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In the past months I have come to realize that I am not one for a military life. I have continued to think upon this, and I think it is time for me to finish out my career and move on to bigger and better things. I still don't know if I want to go into computing or writing. I have come to look at myself as a writer, I have many ideas that I wish I had time to put down on paper.

So with that mentioned I would like you all to take a look at my fisrt work.


It was a night unlike any other night, the moon hung low in the sky. The lectric storms were powerful tonight as bursts of blue lighting jumped from each storm cloud on to the next. There was a short lanky man watching the chaos of the twilight, he was called an eccentric at times. The eccentric understood the villagers concern, but ever since he was a little boy he was intrigued by the power of the moon and the way it shaped the world. He charted it's movements through the sky, and had even found a way to predict the lectric storms. The eccentric knew that something as up but he didn't know exactly what it was.

A few houses over in the jungles of Kydon there was a scream, but it was hardly heard over the clap from the lectric storms that echoed at the same moment. Though sensitive ears and a curious soul could find the source of the scream. It lead to a building on the out skirts of the village. The scream came from a woman in the throws of child birth; she was a lithe beauty with honey brown hair, now soaked with sweat. The elderly man that stood next to her dressed as the village medicine doctor told the lady, "Guin stay with me, you must push if we our to get through this quickly."

Guin strained her neck muscles as she inhaled and held her breath. Her face which was already flush, brightened even further as more sweat appeared on her brow. After the child's head appeared between Guin's legs the old man walked away, leaving the rest of the birth in the handmaiden's hands. He walked outside and said to the nearby soldier, "Prepare to ride, for the child is born." The soldier bowed and turned to get his horse ready. As he leaped onto the horse's back, the handmaiden walked out of the house with a bundle in her arms. Offering the crying bundle to the soldier the handmaiden asked the old man, "Are you sure this is necessary?"

The old man answered, "It is. The striders will be here shortly, and this is the only way we can protect the child and the village." The soldier holding the bundle tightly to his chest nodded to the handmaiden and old man, then reared his horse up in a charge heading to the village gates. The eccentric saw the exchange from afar, then he knew what was going on, the night of prophesy has arrived. All of the occurrences counted, the strong lectric storms, the low hanging moon, and now an out of place child born on this very night.


The Masters as they have come to call them selves had assembled the striders at the court of life and death. The larger man spoke to the assembly, "Tonight is the prophesied night, written in the ancient texts. A night of the supposed balance." He smirked at his minions and continued, "A child is to be born one with a mark on the head, you will go forth and find this child. You will slaughter all protecting the little one and bring it to me." The larger man patted the the elderly one on his back and said, "For we The Masters have spoken."

The striders all left the room in unison, doing the only thing the could do obey their their Masters. Once the left the island using the magik of the court. The spread out to scout the main land, one headed south toward last of the great villages the village of Unitop, nestled deep in the jungles of Kydon. As he glided closer he noticed that the moon hung lower then normal in the sky here, and that there was a large lectric storm taking place.

After arriving at the village the strider landed in the center of the village and called out, "Bring forth your elder."

The old man approached the strider and responded, "How may I help you, servant of the The Masters?"

Good the man knew his place the strider thought as he answered, "I wish to know if any of your villager's gave birth to a marked child today, and if so I would like them brought before me now."

The old man turned and called to the handmaiden, "Bring the newly birthed, so our guest may view them." The man then turned back to the strider, "I am sorry however to tell you that one of them was taken by one of our soldiers, toward the southern mountains." The old man knew of the following gaze, he knew that the striders could see lies, just as easily as other could hear the words he spoke. But the old man, wasn't lying he only spoke the truth. He didn't speak of their involvement so with some faith in the soldier's steed, all well be spared.

The strider exhaled slowly, "Did this child have a mark?"

The old man nodded, "Aye, right above the right eye." He said as he pointed to a spot near his right eyebrow.

The strider growled, "You best not hide any of the other children, old man. For when I return I shall see them all." He then glided south faster then when he first approached the town, in hopes of catching the solder and marked child.

The old man sighed in relief, "We might have been spared, but let us hope Josua and the child are as well."


Josua kicked the side of the beast once again in an attempt to speed it up. He knew that soon he would have to abandon it in favor of climbing up the steep mountain. He was tired and his thighs sore after ridding for ten hours, but the child's life was in his hands. This was it, *Time to start the climb.* Josua thought has he jumped off his beast. He then attached the child to his back using a harness the village elder gave him a few days ago. *Indak and his constant planning. I am unsure if I will make it, but I will try.* Josua thought as he looked up the steep mountain side. Reaching out to find the first hand hold was easy, and after an hour or so he finally made it to an other path. As Josua looked further down the path he noticed the alter and the visible divide. On this side the mountain was covered in snow and ice, yet halfway across the alter the shift took place and the mountain looked red and bright as the snow closest the shift melted in heat from the other side. Josua didn't want to go but knew it was his only change to live.

The strider saw the beast before he was even near the mountain, he changed his path and glided upward. He noticed Josua and the child only a short dash from the visible divide. The strider growled and aimed straight for the altar. Cutting off the Josua and the child, summoning a sword of blue flame and slashing out at Josua in hopes to kill him before he noticed him. Josua however was a bit to quick on his feet and dodged backward out of the way at the last moment. Josua pulled his sword and stated his claim, "I challenge you to a proper duel, demon strider."

Hissing at his luck the strider said, "You challenge is accepted." He raised his sword in one mighty roar and slashed downward the the short man and the child. Unable to dodge this time Jousa changed the path of the blade to cut the straps of the harness and in one quick maneuver tossed the child across the visible divide. The child cried as a creature of green scales appeared and picked up the child. The creature whispered a few words and the child calmed down. The strider watched the path of the child and noticed the strange creature then. While he was distracted Josua threw all his might into one last blow aimed at the striders back. The strider screamed out in pain and at prospect of telling his masters that one of the marked children got away. With a quick snap of his cloak and a sharp kick from his boot Jousa's neck twisted and his body was launched off the side of the mountain.

The strider followed as he glided off the mountain back toward the village of Unitop.

Well I am unsure as to how many are going to read this, but if you do I would like to hear your views.

Nice story.

Liberty's Edge

Pretty good. Needs a little proofreading, and a mite cliche, but entertaining nonetheless.

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