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I ran some season of the runelords sessions at a local convention a few weeks ago. And am currently debating if I want to run through Mummy or Crimson Throne.

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Longshot11 wrote:

I'm sorry, I might've been away from the forum for a while, but what is this Pathfinder/Starfinder Infinite brand? Is it some sort of semi-sanctioned official content? The alternative seem to be that players can now publish (and sell!?) PACG content based on Paizo's own adventure paths, which I seem to recall was definitely not the case before.

Also, is there a place where we could get a better preview on the design inside? The 3 pages on DriveThru don't even get to a sample scenario (which is what I'd be interested in seeing)

Pretty big news when it was announced a few months ago. Here's the blog post for it: arfinder-Infinite

Very cool, cartmanbeck! Are you going to setup the TableTop sim mod with it?

Either way, I'll get this purchased and figure out how to print it all out!


I placed an order, and it's in my SideCart. I don't know if it matters, but I won't have any subscriptions coming, since my only active sub is for the Card Game, which has nothing coming. (Possibly For Ever, sadly)
So, if you could move that out of the sidecart if neccessary, I'd appreciate it.


I gave it to the Hellknight. It has an evil upgrade path as well. ;)

*Asks about optimizing villains*

Second sentence appears to have a Black Dragon on the ground to be charged by a rogue.

So...I think Better Tactics might present a better challenge than optimizing the stats.

This sounds pretty fantastic! It makes me wish I was a better author! Or, a better game designer! Maybe I'll have to give it a shot and see how I do with a short adventure...

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Wow. Shocking and disappointing news if even a fraction of those incidents are true.

I've had to use SheepishEidolon's "Sorry people, that's not within the scope of the module" quite a bit over the years.

I can get myself confused real fast if I start making up stuff to answer those unanswered questions. (Did the Queen tell them that? Or was it the shady mercenary in the other town....or did I just think I was going to tell them...where's my notes on that...but...wait...where am I? What day is this?)

So, I pretty much just blame the book. I'll literally hold up my hands and say: "Out of Character here: I don't know/book doesn't say/outside the scope of the adventure/moment"

This also has the convenience of I can also use that to avoid giving away a Plot Spoiler if a player puts together all the facts and asks 'That Question' before it is time. ;)

I think you also need to add the meta-status of Group Type.

I have noticed in Organized Play, people are much more concerned about friendly fire and 'clumping up' than players are in home games. Almost detrimentally so. I'm sure the bulk of that is the whole PuG aspect of playing with people you may or may not know well, compared to a group of regulars at the table. But, it's an interesting social interaction thing I've noticed over the years when playing at OP tables.

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Excellent article! Tons of info, very fun to compare my personal 3.x-D&D-PF-PFACG timeline with the official timeline!

Only thing I might add is you didn't mention the other two large and successful computer video games: Pathfinder Kingmaker and the just about to be released follow up Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. Both based on the APs of the same name, publisher/developer is Owlcat Games. PF:KM has been very successful, and WOTR seems on the same trajectory of success.

skizzerz wrote:


I believe the first two projects are going to be continuing the Season 7 storyline for adventures 4-6 and making a “Core 2” to extend Core with additional cards to form a stronger base to build future community APs.


Oh, finishing up Season 7 would be wonderful! My group was so sad when we learned it was just...ended. We haven't played since we 'finished' it. Would be great to have a proper ending to it.

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Two primary campaigns I'm running. (very loose definition of running)

Hell's Vengeance
In Book 3, but have been on Hiatus for a few years now. Need to kick the dust off the tires and either get the old party motivated to pick it back up, or get new players and start from scratch.

Strange Aeons
When lockdown started, I was trying to get people to play in my VTT of choice, Fantasy Grounds. SA is available for it, and several of my players are big Lovecraft fans, so we took off like gang busters! And, then the group pretty much died a couple months in. I need to get that one going again as well.

Since then I've been dabbling with solo play of a few card and board games (RIP PACG) and DCC and CoC. But nothing consistent.

I think I need to just suck it up and realize I have more drive to game than my friends, and just need to join some online-only VTT game groups.

