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Do I need to buy a new book?

Any word on this?

Since hit points haven't been decided yet for a quick starting hit points for the NPC you can use this calculator I made. Link here. I will be updating it for Animals and multiple levels once I get the time. The Calculator runs under Open Office currently, however if you need it for a different program like excel me know. Also if you see an error in it let me know as well so that I can fix it.

I just read the link about missing posts so you can ignore this.

Did my post link on starting hit point just disappear or is it just me?!

The methods offered in the Pathfinder RPG: Alpha Release on page 12 sidebar Designer Notes: Starting Hit Points are Standard, Double, Racial, Flat, and Constitution. In the past I have ran all of these but the Flat. And I have just play tested Constitution using Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne – Edge of Anarchy, Part One: Haunted Fortunes.

My fillings on all of methods I have done recently and in the past are as follows:

Standard: We all know that at first level all it takes is a fatal die roll, or even two or three not so fatal die roll, and even the fighter in the party is down or dead. If the person hit is the party healer then the party is in for a bad night and a possible player wipe. Though this method is fine in later levels, for the first five it can be difficult.

Double: A nice and simple method, used to increase starting hit points. Though this does not provide any advantages to play a particular race/class combination. And give high hit die classes too much of an advantage at the lower levels. As the spread leaves a large gap, the party can still encounter problems if the lower hit die classes where targeted.

Racial: Another nice method, this helps give races a more important role in character creation. This is one of my favorite methods. However it seems that Pathfinder is trying to go for the if you choose your classed favored class you will gain more benefits as evidenced in Pathfinder RPG: Alpha Release on page 8 sidebar Favored Class. So this might not be the best method for the rules or feel that Pathfinder is trying to express, as I will mention later.

Flat: A simple and balanced method. I believe that the only way to be fair is to give everyone the same bonus. But again I don't think this is the feel that Pathfinder is trying to express.

Constitution: I found the characters to be mostly over powered. In fact for the adventure I was running I need to up the enemies hit points a bit, I subtracted the Con modifier and add in the Con score to the base hit points of the monsters/NPCs. Using this method at the lower levels gets rid of the sense of survival, as the players know they have enough hit points to take it. So unless your enemies also have the hit points too the possibility of death is greatly removed.

My suggestion, Merge the Double and Racial systems. Here is what I mean.

Half the Racial benefit
Remove the bonus hit point for favored class instead award half the max hit die or 3 (if you go the 3 route this would be also merging in the Flat rate

Here is a link to a level 1 hit point calculator I created in Open Office for all of the above methods so you can see the spread between the many different methods.

If you would like the calculator in a different format let me know and I will publish it as such.

I am wondering if this will be done? If not I am thinking of undertaking the project to do so... Who would be interested?

Please Cancel Order 887909, as I was absent-minded for a moment and placed and additional order of said items.

Ahh... Cool! Thanks.

Well this ever come to pass? Is it even a remote possibility, With three new games in the span of a few months I would have to think so?

Just wondering why the dot? Also what happened to all my tags for the Subscriptions?

Depending on how everything works out I wish to go as well.

I got my Guide to Korvosa a few days ago. Today during my first run through CotCT #1 I wanted to use the map, unfortunately it was perforated so in an attempt to get it out I used a box cutter blade. However even that didn't work properly and I ended up ripping the map. What do I have to do/pay to replace the map?

None, I would like to see one for TC1 Into the Haunted Forest.

In the past months I have come to realize that I am not one for a military life. I have continued to think upon this, and I think it is time for me to finish out my career and move on to bigger and better things. I still don't know if I want to go into computing or writing. I have come to look at myself as a writer, I have many ideas that I wish I had time to put down on paper.

So with that mentioned I would like you all to take a look at my fisrt work.


It was a night unlike any other night, the moon hung low in the sky. The lectric storms were powerful tonight as bursts of blue lighting jumped from each storm cloud on to the next. There was a short lanky man watching the chaos of the twilight, he was called an eccentric at times. The eccentric understood the villagers concern, but ever since he was a little boy he was intrigued by the power of the moon and the way it shaped the world. He charted it's movements through the sky, and had even found a way to predict the lectric storms. The eccentric knew that something as up but he didn't know exactly what it was.

