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Level 7 party or level 8 in the hard bound edition the characters are level 7 however in the downloaded edition they are level 8? The module clear states on the front that it is made level 7s? So what is your take on this?

Nice catch.

I hadn't noticed that the pre-gens were different levels in the two products (7 in print and 8 in pdf). I tend not to pay too much attention to most pre-generated NPCs (read none at all).

Although having said that. I'm not sure what the problem is? Are you unsure what level the module is supposed to be for?

Although, having a quick look through it appears most of the encounters are EL 8 or 9, (with a few 6,7 & 10), which to me, at least indicates, that maybe level 8 would be better than 7?

But then again, the module is supposed to be "super deadly" (I think). So maybe this is intentional.

Now you have peaked my interest, I am curious to see the "official" response.

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I just finished reading that module yesterday and found out something interresting in the conclusion: Something about war and giants in the North-West. Since this is the subject of PF#4, I'm just wondering if that module was "planned" as some kind of extra quest to be done between PF#3 and #4?

I was planing to have my players go there at some point anyway, so I'm just wondering if there is a month or two (in Golarion time) between PF#3 and #4?


I was not sure at first about including scientific elements, but found out that the mix was perfect. And everything is explained enough so that it could be possible to have scientific elements there and not anywhere else.

One thing I'm going to change is the layout of level 3 of the dungeon. The way it is right now, it seems some rooms would end up being farther South than the edge of the cliff... I'll put rooms 25 and 26 to the South of room 27, and rearange rooms 30 and 31 so they don't overlap with 25-26.

I want to create the rest of the swords of sin and give them to my players in the RORL can someone help me make these weapons

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I'm changing the Good Doctor's name to Dr. Benway. It just seems too good a fit.

Anyone run this yet? I'm looking at possibly being able to run it on game day, but I need to know if it can fit in a 4 hour slot. Just reading it I don't think it will unless I cut out a good bit.

So, if you have run it, where do you think I can start and be able to finish it in 4 hours?

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I'm running this next Sunday (I screwed up and thought it was today.) for my group as a one shot that I plan on taking two to three sessions.

If you want to make this fit into a four hour session I would suggest re-working it a bit. This little beast has the feel of a classic dungeon crawl with many of the rooms not necessarily relating to each other in any strong sense. You could easily take out the rooms that you think are boring, deadly or those that you think would hold a group up longer. Editing this dungeon to your needs should prove easy. I was originally going to just use these rooms individually peppered through future adventures when I was feeling uninspired, to fill unwritten space in other adventures (Ruins of Castle Greyhawk, I'm lookin' at you!) or when the PCs "go left".

Obviously people like different things, and there are some really brutal traps in here so it's hard to choose favorites. I'd probably knock out the cauldron room, as interesting of a puzzle as it is, because it will chew up a lot of time. You can place the key somewhere else in the complex. I'd take out the black dragon encounter as well. I'm not sure. Even while writing this I'm second guessing some of my choices.

There were some good questions about this module on some of the other threads that went unanswered as interest waned on the subject. I'd love to hear from other people who have run this adventure. I haven't seen much chatter on it since other products have come out.

Daigle wrote:
I'd love to hear from other people who have run this adventure.

I spent 3 hours DMing this for my son this evening. I started him with the (8th level PDF version) pre-generated characters in Falcon's Hollow.

We played out the Abadar Clerical encounter, he met the kid going through the Warrens, met Grogdar the Dwarf, and ambushed the street gang of thugs (one escaped).

He made it to the entrance to the Council of Truth's old headquarters, was ambushed by more thugs, and fell for the Gold and Magic Treasure. Before being killed by a grappled Valeros using his Short Sword, the Gray Render brought Seoni and Kyra to -9 hit points. Both characters were saved by last minute potions, Kyra used her Wand to heal everybody, and the group is ready to go on to the next room!

Not bad for 3 hours of gaming, but still a long way to go!

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You're a helluva Dad! Thanks for the report.


