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Perfect, thank you for the help. That gives me an answer for now and options for moving forward.

Greetings all!

I am playing a 4th level Orc Rogue in PFS play and need help determining magic items to buy. Looking for items to increase the following skills/abilities: AC, Acrobatics, Saves, DEX.


We are running a one shot module at 17th level, so I am currently building a 17th level Shaman for it and I am hoping for some advice on what to buy. We have 400k gold to spend for it.

The campaign will be taking place in a harsh winter climate, so I am expecting snow and visibility issues so among other things, I am looking for items that will help in that regard.

My Shaman will have an animal companion so I will need to spend some of the gold gearing it up as well. I will be focused on Evocation spells and have little experience running a blaster. Any needed items for that role?


We will get two traits, and can take an extra by taking a drawback. However, one of the traits must be related to the campaign. So, either a Race trait or a Region trait.

I am interested in building a Bloodrager that is focused on touch debuff spells. I will be building her/she at level 7 and there are really no restrictions other than race. Most races under 10 or so race points are available.

I was thinking the Enlightened Bloodrager archetype but I was hoping for some help with a solid bloodline that either adds specific touch spells, or more spells overall.

The idea being the first round of combat would be spent getting close and debuffing, and then subsequent rounds would be spent pounding the victim.

Any thoughts?

Thanks. I will check into these.

Are there any ways to improve the Hex casting for Shamans? Increase the DC? Anything like that out there?

So, you pick 4 1st level formulas when you take this feat, but is there a way to continue adding higher level formulas to your formula book so you can create higher level items?

I have a question regarding the 2nd Level Druid Class Feat, Order Explorer.

It Reads:
You have learned the secrets of another druidic order, passing whatever rites of initiation that order requires and gaining access to its secrets. Choose an order other than your own. You gain a 1st-level feat that lists that order as a prerequisite, and you are now a member of that order for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites. If you commit acts anathema to your new order, you lose all feats and abilities requiring that order but retain your other druid feats and abilities. You don’t gain any of the other benefits of the order you chose.

Special You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, you must choose a different order other than your own.

If I selected the Animal Order, would I only gain the feat, Animal Companion, and then also qualify for all future Druid feats that list that as a prereq?

Or, would I also gain the "heal animal" order spells as well as gain training in Athletics?


Perhaps it was just me who was reading it strangely. I believe you are correct and I checked out Fumbus and he has 8 formulas in his book.


I am building a Bomber Alchemist, and am trying to determine how many formulas I get to put into my Formula Book.

1st Level, 18 INT.

Seems like it is either 6, or 10. Perhaps I am missing something, but it reads a little strangely.


So if I understand this correctly:

For 10gp I can buy Light Barding to gain 1 AC, -1 Armor Check Penalty, - 5ft speed penalty, 2 bulk, and they need to have a +3 STR modifier to even wear it?

Seems an awful price to pay for 1 AC.


I am unable to find the rules regarding Barding (Armor) for Animal Companions. I see where it is mentioned that they can wear it, but I see no corresponding information about it.

What type of armor?
How much does it cost?
Is pricing different depending on size of animal?

On a slightly different note, is there a difference between small and medium sized creatures/characters mechanically? Bonus to hit? Higher AC? Easier to grapple? I am leaning towards no but would like to locate clarification.

Thanks for the help!

Is there any way to get DEX to Damage?

I know we can get DEX to Hit, but I haven't seen a way to get DEX to damage yet.

What are good feat choices for a Shaman that wants to focus on Hexes?

Extra Hex only allows him to choose additional hexes from his Spirit which is terrible in my opinion. I could not find a feat that improves the DC of hexes either? Are there any other hex specific feats out there?


Am I the only one that can no longer locate character sheets to print out and use?

Where did they go??


I will be playing in a home brew that takes place well before the current Pathfinder timeline and I think the Shaman class would be a good fit. However, having played a Shaman to level 10 in PFS play I find the class a bit lackluster.

I am hoping for peoples thoughts/ideas/suggestions on how to make the class more viable to have in a party. My play-style would be for him to hex enemies, use poison type spells (maybe have to be acid?) to blast, and then use the Wandering Mystery thing to pick up some healing abilities for those crazy moments. I am not terribly interested in a familiar, so perhaps dropping that feature and picking up more hexes?

Any ideas?

Read over the Water Dancer Monk Archetype and have a couple questions.

First, it appears this option is only available to the original Monk, and not the Unchained Monk. Is this correct?

Second, I see how they gain CHA to AC as a Dodge bonus but am missing where it states they swap WIS for CHA for the AC Bonus. Where is that stated?