A few houses over in the jungles of Kydon there was a scream, but it was hardly heard over the clap from the lectric storms that echoed at the same moment. Though sensitive ears and a curious soul could find the source of the scream. It lead to a building on the out skirts of the village. The scream came from a woman in the throws of child birth; she was a lithe beauty with honey brown hair, now soaked with sweat. The elderly man that stood next to her dressed as the village medicine doctor told the lady, "Guin stay with me, you must push if we our to get through this quickly."

Guin strained her neck muscles as she inhaled and held her breath. Her face which was already flush, brightened even further as more sweat appeared on her brow. After the child's head appeared between Guin's legs the old man walked away, leaving the rest of the birth in the handmaiden's hands. He walked outside and said to the nearby soldier, "Prepare to ride, for the child is born." The soldier bowed and turned to get his horse ready. As he leaped onto the horse's back, the handmaiden walked out of the house with a bundle in her arms. Offering the crying bundle to the soldier the handmaiden asked the old man, "Are you sure this is necessary?"

The old man answered, "It is. The striders will be here shortly, and this is the only way we can protect the child and the village." The soldier holding the bundle tightly to his chest nodded to the handmaiden and old man, then reared his horse up in a charge heading to the village gates. The eccentric saw the exchange from afar, then he knew what was going on, the night of prophesy has arrived. All of the occurrences counted, the strong lectric storms, the low hanging moon, and now an out of place child born on this very night.


The Masters as they have come to call them selves had assembled the striders at the court of life and death. The larger man spoke to the assembly, "Tonight is the prophesied night, written in the ancient texts. A night of the supposed balance." He smirked at his minions and continued, "A child is to be born one with a mark on the head, you will go forth and find this child. You will slaughter all protecting the little one and bring it to me." The larger man patted the the elderly one on his back and said, "For we The Masters have spoken."

The striders all left the room in unison, doing the only thing the could do obey their their Masters. Once the left the island using the magik of the court. The spread out to scout the main land, one headed south toward last of the great villages the village of Unitop, nestled deep in the jungles of Kydon. As he glided closer he noticed that the moon hung lower then normal in the sky here, and that there was a large lectric storm taking place.

After arriving at the village the strider landed in the center of the village and called out, "Bring forth your elder."

The old man approached the strider and responded, "How may I help you, servant of the The Masters?"

Good the man knew his place the strider thought as he answered, "I wish to know if any of your villager's gave birth to a marked child today, and if so I would like them brought before me now."

The old man turned and called to the handmaiden, "Bring the newly birthed, so our guest may view them." The man then turned back to the strider, "I am sorry however to tell you that one of them was taken by one of our soldiers, toward the southern mountains." The old man knew of the following gaze, he knew that the striders could see lies, just as easily as other could hear the words he spoke. But the old man, wasn't lying he only spoke the truth. He didn't speak of their involvement so with some faith in the soldier's steed, all well be spared.

The strider exhaled slowly, "Did this child have a mark?"

The old man nodded, "Aye, right above the right eye." He said as he pointed to a spot near his right eyebrow.

The strider growled, "You best not hide any of the other children, old man. For when I return I shall see them all." He then glided south faster then when he first approached the town, in hopes of catching the solder and marked child.

The old man sighed in relief, "We might have been spared, but let us hope Josua and the child are as well."


Josua kicked the side of the beast once again in an attempt to speed it up. He knew that soon he would have to abandon it in favor of climbing up the steep mountain. He was tired and his thighs sore after ridding for ten hours, but the child's life was in his hands. This was it, *Time to start the climb.* Josua thought has he jumped off his beast. He then attached the child to his back using a harness the village elder gave him a few days ago. *Indak and his constant planning. I am unsure if I will make it, but I will try.* Josua thought as he looked up the steep mountain side. Reaching out to find the first hand hold was easy, and after an hour or so he finally made it to an other path. As Josua looked further down the path he noticed the alter and the visible divide. On this side the mountain was covered in snow and ice, yet halfway across the alter the shift took place and the mountain looked red and bright as the snow closest the shift melted in heat from the other side. Josua didn't want to go but knew it was his only change to live.

The strider saw the beast before he was even near the mountain, he changed his path and glided upward. He noticed Josua and the child only a short dash from the visible divide. The strider growled and aimed straight for the altar. Cutting off the Josua and the child, summoning a sword of blue flame and slashing out at Josua in hopes to kill him before he noticed him. Josua however was a bit to quick on his feet and dodged backward out of the way at the last moment. Josua pulled his sword and stated his claim, "I challenge you to a proper duel, demon strider."

