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I think I offered on one earlier in week, and then he tells me has sold to another. or maybe. Red flags.

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Nice collection. YOu have been working hard on these My alts have sold Raw materials to you on and off.
I would be interested in some of the crafters. Are you selling this a a single package (and then I buy from the winner at 8 to 10% of total package as the more valued packages (#1 or #7/#8) are worth more than 12% of the total?
There are some combinations more interesting than others to me.

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It seemed that goblin works went down, but Paizo connections were uncertain. Not rue it there or internet.

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Looking at the desired, I have little to offer, only essence, patents, and perfects; no pine, coal or ore,and not enough pelts. Deposited extra in bank while I continue to look for what I need.

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I am not sure you conclude sales. SPent a week in Golgotha with 100 coal and never met a trade. THere is still 100 coal in that bank.

Is the Steel Shirt tier 2 light armor? Otherwise, can I take two recipes?

Can one buy more than one ticket? Though I do not know if the odds are worth itt vs having a TG crafter make it.

Locke for Xinty

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The most exciting time I have had was PvP. For several minutes the character eluded pursuit. Then tried a new strategy and died. It was fabulous!

I am not much of a PvP player, but ....

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Some want dungeons and more advanced PvE.
Not now
Some want completed full PvV
Not now

What do these not understand about Minimal Viable Product.

There are concepts of agile development. I do not know if that is in use here, but I suspect it is.

The foundation needs to be laid before more advanced features are there.

Besides complaining, what are they doing to define use cases which the design can address.

There is a year before release. this does not support easter eggs either.

Must be a flop. Anyone can do easter eggs. We coloured them today. How could they fail to support Easter Eggs.

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My alt hung around in Emerald lodge for a week once and in Golgothat later for another week based upon contracts discussed with settlement members. They did not cheat me, but then neither contract was… let's say completed. She experienced no chaos nor law nor good, …

She saw no evidence they are not evil and no evidence that they are chaotic.

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If you really think you want accounts, why not 'buy' those accounts with no players. Of course the best game will be that one which you and other wolves own all the accounts and there are no sheep or sheep dogs. You are well on the way to owning the carcase of a game. enjoy.

Do you have any concept of what you want to play or are you Andius trying to destroy all others.

Why this meta game approach to eliminate your harvest?

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Let me understand this. (I have responded in another thread and expect there dis Golgotha target on my back after spending more that a week trying to have exchange in their city, I am not their big (not biggest target))

Attacking minot targets,because eveil will not target tough opponents, to the point of making players leave the game, arguer that this game, two month into EE must provide the PvP ultiment play (2 year from now) or they will destroy the game now. Never mind that many level of the game are not 2 years mature, THEY MUST HAVE THEIR ULTIMATE PLAY NOW, or there will drive sheep and sheep dogs out for a wolf vs wolf game. which has little audience.

I am not saying don't play evil, BUT STOP PLAYING EVIL STUPID! Evil need s victims who survive to become valuable victims again. Duh!

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If some one repeatedly returns to empty husk, Golgothat is happy to repeatably kill the worthless noob and this is game. No return, but an easy kill. It is about killing, not about return or profit. OK. Provide really difficult play to discourage newbie play. No challenge fish in barrel -- be proud of that worthless kill. Be happy that that kill did not develop to a greater harvest 2 weeks or a month from now. Be happy that you have driven future targets away until it will only be wolves vs wolves. No new sheep players. Be happy., but it is your game. I thought you were about challenge and not easy purposeless game. Note my alt has left Golgotha. At this point there is no sale.
Killing bunnies is no challenge, but continue to take pride (OK there is now a target on me just a Andius had before.
Yay you are gong to come after and kill me for objecting to you policy of killing just for the pleasure of killing. That is what you want. That is what you want the game to be. THe sheep harvesting will go away. the sheep dogs will go away, the wolves will remain to eat each other, with limited production at low tier two.

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Neadenil Edam wrote:
Husk camping long past the time it would have taken to loot the husk so as to rekill the character trying to get back to collect it is also occurring regularly.

If this is happening, Phyllain, Midnight, Bluddwolf, any of those in leadership would want to know as would customer service. If you can not get character name, get time and place. Devs may have a log.