I had so much fun running the delves at Gen Con this year that I got the module and decided to run it for my home gaming group. Of course, I warned them, "Do NOT make mistakes in this dungeon or it's gonna cost you your character's life!"

So, the first session was just getting the group to Kaer Magga and having the run-in with the Splitstreet Thugs. They had no problem with that encounter. In fact, they beat the snot outta those guys.

The next session, they entered the dungeon and had a bit more of a challenge with the next group of thugs as they exited the area 1. So, now the group's starting to get a little careless. They split it up in like 3 different groups. One guy is peering into room 13, two are hanging back in the hallway connecting areas 3 and 13, one is investigating the treasure at area 3, and the other is scootin' down the hallway to area 4. Classic divide and conquer.

The grey render is freed from stasis when the sorcerer starts physically examining the treasure illusion. Luckily, she gets buried in the rubbled that explodes outward and is reduced to negatives. Luckily, I say, because the fact that she's buried and not moving causes the grey render to overlook her in favor of the fighter down the hallway to area 4. Miraculously, no one gets killed.

The group then goes through rooms 13, 12, and 11. The players manage to avoid any character deaths, but came very close.

The next session, the group comes to area 10. They are careful at first, by not entering and using divinations to check it out. I think, "OK. These guys are doing good cuz this one is tough. They should probably run or avoid it."

Then the fighter strolls in alone to examine the portal to the burnt up alien world. He takes damage from the wave of heat that wafts out of it, then the abyssal goblins on half-fiendish raptors spring out of the smoke in the corners of the room. He gets blinded by one of them and the raptors do over 60 points of damage to him.

The group hanging back in the hallway sends the cleric in to give him some emergency healing since one more series of attacks like that is going to waste him. But the cleric can't reach him in time so he delays until the fighter can retreat. Sorcerer uses a scorching ray and stops one of the goblins from continuing his bardic singing and the rogue moves up, but avoids getting to close.

The fighter "tries" to retreat, but because he's blind and there's all kinds of racket going on in the room, he backs away from the monsters a bit to the left of where he thought he was going and gets two AOO's. The damage ripped him to bloody shreds.

Next round, the monsters pounce on the cleric who had entered the room and totally rip him to shreds.

With the cleric and fighter both dead, the sorcerer and rogue ran like hell and survived.

They can't say I didn't warn them.

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Nice to see a detailed report on this module :)

At what level should an average group be, to reduce the deadliness of D2? I'd like to incorporate it somewhere during RotR, but I don't want to send them on a TPK side-quest. I'll wait until they are higher than 7th level, but how much higher do you think they should be so it would be manageable for them? 8, 9, 10, 11, even higher?


Djoc, if you run it at the suggested level (7th) and give the characters max hit points, I think that's pretty good, though they still have to play smart or they'll eat it anyway. If you want to run 8th-level characters through it with high hit points, they'll probably by challenged, but get through it. Depends on your preference.

The Exchange

The creature lurking under the water in the control room is a TPK waiting to happen. You may want to tone this down a bit.

The squid can be beaten with some cunning play though. This is a spoiler, but with some clever play there's a way around.

The generator in the room can potentially kill the giant squid without a fight. The first level druid spell hide from animals or the second level spell invisibility can make it fairly easy to get to the machine without incurring the creature's wrath. The druid spell is preferable. Once at the generator, figuring out how to shock the thing to death is the next step. Or just avoid the encounter.

I like room 10, for that. It's hard, but clever play can get one around it. Also note that as another spoiler...

Rooms 13/12/10 are more-or-less the gateway rooms to one of the final puzzles, so you have to solve 12/13 or 10/12 I think.

Room 13 can be incredibly damaging or really easy. I've seen both so-far. It's a cool idea, but random.

Room 10, however, seems rediculously lethal. Those raptors just seem overwhelming for their given CR.

I threw in a boiled down version of SSoS between AP3 and AP4. I discussed it here.

Sorry to necro.

I can't for the life of me figure out how the PCs get from level one to level two. Can I get some help? What am I missing?

EDIT: I see the staircase. Sorry to trouble everyone.

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