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Finally! They're ready to go. Some notes about this subscription:

You get a 20% discount off cover price. Once you subscribe, you can also pick up the first three books (Anubis Murders, City of the Beast and Black God's Kiss) at the same 20% discount.

When you create the subscription, any existing preorders for products covered by the subscription are automatically cancelled (or have their quantity reduced by one if you've preordered more than one of an item). So don't worry about contacting customer service if you have any preordered Planet Stories books.

Shipping costs will vary. Not all novels have the same number of pages. So when you select a shipping method, the price you see will reflect whatever is the next product in the subscription.

As with our other subscriptions, when you create the subscription you're given the option of which product to start with: either the most-recently shipped product or the next product to arrive. For Planet Stories, that means you can start either with Black God's Kiss or Elak of Atlantis.

You can combine shipping with other Paizo subscriptions. You can hold items to ship with any monthly subscription (Pathfinder, GameMastery Modules, Planet Stories). You can also choose our recently-added option of "hold for monthly shipment," which means once a month we ship out everything that's arrived in our warehouse that month.

We're working on improving the My Subscriptions page so it knows more about which products you can expect to ship at what time, and when the monthly shipment will be. For now, the best answer is that the monthly shipment happens around the middle to latter part of the month.

Yay! <off to go sign-up now>

SQUEEEEEE!! *runs off to sub up*

Thank you, Gary!

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Thanks for signing up for Planet Stories subscriptions, guys. We have some really incredible stuff lined up for you!

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*Jumps on the train!*

Djoc wrote:
*Jumps on the train!*

Come on ride the train Woo woo And ride it Woo woo Yeah baby !

Aw yeeeah, I'm in like sin. (The sin of Greed that is...NO Karzoug!). ;}

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I'll sign up tomorrow after I get paid

*sigh* Going to need a bigger apartment.

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Awesome! Wow, this completely made my Thursday.

Dark Archive

Thank you for the subscription option. Also thank you for cancelling preordered products that would be covered by the subscription. That saved me the hassle of having to type out an email to customer service.


I wanted to echo Erik and say a big thank you to everybody who subscribes - that kind of support does more for the line than you might think.

If I may rhapsodize for a moment: I don't know about you, but these days, I find that I don't have time to read books that haven't been recommended to me by someone I trust... there's just too much out there to sift through. That, to me, is the real strength of this line - it's not a big corporate fiction imprint, it's more like a list of book recommendations straight from Erik himself... with a little vetting from Pierce and yours truly to keep him from getting TOO crazy. ;) And what's more, it's almost all historically significant... it's pratically a correspondence course in the history of sci-fi and fantasy! Even when the going gets rough, I'm constantly excited that I get to be a part of it.

Thanks again, folks, and stick around - thar be big things on th' horizon!

I was waiting for this for months. I was going to buy them anyway, and now I get them at a discount. Thank me, no no no - Thank You!

I wasn't going to buy these, because I know I would have to collect them. Now you make it easy to do so. ::shakes fist like an angry old man::

Wow, thanks!!! I have to wait until after xmas to see if my family bought me what is out so far...but after that, I'll definitely be asking for an on-going subscription.

Question: Will the shipping be bundled with Pathfinder when possible? Your warehouse to my door in VA takes about the maximum (10 or so days) shipping time. Getting a larger package at once would be great.


Subscription? Check.

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Lord Zeb wrote:

Question: Will the shipping be bundled with Pathfinder when possible? Your warehouse to my door in VA takes about the maximum (10 or so days) shipping time. Getting a larger package at once would be great.

Yes, you can absolutely choose to receive your Planet Stories books with your Pathfinders. It's a great way to save costs on shipping!


PS: Thanks again to everyone who is giving this a shot. Elak of Atlantis and The Secret of Sinharat arrived on Friday, so you guys are in store for some really fantastic stories in a very short period of time.

In Erik's poll I said I wouldn't subscribe, then I did.

I feel so cheap.

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Signed up...

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You know, funny thing. After I added my Chronicles subscription, I needed help getting it to show up in 'My Subscriptions' and to get the subscriber tag. Now I need the same help with the Planet Stories subscription.

Can you help me out. And tell me why this keeps happening to me?

Paizo Employee Chief Creative Officer, Publisher

I suggest dropping a note in the Customer Service folder. That's the easiest way to make sure it gets seen by the right people.

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