Yup, the VTT companies program it. Fantasy Grounds has probably The Most Pathfinder support, tons of 1st ed, and they are keeping up with 2nd Ed. Literally the primary reason I chose FG over the others was the vast amount of stuff they had ready to go for Pathfinder. (And they support other games I play: DCC, Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder, etc)

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Still such a sad thing. Thank you very much Keith for your insight, helps bring a bit more closure to it all.

Like a few others have eluded to, the whole transition to PF2 and the New card Game just felt....weird. Blog posts were almost hostile towards the old products and the players of those products. Little information on the new products was shared here, it was a lot of 'go check this podcast/random interview/other forum' type of stuff. Just seemed like Paizo suddenly wanted nothing to do with those Old Games and the Old Customers that played them. Tie that with the Old GUard of writers and staff leaving in droves, and it paints a bad image, I think.

I left D&D cause of how Wizards handled that transition from 3.x. There they destroyed the game world to fit the new vision of 4th Ed. Here, while Paizo didn't tear up the game's world, they tore up the Real World instead.

For me, the casual mafia-style shot to the back of the head death of the card game has definitely had me shy away a bit from paizo going forward. Season 7 just stopped midway. My group finished it up and we've played everything else society-wise. We have a local con coming up in about a month and I always run PACS and PFS1 at it, but when the Venture Captain asked me I responded with 'what's the point?' And I mean that in why try to attract new players to games that are officially dead? I still play online with TTS and have even started a solo 3-Hand play through of Mummy's Mask, so my passion for the game is doing fine. Hope to restart either Hell's Vengeance or Strange Aeons this fall for the RPG.

All that said, things change, I understand that. I've got other games I play, other RPGs and Card Games. Just sad that Paizo doesn't 'get along' with me any more. It's not me, it's them, I suppose.

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Definitely would like to see either reprints of Vol 1 APs that are out of print at paizo and go for 100+ on ebay, or better yet collected prints of the whole AP. I have held off on picking up a few simply because since I can't get Vol 1....what's the point? (Yes I know PDF is a thing, and yes I even play on VTT, but I like to have Things on Shelves. Don't judge me.)

They don't need to be updated/FAQed, and don't have to be Mini versions either. (To be honest, for an AP I'd want the larger format anyway.) And, don't go hardcover, just softback is fine!

LoL. Kind of like the one beastiary that is not lined up right, #4 I think.

The Closer: Your character defeated all henchman and/or villian(s) in the game, and closed the locations. (Not Applicable for Solo single hand play)

(could probably make several achievements out of that: Defeated all henchmen. Defeated Villain(s). Closed All Locations.)

Just in the Nick of Time: Defeat Villain/Close final location on the last turn of the game.

If you really wanted to Video Game It Up, you could have a few for damage dealt, taken, healed, absorbed by armor.

Could do some KillStreak style ones: Fail/Succeed X Spell Recharge Checks in a row.

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I was hoping for more Unchained books. Another Ultimate Equipment book. Maybe a Spell Tome.

My unrealistic dream was for a Rules Compendium. Or maybe even just a Rules Index to make finding that one feat in that one book easier. (I mean, we have the internet, so it simultaneously proves it can be done (archives of Nethys), and also proves a book wouldn't be needed when you have the HTTP)

If they were to produce stuff now, like others I would be very pleased to just see more adventures. Even if it was just side-by-side notes in current PF2 APS.

Oh, and Tales! Bring back tales! Heck I'd probably still get them even if they're techically PF2 cause, well, ultimate form of fluff.

And, I'm still in the early stages of grief over the Card Game getting the axe yesterday. So...bring that back as well!

And PF1 Society. Already pining for the good ol' days....

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Well, the official news is out and the game is 'dead' with one last Special at PaizoCon '21. Season 7 won't even be finished. :(

Very sad about it. End of an era.

Link for posterity

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Erithtotl wrote:
This would seem to me something awesome to play on Tabletop simulator. Any talk of a version for that, official or unofficial?

That's been a thing for the past year. Cartmanbeck made an awesome Official module for it. Currently has the new core, CotCT, all the class decks, and tons of little extras.

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Tyler Beck wrote:
Philetus wrote:

The Year of Reborn Strife will be ending after the three already-published adventures, unfortunately.

