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One of my players is asking something that have never occurred to me. He wants to multiclass two archetypes of a PC, but in the same class. I actually don't know what to answer him. He wants to play an alchemist with both Saboteur and Granadier Archetypes.

I will really appreciate anyone that can shed some light on the subject.

Not legal.

He can play an alchemist and take both the Saboteur and Grenadier archetypes at the same time, provided they don't change or alter any of the same class features.

But you can't go alchemist (sabo) 1/alchemist (Gren) 1 any more than you can go Wizard (enchanter) 1/Wizard (Evoker) 1.

Since Saboteur and Granadier do not modify any of the same class features, it is perfectly legal to have the player apply both archetypes to his character's alchemist class at the same time.

GrenSabo Alchamist for the win!

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You can take as many archetypes of a class as you feel like, but no two of them can modify the same class feature. And that proviso counts even if the player never intends to reach a level where the overlap would take effect.

Thank you guys you clarified everything

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