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People are going to love or hate this idea (hate because someone tried first). Find local Pathfinder Society (table top) group and approach the society. Are there player who bought into PfO because of the great Table top rewards? WIll they sell their PfO account? THese are probably OE accounts.

It is a start!

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The settlement is surround by the end of world sky frames.
We are small.
We have a transition of primary owner.

Why are we locked out from returning home?

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I had thought that 4.X was coming up today. What did I miss? Did that get cancelled?

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Things must be going well in the game if this much effort is focus on Cheatle's statement.

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DeciusBrutus wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
How was it "rejected cleanly"? There is probably a good reason you can't replicate it, I'd say.

It's rejected because in the initial data sets, the series that should have a max and mode of 98 has one of 79.

The problem is that we cannot replicate how to get those results. In many circles, the presumption would be to consider it a failure to follow procedure and move on, instead of asking if there might be a bug related to updating keywords when weapons are changed out.

There is a difference between "not supported" and "rejected". Just because the null hypothesis was NOT disproved, does not mean it is true.

Stats can be challenging and I have not taught(tutored) it for 4 decades. Yet these arguments do not speak the language. Yes it is liars, damned liars, and statisticians. But even worse is poor statisticians who make claims with out full foundation. A little knowledge can be disastrous.

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At this point, most communities have Sage on border of Tier 2. WHich crystal do you need? How many? What will you trade? (where are you?) Tavernhold can support in the north/north west.

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I had tried the restart hing (kind of a given when you are running Windows). The initial widow does come up, but once again the next window guiding between 'rooms' does not appear.

Also, when running, Mumble has symbol on the lower left driver bar Between network and system. There is option to Maximize from there, but that does not seem to help. And there is pull down arrow that appears at top of screen for: "Cloud" "Multimedia" "System" and "Favorites"; but those seem related to tools provide (or sold) by ASUS, the vendor.

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Maybe someone can answer my problem. I am not a Windows user, usually, but I bought a PC for PfO. I have Windows 8 (or 8.1).
Mumble used to work.
Now, when I launch Mumble the icon appears on the task bar, but no window. If I click on that icon, I get choices of servers I have used, a line that says Mumble, "Pin this program to task bar", and "Close window".

If I select one of the servers it does connect, but no window to move to other then initial connection.

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@atheory I have similar thoughts (i.e. Me too!).

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I have quite a bit of Coal at Emerald lodge (vote 250 units). I am looking to trade? Any offers?

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I am in, but not sure how to transfer funds. Does goblin works need a money fund on the side?

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It is true that there are a lot of hexes in northern mountains, say (-1,-2 ) which is not too far from Thornkeep. (-1,0 is even closer, but I suspect Guurzak would not wat to volunteer that one.

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I doubt I will:

/w Nihimon Vhane'Sylvan, hello?

until there is paste in chat

(i thought I posted this, but do not find it. If it is duplicate, please mark it.)

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I suspect Bluddwolf would not so much look at breaking heads as looting husks!

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This old man does not know Beezle Juice, just Imperial IPAs. Come up to Tavernhold for a brew.

So what is Beezle Juice or is that a movie reference (that I get).

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@azure_Zero: Where would you be playing Saturday night and until how late. I might make it in by 9:30 EST.

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Thod wrote:

Who says you need an auction house. This is a sandbox game - with player generated content. So lets create some content.

How does the auction work:

Bits can be submitted either here on this board, the GW board with a similar thread - or via PM to me if you want to stay anonymous. I try to update the highest bid on both boards. Please keep in mind I have to sleep occasionally and can't be online 24/7.
The last bit is accepted Saturday 7th Ferbruary 17:00 GMT (the beginning of the downtime). The winner will be announced during the downtime.

Starting bit is 1 copper. You have to outbit the highest bid to become the new bid leader. The highest bid when the auction closes will get the armour.

Bids are in copper pieces or copper piece equivalents. I will list copper piece equivalents that I accept.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Not so much bidding on the banded but what other trades are of interest.

Locke and Xinty have about 160 coal in Emerald Lodge bank which was to be traded for copper to Golgotha, but they did not have the time to arrange a meet up so we went home. I am away from the game until late Saturday. What is offered besides cp for this trove? Xinty need +3 crystal recipes (for SAGE 6/7). There is other stuff there and we could bring some antithesis essence dow if it was worth the collecting.

