Help Needed Regarding Alchemists Bombs


I have a quick question regarding an Alchemists bombs and Discoveries.

If an Alchemist picks up the Entangling Bombs Discovery at level four, do the bombs still do normal damage when they explode, but also have the additional function of entangling? Or does the entangle replace bomb damage?

I could not read anywhere that it replaces the damage, and some of the other Discoveries explicitly read that bomb damage is reduced in some case when additional effects are added. So as far as I can tell the bomb would explode doing damage, and then entangle.

Am I correct? If not, can someone point me to the phrase / post / FAQ where it is explained better?


Did you mean Tanglefoot Bomb? Cuz I can't see any Entangling Bombs Discovery. If you did mean Tanglefoot, then yes, it both does damage and entangles.

Sorry...yes, the Tanglefoot Bomb.

And thank you for the response!

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