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I just wanted to get an idea from people how often their client crashes, before I either a) raise it as a bug or b) take my laptop in for repair.

My client crashes pretty much every time I go near a bank. From talking to people on Mumble and chat, this seems a reasonably frequent occurrence for some other people.

My client crashes frequently on entering a settlement. Not entering the settlement hex, but typically at about the point where the inner Thornguards are guarding.

Apart from that, it just crashes. It's got a lot worse since EE3. I have an Acer Aspire 5755G Core i7 Gaming Laptop with 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M gfx card. I have the latest drivers etc. It is 2 1/2 years old, and has been repaired once due to a small child pouring a sticky drink into it.

I expect a lot of the problem is the fan isn't working, so it overheats. However, when the client crashes (it rarely crashes with a proper crash, it tends to either "stop responding" or just disappear) it is just the client that crashes. I don't suffer any problems with other programs e.g. Elite: Dangerous runs fine.

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It didn't look that deep when I jumped in...

When a GM gets you out of a hole, do they just kill you, or do they have a more sophisticated method that saves durability/inventory? If they just kill you, I can do that myself without having to wait 3 1/2 hours for the possibility of a GM on a Saturday.

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I'be been through about 40 hexes and scavenged about 1000 trash heaps since Friday and have found 0 T2 herbs/wood. I've found everything else. Anyone else noticed this, or have I just been in the wrong places?

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My client crashed while fighting in a monster hex. When I logged back on I expected to be at a shrine, but I was standing on top of my husk. I checked my armour and hadn't taken a durability hit. I don't *think* I lost anything from my inventory, but it is difficult to tell.

If this is a feature, I like it. There is nothing more frustrating than dying due to a client crash, and since EE3 my client has been crashing a lot more.

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He's one of the quest givers, but I can't find him again to hand in the quest!

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Since frequently the answer to questions in the Help channel is "That is a question for Stephen" I thought I would start a thread just for that.

How will keywords on gear work? For example, with Evasion, will matching the keyword increase the length of my avoidance?

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Is there a simpler way to see the actual value of your stats than going to a trainer and reading the tooltip for a feat you can't get? At the moment, to check my Dex I have to run to Stoneroot Glade every time. I have no idea what my other stats actual values are because I don't know what feat to check!

Is there a spreadsheet that shows for each feat the stat this is affected and by how much? I checked the Covenenant page and couldn't find one that did it.

Please, please update the tooltips for feats on trainers to show the stat gain (just hire a temp to update the spreadsheets for a day ;) ), and have a way of viewing the actual value of stats on the character sheet.

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Hello, you all probably know me as "Anyone got Coarse Padding +3 for trade" Kradlum. Well, thanks to Empyrean Bankbot you hopefully won't be hearing that for a while.

I finally have my Piecemeal Brigandine +3. I have lvl 5 Scout and lvl 2 light armour proficiency. So I slot my armor and... nothing. No change to any stats.

I notice Scout only has 3 keywords. How do I activate the last keyword on my armor?

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Desyncing now appears to cause death when you relog, and on top of that the loss of 2 points of durability.

Death seems to mean you drop off the map, relogging to fix this also causes an extra loss of durability.

It's really not fun to play at the moment. The gear I made this morning has lost 8 points of durability due to this.

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Twice today I have desynched. To fix that I have relogged, only to hear myself dying while the screen is still showing "loading terrain". Ryan always says that he doesn't like things happening outside the player's control, I can't think of anything that is more out of the player's control than this.

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Is there a description of the icons that appear in combat anywhere?

I recognise flatfooted, opportunity and distressed that appear above the stat bar, but what about the small icons that appear at the sides of the stat bar?

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Ok, this is partially a whine, but also I want to know if I'm doing something wrong, what should I be doing right? I know there are rogues out there who are happy with their role, but I get the feeling those rogues are taking lots of fighter feats. I'm pretty certain there are people out there who want to be rogues but are put off by simple things not working/implemented.

