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So... Is this the last product from the line? Is the module product line on hold? It seems a bit weird.

Hi everyone I just started deck 3 of WotR. And I was wondering what is best? Should I discard the blessing of ascension or should I remove it from game? What did you do in your own games and what recommendation could you give me?


Hi Corsario, I would like to sign up for the game.

EDIT: Which Rogue is accepted Unchained or Vanilla?

Banished is not the same as removed from game!

Mike Selinker wrote:
Dude, open deck 1.

This +1!

Korramzadeh in PACG and RPG:
The dude is used for dramatic purpose in the first scenario. Since, as previous posters already mention, he was used in the RPG in later Adventures 5 & 6 he is best left to the B set instead of a number.

I've read somewhere Vic answering the the game came out on the 27th so we should't be expecting them before that date

Vic you should have done the same as the other type of subscriptions. Add the Character Sheets PDFs to the subscribers as soon as the shipments when out.

Correct me if I'm wrong, being banished has nothing to do with removed from the game, banish states that the card is placed back in the box. So a Banished Cohort that has a dead owner, returns to the box it can be available for play with a new Owner who also is available since it returned to the box.

I got mine from Paizo today! All the way down to Mexico!

Preordered the kindle edition! This is the best thing it has happened to me

awww yisss modaf-ing breadcrumbs!

Yep, Pathfinder Advantage have a bigger discount

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the kindle surprise was nice one for me! but indeed I also want to know if audiobooks are in the works?

I have a question. Is this for the beginners box? The style that is showed in the catalog seems to hint at it. What relationship will it have with the Core and the Box? Halfway-point or is this just a friendly version of the Core?

I just want to say I don't buy Paizo’s products because they are the best, which I believe they are. I back this company with my few Pesos (I'm a Mexican) because this is a company I can get behind with its values and its broad vision which is not only tolerant but also inclusive. Guys like these is the reason every weirdo out there feels at home in the golem's community. And that includes me.

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So are all books wrong? I wouldn't want a book that's with correct cover now! I must have the ACG AP!

James I need this book now! Since I don't read things in paper, I need you to make a Time Machine and send me to April 30th

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Great! Already bought it, I loved the Setting, I'm preparing to GM a game in this setting!

Tacticslion wrote:
KazMx wrote:

Hey guys, last week I started to write an article which I finished in the late hours of today. I wrote it because I found myself explaining to a lot of people why is that I play RPGs. Maybe you could send it to some family members, significant others or friends who actually don't get why we do what we do.

Link to the article! Click me!

This is the article, if you fin yourself reading it, please let me know any feedback you want to give in the comment section below the article.

I finally finished the article. Sorry it took so long to generate feedback. Also, my apologies for putting the feedback here instead of there, but I am more comfortable in this venue. So...

It's a nice article. Passionate, honest, and over-all genuine. It's neat.

It does suffer somewhat from awkward phrasing or oddly-placed word choices - while your vocabulary is often quite strong, your grammar, placement, structure, and flow are not as thoroughly developed. These things will take practice, and - I'm a shining example - no matter how practiced at writing stuff you get, you'll often make strange word choices or be unsure how to structure things. That's okay, it's just something that I noticed - something that made it more difficult to read through than I would have liked.

You have some good points and decent examples as well, making it easier to understand - a very good thing.

If you want this to be utilized by a broader audience as a method of explaining their hobby, however, you may wish to work on your introduction. In some ways, the introduction feels a bit rushed, without you explaining your purpose before hand. That said, a desire to see such a thing could just be a personal quirk or preference of mine; I'm not an English teacher, but it would be how I structure it, were it me.

While your "why give it a try" is a good starting point, I wanted to see more reasons than just those listed, and I wanted to see...

Thanks I will take your feedback into account. I think I will write further on the subject, so this piece of advice is invaluable.

True indeed Hama, my aim with the article was to explain and invite people to try. I hope that was the message which was delivered.

Hey guys, last week I started to write an article which I finished in the late hours of today. I wrote it because I found myself explaining to a lot of people why is that I play RPGs. Maybe you could send it to some family members, significant others or friends who actually don't get why we do what we do.

This is the article, if you fin yourself reading it, please let me know any feedback you want to give in the comment section below the article.

Thank you Lisa, this left me with a desire of making stories of my own!

I would like to see the adventures of an elf battling Treerazer and his minions that take him to very place that the nascent demon lord originates.

On the other side I would to sea a story of Dwarf, may be the plot is that that digs deep in to the underground looking for treasure and finds a terrible ancient secret of his society.

r-Kelleg wrote:

I would say: yes/yes to your both questions.

isn't it why the alchemist exist ? alchemists are master in poison anyway. And antitoxin needs a craft alchemy DC=25 to be done. You might give him a +2 bonus if he have a sample of the venom.

( her-substances)

Where does the materials to create the antitoxins come from? He just have them lay it around?

Hi there. I have a few questions regarding the alchemy craft skill. Here's the background: there's an alchemist player in my Sunday game that every creature that they defeat, he tries to extract from it something. He does this to "study them and create alchemical materials from it". Now he wants to prepare an antitoxin but i don't think he has the materials and any way to get them, since the pcs are trapped in a cavern.

My two questions are: are the alchemists capable of extracting poison from a snake? and create antitoxins from it? Or what are antitoxins, sunruds and other items created from?

Thank you Da'ath, I guess I'll stick with the Paizo races

I think I will propose it to one of my players that is trying to create a lycanthrope race as well. As you can see in this post (

Hey masters! I'm starting a campaign next Sunday and one of my players came up with the following stats for a new werewolves race. I think its a little too OP for the campaign. I'd love if you share your opinions.

fey (2)
low-light vision
medium (0)
normal spd (0)
advanced (4)
Modifiers: Pick either mental or physical ability scores.
Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to all of those scores,
a +4 bonus to one score of the other type, and a –2 penalty
to one other ability score of the other type.
Resistance grater (3)
11+lvl spellresistance
Fast Healing (6 RP)
Prerequisites: None.
Benefit: Members of this race regain 1 hit point each round. Except for where noted here, fast healing is just like natural healing. Fast healing does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation, nor does it allow a creature to regrow lost body parts. Fast healing continues to function (even at negative hit points) until a member of this race dies, at which point the effects of fast healing immediately end.
Special: This trait can be taken multiple times. Each time fast healing is taken, its cost increases by 1 RP.

A few things to take into consideration: I'm a new at mastering, the campaign will be Second Darkness, the rest of my players are a kitsune, a gnome and a human.

Thank you guys you clarified everything

One of my players is asking something that have never occurred to me. He wants to multiclass two archetypes of a PC, but in the same class. I actually don't know what to answer him. He wants to play an alchemist with both Saboteur and Granadier Archetypes.

I will really appreciate anyone that can shed some light on the subject.

Joey, they already thank you enough and you can add mine to the pile. I'm just starting a Shadow in the Sky with a Roll20 group. you just made my life easier.

Since you're using dervish magus, it is likely you'll hit with all the bonus to attack rolls the pc has