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Ah... spent a good part of the weekend flipping through my beautiful book. Going to make it so much easier to slaughter innocent PCs.

As a sidenote the party grows, we added another player for the next session. Making a full course six serving TPK a possibility. Mmmm ... lipsmack

Late posting this, but we had our first deaths in Rappan Atuk last week. CR5 snake (party still at level 1...) critted the Oracle in a surprise attack and them had the group's fighter for desert.

I've decided to try using the Hero Points rules to give the PCs a little more control over their destinies.

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The first Rappan Atuk session went well. No deaths, but at least three separate occasions of negative hit points. I did make one serious tactical error, but in the end it's for the best. Had I played that encounter differently I may have had a TPK...

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Wolfthulhu wrote:

Awww... Time for the first Rappan Athuk meeting.

My first full blown campaign in years. Hope I don't screw anything up.

I just want you to know, we're all counting on you. Good luck.

Oh... there will be blood.

It's not that I want to kill them off... exactly.


TriOmegaZero wrote:
Wolfthulhu wrote:
You comin to Space City Con? Look me up, I'll be around all weekend.
I signed up for at least one of your games.


Maniacal laughter...

Awesome! Can't wait... can't wait... can't wait! :D

Aberzombie wrote:
Perhaps murdering some PCs will make me feel better.

Always brightens my day. :)

I've spawned clones...

Had to happen sooner or later, I suppose.

701, I hope to read about your running of RA and the many deaths it brings.

706... Not until after I have claimed a few of your poor PCs.


Need to look at this for my upcoming Rappan Athuk campaign.

Peanuts wrote:
511 signed & numbered copies.


That's not enough. :(
So much for getting copy number 664. ..

Gorbacz wrote:
Sorry for obnoxious TL;DR, but - what level does this whole thing start at? Can I run a level 1 party? I have a strange tingle of starting a new gaming group of horrible munchkins just for this one...

Yes. The original material started at 5th level or so. This version has been expanded with content to start the party at level 1.

evil grin...

silverhair2008 wrote:
Well, we finally completed Kingmaker yesterday. My Fighter11/Cavalier6 got taken down to 10 HP from 191 before the rest of the party won their fight. It was fun. Now we have a short respite before Wolfthulhu takes us through Rappan Athuk. I think I had better create a few backup PC's for that one.

Wouldn't hurt to be prepared. >.<

I heartily approve. Bwahahahahaha.

Filthy stinking gnomes.

Dark Sasha wrote:

forget coffee, need rum

(P.S. I thank Steve Russell for putting that idea into my head!)

Coffee and rum? Best of both worlds! :D

Bill Webb wrote:

lol; Brian..like I told Mach--I will Try. If I screw up--you will have to forgive me. I will ask that question on the end survey that kickstarter has us send out.

I won't offer to match any number under 50 though--those are going to the heavy hitters ($500+)...well, and me (#1):)

Awesome! I know what number I'll request as well... :D

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Hoping for a GenCon release. Not that I am going, but the timing is just abut right that we will finish Kingmaker, my roommate will run his 3-mod series campaign over the next few months and it will be my turn to head the table around August/September.

Near perfect timing. :D

I fear my players may be a tad bit... less anticipatory about the whole experience.

I like to play this when players are approaching my PFS tables...

silverhair2008 wrote:
Early rejoicing over Kingmaker this Sunday. Already thinking about the PC for Jade Regent. However, there are at least two other GM's between Jess' Kingmaker and Jess' Jade Regent. Wolfthulhu is playing it close to the vest and not letting on what he plans to run. Can't say as I blame him with so many of us getting the same items from Paizo. Maybe he will convert something from OD&D or maybe 2E. Promises to be interesting at any rate.

Partly because I haven't 100% decided what I'm running. I do have a good idea though...

As if I need ANOTHER reason to give you my money...


Awesome. :-)


Product Page wrote:
Upcoming Product Lines: For news on upcoming anticipated product lines involving epic level adventures as well as set piece encounters based on maps by Rob Lazzaretti, visit us at PaizoCon!

Epic level adventures need Epic level rules. Does this imply you taking a shot at them or are you just anticipating Paizo's version?

Yeah, I know, find out at PaizoCon. Well, I will! Still wanted to ask. :-P

Awesome. Can't wait for some PaizoCon announcment goodness!

Orcus getting back in the mix? That is such a magnitude of awesome as cannot be easily defined.


bigkilla wrote:
My Sunday group is getting ready to go into this kill fest, but as it says on the back on the box I am killer DM #575. They know from experience how lethal that Necromancer modules can be, there have been about 6 player deaths so far just from tomb of Absythor.

Greetings, brother. ;-)

Carp, a DM wrote:
I will seize this opportunity to run a game. Who's playing the cleric?

Not it!

Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:

First off, my gaming group's preferred adventure type is the dungeon crawl. We're really hoping for a dungeon crawl heavy AP in 2012.

Second, for those who are looking for what is, in my opinion, the ultimate dungeon crawl experience, check out Rappan Athuk Reloaded from Necromancer Games. I can unequivocally state that this raised the bar for us on dungeon crawls, after we had assumed that Temple of Elemental Evil would forever remain the champion in this area.

Its not cheap, nor is it easy to find anymore (I don't think), but Rappan Athuk Reloaded has no equal (imo) in the dungeon crawl category.

Good gaming to all,



Rappan Athuk Reloaded is amazing. A dead tree copy is going to cost, but the PDF is available and relatively cheap.

