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I have compiled a list for use in my group. So far, it's been a big hit. I want to thank EVERYONE that posted and contributed to this list. It doesn't have to stop here though. If there are any new posters or old contributors that come up with some thing new, drop it in! Thanks again to Everybody!

Scarab Sages

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Speaking as a member of his group (and someone who's appropriated the list for his own campaign) I can't agree enough! Beans are truly a magical fruit.

Would you be willing to share your list? It would be fun to add into my own games and a compiled list/table would be awesome.

Grand Lodge

374: The Beardinator shows us the list!

Just your average clone wrote:

374: The Beardinator shows us the list!

The Beardinator appears over where the bean was planted, hands the planter the list, and then vanishes in a cloud of shed beard hair. With the list in hand, planters can take precautions when planting beans.:)

375: The planter grows an epic beard, regardless of gender or race. This beard regrows every time the planter sleeps, recovering itself to it's full glory. A Remove Curse or similar effect is required to remove it.

376: The planted bean grows a giant bean stock to a floating CG storm giants cloud castle, he offers the planter 6 items off of the least magic item list rolled randomly, 3 off of the moderate list rolled randomly,or 1 of the greater magic item list, if the planter is a paladin he gets a holy avenger or sun Blade, a druid gets an iron wood version of any weapon or armor rolled. There is a 1 percent chance of the giant offering the planter an artifact, picked by the GM but the item should be beneficial and sentient.

The Beardinator doesn't know how to attach his list. Sadness spreads across the land.

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