Rearguard Actions of the 8th Crusade

Game Master Understandably Bland

The 8th Crusade was launched against The Crown of Eyes in 1286 PDE. This Crusade has failed. Our adventurers begin assigned to the rearguard covering the months-long retreat to the safety of the mountain passes.

Death awaits. Glory follows.

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I hope everything works out as well as it can!

Family first, not a problem.

Definitely please take care.

I'm back! Though I don't have a ton of time tonight (I'm going to try to go to bed a bit early to catch up on sleep), but here's a little bit of bit of lore I have yet to find a good place for:


The name of The Seabound Seven is a reference to a tradition of burial at sea practiced by the various halfling paramilitary organizations of the Edenlark Forest. It isn't a universal practice, but rather a ceremonial recognition of the passing of a notable individual. Think a cross between a medal of honor and a state funeral.

The traditional opening words of the ceremony: "the time has come for honor to be brought to account" are the inverse of what gets screamed at initiates in their bootcamps: "you'll have time for honor when you're dead."

The ceremony is in part a settling of accounts. Grievances are aired and mediated, debts and favors owed are settled or passed on to new recipients as appropriate. It is a lengthy and thorough examination of the life they are gathered to honor, even those parts which are uncomfortable. This period of reflection ends with a formal set of policy recommendations from the bereaved, the rest of the funeral-goers acting as witness.

To circle back, The Seabound Seven is in part a an arrogant boast, laying claim to an honor not theirs to bestow. Yet at the same time it is recognition that they know their service will end in death, a promise to meet the injustices of the world with unflinching courage until they have no more to give.

Good to have you back!

Dotting for interest. I like the mobile warfare elements and rich, homebrewed setting.

I scanned through the posts and have some basic logistic questions:
What's the expected posting rate?
Plans for hosting battlemaps on Google slides, roll20, etc?

A silly mechanical question, you are assuming standard wealth at 3ed level (3000 gp), right?

Yes, standard wealth for lvl 3.

Posting rate of about once a day.

For battle maps, I can do a couple different things, it'll be more of a discussion once the group has been decided about what works for people.

OK cool, thanks! I'm thinking of playing a cleric of the Theocracy. The main option for deities is Torag but are other deities worshipped there?

Rough idea I'm developing: Seasoned veteran who carries his stories and scars but still finds purpose and hope in the fight. Fights on horseback with a Lance and rallies his comrades to the standard with tales of past deeds.

Mechanically, a human evangelist cleric with the flagbearer feat. Flag attached to his lance.

Hey Understandably Bland, I hope your family emergency hasn't started up again?

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