Hissing at his luck the strider said, "You challenge is accepted." He raised his sword in one mighty roar and slashed downward the the short man and the child. Unable to dodge this time Jousa changed the path of the blade to cut the straps of the harness and in one quick maneuver tossed the child across the visible divide. The child cried as a creature of green scales appeared and picked up the child. The creature whispered a few words and the child calmed down. The strider watched the path of the child and noticed the strange creature then. While he was distracted Josua threw all his might into one last blow aimed at the striders back. The strider screamed out in pain and at prospect of telling his masters that one of the marked children got away. With a quick snap of his cloak and a sharp kick from his boot Jousa's neck twisted and his body was launched off the side of the mountain.

The strider followed as he glided off the mountain back toward the village of Unitop.

Well I am unsure as to how many are going to read this, but if you do I would like to hear your views.

What is the expected shipping date for this months monthly shipment?

I will be waiting for an announcement or none depending. No matter the choice, I will stick by Paizo, they are the greatest thing to happen to RPGs since Cheeto's and Mountain Dew...

However I do have a fear of the WOTC 4e monster. I hated the fact that WOTC thought (and succeeded) that they could get more money out of me, with the release of 3.5. Now they are at it again.

Though no matter the path I will stick with Paizo. They have turned me into a willing brand-loyal ninja zombie...


Slipcover: I am expecting something like this for the Pathfinder books. I know there was a discussion about doing something like this in the past. (Should be bundled with the first or the last Magazine, would pay up to $3 extra for that magazine though.)

DM Screen: I would like to see a generic one for Pathfinder (Chronicles)/Golarion. But one for each AP, I don't know if I'd like that, seems a little overkill. ($5 to $12 for -one- not for multiple.)

Flipmats: I have been on the fence with the whole Flipmats with actual maps pre-printed on them. I love the quality of the Flipmats and already own the GameMastery Flipmat I purchased it back when Steel Squire was making these products. As for doing it as a Map Pack I might bite that, again I have been on the fence with the Map Packs because you can't write on it (unless I am mistaken,) plus using them would put my current battle mat out of service. (On the fence not due to price just due to functionality.)

I was thinking about posing this idea but never got around to it. Perhaps a color lamination like the ones your teachers used with the over head projector in school. Not only could you write on it, but you could have them in sections so you could easily reveal only parts at a time. You could use them as an overlay on current battle mats, and they are complete maps ready to use and quick to throw out. (I know I would about $15 for something like that.)

Player handouts: Neat idea I think this should have already been done however, the same way Paizo did it with Dungeon Magazine. I know this was mentioned in the past, what will happen is up to Paizo. (Would love to see this, would even be willing to toss in an extra dollar or two per Magazine to see it done.)

This is something that we should have over at the wiki site. If I have the time I will get to work on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

I run various games. But I try to run one game a week. Currently most of my games have been taking place in Golarion. Currently we had four parties tackle and fail D2, which was the first Golarion adventure I ran. For my campaign group, they are just now crossing the bridge between Thistletop forest and Thistletop proper in PF1.

Tonight we just completed are first full adventure in Golarion, being TC1. Sadly we are in the military and unable to form consistent games as we all have varied schedules. Though we try our best to get together and game weekly it doesn't always happen.

It would be interesting to see the maps of the current issue of Pathfinder Published. I know if this was offered as a subscription I would happily jump on board.

Yay! Now I save on shipping for all those pre-ordered items. (^O^)v

I wasn't going to buy these, because I know I would have to collect them. Now you make it easy to do so. ::shakes fist like an angry old man::

James Jacobs wrote:

It is indeed awesome. Best Xbox game (360 or otherwise) yet!

Wonder if Bioware'd be interested in doing a Pathfinder game?

Stop putting fantasies in my head!!!

[added]I have played and beaten it, twice. Once as both a full Paragon and a full Renegade. You can check out my views of it over at my blog.

Vic Wertz wrote:

Copying big chunks of text from the books and using our images and maps is not ok.

Creating your own *original* maps based on encounters in Pathfinder is just fine, but you can't include the encounter text.

Would linking to the maps and images found in your blog be okay?

I will be deleting the maps and images that were copied from the blog and other sources. As the are copy-righted material. And will begin quality checking the articles.

I also urge that you all help me with this, as yes it is quite an undertaking. But the site can also be used for more than just tracking the goings on of Golarion, but you could also use it to track you parties adventures, new NPCs, and help keep a broader continuity in Golarion.