Oh, the hits keep coming today. :(

Can we at least have it end properly, not just...stop as a permanent cliff hanger?

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Very sad. The Gut Punch of seeing that 'continue to wind down' statement with no prior indication was ... shocking.

I have greatly enjoyed Season 6 and 7 so far, and the other OP seasons for ACG, the one offs, and the specials kept me going to conventions the last couple years.

I was really hoping to see more Adventure Paths for it, figured that would be a slam dunk post-Core, just drop out a new AP every year or 18mos. But, I guess sales must be that bad?

Well, for me much like PF1, I have plenty of ACG to keep me going for years.

Still, very sad day for us ACG'ers.

Just feels like Paizo doesn't want us 'legacy' PF1 (and now ACG) gamers around anymore...


Sounds fun, been wanting to run through Runelords for a long time!

Kind of thinking of Samurai. I also have the ninja that I've not run yet. I'll have to do some thinking on what deck/adv pack to pair with whichever one I go with.

(Ah, looks like my Samurai is built with UC and Smash pack. I ran him in a couple sessions of Season 6 right before Covid started. And I ran him solo in the 1st session of Runelords, so that will be a replay situation. But, looks like he's good to go otherwise. I'll start working on his deck handler spreadsheet and get an Alias setup here for him.)

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Very excited about this! I am currently in a SWADE Monster Hunters Intl game right now, and the system is really growing on me. I also have Achtung!Cthulhu which can be run in SW besides CoC, so one day, I'll run some of it. Should be a blast to run some cinematic pulp action in a mythos WWII!

I am definitely interested to see how the SW ruleset takes on Pathfinder. I'm hoping it will give me a way to have a 'fast and loose' version of PF for some of my players that tend to burn out on the Crunch Intensive Pathfinder games, but still want to get their sword and sorcery on in a Golarian setting!

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I have a couple in my area in Oct and November that will be doing the new Season 7 stuff. Midwest GameFest in November and Nuke Con first weekend of October. These are our normal local fall cons that moved online this year, so might have some basic badge and game costs, but not sure haven't looked that far yet. (And to be honest, I generally GM at them so I don't have to worry about the fees)

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Right, the delay was because retailers were pushing back that they had no room on the shelves for another Big Box and the associated stuff, cause the old stuff wasn't selling. So, Paizo stepped back on the release schedule. I do not know if they chose to totally redo the game at that time to 'match' PF2 or if they were already working on another 'old' version AP like the first 4 sets.

But yeah, I would imagine if they were going to release more we'd know by now. I think the fact that instead of reprinting/making new character decks we got the 'adventure packs' solution says a lot, at least to me.

Personally, I always thought the whole line was on a bit too aggressive of a release schedule, both card game and RPG. But they are a publisher and have to release new stuff. I have been focusing on the Organized aspect of the card game, so I haven't played the actual 'story' in Mummy or New Core & CotCT yet, so I have plenty of material yet to go through (just like PF1, I own almost all of it, so I and my group are good for gaming in that system will we literally retire). But, I will probably dig into the original box game stories soon since Covid has destroyed a lot of in person playing opportunities.

And to be honest, while I have gamed more during covid online than I have played in person the past year or two, I think I am getting a bit burned out with Pixels and Webcams. I really want to sit down at a table and Shuffle Real Cards again!

I would like to see more Card Game products coming though! I bet the next one we get will be one of the new PF2 APs though. I'm not on the PF2 train yet as I already mentioned, so that doesn't excite me as much as it should, I suppose. But more game would be good, and paizo does tell good stories!

cartmanbeck wrote:
Disclaimer: my Starfinder Adventure Card Game is a fan project only, not an official product in any stage of planning or execution whatsoever. Just wanted to make it clear! :)

I didn't get to check out the SFACG, Cartman. Is there a twitch/youtube video of it? And/or will it possibly be available in the totally awesome TTS mod? (Or was it not that far along in terms of card art and such?)

As far as new Content, I could see them doing mini-APs that would be similar to the Society seasons. They just have to make the story books. Could get with DriveThruCards again to make new locations/villains/monsters/etc for them. People could then choose to proxy, or buy the little card sets.

