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I am building a Bomber Alchemist, and am trying to determine how many formulas I get to put into my Formula Book.

1st Level, 18 INT.

Seems like it is either 6, or 10. Perhaps I am missing something, but it reads a little strangely.


I am unable to find the rules regarding Barding (Armor) for Animal Companions. I see where it is mentioned that they can wear it, but I see no corresponding information about it.

What type of armor?
How much does it cost?
Is pricing different depending on size of animal?

On a slightly different note, is there a difference between small and medium sized creatures/characters mechanically? Bonus to hit? Higher AC? Easier to grapple? I am leaning towards no but would like to locate clarification.

Thanks for the help!

Is there any way to get DEX to Damage?

I know we can get DEX to Hit, but I haven't seen a way to get DEX to damage yet.

What are good feat choices for a Shaman that wants to focus on Hexes?

Extra Hex only allows him to choose additional hexes from his Spirit which is terrible in my opinion. I could not find a feat that improves the DC of hexes either? Are there any other hex specific feats out there?

Am I the only one that can no longer locate character sheets to print out and use?

Where did they go??


I will be playing in a home brew that takes place well before the current Pathfinder timeline and I think the Shaman class would be a good fit. However, having played a Shaman to level 10 in PFS play I find the class a bit lackluster.

I am hoping for peoples thoughts/ideas/suggestions on how to make the class more viable to have in a party. My play-style would be for him to hex enemies, use poison type spells (maybe have to be acid?) to blast, and then use the Wandering Mystery thing to pick up some healing abilities for those crazy moments. I am not terribly interested in a familiar, so perhaps dropping that feature and picking up more hexes?

Any ideas?

I am trying to build a character that has a high AC, but wears LIGHT Armor or No Armor. I know there are options out there that allow you to add different stats to your AC but am wondering if there are more.

What I know now:

All Classes: Adds DEX to AC
Shifter: Adds WIS to AC when unarmored
Monk: Adds WIS to AC when unarmored
Devoted Muse (Prestige Class): Adds 1 point of CHA bonus per level to AC when unarmored/light armor.

Are there other options available? Perhaps there are archetypes that allow you to add a different stat to AC?

Thanks for the assistance!

Are there any feats that my character can take that will boost his animal companion? I am building a Hunter that is focused on making his cat more effective.

Anything that he can take that would increase the stats/saves/armor class for his cat?

I was curious if there is a Domain, Magic Item, Trait, Feat, or something that might help to increase the damage inflicted for a negative channeling Cleric. Ya know, something like 1d6+1, and then it continues to increase a bit as the character levels. I know theres a small bonus for positive channelers vs. Undead like that.

Again, must be PFS legal.

Looking for some help building a Musketeer type character as well as a high AC Shifter. The Musketeer I am thinking would be Gunslinger/Swashbuckler in some form?

The Shifter would have high DEX and high WIS for the conversion to AC, and is there a way to get DEX to damage on natural attacks?

Any tips on how we can get this done?

Can a Shifter activate their minor aspect and then use Wild Shape to change into an animal different than the minor aspect.

For Example, can an 8th level Shifter activate Minor Aspect: Bull, and then turn into a Dire Wolverine from his/her 2nd aspect (thus gaining STR bonus from minor aspect and STR bonus from size increase?)

I am playing a Cleric in a home game and am strongly considering taking Leadership at 7th level in order to provide crafting opportunities for the group.

From a thematic standpoint I would prefer the cohort to be a Cleric who has been assigned to tutor underneath me.

My Question: Can a Cleric be a solid crafter?

Also, are there feats and/or traits that he can take which shorten his crafting time?

Any tips on what a 5th level Human Cleric crafter would build out? I think I would want him to be able to craft belts/headbands, wands, and staffs. Perhaps a few other items as well. Crafting time will be an issue.

