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Heh wait till he finds out his favorite caster kobold is a black dragon...

Krays takes his dragon form and flies up to the ship.
"Permission to come aboard, Captain?" he yells into the cargo hold.

Ephebe wrote:
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Ephebe wrote:
Krayskopiasthexum wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **
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** spoiler omitted **

::Do you have a way to see the time distortion on our target if you see them?::

Ephebe wrote:
Krayskopiasthexum wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **

Spoiler: mentioned the 6 month timeframe so I thought it was important. I guess we should focus on finding our visitor, and attempt to ascertain their intent, then?::

::Well that mass demon invasion was around then...this even would have been just prior, maybe?::

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Ephebe wrote:

** spoiler omitted **
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** spoiler omitted **

::He wouldn't have gone over your head and picked another 'you' would he? Is he that petty? Although it is odd they appeared in Fei's crater...::

Wracks his brain trying to think of any significant events 6 months ago or thereabouts...
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7 INT check

Ephebe wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

::why would it be you? What happened 6 months ago? Do we need to worry about the eggs?::

Reviarti wrote:
"Nice to meet you, krayskopaiasthexium. So, do you mind if i ask some questions about you?"

"At this moment, that is not a good idea. My mate and I need to discuss some pressing matters. Another time, perhaps."

"My name is Krayskopiasthexum, little one. But most call me Krays."

"That was me...yes."

Flys down to ephebe when she gets to the school

::I've seen no one who wasn't already on school grounds when you asked me to look. Keme is playing pool with casseus and some new comers, but neither of them is slight of build nor female.::

Nope! go right ahead!

Dragons are pretty awesome. Especially Ephebe.
Thinking we can rule others leads down a path to oppression.

Like the Empire.

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Krays slithers through the water, quietly, like a waterborne predator should. He eats a couple fish, and settles into a small bed of weed on the bottom. His isntinct is to expel some acid to fetid up the water a bit, but this isn't his home, so he doesn't. He curls up and takes a nap. To Ephebe, she gets over the bond a sense of guilty pleasure and relaxation...


::I'm going to keep swimming, if that's ok.::

::Fantastic. Oh, the joys of parenthood. I'm still looking forward to it:: he says smiling.

::Couldn't Jim just make it so it didn't itch?::

::Wow, that bad, huh?::

Rylehtin'akksavith wrote:

::And you may not have to deal with molting for a long time, Krayskopiasthexum, but the same cannot be said for your mate. Ephebe has a little more than two decades before her next molt. Not to mention the frequency one has to deal with it with hatchlings. They become so very cranky every time it happens.::

::Ha! I bet! I've seen her through worse, though. Cranky kids can't be that bad.:: the last bit he says with the naivete you'd expect from someone who has not dealt with them.

::Ugh...molting...I'm glad I have a few hunderd years till the next one.::
Looks at the sprite
::I believe she is a student here.::

Observes the boy, but says nothing. In response to the hydra, he simply sends

Swims along after Shees

Climbs gracefully, does a summersault, then dives into the water, with only the slightest splash.


Slithers through the water like a graceful crocodile.

Jiaolung Sheessuroussen wrote:

Size category?

Just large

He springs lightly into the air.
"Which way?"

also takes his dragon form, stretching like a cat, and checking his wings.

"Lead on!"

lol great one got my name wrong!! ;)

As the engine falls, Ephebe gets a sense of relief and pride in her flowing through their bond. He heads back toward the HQ, his head snaking around to give his love a quick kiss.
::Well done! Your knowledge of that thing and how it works likely won the day, my love. Aside from Enre and Vai's tearing the thing to pieces, of course:: the last bit accompanied with a mental smirk.

Continues to fly Ephebe around to get maximum healage where needed...

Tries to make sure that he's flying close enough to the rest of the fighters that Ephebe will get clean shots off to heal, yet far enough away that he can get away quickly if things go south...

"If you're staying in human form, dear, then I'll be your ride up there." He lowers his neck for her to climb aboard.

Nods in agreement, then shifts into dragon form.
"I can take one person at a time...but folks like Enre are too big for me to carry and maintain flight. I'm built for speed, not strength." he says with a smirk.

I'm sooo vain! I prolly think this minature's about me!

*pleased smugness*

A little big, but pretty good likeness, nonetheless :P

Soars about, looking for trouble...

Sees a new figure appear too close to the castle, and glides toward the new comer.

::Fei, new comer at the door, about 100 ft out. Going to check it out...::

Soars about, looking for anything odd...

Does he see anything interesting? Oasis or anything like that?