Could we try to be a bit more tactful around the current Champion of Time?" Lysander asks, shaking his head. "Ephebe, I don't know why you're this upset and surprised. Your family has a history of saving its members, doesn't it?"

Took that power and merged it with his fire, sending it into the ground and into Anwar's remains, reversing the flow of time. He worked carefully, diligently, putting every cell back in its place just before the time of death. For him the work took years, but outside of him and the power only a few seconds passed.

Then instant Anwar was alive again Lysander blasted the sand away and let go of the amulet to jump into the grave and pull the coughing, wheezing half-elf out. One that looked a little younger than Lysander.

"Tookkk you long en-enough, Sandy." He manages to say between retching up sand.

"Shut up, Ann, it was only just over a year for you." Lysander mutters, holding the other half-elf up.

Aaand I'm betting on a freak out.

"Hold on to the chain and just give it more power to use. I'll channel it from there and soon we'll have an ally against Aurix." Lysander was actually happy to have even a semblance of his Championship back, especially now that he had a chance and vengeance!

Yes, I hugged her. Get over it.

Lysander got up and hugged Ephebe very, very briefly before taking the amulet out and holding it over the log that was now clearly a grave marker.

"Let's do this quickly."

"Anwar won't be as strong as he was before, having lost his source, but it'll be a start to evening the playing field. If you want to see ruthlessness, consider this: you don't know where or when you are and I do. What are the chances you'll get back to Avalon -in the right timeline- in time?" He pauses, then smiles. "Kronus made me ruthless too. Far more than you were in any timeline. I still didn't do everything he wanted. I'll get you back wether you help me or not. The only question is if you'll help me."

"Help me bring him back. At this point in time we just need to turn his time back one year and two days."

"I am well aware of what's going on, Ephebe. Your amulet is fueling my old abilities, and they aren't quite the same as yours. I will handle Aurix if you'll help me now. You asked where we were before?" He points at the log. "Welcome to the Eveir Oasis, the final resting place of Anwar."

"I can guess. Did he decide that, since Light cheated by having a champion from another timeline that he'd just bring them all in?" Lysander asks as he goes to sit down a few feet from the log, looking at it with an expression Ephebe couldn't quite place..

Lysander takes her hand and smiles.

"Try not to follow, Chronos. You won't like where I'm going." He tells the Patron before he and Ephebe are engulfed in sand and disappear.

The next thing Ephebe knows she's standing in an oasis, not far from a single log stuck upright in the ground like a marker.

Ephebe wrote:

"Lysander! I am so glad to see you," she said, relieved.

"No!" the hooded figure commanded in a booming voice. "You must not remove her from this place! I am trying to keep her safe," he added, sounding annoyed.

"For once I actually believe you," she said quietly. "But it's too late for that. Lysander, please, help me get out of here....just not...

"Your version of 'safe' was trying to get me to commit fratricide, you glorified clock." Lysander says coldly to the Patron as he walked around the Hourglass. He touched it one, reverently, then sighed as it shattered and the Sands fell out with Ephebe. "anywhere, hatchling?"

Lysander faces a moment of indecision, but knew what he had to do. Putting on the necklace he absorbed the power of Time again, feeling that intoxicating rush, and became the Wanu-Caluht Cmyoan once again. This might have been what Chronos wanted, but he didn't care. He had power again, and this time he wouldn't stop and throw it away!

Lysander collapses into a blaze of white flame that spreads like sand before disappearing...

Ephebe wrote:
Ephebe wrote:

She could see the oasis in the distance, but she knew that she would never be able to reach it. Not the way things were now. The rules had changed.

"Come on, Lysander, find me already!" she yelled, frustrated.

"You are so impatient," the hooded figure said, popping out from nowhere once again.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, goody, you're back. I do so love these little chats," she said sarcastically. "And in case you forgot....again....I am only 27. Of course I'm not going to be as patient as people who have been alive or centuries."

The figure chuckled. "Yes, it is easy to lose track. You've always been so precocious. Which is why you need to stay here and wait. It's better that you're out of the way just now. Believe it or not, I don't want to hurt you. But I have plans, and this time you will not interfere."

...before appearing next to the trapped Ephebe in a similar fashion. "Never thought I'd see my old prison again. The Sands were my little invention... Anyway, time to get you out of here, one way or the other!"

Wasn't sure Cronos would let me in.

"Damn it..." Lysander mutters, taking the pendant from his pocket. That stupid Patron was screwing things up. Again. "gotta save the hatchling again."

You'll never know if I would or wouldn't.

So that's why Balance had such an advantage. Time messed up and used an arrogant, overgrown, shiny lizard.

No offense meant to relatives. :)

Ephebe wrote:
::Yes, artron energy is temporal in nature. But no, I don't think Fei can handle this. It's more likely that it would rip him apart from the inside in a matter of minutes. To be honest, I don't know anyone who can..::

Not it. :p

Iolth Taknith wrote:
Anyways, I'll trying to tone Iolth done by a lot. He's probably going to spend a decent amount of time training with a few psionicists-probably Ephebe and Lysander-as well as Sadie to get his powers up and running.

Yeah, I'm not training you. You're a threat to my cousins. I'll be watching you at the very least.

Not that kind of psychic anyway.

Melody Waverider wrote:
I mean I am a TIMELORD any time war would have to be centered on Mel.

Or Ephebe.

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