Well I updated the calander to match the 30-days per month rule. Now the only thing left is to line up the days so the match the adventure. So which day would be the 1st day of spring?

No disrespect Watcher but your dates seem off in the version you have or I may be reading it wrong.

Here is one I built for Heroes of Golarion.

I have a lot of Preordered items, and a lot are expected to ship in the same month for example the Pathfinder Chronicles: Harrow Deck, Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa (OGL), and the Pathfinder Chronicles Gazetteer are all expected to ship in February. I was wondering if I could have them combined pre month and ship as a package together? Like the new Subscription Option.

Here are my Preordered Products:
Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting (OGL) Hardcover, expected August 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles: Curse of the Crimson Throne Map Folio, expected July 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale (OGL), expected May 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Monsters Revisited (OGL), expected March 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles: Harrow Deck, expected February 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa (OGL), expected February 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles Gazetteer (OGL), expected February 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles: Rise of the Runelords Map Folio, expected January 2008
GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck, expected January 2008
GameMastery Item Cards: Curse of the Crimson Throne Deck, Qty: 2, expected May 2008
Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide (OGL), Qty: 5, expected February 2008

Is this anything like the Three Dragon Ante Character Creation Article featured in one of the Dragons?

Updated quite a bit today, if anyone gets a chance check it out and let me know what you think.

tbug wrote:
In fact someone had acted on it. Maybe the two sites can be complementary, or something.
Do you have a contact for Tamago, I would love to work with him/her. If anything point him/her in my direction.

I know the question about having a Pathfinder Wiki was asked before. Well I thought it was a neat idea and being unsure if anyone acted on it yet, I started one today. Anyway, I will be working on it more as I get the chance. I don't have much posted yet, and if you want to get involved in the project let me know.

Also, I would like to know what you think, what needs to be added? What features, articles, or the like would you like to see? Hope to hear from you all, Paizo employees included.


Link to the site if you want to see what little I have so far: Heroes of Golarion.

Fake Healer wrote:

You spelled "rogue" wrong....

Looks interesting but you kinda stereotyped rogues into being thieves. Sometimes they are just acrobats with wild tumbling and jumping abilities and no real ability to sneak, or the ability to find and remove traps but no appreciable social skill. The other classes seem to suffer from shoe-horned stereotyping also and some of the tests seem to run counter-intuitive of certain alignments like the Barfight test... I don't really picture a "good" PC wanting to go into a bar and beat-up 5 poor peasants.
Just some impressions I had.


I toned down the "thievy" tests for the Rogue and corrected the spelling thanks for mentioning this.

Here is the updated entry:
Rogue - Find the rogues guild. (pass one Gather Information check DC 15.) Present two different skills to the rogues guild leader and impress him (two skills of your choice other than Concentration, Handle Animal, Knowledge (any other than local,) Speak Language (note that you really couldn't make a check against this anyway,) Spellcraft, and Survival check DC 15.) Display that you can hit the twelve strike points (twelve hits at a enemy AC of 12.)

Any suggestions on fixing the shoe-horned stereotyping, any particular think that jumps out at you?

As for the bar fight thing, starting a bar fight isn't an evil thing depending on the reasons. However it is a very unlawful thing to do! Barbarians tend to not be very lawful, and if they were to start a fight way not in the very place there class seems to be built on... (I hope you guys get that crappy joke, it very Piers Anthony-ish.)

Mike McArtor wrote:

Since you've run these campaigns before, how long does it take to hit 1st level? I assume the first session is everyone trying to get a class?

Typically by the end of the first session they have made it to their respective classes. Usually the zero-level part of the campaigns are more like a prelude to becoming a hero, this could equate to a back story for many that do not like to put them to paper. So your assumption would be correct.

Grimcleaver wrote:
I like the prerequisites idea. I would probably be a little more flexible with them, but I like the core concept that to become a cleric you must demonstrate the power and conviction of your faith, profess it openly and attempt to perform the actions of you dogma (feed the hungry, heal the sick, lay undead to rest--or whatever your particular god believes in).

Do you have any suggestions to make them more "generalized" yet also balanced? Perhaps each god should have a specialized tests?

Grimcleaver wrote:
I thought it was particularly fun how there's tests for different hero types--like the "save the noble" test. Usually I hate stuff that seems video gamey, but those rules were just really fun. I don't know if I'd use them for my regular game, but I'd certainly get a kick out of it once in a while.