I could see Emerald Spire working very well in a setup like that.

Still would love to see some of the older character decks re-issued in the new format and/or updated to be more competitive with recent stuff.

And finally, my vote(s) for AP would be a 'double sided' one: Hell's Rebels/Hell's Vengeance. That, or Strange Aeons. I 'm running that for my home group now, and could easily sway them to the ACG again if that was available for it.

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Oh excellent! That is great news!

Intriguing! I will look into it further then. I've owned the rulebook for a couple years but have never opened it. So I'll get on that. Maybe play some intro scenarios at PaizoCon.

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Dark Elves in Everquest2 have facial hair.

I'm a longtime Drow player. Usually female though, cause well EQ 1&2. My drow are never good aligned though, that would be silly.
And over on my bookshelf is the original Menzoberranzan box set, so...history.

Anyway, I clicked on this thread as a potential new Starfinder player and was excited that I could be a drow in SF...? Answer unclear...

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Question about Characters:
I saw mentioned that only New Core characters built with Pacs are available. That fact slipped my mind when I signed up to GM. I picked a session that my character missed in our real-life game. (PC is Nyctessa, built with Class Deck, Occult and Arcane, I believe). Looking at the mod itself, I see the HV characters and some of the cards for them, but yes doesn't look complete enough to build my actual deck.

So my question is: I can still get credit for my necro by running a pregen, correct? I don't really want to start yet another PC that is going to have 1 session on their record and still have to play the scenario again with the necro.

(Bonus add-on question: Same goes for the multi-table special, I was going to run another character that played in the previous ACG special, but being a CD PC, I assume same situation is going to apply?)

So excited about this! I've been learning both Fantasy Grounds and Roll20, and while I've had TTS for a few years, never gotten a chance to actually play it, so I really looking forward to playing and box running it at the Con!

And yes, a very deep Thank You to Cartmanbeck and the others that have been working on this. So very cool, and much appreciated!

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Excellent video! It has taken me from "I don't know if I can figure this out enough to play" to "yeah, I think I'll boxrun a few slots"

Also, big Thank You to You and Paizo for putting in all the work for this. The way you set it up to auto build locations is excellent, and to be honest is basically what made me decide to GM it instead of just playing. I honestly was like there is no way I can build all the locations in a timely fashion and the character decks, etc, but you have it taken care of!

I'm going to see if I can get some of my fellow weekly Society players to be guinea pigs for some testing and familiarity. I've run the card game at cons IRL, so I know how to run it and teach people new to it, but want to be smooth (and knowledgeable) about running in on TTS for PaizoConOnline2020!

Anyway, off to warhorn with me. I got registered as a GM as a 'just in case', and looks like Case is here! Or ..uh however that phrase would work out...

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Cool, thanks. Well, I will practice building the deck from scratch a few times then, and have it built with the physical cards as well for a reference.

1/5 * Venture-Agent, Missouri—Blue Springs

If I start a single player game and build my deck, will I be able to save and transfer it to a session at the Con? (Or other TTS sessions going forward) Or do you have to build it right before the game?

Wonder if we'll get any hints at PaizoConOnline in a few weeks? Hope So! (Granted, all I've done with the new set is Society play, haven't played through DD or CotCT yet, so not like I actually need anything new myself yet...)

Jester David wrote:

With PaizoCon becoming an online and potentially international convention, I can see a lot of people curious about Pathfinder 2nd Edition signing-up to play.

Which makes me wonder how that will work in a Roll20 environment, where you can't just show-up with your character, and details have to be slowly entered into character sheets.

I don't see any Pathfinder Society modules in the Roll20 Marketplace.
Will GMs be expected to enter the entire module into Roll20 and similar VTT ahead of time and also include the pregens?
Will buying the Pathfinder ruleset on the VTT be required for GMs?

Will GMs get the modules farther ahead of the con so they can enter assets? (Or familiarize themselves with VTT if they haven't used those before.)

GMs will probably have Pre-Gens already made for new players. But yeah, if you want to bring an existing society player, get started now! I have imported a couple characters into Roll20, and even with importing from HeroLab, it takes quite a bit of configuring to get all the attacks and such working the way you want.