The last MMORPG I played was WoW. I played a rogue, I knew my role: get behind the mob; stab it in the back until it falls over; don't get aggro; top the damage table; occasionally disable a trap.

So far in PFO it is: stand a long way from the fight and fire arrows and hope you are hitting the same target as the tank otherwise run and probably die.

When soloing, I can manage up to 4 white mobs (no casters), or 1 yellow.

I have +2 footpad's leathers, +2 shortbow, +1 steel short sword (nearly all thanks to Sspitfire!). I currently have Daredevil role, Swashbuckler armor feat (would prefer Scout but it doesn't go with the armor).

In melee I use thrust in the hope of applying flatfooted, followed by compound. That combination will normally take out mobs in 2 shots.

Ranged, depends what the mobs are and how many of them. For the weaker whites I hit 1 with distant shot, tab to the next, hit it with distant shot, then with the exploit that can cause a bleed. With tougher mobs I will sneak up to hit them with the bleed (it won't cause a bleed because they are not flat footed, but it has the highest damage multiplier) and another exploit first.

I have 1 maneuver that I can use - string bolas, but using that actually means it takes more shots to kill a mob than not using it.

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I was an EQ player for a couple of years, SWGO for a while, and then WoW for a couple of years. I am mostly PvE, although I do PvP a bit. I finally had the time yesterday to download and start playing and here's what I found.

As with most MMOs, the learning curve is huge. The quick guide is ok, but it leaves an awful lot unanswered. This forum is pretty much useless. There are 3,682 threads in a single forum. New sub-forums need to be created for classes and crafting at a minimum.

I had planned to spend today reading up about crafting, combat, classes etc., but I don't have any resources. I would have hoped for at least something pinned to the top of this forum with a list of links to resources.

From the start the in-game community has been great. If I had any questions they were quickly answered, but I don't want to be that guy who needs his hand held through everything.

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This copy of Skull & Shackles The Wormwood Mutiny is on sale on eBay for £808.52 (about $1350)! I hope it's made of solid gold: The Wormwood Mutiny.

With a bit of hunting on eBay for a while I now have all the miniatures for Black Fang Dungeon. I picked up a Reefclaw cheaply just before Xmas which arrived on Friday. The only expensive one to get was the Black Dragon, but I got that with a bunch of miniatures in last years Golem sale. I also got the medium Black Dragon from eBay a couple of weeks ago so I have a choice of figures to play.

I would like to collect miniatures for all the monsters in the BB, but I don't think there is a regular Barghest available.

Now I just need the kids to go to bed at a reasonable time one night...

In the full rules, when you use Disguise Self any creature you interact with gets a will save to see through the illusion. I don't see this mentioned in the beginner box rules. Have I missed something?

I'm writing my first dungeon and need to create an NPC fighter who will help the PCs in the last encounter. I'm trying to base the stats on the Evil Fighter on page 67 of the GMG. I would just use those stats but the party have rescued the fighter and so he has no weapons and armour (and part of the point of doing it is to help me understand the rules a bit better). I've worked out most of the stats, but I can't work out what the base stats for melee and ranged would be, given that he currently has no weapons, or why the evil fighter has melee +10 and ranged +5.
By my calculations the battle axe would have +1 for weapon focus, +2 for attack bonus for being level 3 and +1 for it being a masterwork weapon. I can't see where the other +6 comes from in the stats. Similarly for the ranged attack. What am I missing?

His final stats will of course depend on what 2nd hand armour and weapons the players decide to give him, and the fact that he is both shaken and exhausted.

I saw these in my LGS on Tuesday. It made me feel nostalgic and very, very old. I hope my copies are in a trunk in storage, but I worry that my mum threw them out in 1990.

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4x time and a day taking 6 hours seems to implicate that quite a few features of the RPG won't be implemented in the MMO:

A day last 6 hours, if you're a caster you'd have to spend 2 hours out of every 6 resting, so I'm guessing resting is out. Which means I guess that limiting number of spells castable of any level in a day is out, also preparing spells for a day.