Human Bonus Feat:
1st Level Feat:
3rd Level Feat:
5th Level Feat:

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

As the title suggests, I am looking for PFS legal ways to act in a surprise round. I am assuming a Gunslinger with the Quick Draw feat would be able to draw and fire in a surprise long as they are able to act.

Is there a way to do this?

Greetings! My son and I are leveling up a couple Ratfolk brothers and were hoping for some tips/advice on Feats to take.

Ratfolk Unchained Rogue (Knife Master)

Ratfolk Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 1/Investigator (Empiricist)

The concept is my character will move in first after ID'ing the enemy followed by my son who will come in and hit them hard with Sneak Attack.

I understand that not all enemies will be subject to sneak attack/precision damage so lets not focus on that particular issue. Let's try and focus on what I can do as the Investigator to help set him up for success.

Teamwork feats? We will already be "swarming" so we flank from the same square, but perhaps Outflank would be effective to increase our bonus?

Should I go with a Trip build so his target is prone as well? As a small race it will make that a bit more difficult but perhaps I can make it work.

As the title says I am looking for ideas on 2 builds for my son and I. He wants to play a Samauri while I am leaning towards an undead killing Cleric or divine caster.

Are there any Samauri archetypes that swap out the mount feature and are perhaps somewhat thematic for the sand?

Ideas on undead slayer?

Thanks for your suggestions.

A question came up in our recent alchemists bombs damage Incorporeal creatures? Is the bomb damage considered magical?

I am hoping there is a magic item or something similar that allows a character to make a skill a Class skill.

I am in need of being a bit more...Diplomatic.

I have a quick question regarding an Alchemists bombs and Discoveries.

If an Alchemist picks up the Entangling Bombs Discovery at level four, do the bombs still do normal damage when they explode, but also have the additional function of entangling? Or does the entangle replace bomb damage?

I could not read anywhere that it replaces the damage, and some of the other Discoveries explicitly read that bomb damage is reduced in some case when additional effects are added. So as far as I can tell the bomb would explode doing damage, and then entangle.

Am I correct? If not, can someone point me to the phrase / post / FAQ where it is explained better?


Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

Do we have any idea when Ultimate Wilderness (Shifter class) will be made PFS legal in the Additional Resources? Has there been a general timeline from previous books?

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

I am building a character that I am currently applying my GM credit to, but I want the character to end up as a Noble. Is there a scenario (or scenarios) that offer a Noble Title on the chronicle sheet as a boon?

I understand if this type of "farming" is frowned upon by the community but I am hoping for a little help in which scenario to run next.

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to build a PFS legal character that is expertly skilled in Knowledge Nobility.

My ideas so far:

2 Levels of Empiricist Investigator-Get Inspiration on Knowledge checks and converts several skills to use INT modifier instead of normal modifier. Could get by with a single level, but character will be INT focused so the extra level makes sense.

Minimum 2 levels of Mindchemist Alchemist-Gets Double INT bonus to all Knowledge checks, plus Cognatagen to increase INT, and bombs for some combat ability. Would prefer race with Bonus to DEX/INT, but Half Orc may work with +1/2 point of damage to bombs.

Trait: Civilized-+1 Trait Bonus to Knowledge Nobility & Local

Item: Mossy Disc (Cracked) Ioun Stone-+1 Competence Bonus on Knowledge Nobility. Also, can the Ioun Stone be upgraded to the higher level items similar to how we do magic weapons/belts/headbands?

What other Race options are there that might give alternative racial features to increase a knowledge skill?

Any other items that help with this?

While I would prefer to keep it to just two classes I am open to hear suggestions on additional classes that would offer a considerable bonus to knowledge checks in general, Nobility specifically.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks for the input!

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

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Is there a reference I can go to that lists certain NPC's that are present in scenarios?

I am interested in running all scenarios that reference Grandmaster Torch for a character I am rolling up.

I am building a Necrologist Spiritualist for an upcoming game and I want to spend the majority of my gold on gear for the phantom. I am hoping for some suggestions on what to buy for it.

