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1.  Kobold
Re: Paizo Blog: Guide 4.2 and Changes to Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Post, by Jiggy


3.  Kobold
Re: If you have to ask, the answer should probably be no.
Post, by Jiggy

4.  Kobold
Re: Can you use lay on hands on yourself while pinned?
Post, by Jiggy

5.  Kobold
Re: Can you use lay on hands on yourself while pinned?
Post, by Jiggy

6.  Kobold
Re: Who are the campaign leadership?
Post, by Jiggy

7.  Sean K Reynolds
Re: Dhampir Blood Drinker Feat
Post, by Sean K Reynolds

8.  Mike Brock
Re: PFS Boon in the Pathfinder MMO kickstarter
Post, by Michael Brock

9.  Ross Byers
Re: Is there a specific way "Knowledge" skills are supposed to be used according to RAW?
Post, by Ross Byers

10.  Kobold
Surviving First Level in PFS
Thread (146 posts),

11.  Kobold
Re: Spell Clarifications
Post, by Jiggy

12.  Kobold
Dispelling rules are missing
Thread (40 posts),

13.  Kobold
Re: Cheap Darkvision and Spells for a Social Sorcerer
Post, by Jiggy

14.  Grick
A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.4 Alpha]
Thread (135 posts),

15.  Tourist
My List of Developer Clarifications and Responses
Thread (39 posts),

Re: Changing the game via FAQs
Post, by LazarX

17.  Kobold
Re: PaizoCon 2013 Wealth and Playing Up spoiler
Post, by Jiggy

18.  Sean K Reynolds
Re: Two Handed Weapon and Armor Spikes Resolved by the Design Team?
Post, by Sean K Reynolds

19.  Sean K Reynolds
Re: Player doing sneak attack damage more than once in a round
Post, by Sean K Reynolds

20.  Stephen Custom Avatar
Re: Fast Learner: What exactly are our options?
Post, by Stephen Radney-MacFarland

21.  Kobold
A Practical Guide to Light and Darkness
Thread (86 posts),

Re: Pageant of the Peacock
Post, by Dan Houser

23.  James Jacobs
Re: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods (PFRPG) Hardcover
Post, by James Jacobs

24.  Kobold
Re: Why Are New Things Always Called Cheese?
Post, by Jiggy