The "save the noble" test and such are written like that so that the DM can present it however he thinks would be best. I agree, this campaigns aren't something that I run regularly, they usually end up just being a one-shot session. Though this particular campaign, I hope, will run long than just the one session.

Grimcleaver wrote:
I guess my big advice would be to let things unfold organically. Keep the standard there--but one barfight does not the barbarian make. Then again, I wonder what the cultural component of classes is in your games? Does your character have to have certain backstory to explain being a barbarian for instance--or are they just primarily guys who get into barfights a lot. That's an interesting question. Frankly I could do with the base classes having less cultural baggage--that's more something that works better for me with prestige classes.

True, I tried to keep the test as "generalized" as possible. Yet I also needed a balanced standard, so the players aren't asking when do I get to become a class. Think of these more like a Role-Playing Prerequisite.

As far as the bar fight goes, I intended it to be the clash of the "uncivilized" with the "civilized." My cities and towns typically don't have bar fights especially if they are mostly "lawful" npcs. In the more "chaotic" societies bar fights, and fights in general become more prevalent, the the npcs, don't think of them as fights. Rather more like play or fun.

Also I plan on making it hard on the character that wishes to do this in a well more "civilized" city or town. Note that I stated they only need to survive not win.

Tomorrow I will be running my first non-paizo written Golarion campaign, meaning the story and such will be of my own designing. Anyway in the past I have ran zero level campaigns and I will be doing the same with this one. I offer to you the rules I jotted down this time around, prior times I free-formed most of it. Anyway here it is. Pick it apart as much as you want, just let me know what you think.

What is a Pathfinder Charter Subscriber and how do I become one?

James Jacobs wrote:

Like this!

And sometimes, we post late LATE at night, as in just after we played Mass Effect too long and should have gone to sleep hours ago but dang that game's fun...

From what I have seen Mass Effect is an awesome game, I can wait for my copy to get in some time this week. I just picked up a 360, little late in the game a know. :(

Me and my friend

Just wondering which staff members are regular posters here at the forums. Also wondering if any of you write a blog, or something of the like.

DmRrostarr wrote:

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Faerie Fire. It is a first level spell.

Faerie fire has no save and only allows SR, which she doesnt have. Of course if you dont have a druid (or a drow) in your party, you can pretty much scratch out this idea!!!

I mentioned it to my party after the fact, but the druid is the primary healer for the group and had failed to memorize the spell.

In my opinion the well it's self houses the magic, not the fluid. Thus they would be worthless foul tasting vails. Maybe they could offer it to Jargie Quinn at The Hagfish, to add to the Hagfish Aquaium. Might get a few silver for it.

Edit: Or if you leniate you could make it a dumbed-down version of the runewell rage. After drinking the orange water immediately take 1d3 points of cold damage and make a DC 10 Will save. Failure indicates the creature becomes enraged and immediately attacks the nearest living creature. If no living creatures are in sight, the enraged creature is compelled to seek out a victim, moving at full speed in his search. This rage persists for 1d3 minutes, after which point the character becomes fatigued.

My PCs fleed to the city and purchaced a potion of see invisiblity gave it to the warrior. And returned before she or the party even had the chance to rest for spells. Though this cost them there remaining gold, the fact that the was able to sell the dagger to a merchant for 4k gold more than made up for it.

I was just about to order a new GM screen I would love to see one for Pathfinder or even Gamemastery. If I see one I would pre-order.

As for me personally I have been slow to adapt to new rule sets. For example I played AD&D for about four months after D&D 3 came out. I waited a year and a half before upgrading to 3.5. And I will likely wait for a few months after D&D 4 comes out. But no matter what the choices that Paizo makes I know that it is for us the fans and not for the bottom dollar like WotC.

What ever the choice I will stick with the company that I know is all about pleasing me, not taking my money.

Can someone do me a favor and list all the non-subscription books (modules, campaign material, and such)?

Level 7 party or level 8 in the hard bound edition the characters are level 7 however in the downloaded edition they are level 8? The module clear states on the front that it is made level 7s? So what is your take on this?

Dwarves can tote something no other race can, they have kingdoms that have survived and existed longer than any of the other races. The elves are forced to relocate every few 1000 years, the humans are new to the lands, the halflings and gnomes live with or near one of the greater races to survive. But, the dwarves survive strong and ignored in the underground kingdoms, and if they do fall the dwarves have the guts to come back and clean up.