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Vampire the Masquerade set in 1980's St Paul, Minnesota.

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I am restarting a recruitment for Vampire the Masquerade from a game that has been going for over a year and is looking for some new blood.

Which edition of VtM?

In addition to edition, any specific character building rules or themes?

20th anniversary edition

Generation background first three dots regular price 4th dot 3 points, 5th dot 5 points.

We have a Tremere and an assamite

https://drive.google.com/file/d/100yHhnFwcTsf3lNkQcC0rEPfTRrSKw3y/view?usp= sharing

Okay hopefully I did that right.

John Pimento: Basic character concept of a mercenary/soldier recently turned by an assamite to be used as a disposable asset. A role he is oddly happy to fulfill.

John has transitioned well to his new condition. Seeing as he was already living an amoral life of killing in blood service to monsters who didn't care if he died, things haven't changed for him much. However now he has a nice set of superpowers and he never has to do another day deployment in a desert.

I'd definitely prefer to weave the character in with the other assamite. Possibly having them be John's sire?

I don't have a specific problem with the idea but you would have to work it out with the other player, and do you really want your sire in the group?

I don't have any issues with it, but ultimately it's up to the other player. I can just as easily be a separate vamp. Still fiddling with the stats and starting to fill out the background. Is there anything specific I should keep anything in mind for the setting/story?

Not particularly however I would like one or two more players if you know anyone

I may try to put something together, not to familiar with the system but I’ll see what I can do!

Great thanks!

I like VtM, but I prefer games that are more about RP and intrigue than dice rolling and combat... The fact you have an assamite and a tremere seems to suggest it's not much the case for this one. Am I assuming incorrectly? I do have some experience with the game (mostly GMing) and would love to put something together if the focus is not in building fighting blood robots :) nothing against it, just not my cup of tea (and honestly, I'm not skilled enough to build this kind of character! lol)


This entire game has had one small skirmish in a year and that was against mortal security guards after a dominate roll failed. If you get into combat in VtM it's not a good thing. Ancient powerful creatures don't fight unless they must.

I go for the gothic horror of it all and love that aspect of it.

Oh then in this case… I’d very much like to submit something!


- how many freebies and xp points? If it had been going for one year, then I would prefer being close in the power level to the existing group.

- merits and flaws are okay?

- paths of enlightenment are okay?

- any limits on age? I already saw the generation custom rules above.

- where can I read more about your setting? Are we going to be newcomers introducing to the prince?

I will most likely shotgun a bit to keep the story moving for the two standing characters and intro you in the prologue. No use of age merit please, and 7 pts of merits and flaws as normal, also I will entertain a path but give me a good story as to why a Canirlla kindred would have one?

10 xtra XP for each player including old players for a nice bump before this upcoming game. So old players will add 6xp more.

Okay, I think I figured everything out https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nQ5K6XIueP2LkCpoByhsFzzQB7zID_Ee/view?usp= sharing

This should be Stevee a Well to do local political Speechwriter who was turned by the Ventrue well working for Eugene McCarthy. She is well connected in the city and has kept close with many of her national political contacts, She keeps a small heard in a family home in South Saint Paul, the trait that her prey all have to share is having butchered an animal in the past 24 hours which is why she chose South Saint Paul home to the largest Slaughterhouse in the state (and in 1980 I think the world? Contradictory info there.).

Does everything look rightish here?

Working on a Malkavian - will have more details at some point tomorrow, as I take a little longer with preludes.

Keeper:. Have no problem with a local with the incomplete understanding. We will work out why you are where you are etc during prelude but otherwise looks fine

Hi GM, here's Lapyd with my submission for the game. Details on the profile! Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Now to get both my other players on message and we can go with five

Hello, I guess I could have a progeny. The one issue is I am 8th gen and you are set to 10th. Since we are Assamite I cannot have lowered my rank since creating progeny. So you would need to lower your generation.

Ok group I am going to start moving with the main rp and work prelude and get everyone in the story after my July 4th vacation on 5 July. I will take two more players for sure up to six. More then two and it will be by GM fiat who gets in. All players at this point are in

Is anyone else planning on joining the Discussion or RP? They are open.

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