Emperor7 wrote:

I, too, received the goodie! Thank you, anonymous! It put a sparkle in my smile!

Must look up this LED d20, so I can be the cool kid when I return to the gaming table. Yes, ladies and gents, and I use the term loosely, since my head problems notched down on Nov 5 I am going to try the crowded Tues night table once more. 8-10 players is still a tad too much, but I can handle the noise better, and I miss playing! And the new year brings with it new vacation time. I may take the 1st Wednesday off just in case I get too tired GAMING! Did I mention gaming? Again?!

Here's to a year of natural 20s! For the players, not the DMs. OK, once in a while for them. *shudder*

I like natural 20's. Muahahaha...

I even like when players roll them. It gives them a quaint sense of acomplishment. Which I can then crush mercilessly.

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PaizoDM wrote:
FAWTLyDM wrote:
Justin Franklin wrote:
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Freehold DM wrote:
PirateDevon wrote:

Restrict not ye Whedon choices to the first offering


WEll I guess I can't stop you...you ARE a DM...

You can't stop him only if he is your DM.:)

Bah. I'm even registered.

Disgruntled FAWTL Correspondent wrote:
Jarl Darkwolf wrote:
PewPew McStabby wrote:
Roger Moore wrote:
Hold on, I need my stuntman.
You are so broken. The math says so!
I must break you.
Carnage! Everywhere!

I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I

wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and
guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill,

Rocks fall, EVERYONE dies!

Jess Door wrote:

I had issues too - then a couple months later found my images dumped in the default "My Documents" image folder, rather than where I indicated I wished them dumped. This was also on windows 7.


What? I'm not looking at any other threads! The thread title said Players map!

I'm gonna remember this post, Jess. >:-)

NSpicer wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
And given the dark nature of this adventure path ... will any of use survive it?

Not if I have anything to say about it!

** spoiler omitted **

I like the way you think. :^D

I can't wait to run this on my poor unsuspecting players..

Well, ought not to have done it, but I couldn't resist any longer. I'm all in. :D

BenS wrote:
Killer DM #0664 wrote:
tsathogga wrote:
Killer 664; it is still for sale, just as a non limited edition.
Oh, that's cool. See, BenS, not OOP. ;-)
Well, to me, OOP is not negated by there being a pdf version. So I stand by my original assertion ;-)


I totally understand that position.

tsathogga wrote:
Killer 664; it is still for sale, just as a non limited edition.

Oh, that's cool. See, BenS, not OOP. ;-)

BenS wrote:
tsathogga wrote:

I did the same thing w/ Rappan Athuk Reloaded...I should probably have reprinted it, but did not because I said it was a limited edition.

Thanks to a very generous fellow poster here I have a copy of this hard to find product, but you do realize there's still a strong demand for this OOP product, which could bring in wads of cash. I don't think the people who bought the original would fault you for reprinting it.

Hell, you could probably make even more money by converting it to PFRPG rules. Sort of, you know, like you're doing w/ Slumbering Tsar ;-)

I certainly wouldn't. It's a great adventure and should be used to torment as many players as inhumanly possible. If you don't number the reprints then it shouldn't step on the toes of those of us who bought it already..

Amusing story told by a guy I used to game with involving a seldom used 2e Shadowrun rule; Headshots.

Players: We want to use headshots!
GM: No headshots.
Players: Butt we want to use them. They are wicked cool!
GM: (Reluctantly) Ok, we'll use headshots.


Player 1: I'll take him out with a headshot! (rolls dice) BOOM! Dead!
Players: Yeah!

A few headshots later.

Players: Man this is really awesome we're rockin this run!
GM: (Rolls dice) Headshot.
Players: Wait... what?

Buy the end of the night half the team was dead. The Headshot rule was unanimously revoked before the next weeks game.

Moral of the story.
If your PCs find a way to consistently one-shot your more powerful bad guys, it is absolutely fair to turn the tactic back on them. The rules do apply to everyone equally in this game.

Ainslan wrote:
About this trait, would the fact that you are "considered proficient with the weapon" allow you to take feats like weapon focus or weapon proficiency for that specific weapon without taking the weapon proficiency feat for the weapon type first?

I would say yes, but again the feats would only apply to the one particular weapon since you wouldn't have the prerequisite proficiency with the Elven Curve Blade you borrowed from Jim down the road.

hogarth wrote:
Ardenup wrote:

Look, as someone who likes to play gish types (including divine based)

i can't see any reason NOT to take this feat. Ever. Now a Human can start proficient with an heirloom Elven Curve Blade (arcane focus) which immediately is masterwork (+1 to hit and damage) and the trait bonus (+1 to hit)

having a decent str score with what is essentially a free +2 to hit at level 1 is awesome.....

Yeah, that's pretty much it. The only downside is getting your weapon sundered/lost/stolen/destroyed, and that's a touchy issue for some people. I know some players who consider that a "dick move" on the part of the GM. YMMV.

I would just be up front with anyone taking this trait.

"Look some creatures/NPCs are built to sunder weapons. Understand that something bad may happen to you heirloom and keep that in mind if you decide to go with it."

As for lost/stolen. Only as a plot device with every intention of the PC getting it back, likely somewhat enchanted/upgraded by the jerk NPC who stole it for his own use. For instance, that would be a great way to have the weapon gain it's initial +1 enhancement.

Wants it. My Precious.. yes, we wants it. NEEEEEEDSSSS it, we does. Doesn't we Precious?

We must find lazy adventurersss, that we may kill them and takes their gold from their pocketses Yesssss.