Currently, I will be picking up a Strength Belt and some cheap Leather armor. I have about 7k left to spend on him. Is there an item which will help him deliver touch spells? A feat perhaps?

As an Anger based phantom he will get Power Attack as a bonus feat so will have 3 other feats to take as we are building for 6th level.

Also: How do I calculate his HPs each level? 4.5 per level plus CHA modifier and Toughness if he has it?

We are doing a short module in October, but only using classes from Occult Adventures book. My question is: Is there an Occult Class/Archetype that can channel negative energy?

I would love to play a negative channeler as the majority of our party will be playing Dhampirs.

I have been poking a bit around the forums and haven't found any info on the Starfinder Society rules regarding character creation and such similar to Pathfinder society. Has there been a Starfinder Society Rulebook released to build legal Society characters for the upcoming season of Starfinder?

My son and I are wanting to begin building our characters but I want to make sure we follow the correct guidelines.

I realize this may be something that was addressed earlier and that it may be released after Gencon, but I am simply hoping for clarification.

The excitement builds!

Was there going to be a playtest for the upcoming Shifter class?

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

I have a question regarding applying GM credits to a brand new toon, and whether or not I can apply special boons to it after my initial chronicle sheet but prior to when I've actually played the character.

My Specific Situation:

I am very interested in the upcoming Shifter class. I believe the book comes out in October but then there will be a short period of time while we wait for it to be "legal."

Can I store up chronicles on a character, and then create a Shifter at level 5? (or 3, 4, 6)

Also, can I apply a Race Boon that I would have received after the moment I first applied a chronicle but prior to ever actually being played?

I am trying to build a Half Orc Paladin for a one day event we have coming up. This needs to be PFS legal. I have chosen the Hospitaler archetype. The intention is he will be there to protect his twin brother (Barbarian) by using Shield Other spell, channels to heal, additional buff spells, and will still be able to swing a Greatsword to contribute damage.

Here is what I have so far regarding Feats:

Fey Foundling
Power Attack
Improved Initiative
Selective Channel
Extra Channel
Quick Channel

I need help selecting appropriate Traits, and will take advice on my current Feat Selection.

The event is set up as an arena style combat, where we will be battling waves of enemies with little to no downtime.

I see that the Gunslinger Archetype Bolt Ace receives a free masterwork crossbow of their choice. Would a Repeating Hand Crossbow be an option? Is it any available crossbow, or did they intend it to be only Light or Heavy Crossbows?

My son acquired a boon which will allow him to take the Ghoul Bloodline with his Bloodrager. So he would like to build a natural attacking Bloodrager who has the possibility of paralyzing his victims when he claws them.

2 Questions:

1. Which races can you pick up natural attacks? Bite? (Half Orc can...any others?) How about other attacks...Gore? Tail Swipe? Anything like that possible?

2. How does he calculate the DC to resist his paralyze? Under the Ghoul entry in Bestiary it lists it as DC 13 Fort, but I also saw a place where it states you calculate it as: 10 + Creature Hit Dice + CON modifier. I am guessing we would substitute character level for Creature Hit Dice?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Is a Blast considered a Wild Talent that can be picked up that way? I ask because my young Earth Kineticist would like to get the energy blast for those times when it would be more feasible.

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

I know that the first level of the Emerald Spire is an Evergreen, and that it is categorized for the 1-2 level range. I thought I read somewhere that you can only gain credit for it on a 2nd level character once. Is that correct? If so, where can I find the documentation for it.

Also, if I played it once as a 2nd level character and then GM'd it, could I apply a GM chronicle to a 2nd level character? Basically getting to do it twice, once as player and once as a GM.

Thanks for the clarification!

Is there any way to do this and reduce the Two Weapon Fighting penalties to a reasonable number?

I know that in order for Two Weapon Fighting to work appropriately the off-hand weapon needs to be a Light weapon. Any way to do something similar with a One-Handed weapon in the off-hand?

