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4x time and a day taking 6 hours seems to implicate that quite a few features of the RPG won't be implemented in the MMO:

A day last 6 hours, if you're a caster you'd have to spend 2 hours out of every 6 resting, so I'm guessing resting is out. Which means I guess that limiting number of spells castable of any level in a day is out, also preparing spells for a day.

Fatigue and anything else that requires resting for 8 hours is also probably going to be out.

I'm sure there are other time based RPG things that will have to be cut.

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The blog Your Pathfinder Online Character does a great job of addressing some of your concerns. Pay particular attention to the section titled "Bringing Pathfinder to the Virtual World".

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That covers character development but doesn't seem to cover the day to day issues of 4x time, particularly with how casters are implemented.

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Kradlum wrote:
That covers character development but doesn't seem to cover the day to day issues of 4x time, particularly with how casters are implemented.

They haven't gone into too much detail yet, but the part I was referring to was the discussion about how Goblinworks recognizes that many of the mechanics that work in the tabletop simply won't work in an MMO.

I would not expect casters to be limited to a set number of spells over a specific time frame.

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Of course, there's also the blog Time is the Fire in which We Burn.

It probably won't give you the concrete answers you're looking for, but it may help you understand their intentions at a general level.

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Keep in mind that Vancian magic might not be implemented at all. The only time I have ever seen it in a (non D&D) video game is the NES Final Fantasy. That model changed for the re-releases.

I'm unsure about the legality of copyright issues for using the Vancian magic, but from a games theory position, it is a bad system.

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@OP these topics where brought up before the 4x time was even announced. Time based mechanics only work in small multiplayer and offline games like skyrim and NWN. An mmo that forces you to rest for 8 hours would never see the light of day.

PFO is not a simulation of the pathfinder tabletop, PFO is the pathfinder world with new mechanics.

We really need to get a sticky outlining key discussion points and their results, the community is starting to grow, and we are moving towards the '10 topics for each discussion' phase. And all these new faces aren't reading every blog and our long discussion topics. Maybe even have some 'official' threads for certain discussions, since after 3 pages of comments all the blog threads seem to start leaking out and good discussion posts go unseen, or forgotten.

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