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Has anyone created a list of the npc's found throughout the Pathfinder products which list there mannerisms, quirks and habbits, to use as a reference tool such as when a pc comes across an nps he/she has met several weeks ago. This would enable the DM to play the npc in exactly the same way as last time and so add continuity. This is something I did in the Shackled City and it was a really big game aid. I'm about to start one for Pathfinder and would welcome any suggestions. Or perhaps fellow gamers could start posting ther contributions here and we could get a library of detailed npc's going.

Exmple:- Brodert Quink (Sage - Area 8, Sandpoint)- human, male, early 70's. Speaks with clipped, sharp sentences. Not patient unless talking Varisian history, or in the presence of a Dwarf when his manner becomes almost friendly. Has tendency to pass hand over head as if self concious of baldness, even at his advanced years. Has habit of stopping conversations mid sentence to stare in the general direction of the Old Light with a far off look in his eyes, no matter where he is at the time.

It's just a quick example to show what I have in mind.

This is something that we should have over at the wiki site. If I have the time I will get to work on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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