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So, I just got home with my new Wrath set, and man is it awesome!!

One thing is stumping me though,

I can't find out what you do with Khorramzadeh

He's the 50 Then 50 villain that instantly kills you if you fail one of the checks. I've read every card in the Base Set, read the rulebook, everything, he isn't mentioned anywhere that I can. He is a B card, so he should be involved in B set cards, shouldn't he? I haven't opened Deck 1, but as a B card I'm pretty sure he's not supposed to only be involved with cards outside of B. He definitely isn't involved in the Character Add On Deck, I've checked.

So, the question is - what the heck is the purpose of this card? Unless I missed something, he's mentioned on no scenario, boon, bands, adventure / AP, support, character, absolutely nothing.

Keep in mind that anything that is used in multiple APs has to be in the the initial box. If you don't use a card until AP5 and AP6, you still need him in the first set. So he might not be used in anything we have at the moment.

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Hmm, fair enough. I'm not happy having a card I'm not even using in the piece it came with though... I hope it isn't for that reason and it's just something I missed.

Foreshadowing. From the RPG:

He appears at the very start in the box text; the PCs don't actually interact with him or the silver dragon Terendelev while the two fight.

If they wanted you to use Korramzadeh early on then they'd probably make the first Scenario the fight described in the box text, perhaps ending with the PCs sacrificing Terendelev to temporarily defeat Korramzadeh. Otherwise, the story starts after that fight.

In any case, knowing that card is there is something that'll worry some players: when will we need to use that card? How can we possibly defeat it?

It's also one less card they have to print in Deck 6.

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I definitely don't think that's the reason. Foreshadowing is a bad reason to print a card in a product it isn't going to be used in, even worse if it is only actually used in one future adventure. I'd be extremely disappointed with Paizo if "one less card to print later" had anything to do with it, I can almost guarantee that's not it.

Your comment about how he could have been used in the first scenario is actually a really cool idea, I'd love to see them do something like that in a future set.

As much as I don't like having cards I can't use yet, the Afghanistan Rule actually makes a lot of sense here and I support it enough that I'm fine holding onto an unusable card for a while if it's for that.

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Dude, open deck 1.

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That's the answer I was looking for. Curious though, why put it in the base cards instead of the adventure box?

At first I was thinking for Josh's reason, but every base set includes the first adventure so everyone playing the game would still have it if it was a 1, so I'm thinking that wasn't it.

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Clearly, needed him in B instead of 1 to make room for some awesome boon too powerful for B.

Personally, I think it's a bit hilarious to be able to point him out as being in B. Somehow, 1 just wouldn't be as funny.

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You know, that second sentence alone is actually almost a perfectly valid answer, I freaked when I first saw him in the blog a while back as a B! I'm scared to open deck 1 before I get that far to see what uses him. I'm guessing he's like Black Magga was, and you don't actually fight him, but I'd love to be wrong. He's scarier than the final win-or-die scenarios of Runelords and Shackles OP

Shrug, I assume Korramzadeh was basically the Mythic level power Villain/Henchman in the set. Like the Sandpoint Devil in RotR and Hirgenzosk in S&S.

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Sadly it's exactly what I assumed, you don't encounter him. Yet. Maybe later

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Since they have been following the RPG pretty closely for RotR and S&S, I assume that will continue (but it may not).

Spoiler - Korramzadeh in the RPG:

In the RPG you fight him in AP6, but he is not the big bad for the adventure path, so yes, there will be someone even worse :-).

Mike Selinker wrote:
Dude, open deck 1.

This +1!

Korramzadeh in PACG and RPG:
The dude is used for dramatic purpose in the first scenario. Since, as previous posters already mention, he was used in the RPG in later Adventures 5 & 6 he is best left to the B set instead of a number.

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As a general rule, we try to put things used in multiple adventures in B, since we're always struggling to stuff everything we want in each adventure box. There are more cards in B, so we have room for spillover there.

Also, Keith is not wrong. Funny beats non-funny every day at Lone Shark.

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Andrew, check out Tuesday's blog post, especially the scenario card at the top.

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Ok I'll go ahead and post this since it was in a spoiler before. Part of my spoiler above is acknowledging that I ended up seeing exactly how he works.

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