VTTs like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds are not a 'walk up and play' kind of deal. They have a pretty steep learning curve.

Also, there are no Society modules. There's OGL and Copyright issues with sharing them, so yes GMs have to make them from scratch, technically.

cartmanbeck wrote:
eddiephlash wrote:
GM GK wrote:
cartmanbeck wrote:
I'm so excited for this event. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is going to have a large showing at this event! More details to come soon, but we are planning to run several special ACG events during the convention!
Will there be a way to play if someone has never played the ACG before?

There are usually intro/demo sessions for exactly this purpose at conventions. I've personally run such sessions before and would be willing to do so again.

We're always looking for more folks to join the PACG community, and I love showing off my favorite game to new purple.

Or green or blue, or any other monster skin tone. :-P

We will definitely be running sessions of A Night at Bloodthorne Manor as demos meant for people new to PACG, virtual tabletop environments, or both. Most of our other scheduled games will have an expectation of some previous experience with PACG, at least.

Definitely looking forward to some online card game action! I am curious to see what form it takes. I've done Play by Post. I've used Roll20 and Fantasy grounds for RPGs, but not the card game. I own TableTop sim, but have never actually used it.

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Jimmy Dick wrote:
Kamicosmos wrote:

That is sad. Well, I'll just have to buckle down and learn to do it myself then! Does seem like a lost revenue stream, especially for SFS and PFS2. I can understand not moving on with PFS1 support.

(Oh, and Hi Gary and Jimmy! I'm in the KCMO Lodge)

Hail and well met!

It goes beyond just PFS1. They are not going to put any support behind Pathfinder First Edition at all. I understand that since the focus is on the new edition. The thing that gets me is that right now is the best marketing tool they will ever have to promote Roll20 to an audience that has nothing else to do. Instead of being proactive and building product that will make them money, they ignore the situation and plod on.

I realize that D&D 5e is the larger product, but it's not the only product out there. They could have built their share of the market up, but instead are not doing so.

Oh I understand. After all, I am the one who has made the choice to stick with PF1.

But I agree it is odd the way they are managing things right now. And to build on your post, I think it goes bigger than just the VTT thing. I don't want to get this thread off track, but I just found the whole marketing and info-distribution for PF2 bizarre. It's like they totally forgot they had an audience right here on their own boards. That, or they intentionally only wanted New Players with how so much stuff was revealed on other platforms and sources, often with no links here till someone else found it. Very wierd, and a non-insignificant factor in my decision to not go with PF2.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Kamicosmos wrote:
That is sad. Well, I'll just have to buckle down and learn to do it myself then!

How to make a roll 20 table

I'm working with Fantasy Grounds.

But thanks!

I haven been watching videos and reading threads for FG, but it's weird it's like the newest stuff is several years old, and most of the videos are very long and only talk about using the UI, not actually [i]building[/stuff]. It's very frustrating. And, since I spent the money for an Ultimate license, it's irritating as well.

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That is sad. Well, I'll just have to buckle down and learn to do it myself then! Does seem like a lost revenue stream, especially for SFS and PFS2. I can understand not moving on with PFS1 support.

(Oh, and Hi Gary and Jimmy! I'm in the KCMO Lodge)

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andreww wrote:
Kamicosmos wrote:
My question is: Why can I not find 'ready to go' Society Scenarios for either Platform? While I'm sure I can learn to set it all up, I was hoping for the convenience of 'what do you guys want to play next week?' and they say XX-XX!
I run a lot of games online. I have dozens of 1E tables set up for gmes across all seasons as well as most of the PF2E games set up as well. If you would like a copy let me know and I can make one available.

Excellent, thank you! I've asked my local PFS group for a few suggestions that they want to play. Once I have a couple picked out, I'll contact you.

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Yeah, PF2 and SF seem to have a lot of support, which makes sense, they are the new shiny. And for non-Society stuff, FG has a ton of APs and Books available, so otherwise, I'm very pleased about the selection. Just a shame on the lack of Society 1 support for it.

I installed FGUnity and loaded up a map, and the Grid layer seems much improved so I'm pretty hopeful that I can build my own. I'll probably take one of the scenarios I currently own and break it down as an exercise, see how I do with it.