This is exactly the information I was hoping for.

As for what else I want to be able to do: decent in combat, good in out of combat situations. So, a class combo that allows CHA to AC is a good start as it would also pump up social skills. Throw in Shifter dip to get WIS to AC, then start stacking DEX, CHA, WIS stats.

A few feats would net DEX to damage, Diplomacy/Bluff solid scores, solid Perception and Sense Motive.

I now just figure out how to get extra skill points. There are ways to get the Human skilled bonus on other races so that might work. I doubt I will be able to bump INT score when I am need DEX, CHA, WIS, and CON. STR and INT will be ignored for most part.

I am not looking for spells or magic items, as I could get those as any class combo; I am looking for race/class/archetype/trait bonuses that give a bonus to AC.

Duelist might work; I will need to look more closely at that.

Also, the Lore Oracle with Sidestep Secret adding CHA to AC; what if I multiclass into a class that can add DEX to AC? Would that be negated because of the secret?

I am trying to build a character that has a high AC, but wears LIGHT Armor or No Armor. I know there are options out there that allow you to add different stats to your AC but am wondering if there are more.

What I know now:

All Classes: Adds DEX to AC
Shifter: Adds WIS to AC when unarmored
Monk: Adds WIS to AC when unarmored
Devoted Muse (Prestige Class): Adds 1 point of CHA bonus per level to AC when unarmored/light armor.

Are there other options available? Perhaps there are archetypes that allow you to add a different stat to AC?

Thanks for the assistance!

Calagnar...are those Traits you listed available to a Tiefling? As stated a couple posts above that is what I am playing.

I am playing a Tiefling Divine Hunter who focuses more on buffing/aiding his animal companion than on being directly involved in combat himself. That said, he will most likely be a melee combatant and will eventually ride his Saber Cat once it grows large.

Question about mounted combat on a Large I need a reach weapon or can I engage the same enemy as my animal companion with a Longsword?

Are there any feats that my character can take that will boost his animal companion? I am building a Hunter that is focused on making his cat more effective.

Anything that he can take that would increase the stats/saves/armor class for his cat?

Honestly, I was focusing on negative damage.

I was curious if there is a Domain, Magic Item, Trait, Feat, or something that might help to increase the damage inflicted for a negative channeling Cleric. Ya know, something like 1d6+1, and then it continues to increase a bit as the character levels. I know theres a small bonus for positive channelers vs. Undead like that.

Again, must be PFS legal. in Deskari's name did I miss that.

I have a question regarding future characters who can now select a former PC as "effectively" a deity. How do we determine favored weapon, favored animal, etc as well as which domains can they choose?

I could not locate any info regarding this on the chronicle sheet.

Basically, he is looking for a Gunslinger on a mount...he is calling it a Musketeer type just as an easy to label description. Basically a musket and rapier user like what would have been used in The Three Musketeers times. I suggested Gunslinger/Cavalier, or perhaps some Hunter levels and he wasn't sure it sounded right. He read through the Cavalier option and doesn't particularly like how that class functions.

The Musketeer archetype for both Swashbuckler and Cavalier are not PFS legal so those are not valid options.

As far as my Shifter: I was so excited for this class and then terribly disappointed when it arrived. I still want to build a High AC / Natural Attack build that would be an effective front line performer...but I also want to build in skills/knowledges so he is efficient outside of combat as well. Perhaps I put some points in Charisma and go for a more social out of combat build.

Looking for some help building a Musketeer type character as well as a high AC Shifter. The Musketeer I am thinking would be Gunslinger/Swashbuckler in some form?

The Shifter would have high DEX and high WIS for the conversion to AC, and is there a way to get DEX to damage on natural attacks?

Any tips on how we can get this done?

Looking to trade two Vanara boons for something different that would work well with a Musketeer type build, and a Shifter build. My son and I are trying to build a duo for an upcoming gaming convention at the end of the month and we aren't really sold on playing as monkeys.

Any offers out there?

Can a Shifter activate their minor aspect and then use Wild Shape to change into an animal different than the minor aspect.

For Example, can an 8th level Shifter activate Minor Aspect: Bull, and then turn into a Dire Wolverine from his/her 2nd aspect (thus gaining STR bonus from minor aspect and STR bonus from size increase?)

OK, Forgemaster is a nice crafter Cleric archetype for a dwarf. This is perfect!

Can you explain why having a familiar is needed?

I will need to study that one a bit, however I was hoping for a Cleric as opposed to a Wizard. I'm fairly certain what you offered is fairly well optimized, but I guess I'm only looking for an effective Cleric crafter build.

