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So I was playtesting a Fighter alongside my buddy's barbarian... and it was my observation that it felt kind of weak. I was a fighter in fullplate and was more accurate than the barb and dealing extremely similar damage (I was a dwarf, barb was human). That... kind of bothered me and then I came to the forums where I discover that, allegedly, every class was intended to have more or less similar numbers.

Was anyone in PF1 upset that the barbarian outdamaged fighters? I always figured that came with the territory - a fighter has more AC, and the barb deals more raw damage and hopes the other thing stops moving first. So I look around and I do some thinking (as well as finding out that my playtest data was wrong - I thought a large weapon increased the damage die, which it apparently does not). Would it break anything too badly if rage gave another weapon die? It would be strong at level 1 - but so is everything else. Honestly my bard should die if I fail to notice a orc barbarian hiding in a tree with a greataxe above me.

Barbarian as of right now seems to not hit enough and when it does the damage dealt... is just unremarkable. Thoughts?

There's at least one other thread about this, if not two or three.

You're not alone.

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