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I am in search of +3 crystal recipes (as are many other). Dowser/Sage is a meaner transition than other gather/refiner as there is not in game way to increase PER attribute.

S0 what do ypu want and where? There are some T2 essences available.

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I understood this to be a game about settlement or even nation conflict. But getting there will be a long development. POI, siege equipment, formation combat, settlement damage and destruction.

And new settlement creation will be in there some where, probably after POI but before formation fighting.

New players will join a settlement establish their skills and then go on to establish a new community.

That is the vision and Ryan has been saying that since the second kickstarter. Twins seems to want something else. Fine.

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@Caldeathe Baequiannia

Brightlite has been PM'ing me and I have responded and passed onto Tavernhold. Our site has not changed since I joined in the Land Rush.

I suspect that the lack of response may be some of the smaller settlements have not come back. Ulf, Ravenlute, KarlBob, I and others (not sure what name GS uses here) have been active through Alpha. Tavernhold has been here.

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All I can say is that 3 hours in a hot spot got me 3 rare resources. These hot spots are not so hot.

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OK, I did not see the list when posted. In retrospect. these are no what my sage needs. THe AH is not very useful for the reason other have expressed. These will be resolved by OE, but planning for "drops" based upon OE AH is fantasy.

Within our small community, we are basically giving away gathering or refined good, in exchange for good will to get needed product. requests serve as an element of market, but there is no real market. I 'gifted' a community member over 100 units. another member gifted me with 20 units of a very rare item.

This is working. but not efficient.

My alts have 160 units of coal, trying to decide to take to one of three sites in SE. What do they have for me (I do not need iron or …, I need recipes)

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<Tavernhold> Locke wrote:
In two different mountains, I have found moonstone along side iron at about a 10% level (gathered 10x the iron as moonstone). I know of one place with greenweed and have previously share with Thod. I was told that there is also a site south of Phaeros

Current visit to these sites, and EXTENSIVE harvesting finds little greenweed. I suspect that the ALPHA distributions are not repeated in EE.

Sorry, my hopes of "knowing" where to go has fallen through. Greenweed is probably active in a weird remote forest. (DANG) I was hoping to use that special knowledge. I think I still know Moonstone, but a player in Talonguard traded 20, so there is a hot spot by Thornkeep that is better that I knew.

Let me know what you find. I agree this should be public and will be known within settlements. It should not be something noobs don't know.

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I thought River Bank was on east side of pond. You may not see them if you play late. When towers are here we will see who is on when.

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In two different mountains, I have found moonstone along side iron at about a 10% level (gathered 10x the iron as moonstone). I know of one place with greenweed and have previously share with Thod. I was told that there is also a site south of Phaeros

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Sorry, I do not know enough Windows. to post the picture. But at
1.31 s and 10,35 W of thornkkeep is a plant resource on top of tower.
This is no different from those on trees, but may be first reported on a "tower". Or not!

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I created new Google identity and accessed the link to find:

This file is empty.

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Seems I need to set up account with google and agree to tracking to access that data. But thank you for the link. Others may find it of issue.

I really do appreciate the work that has been done in pulling these things together. Right now I have issues with tracking that may go away. I do appreciate what you have done.

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Let me know when that happens. I need to do some copper mining again. That was fun. I should have stayed to basic chase processes. 8-)

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Tyncale wrote:
Since Speed is also an Attack buff and Reflex buff, I can see how Stephen does not really want this to become a Travel spell. This is probably what Travel Domain and horses are meant for.

Does that imply that travel domain will not work until there are horses? It certainly is working less well than these armor and wizard spells.

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A little transparency should be added for spells. While this understanding is present for the Osirons and cantrips. I do not find "official" information about spells until after XP is spent and then one learns if there is significant overlap between domain and the spell, or even what the spell does or stamina/power used. I expect Nihimon will collect this and post it so it will not be issue for future players.

If this could be published, then

Caldeathe Baequiannia could wrote:
Addedd to PFO Wiki

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Guurzak wrote:
The magic item slots hold consumables like potions or tokens. As above, no keyword matching applies. They are activated with the two hotbar slots above your Utility hotkeys.

Thank you.

