"Boy Scout" type character idea.

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I was thinking he would be an LG ranger (and probably worship Erastil). What skills and feats should he have?

Survival and knowledge nature would be obvious.

I’m a little concerned that he will lose the boyscout aspect in being a ranger though. There’s almost too much overlap. An investigator may be a better fit. Boy Scouts are big on knowledge and preparation.

Not sure if good is even necessary. It always felt more lawful than good to me.

Edit: just checked and there is a natural philosopher archetype for the investigator in ultimate wilderness that fits this concept pretty well.

Interestingly Natural Philosopher stacks with Cartographer if you want to be good at maps too.

Gotta at least splash paladin.

You mean like real world boy scout, or like Superman/Steve Rogers boyscout?

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You have to define what that means to you.

Is it someone who could live/survive off the land indefinitely?

Is it someone who lives a mostly urban (or suburban) life but enjoys occasional wilderness forays and has respectable skills in that setting?

Is it someone who goes glamping once a year?

Any of the above could fit a concept of 'boy scout' from the perspective of their wilderness skills and abilities. Obviously, they are rather different.

And that is just one simple aspect of a what a boy scout could be.

I'm thinking mainly the 2nd one. Seems like it would be a good character for Kingmaker if I ever get a chance to play.

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