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I've been playing PFS for the past few months. First experience with tabletop RPG's and I'm totally digging it.

I am starting up a dervish dancer magus build and am using a scimitar (threat range 18-20). At level five I will often be using my magus arcana to apply "keen" to my scimitar (once I can afford a +1 scimitar) which would double my threat range to 15-20.

My question is when this is applied and my threat range is 15-20 what happens in those scenarios where my initial attack roll is a 15 without a bonus thus making it in the critical threat, but even with the bonus applied I do not overcome the targets AC?

I know this is a rare situation, but plausible. I've searched a number of forums and could not find an answer. I understand on a confirmation roll it doesn't crit unless you confirm, but can you threaten critical if you don't overcome the AC?


Even if you roll a critical threat, you still have to actually roll high enough to hit the target. A critical threat doesn't automatically hit the target (except on a natural 20).

So if you roll a natural 15 (a 15 on the die), but you don't roll high enough to hit the targets AC, then its just a miss.

Correct. A natural 20 on the die auto-hits only because it's a natural 20, not because it's a critical threat. 20 being the "default" critical threat value is an unrelated parameter.

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Standard Action, Attack: Critical Hit wrote:
Increased Threat Range: Sometimes your threat range is greater than 20. That is, you can score a threat on a lower number. In such cases, a roll of lower than 20 is not an automatic hit. Any attack roll that doesn't result in a hit is not a threat.

AKA what they said.

Since you're using dervish magus, it is likely you'll hit with all the bonus to attack rolls the pc has

KazMx wrote:
Since you're using dervish magus, it is likely you'll hit with all the bonus to attack rolls the pc has

Why did you necro this thread to restate something the OP already stated in his first post? I'm legitimately curious.

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