Changes to Second Darkness for Pathfinder (Spoilers)

Second Darkness

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Thank you, Yogo!

Well just a heads up we never did finish the last book real life got in the way but we really enjoyed the adventure path it gets a bad rap but we all had fun thats for sure

Just wanted to say "Thank you !" for the conversions.

They come in real handy and right now I'm in the Middle of GMing Armageddon Echo and having fun. Part of that is because of your work.

Thanks !

No problem glad to help

Joey, they already thank you enough and you can add mine to the pile. I'm just starting a Shadow in the Sky with a Roll20 group. you just made my life easier.

Hello Joey, thanks for the great conversion job do you have do, if it's possible to send me a copy of the files for hero lab i thanks to you very much (sorry for my bad english but i have learn myself the english, i'm italian). My e-mail is casonato.italo (at)



Dotting. Thanks again Joey!

Paizo Employee Organized Play Line Developer

Hey, just posting to mention what a great job you did. This is a great resource and I appreciate your work. Thanks.

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