Fatigue and anything else that requires resting for 8 hours is also probably going to be out.

I'm sure there are other time based RPG things that will have to be cut.

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I've played Everquest, Star Wars: Galaxies and WoW, but I have to say my best MMO experience was near the start of my EQ playing days.

I started out with a 1 month free trial and played as a Wood Elf Druid (I think). After I signed up properly I decided I wanted a change so started an Ogre Warrior character. Those of you who know EQ will know the ogre starting location is pretty grim, and on my server it was pretty empty, so I decided, at about level 2, that I was going to go to the Wood Elf starting area and level there. This involved a long and hazardous trek for a level 3 evil character, to whom even a snake was a pretty deadly adversary.

I had to trek across a desert, where I marvelled at Sand Giants, then sneak through a town where everyone wanted to kill me, get on a ship and sail across the ocean, get off the ship and avoid the guards at the dock, and finally trek through the forest to the Wood Elf town.

I had many adventures along the way and met many people who helped me. One guy showed me how to get to the docks through tunnels under the town. One person made me invisible long enough to avoid the guards and get to the ship. Someone showed me where to jump off the ship and swim to the shore to avoid the guards.

I ended up making the journey numerous times, since until I killed enough Orcs to gain their respect the Wood Elves wouldn't trade with me and their guards would chase me out of town, so I would have to travel back home to trade and bank. Even when I reached the level cap (60? 80?) I would be chased out of town by the Wood Elf banker who never liked me.

None of this was part of the scripted game, but it made the game my own. People would marvel to see an Ogre fighting with the elves to beat the Orcs, or to see an Ogre walking through the Wood Elf town.

My Ogre's name was Kradlum, and I've kept that as my online name ever since. I miss that guy and I'm sometimes tempted to take up Everquest again and see if he's still there.

I just bought the beginners box yesterday.

I played AD&D (first edition) in school (close to 30 years ago now), I've got 2 small children (ages 3 and 1) and after playing the Mountains of Madness forum RPG on RPGGeek I had an urge to get back into some roleplaying. I have the Warhammer rules and a few 3/4 painted armies, but I was looking for some proper roleplaying rather than wargaming. I also want something that I can get my eldest son playing, with a bit of help from me.

I had a hunt around looking for a suitable game. I saw AD&D was about to go into yet another edition, so that was enough to put me off. Then I read this review of the Beginners Box so started investigating Pathfinder. I saw all the material on the site, and the gorgeous artwork, so then I asked Twitter friends for advice. One of them recommended checking out DragonAge as well, so I did a quick comparison, but the content of the Beginners Box brought me back here. I also saw a comment on the Piazo FaceBook page from someone saying they had played with their 3 yr old daughter, so that gave me even more hope that I could introduce my son to roleplaying sooner.

So, I put it on my Amazon wishlist, and I kept looking at the material for the game. By lunchtime I had got itchy feet so I headed out to my local games shop and bought it, along with the Beginners Box miniatures.

I like the pawns, as it means I don't have to risk delicate miniatures in the hands of excited children, and they will help with visualisation of the game. I've been looking at the Wizkids figures and possibly overtime might replace the pawns with figures (although I have a lot of D&D CMG figures somewhere). I also like the GameMastery cards as another way of helping my kids visualise things in the game.

I've started reading the Game Master's Guide and so far it seems to be well laid out and well explained. I might start my son off with some simple encounters to get him used to things before I expand it to actually running the dungeon.

One quick question - One thing that put me off initially was that quite a lot of the Adventure Paths and Modules are out of print. I know I can get the PDFs but I prefer to have the nice glossy prints which do proper justice to the artwork. With the release of the Wizkids Rise of the Runelords range, is there a plan to reprint the Runelords Adventure Paths, individually or as a box set?