However, I could change my mind after reviewing what you provided.


OK, after a little research I am leaning this way so far:

1st Level Feat:
3rd Level Feat: Craft Wondrous Item
5th Level Feat: Craft Wand
7th Level Feat: Forge Ring
9th Level Feat:
11th Level Feat: Craft Staff

Since there are no crafting feats needed at level 1 I decided the cohort does not need to be a human. Is there a race that gives crafting bonuses?

I am playing a Cleric in a home game and am strongly considering taking Leadership at 7th level in order to provide crafting opportunities for the group.

From a thematic standpoint I would prefer the cohort to be a Cleric who has been assigned to tutor underneath me.

My Question: Can a Cleric be a solid crafter?

Also, are there feats and/or traits that he can take which shorten his crafting time?

Any tips on what a 5th level Human Cleric crafter would build out? I think I would want him to be able to craft belts/headbands, wands, and staffs. Perhaps a few other items as well. Crafting time will be an issue.

Human Bonus Feat:
1st Level Feat:
3rd Level Feat:
5th Level Feat:

Have: SFS Formian Heritage or Ikeshti Heritage

Want: PFS Vanara Race Boon

I was looking for specific archetypes, feats, domains, etc. that allow you to act in a surprise round.

As the title suggests, I am looking for PFS legal ways to act in a surprise round. I am assuming a Gunslinger with the Quick Draw feat would be able to draw and fire in a surprise long as they are able to act.

Is there a way to do this?

I have some interest in a Vanaran as they would make a decent Gunslinger...but what is the Red Lizard Race boon for Starfinder?

Vine Leshy

Goblin ( I realize this is a LONG shot, but thought I'd throw it out there. )

Otherwise, I'd be interested in offers though I am not quite sure what I am looking for. Perhaps something that would make a good Gunslinger.

You can channel energy 3 plus your charisma modifier times per day.

3 plus -2 = 1

OK, Outflank, Paired Opportunists, and Combat Reflexes seems to be the direction we will head into for now.

I will definately be taking the Infusion ability, and hopefully finding a good potion on a chronicle sheet we could use in combination with Alchemical Allocation.

Any other ideas for after that?

Greetings! My son and I are leveling up a couple Ratfolk brothers and were hoping for some tips/advice on Feats to take.

Ratfolk Unchained Rogue (Knife Master)

Ratfolk Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 1/Investigator (Empiricist)

The concept is my character will move in first after ID'ing the enemy followed by my son who will come in and hit them hard with Sneak Attack.

I understand that not all enemies will be subject to sneak attack/precision damage so lets not focus on that particular issue. Let's try and focus on what I can do as the Investigator to help set him up for success.

Teamwork feats? We will already be "swarming" so we flank from the same square, but perhaps Outflank would be effective to increase our bonus?

Should I go with a Trip build so his target is prone as well? As a small race it will make that a bit more difficult but perhaps I can make it work.

I'd say you both are ready to go right now. If you have any type of backstory worked out/printed out you are solid.

My son and I started playing PFS when he was 9...he rolled a Cleric of Sarenrae and I played his big brother the Barbarian. We had a blast with those characters! I (as the big brother) was always protective of the little bro, but he ended up saving me with healing more times than I care to remember. They are both semi retired now after having completed Eyes of the Ten.

I wish you and your daughter all the fun in the world! Getting to spend several hours with your child having fun while playing a game is a beautiful thing.

Out of curiosity, do we have an ETA for when this might happen? I for one was very excited about the Shifter class concept, purchased the PDF, and was almost immediately disappointed.

I would love to be able to play a viable Shifter in PFS play, not just a Druid or Beastkin Barbarian.

Thanks for all your hard work on this!

Yup, the Natural Attacks is the other option he was looking into. But you trade out the bonus to Perception for it...and if he is our Trap Spotter we are hoping he can actually spot them.

But along the lines of claw/claw/bite or tusk, there is also a catfolk item that they wear on the claws which can be enchanted and I'm sure fashioned from adamantine/silver/cold iron.

Lots to think about.

My son has decided against the Samurai (for now) and is intent on building a Catfolk Rogue of some type. Catfolk is his favored race and it seems it might fit (at least somewhat) thematically. The guide lists the Trapsmith and Burglar archetypes as solid choice, but he is leaning towards the Cat Burglar racial archetype.

We plan to tinker with this a bit to discover good ways to:

Increase Perception (Wisdom Penalty on Catfolks hurts)
Increase To-Hit
Leaning on a way to use a two-handed weapon as dual wielding as a rogue can compromise his ability to hit things consistently.

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