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Question for anybody who may be interested in this, whether or not you have participated in previous years of PaRaProMo. Is anybody else interested in taking part in this race-making collaboration this year, or has interest essentially died off?

For those who may be unfamiliar, here is a link to last years PaRaProMo.

General Questions:
<>Can you access google slides and/or google drawings? (Maps will be done on one of these)
<>Do you possess any form of color-blindness or other sight-based sensory problems?
<>Are you comfortable with your character being botted, provided at least two-days have passed unexplained and that you have also provided botting information? (If not, no problem)


Chronicle Sheet Information:
Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Number:
Slotted Faction:

Information for this chronicle sheet:

Number of this Chronicle:
Starting XP:
Initial Fame:
Fame Spent:

Reputation with slotted faction:
Day Job:

Any other special things you need me to note on your chronicle?

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Go ahead and make introductory posts for your characters. You have been told to meet in a small conference room, which has a couple of doors, a holo-table (with a large Starfinder insignia in the center), some chairs, and a bank of computers along one wall.

Discussion thread.

Greetings! I am GM Burd, and this will be my first attempt at GMing a PBP campaign. I am wishing to run Ashes of Discovery at the 3-4 tier. However, this does not limit people to characters of those levels. If you wish to apply with a level one or two character, go ahead!


Playtest characters are welcome in this game, but I would prefer to not have a party consisting of those three classes entirely. The same goes for all of the base classes as well. I would prefer for there to be at least four classes to be represented at the table.

Playtest characters should be built according to the rules here.


This will not be a first-come, first-in recruitment. I wish for a fairly balanced party, and as such will be leaving recruitment open until Monday, December 17 at 12:00 pm (CST). However, if interest is relatively low, I may close it earlier than this. (earliest would be by Saturday at the same time)

I am looking for a total of six players. I have one seat definitley held for a GM of a game I am in, and one seat that is tentatively held for someone else. Other than this, recruitment is open to anyone and everyone.


It would be good if you can consistently post at least 1-2 times per day during weekdays. However, I know that the holidays are coming up, so I will not hold people to this.

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So, I was looking through the equipment section of the Playtest Rulebook while equipping my first couple of characters, and came across some interesting things with the various container items. It has to deal with how much they can hold, and the Bulk values of some specific items.

Item Descriptions from Rulebook:
Backpack wrote:

A backpack can hold up to 4 Bulk worth of items. If you are carrying or stowing a backpack rather than wearing it on your back, it has light Bulk instead of negligible.

Belt Pouch wrote:
A belt pouch can hold up to 4 items of light Bulk.
Chest wrote:
A wooden chest can hold up to 8 Bulk worth of items.
Sack wrote:

A sack can hold up to 8 Bulk worth of items. A sack containing 2 Bulk or less can be worn on the body, usually tucked into a belt. You can carry a sack with one hand, but you must use two hands to transfer items in and out.

Satchel wrote:

A satchel can hold up to 2 Bulk worth of items. If you are carrying or stowing a satchel rather than wearing it over your shoulder, it counts as light Bulk instead of negligible.

So each item can hold: Belt Pouches 4L Bulk, Satchels 2 Bulk, Backpacks 4 Bulk, and Sacks & Chests 8 Bulk

Some other notable items from the Rulebook, and their associated Bulk Values, are:

List of Items::
Bedroll: L
Crowbar: L
Silk Rope: L
Pup Tent: L
Torches (10): L

This means that you can fit four bedrolls (sleeping bags) into a Belt Pouch, or up to 49 of them into a backpack. Or you could fit the same number of one/two person tents, ropes, or crowbars into the same containers. Alternatively, you could fit up to 40 torches into a belt pouch, or 490 of them into a backpack! (even worse, you could fit 890 torches into a chest or sack!)

Some items seem very strange when compared to item storage. Just thought I would point out this out.

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Inspired by the setting being created by DeathQuaker on her thread over here, I am going to roll up a random setting using the dice here on the messageboards. Yes, I am using the same basic structure as DQ, but I will be changing the order of some of the steps she did and also do some things slightly differently.

I’ll generate the world starting with the races, using Mikaze’s rules here. Next, I will work up the pantheons, using the methods of Silent Saturn here. After this, I will work up some prominent settlements in the setting, using Dasrak's guide here. Additionally, I will roll up some terrain features that will be required in the setting, as did DeathQuaker.

While I am going to use the dice here on the messageboards, I might use random generators from other sites. Additionally, I will go by these guidelines that DeathQuaker used:

DeathQuaker wrote:
While I intend largely to stick with what I get the first time, I reserve the right to reroll in the case of unnecessary duplicates or impossible contradictions I don’t want to deal with. I may also reroll in the case of specific complications; e.g., the setting generator includes IP-protected races; if I roll an IP-protected race I’ll probably reroll or chose a suitable OGL alternative.

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If your character has the feat Charge Through and is mounted, can his mount charge through an opponent?