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Greetings! I am GM Burd, and this will be my first attempt at GMing a PBP campaign. I am wishing to run Ashes of Discovery at the 3-4 tier. However, this does not limit people to characters of those levels. If you wish to apply with a level one or two character, go ahead!


Playtest characters are welcome in this game, but I would prefer to not have a party consisting of those three classes entirely. The same goes for all of the base classes as well. I would prefer for there to be at least four classes to be represented at the table.

Playtest characters should be built according to the rules here.


This will not be a first-come, first-in recruitment. I wish for a fairly balanced party, and as such will be leaving recruitment open until Monday, December 17 at 12:00 pm (CST). However, if interest is relatively low, I may close it earlier than this. (earliest would be by Saturday at the same time)

I am looking for a total of six players. I have one seat definitley held for a GM of a game I am in, and one seat that is tentatively held for someone else. Other than this, recruitment is open to anyone and everyone.


It would be good if you can consistently post at least 1-2 times per day during weekdays. However, I know that the holidays are coming up, so I will not hold people to this.

"Doctor Vlodkoya is here! I is totally real doctor! Not at all fraud! I is having many medical degrees, you be of having no concerns!"

(This is Jimbles' character for that "definitely held" seat, a 4th level vesk biohacker)


I would be interested in playing with Cyprus, 4th level Feychild Gnome Witchwarper.

"Basalt sees no such degrees, but is not one to judge. Each unit has their own specialty. Vesk seems like good doctor-man."

Here's "Basalt" (real name very difficult to pronounce without telepathy) the 4th level shirren vanguard.

(Also, between the two biohackers I've seen, mine and yours, I get the feeling most Instinctive ones are going to be failed doctors.)


Fixit is keen - Exocortex Mechanic. He needs his profile updated as he is Level 3 now.


Donovan here is a level 2 Envoy and I'm trying to get him higher level to get into other games.


Level 4 Sarcesian (bombard) Soldier [ranged] here


Poppilo whips off his hat, revealing his lashunta antenna, as he gives everyone a deep flourishing bow. "Poppilo Moraeme at your service. Full time priest, part-time pirate (but the good kind)," he greets you with an impish grin.

L3 mystic (overlord) here. One scenario short of L4!

Ok, for my record keeping, a list of all the applicants so far:

Cyprus Downlight, a Gnome Witchwarper (Lvl. 4)
Basalt, a Shirren Vanguard (Lvl. 4)
"Fixit" Fidorius Nyxit, a Ysoki Mechanic (Lvl. 3)
Donovan Delacroix, a Human Envoy (Lvl. 2)
Kei'jon, a Sarcesian Soldier (Lvl. 4)
Poppilo Moraeme, a Lashunta Mystic (Lvl. 3)

Held spot:
"Doctor" Vlodkoya, a Vesk Biohacker (Lvl. 4)


Mustachio Marino is at your service. (lashunta envoy 3). You may remember me as the Red Ranger from the new vidshow cult hit, "Star Ranger Ultra Paradox." I am happy to be your leading man but the other Starfinders are welcome to assist me on this mission.

Sorry about that. Mustachio has a high opinion of himself.

I will be closing recruitment by noon tomorrow.


Greetings all, and thanks GM Burd for running this!

I would be offering the services of Pangea-Kappa, an Android Icon Solarian level 4.
must update this Paizo character sheet from lvl 2 for PbP

If in the game or not, I hope all have fun!

Recruitment is closed.

I will announce those selected within the next twelve hours.

Those selected to play in this game are:

"Doctor" Vlodkoya
"Fixit" Fidorius Nyxit
Donovan Delacroix
Poppilo Moraeme

Thank you to all who applied. Gameplay tab will be up shortly.


Very sorry, I missed this.
Thank you very much for getting me in, and ashamed I did not react sooner (thanks for taking the time for the PMs).

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