Which scenarios use the main level of the Blakros Museum besides Mists of Mwangi?

I will be running Mists soon, and want to maximize the usage of the map by running the additional scenarios.

Is there one out there, that is legal in PFS play?

I know this is most likely in the wrong forum, but it didn't look like I had the ability to post in the Starfinder General forum.

I was wondering when we might expect to see chronicle sheets for the Starfinder AP become approved for Starfinder Society play. Do we think it will be similar to Pathfinder and we will need to wait 6 months-1 year before we can start running it for credit?

My wife just ordered me the 1st issue for Fathers Day and I am now jazzed about running it for folks!

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

I am looking to prep a scenario fairly quickly and wanted help finding one that takes place on a single map. I know this is the case with the first level of Emerald Spire, but I am hoping to find one that is a normal scenario which gives 1 xp and 2 prestige.

Are there any out there?

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

I am interested in retraining archetypes on my 3rd level Bard. He recently played in a scenario that has a wonderful boon that allows him to take a very unusual Improved Familiar.

I have read through the Ultimate Campaign notes on retraining archetypes but I want to make sure I am getting it correct.

3rd Level Bard
Current Archetype: Arrowsong Minstrel
New Archetype: Duettist

To untrain Minstrel he has 4 features that have been adjusted (two were altered, I assume that counts as well)

To train the new archetype he would need to add 3 new features (1 of them altered)

That equals 35 days of training x 10 x 3 (3rd level) = 1050 gold.

Is this correct? Do we need to retrain things that only alter the feature?

Also, I seem to recall that PFS may impose a Prestige cost as well?


For PFS I am playing a 3rd level Bard and had a question regarding Bard song and Arcane Strike.

He is an Arrowsong Minstrel who currently opens combat rounds by beginning to Inspire Courage and moving into position to fire arrows. On round 2 the intention is for him to maintain his Inspire Courage, cast Arcane Strike, and then fire arrows. However, it seems that maintaining a Bardic Performance and Arcane Strike are both Free Actions. Can he perform two free actions in the same round? Or is he basically choosing between Arcane Strike or maintaining?

If I need to choose, then Arcane Strike is currently a poor Feat choice for him.

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44


I am looking to run a couple scenarios at a newer store that we have begun running society games at, and I wanted to get some advice on interesting options.

I will be running games covering the 1-5 level range, and would like there to be a common theme. Something that relatively new players to PFS might enjoy; undead theme, or something with a young dragon. Something memorable. Also, I am not looking to run any of the evergreens and would prefer something that does not require half a dozen maps.

Any options out there?

My question is:

If I purchase the Amulet of Mighty Fists and choose to enchant it with "Vicious" rather than +1 Attack/+1 Damage, are my attacks still considered Magical in an effort to bypass DR.

I believe they would since it is a magical enchantment but I just wanted to verify. Thanks!

Venture-Agent, Washington—Vancouver aka Krell44

I was wondering if this is PFS legal since I have heard on the boards that it is, and it isn't.

It is located in the Pathfinder Player Companion: Magical Marketplace.

I am running a Half Orc Mooncursed Barbarian who currently has a Claw, Claw, Bite, Gore attack. I am wondering if there are any other ways through Feats, Rage Powers, Items, to add additional Natural Attacks.

Any way to get a Tail? Rend? Wings? Anything Else?

Keep in mind that it is my intention to continue with the Barbarian class as I want to gain the Pounce ability at level 11.

I am interested in building a mounted character who flys on his mount and attacks from ranged. Looking at either an Archer or Spellcasting Nuker.

I know that Ranger would make a good archer, but being small sized and requiring STR for archery damage is a bit hindering. However, a small sized Sorcerer casting spells from the back of his flying mount would possibly work.

My questions revolve around the best option for a flying mount? Roc? Dire Bat? And, since I rarely play a nuke class what are the must have casting feats?

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