Hot bar slots above utility slots? Above utility are the consumable on keys 7 and 8.

By hot bar, do you mean alt key as the expendables are alt&1- alt&6 (if you have large enough implements), implying alt&9 and alt&0 for the magic items.

Would this imply that rings are alt&7 and alt&8?

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Weapons (Melee/Ranged/Staves/Wands/Foci) match Keywords to Attacks/Cantrips/Orisons

Armor (Clothe/Light/Medium/Heavy) match Keywords to your Armor Feat
Belts/Gloves match Keywords to your Utility Abilities
Expendables match Keywords to your Feature Feat

1) Domains are feature feats. They have specific benefit which seems to not need keyword match.

Expendalbes are spells/maneuvers. These can only be found, not made.
The implements have size and volume, but no keywords.
What does a spell with no keyword match do?

All the consumables I have lack keywords. Does this mean they have effect whether or not there is keyword? Or is this not implemented? Are there recipes for consumables?

It seems mildly beneficial to advance domain, though costly, while the keywords are useless without expendables.


Cheatle wrote:

• Fingers: Rings can be enchanted with any of the other types of effects. You can wear two rings.

• Head: Head slot items generally provide bonuses to skills or to crit resistance if it is a helmet.
• Back: The back slot is either used for cloaks, which generally provide some bonus to defenses or resistances, or is used for a backpack that increases encumbrance.
• Feet: Boots provide the major keywords for mobility- or defense-related Utilities, and can be enchanted to gain an additional bonus effect when using those Utilities.
• Hands: Gloves provide the major keywords for attack or healing-related Utilities, and can be enchanted to gain an additional bonus effect when using those Utilities.

The above does not mention waist or neck.

Role pack included belt and gloves. Presumably gloves match gloves expendable (key 0) but what can belt (waist) match?

The finger slots for rings. How are they 'fired'?

3) There two magic item slots on the paper dolls. WHat goes there, what do its key words match, and how is it activated?

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There does need to be a "anonifying factor" in the boards. THere are still, a few, who will target those posting unpopular ideas. GW does need to know who posts what. Players should not, but can complain about edgy posts.

Until GW forum has Pazio functions, players will use Paizo. Why <sorry I used term which is not PC to indicate less than ideal> posts be placed on the forum.

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If P(a) P(b) and ( c) are absolutely independant, yes; but …

P(a) * (P(b|a)) * (P(c|a,b) but also further terms of P(a|c) and P(a|b) and P(b|c) which I can not actually remember

P(a) * P(b) * P© only works if there is no cross product.

Take heavy, green , and glows.

Not all heavy things have even distribution of green color (maybe heavy things are more likely to be grey to black) or glowing (maybe light things glow more),

Not all green things are evenly spread over weight (green things may average light) nor do green things average glow (green things are more likely to glow),

et cetera

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A dedicated Iconographer is also essential for some implement , spell charges (not implements, now, but when it is, will be needed) and symbols. As things develop, engineers may also be vital.

An Arcanist is not a craft or skill, but where Sage and Dowser train, and Sage refines. Bring me your orders and the recipes to achieve them (I am looking (not very hard for all +1) all +3. THere are 4 refined crystal, Azure, Crimson, Golden, and Sepia. I can deliver in raw resources or refined crystal.

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I was told that Coal was needed, but when I got there, higher prices were being paid for Pine, and higher still for pelts (seems any pelts), and even more for Moon stone.

Is there a posting of interest in SE and what is offered.

Meeting at Emerald Spire would be more comment than the hour to get to Keepers. But then I don't get the big haul of Moonstone or Greenweed. 8-)

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Nihimon wrote:
I think it should also be expected that even the friendliest folks will make an effort to secure their exclusive rights to these critical resources, especially when husk-looting is in. If you're going to be harvesting in someone else's back yard, you should either talk to them first or expect to be either heavily taxed or simply killed and looted after you've done all the work.

I suspect that Golgotha enjoy hunting poachers in the copper hills.

Emerald Spire and Hammerfall do not seem to patrol their vital resource.
Callembea and Freevale do not seem protective of their special resource.
Keepers seems to have higher drop of Moonstone, but that is not patrolled.
Yew and Pine have their separate distributions, but are in wide areas.

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