1/5 * Venture-Agent, Missouri—Blue Springs

I've been trying to get going with Fantasy Grounds for a while, and just today bought in to the Unity Beta. My local PFS group used R20 on Monday for our first Online session, primarily because of the virus, but also cause we've been wanting to give it a shot. It was great and I can't wait to start running and playing more online!

My question is: Why can I not find 'ready to go' Society Scenarios for either Platform? While I'm sure I can learn to set it all up, I was hoping for the convenience of 'what do you guys want to play next week?' and they say XX-XX! I buy it, download it and set it up and we're off to the races. It Would also make last minute "Hey, can you run a virtual table tonight/tomorrow because of this virus/snowstorm/hurricane/etc so people don't have to drive to a store or The regular GM is sick, can you run this?" situations easier. That and to be honest I don't have a lot of free time and would rather spend it gaming on the VTT rather than building in the VTT, ya know?

I found a thread at the FG boards from several years ago that looks like there used to be a sort of community driven 'sharing' thing setup, but that appeared to have been 'shutdown' by Paizo, citing only being able to share OGL stuff, and since the Society stuff is mostly non-OGL stuff, it seemed to have just...stopped. I don't know, it seemed odd. Especially since Paizo has official products with both R20 and FG, but nothing official for society. But there are several online conventions normally, and with Corona, there are a bunch that just literally swapped from Reality to Virtual Reality overnight, and I don't see how people are able to convert stuff over that fast. I mean, I still have trouble importing a Map image taken from an official PDF and getting the grid right on it, on either platform.

So, am I missing something like a website that has official scenarios, or are there 'templates' to make importing maps and tokens and all that easy and fast? Or is it just 99% of the VTT GMs have been doing it for 10 years and just make it look that easy?

The Discussion Thread!

This thread is for Players to talk about the game, ask questions, talk about strategies, character level up choices, splitting up loot, all that kind of stuff.

We now return you to our previously scheduled campaign: Hell's Vengeance. Book 3 already in progress.

A trickling stream forms a small waterfall as the ground dips low to meet a serene pond in this tranquil forest grove. Glowbugs and moths float lazily above the shallow body of water, and a small island of earth peeks out of the center.
On the island stands a magnificently tall white oak, its bark covered with emerald green moss and its abundant branches spanning the entirety of the pond.

Map image link will be here soon

This is serving as a placeholder till I get all of this set up. Then I will direct my players here.

I've been setting up a Discord server for my group. Schedules changed, and we were going to move to Fantasy Grounds, but that is still not getting us Together to play. So I thought Play BY Post, via Discord, and boom, awesome gaming happiness, right?

One thing I really like about the forums here is how it has all the tools to auto format IC, OOC, DICE, GM voice, etc. So there in one post you have a player OoC stating his plan, IC character acting, Dice rolling, etc. Discord, it appears you have to open several channels to do the same thing. I haven't figured out if you can change fonts and colors 'on the fly' in Discord yet.

So most likely we'll end up here cause it's working the way I want. While having Discord on the phones is easier to access throughout the day, I also like the 'Take Your Time' feel of posting here once or twice a day. One of th ebigger draws of PbP I have found is Role Playing is much better, and everyone can look up rules BEFORE they state their action, compared to at the table when someone does something, and then we all spend an hour verifying their action.

(Still hoping to get FG going though, I really love the mini-combat of Pathfinder, and am still figuring out how to do that via PbP. I know some people post a map image with a co-ordinate grid on it, but that seems a bit clunky)

Thank you Vic, that helps quite a bit.

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Dr. Atylis wrote:
This is great news! I have been running OP games and this will greatly help with the uniqueness of characters. I have noticed the games can get pretty hectic to run, especially with a full table. How does everyone plan to keep up with their cards from the game box as they get added to everyone's deck? Before I could just tell people to just give me back the ones that look different(old vs new style). This mixing of art styles could present some problems with losing cards.

This was something I am concerned with as well. Sleeving and unsleeving, all the cards are the same, but people will want Their cards back, making sure you have the right amount of cards "Was there 3 or 4 of those...?" Throw in the scramble to get out the door before the store closes, filling out chronicles, planning the next session, yadda yadda....

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